Arsenal are consistent – but just can’t win the title!

Arsenal are back to winning ways with two successive victories after their little blip, but they are currently 9 points behind the leaders Chelsea, but do any of us really believe that we can still make up the ground and win the Premier League at the end of the season? According to our JustArsenal poll, 55% of us do believe we can still win it, but one person who thinks that there is very little hope is the respected TV Pundit Gary Neville.

He told Sky Sports: “I think Arsenal are where they’d expect to be, where you and I expect them to be.

“They win, go on long winning runs, and then lose a couple, then win another eight or so, teasing you, thinking that they’re going to be title contenders but never quite getting there.

“They’re a good football team, they play the right way, but you feel they’re going to fall short, and you feel it’s going to happen again.

“It seems a bit sad saying that, but it’s a good thing in ways, it’s consistency, you’ve seen Man Utd and Chelsea dip out of the top four in recent years, so all credit for the consistency.

“But for the title, where this conversation lies, they’re still going to fall short I feel.”

With our two defeats, your could say that he is correct so far, but does that really mean that we can’t change the habit of a lifetime and catch the leaders? We always seem to improve drastically in the second haf of the season, so surely it’s much too early for us all to give up?

Sam P


  1. Arsenal007 says:

    True…Arsenal has been consistent, if we consider 2nd to 4th place as a title.
    As far as winning the EL title, we have been sadly inconsistent though.

  2. GOONERGETYA says:

    With Mr Wenger as manger we will never win anything big again, He needs replacing then we can get back to winning things

  3. In a rare defense of Wenger and looking into some logic on why Arsenal and to the same effect Leicester and Man City are struggling at times while Chelski, Spuds even MANURE are being consistent and killing the league, my belief is that we are playing Champions League while the others well…..NOT.
    The CL is a complete different animal, you play against teams with different styles and when you go against them you need to switch gears and change your dynamics altogether just for that game, and then 3, 4 days later go back and play EPL football, which let’s not hide it is physically much more demanding……these favors teams who don’t play European football and the results are there, they have been more consistent.
    This does not affect the likes of Bayern, Real or Barca even PSG as let’s face it their league is not as demanding and they are technically far superior (Big Money) to their closest rivals.
    There is some into other reasons on why we fail to accomplish more, but like I said at the beginning, will not blame it all on Le Prof, not this time.

    1. RSH says:

      But City, Chelsea, United have all won EPL while playing in UCL as well. This is a dumb reason. There is a reason we have a large squad and our players get paid high wages. Based on your logic, Chelsea will not win the title just because they will have to play in UCL next season. Guess Leicester is up for another trophy then. Get real, English champions have been competing in Europe AND winning the title for years. That’s not the problem. Also, the fact Arsenal routinely leave the competition in Feb-March should give us a boost going into April and May, but we were terrible towards the end of the season last year when Leicester ran away with it. This is exactly the problem actually. Wenger cannot motivate his players to be winners. Instead it’s just excuse after excuse.

  4. ger burke says:

    arsenal are consistently inconsistent, hence the struggle for fourth place , year in and year out.

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