Arsenal are close to spending the transfer budget, but what about a right-back

Signing James Maddison May Not Be Smart Enough but We Have a Budget to Burn.

In a previous article, I discussed how James Maddison, a true impact signing, will be quite a waste of resources, given the fact that we have a superior talent in James Maddison and other options on the market like Houssem Aouar. In fact, the different midfield options available to Arsenal use up a ridiculous amount of data in the world right now, even for Gooners abroad that have to use a VPN Service, especially in the summer when the rumour mill is in full flow. However, football at the highest levels is more complicated than that.

Coming into this season, most Arsenal fans will agree that we need 1st team options at RB, CB (as Luiz left), CAM. Rotation options were needed at LB, CM and maybe at ST if both Laca and Nketiah left. The club has quickly added Nuno Tavares and Sambi Albert Lokonga as the rotation options needed at LB and CM. As for the 1st team options, we have already spent big money on Ben White and are linked to big-money moves at CAM and GK.

But what about the rightback spot? Yeah, what about it? The market for rightbacks is currently quite dry. There is no real eye-catching and available talent. At best we can get Max Aarons, a decent 20 year old talent who will cost a lot, or Tariq Lamptey, an eye-catching talent who just had a very major injury. Some are advocating for Ridle Baku but the club is not linked to him yet. In any case, the market is dry for rightbacks at the moment. It is best to wait and assess Tariq Lamptey’s return from injury before making a move for him.

So, perhaps, the club has decided to be patient on the rightback position. After all, we still have Cedric Soares and Calum Chambers there. This means that the budget for the rightback can go to other needed signings. So, maybe 15 million extra for both the GK and CAM budgets?

Perhaps this explains the links to Aaron Ramsdale for 32 million pounds and James Maddison for 60 or 70 million pounds. Add the Ben White fee and this translates roughly to 150 million pounds. Before sales. I guess that’s the warchest right there.

For whatever reason at all, we may well see a cheaper attacking midfielder from France as the second option, especially if we are not buying a rightback. James Maddison is ready-made and proven. He is also English. And he would be more media presentable than Grealish. Perhaps, it is not a question of misallocating resources but of actually using everything we’ve got. We can spend mindlessly on a CAM now if we choose to wait until next season for a new RB.

If so, then carry on, sign James Maddison.


  1. Even if we end up signing Lionel Messi, I would still regard the transfer window a failure if, come deadline day, Hector Bellerin is still in the squad.

    1. Really Man? Hector is not the best but this AFC team has far greater problem than a rightback. Hector probably creates more chances in a season than our present midfield..

      1. Nothing personal Mark, but he is the reason why our right side attack has no spark. He coughs up the ball too easily and is constantly out of position – the reason we are susceptible to counter attacks. Perhaps his biggest flaw – doesn’t know how to link with his playing partner Pepe.

  2. Worried with the dross we are linked with i.e. Ramsdale, Berge (both relegated).
    Arteta is on a mission to make us average.
    He should be relieved of his job and a real manager put in his place. Great number 2 but not ready as a No. 1 at a club like Arsenal. We have very little creativity, poor keeper backup and will be lucky to score a goal a game the way things are going. And the season starts on Friday.

  3. I think spending 60-80m on Maddison is bad judgment from Arsenal, and if I was Maddison I wouldn’t leave Leicester to go to the current Arsenal. It would be wiser to invest the 20-25m on Aouar also get two other players that would improve the team. To me those would be around 30m for Renato Sanches to give extra extra CM options for a variety of formations and to resolve the GK issue possibly 10m offer for Neto from Barce. Just an opinion, Maddison is a good creative player but to Arsenal with their current financial position not the correct one in the present.

    1. JPGr, Arsenal could buy an ACM and DM, with change left over to put towards a RB or back up goalkeeper for the cost of Maddison.

  4. We can’t replace every player that needs to leave in one summer.
    We all want better players but 3 or 4 is enough per transfer window until it’s complete.
    So please stop wanting half the team gone in one go as it doesn’t work.

  5. Maddision,as far I am concern,is not so good. I don’t know why all the fuss about him. He is just another over rated English player. Buy Auoar.

  6. Gunner4life!! You don’t know anything about football, your problem is Arteta but he doesn’t call the shot at Arsenal alone. The clubs plan this summer was to sale most of the fringe players and even first team players and overhaul the squad but the covid 19 disrupted summer did not allow that plan to materialize. What do you expect the club to do, still keep those players and go on to buy more? Arsenal does not have that kind of money ,and an over bloated squad is a problem to the coach too, yes there could be cheaper alternative players out there but the club want a core of the English young talent between the ages of 25 down who are used to the league and wouldn’t need time to settle. Auoar by his standard had a poor season last season, and who knows what will happen this season and he will need time to settle in England and who knows how long

  7. Any chance we’ll sign a GK this week?
    3 days until the season begins! Leno gets injured, then what – we’re screwed!
    Okonkwo clearly isn’t ready.. Runarsson, I bet his confidence is shot after all the abuse he received, poor sod.
    Doesn’t seem to be any urgency (on and off the pitch!!)

    1. Sue Great point! Sensible people in football, as in life, INSURE against disaster.

      But we run our team like a house without buildings and contents insurabce and if it burns down – an analogy for LENO getting a bad injury or illness – we are up a gumtree!

      1. Maybe we could get a keeper on Gumtree!!!

        the above post from gunner 4 life was not from me whoever it is they should change their name, as I have suggested to admin and the person using the same name as I have been using for years. Can admin not block their posts?

      2. So disappointed it hasn’t been addressed by now, Jon. God forbid there aren’t any training injuries!!

        I often wonder if MA and Co see things the way we all do. I’m frustrated already and Michael Oliver hasn’t even blown the whistle yet!! Haha!

    2. Quite right Sue, we’ve had all summer to address the goalkeeping problem and are now scrabbling about 4 days before the season begins. I thought I heard a quote from the management team a few months ago saying they are looking to get all transfers completed early. I know transfers can be tricky to complete but we do seem to faff around .

      1. Unfortunately it’s the Arsenal way, Marty, all left until the last minute!
        What happened to the early bird catching the worm?!!

  8. If we are still going for one defender, I reckon it should be Takehiro Tomiyasu. He’s 188 cm, 22 years old, plays as CB and RB for Bologna. He’s ambidextrous so he’s been used as a cover LB and left-sided CB.

    This kind of player would be beneficial as I don’t really trust Mari and Gabriel our only left-footed players. Apparently available for less than £20 millions or so.

  9. Can’t sell players that nobody bids for. Every team is having difficulty shifting deadwood this summer. It’s not like we can afford to have 4 rbs at the club.

    1. Sums it up nicely Sean.From what I saw last year, Chambers did well at RB and defensively is superior to the likes of Lamptey and Aarons.

      1. Chambers can never be better than the players you have mentioned he cant even cross a ball to a target please give us a break

  10. Accepting we still have 3 weeks left til the window closes but things look really poor, with just three days to Brentford. We have a still non creative midfield and an impotent attack.

    Our defence is now, perhaps for the first time since Adams, Bould and Co when still under George Graham, the most proficient section( some might call it the least awful!) of the team.
    We have just 5 or 6 players of undoubted and RELIABLE quality, IF even that number, and a lot of bang average players, with still a lot of deadwood that we cannot shift!

    That is in my view a fair assessment of where we are today. To expect major improvement in just three weeks seems to me very unlikely and I suggest any improvement in that time will be marginal, at very best or even at all.

  11. I got no problem problem with Chambers / Soares for RB this season. Midfield / upfront should be the clear priority now.

  12. Our “self sufficiency” label has finally been exposed for the complete farce and sham it is.

    How the bloody hell (polite version) can you be “self sufficient” with no “assets” that any one wants to any meaningful degree – unless we flog the Emirates and the ground it stands on !

    How about we sell Saka & ESR in order to generate funds, in order to prove our “self sustainability in the market” ??????

    A complete and utter sham.

    Thought this was to be the “drains Up” window !

    Don’t give me Partey, White, ASL & Taveres (no-one really know if that was KSE or club money) – we have an absent owner & son who are all WIND & PISS !!!

    1. AJ, Arsenal, along with pretty much every professional football team on the planet, posted significant losses in the last tax year, so how could it be anything but KSE money. Despite this, we spent £50m last summer and over £75m so far this window. We also have the 3rd or 4th highest wage bill in the premier League (higher than Liverpool’s, for example).

      1. Hi Sean M

        Hello Mr Abramovich – same Covid stricken world we share.

        Hello Sheikh Mansour – same Covid stricken world we share.

        ” Stan Kroenke is one of the richest owners in the Premier League, although not one that wishes to splash their own cash on their club.

        The American first began to buy shares in Arsenal in 2007. By 2018 he was able to take the club into private ownership.

        Over the last decade, up until the latest financial information available on the Gunners and their accounts from the 2017/18 season, not a penny has been put into the team by their owner, either in debt or equity financing.

        Instead, the club has been subsisted entirely off of its own cash flows – earned through Arsenal’s three main revenue streams: match days, broadcasting and commercial activities. ”

        So a COMPLETE lack of investment until post 2018 absolves Kroenke of any responsibility regarding our pathetic dealings in the market, and is rectified by a combined spend of 125M over the past 2 windows – ” damage already done” comes to mind.

        However, unsavoury we may find our club to be run along the lines of Chelski & Citeh, how much longer do we cover our eyes , ears and mouths and become further off the pace ?

        It is now spreading beyond the thoughts of thousands of disgruntled supporters to being cited as a reason NOT to join our club ;

        ” Arsenal target James Maddison sent Stan Kroenke message and warned over transfer decision “.

        James Maddison would not be progressing his career by moving to Arsenal as long as Stan Kroenke is the club’s owner, claims former Crystal Palace chairman Simon Jordan.

        Jordan disagrees with that part of Keane’s argument but says the 24-year-old would be better off honing his game under Brendan Rodgers than Mikel Arteta.

        “I don’t think it’s a backwards move, but I don’t think it’s an upward move either to go to Arsenal,” – he specifically cites KROENKE not footballing reasons.

        So who cares what Jordan has to say ?

        But I find it fascinating that an ex chairman has cited an OWNER as the reason NOT to join a EPL football club – how often have you read that………. if ever?

        Notice he does not cite the manger – but the OWNER.

        It’s out there – we have a rogue owner currently about to have the life sued out of him in the States.

        And as for the wage bill – no argument from me there – incompetency of the highest order.

        Unfortunately the manner in which we rested on our top 4 laurels for far too long, and did not see the inevitable coming, the 125M combined you cite to recover lost ground is quite frankly derisory.

        In closing, remember, here is a man who quoted ;

        ” Stan Kroenke: I didn’t buy Arsenal stake to win trophies.

        “If you want to win Championships then you would never get involved.”

        How can anyone from a sporting perspective support such a view from the top ????

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