Arsenal are “continuing to work” on the transfer market

Arsenal have made two top level signings already in this transfer window, and are being linked with still more exciting targets like Thomas Lemar and Jean-Michel Seri. Some Arsenal fans are worried that we may not bring any more reinforcements but Arsene Wenger has moved to assure the fans that there is still lots of time left in the window and the Gunners are still working towards more signings, although he is worried about the massive price increases for top players.

This is what he told “What’s next is to remain active.

“The difficulty is to bring top-level players in because you pay a huge amount of money for very normal players at the moment. As well, all the big clubs are chasing the same players and that provokes huge inflation.

“Maybe this will be the first time we [football clubs] pay over £200m, maybe over £300m with Neymar and around £200m with Mbappe.

“So there is a huge inflation. But we are active, we are working hard and I think we have done well with Kolasinac, we have done well with Lacazette and we are continuing to work.

“There’s the usual acceleration in the final part of August but I think you have always to be on alert every day, because a good opportunity might turn up.

“Sometimes people you are after for a long time are not available and suddenly they become available. So you have always to be on alert. That’s what we do.”

So we can expect more arrivals, but I can see Arsene waiting until other big clubs make their moves and Arsenal moving to buy the players that will suddenly become surplus to requirements. I’m not knocking it, that is how we managed to get Ozil and Alexis after all….


Updated: July 29, 2017 — 9:50 am


  1. Afro-cinema continues shortly.

  2. when will we learn how to finish our transfers? year in year out we panic on the last day without focus… we need to remove a cap.

  3. reintroduce David Dean to the transfer proceedings.

    1. I’m not saying Dien wasn’t class but I think he would find a much different – and without any doubt more difficult – transfer world than when he left.

      1. Muffdiver wants change...not for arsenal...for.the vending machine, I'm thirsty as f###

        Two guys misspelling his name In a row
        I’m keeping this party bus goin!

        David deeen

        1. lol we all know who we mean – spelling apart, DD got things done for us.

    2. Yeah roll out someone who hasn’t worked for a club in over 10 years and is pushing 75!! And while we are at it bring back Tony Adams at centre half and Charlie George up front

      1. Muffdiver wants change...not for arsenal...for.the vending machine, I'm thirsty as f###

        Age ain’t nothing but a number
        U know who said that

        R kelly

        Have no Idea why

        1. Lol, that was funny.

    3. You lot moan about Wenger being old at 67 and Dein is 73 !

  4. Aaaaaand here we go again….same bee s another summer!
    I can see you bought it ..again!

    1. 100% Correct, It will end with we tried. I fear for the team and Wenger.

  5. Same story line every season.
    I can’t believe u guys ar buying this story from Arsene.we hv heard this season after season.we ar active,who is not active.
    don’t get ur hopes high folks is still d same Arsene.

    1. I don’t like the way he sounded like he was waiting for something to happen, for a player to become available. We need to stop this s**t, where’s Gazidas and his big change speech. Maybe those guys who advocated for Wenger’s departure, maybe they should make some noise over our lack of top signings. Lacazette might be good for us, same with Kolasinac, but we need allot more than those two ..and they are hardly the statement making signings. They said only quality will arrive so to improve on the first team. The first team needs a real injection of quality, midfield we were bad last season. Out wide we were poor. In defense we were again lacking. The formation change with two probably good signings is not gonna cut it. I’m especially concerned about central midfield. And am not hearing anything that can ease some of those concerns.

  6. Yeah, that’s how we got Ozil and Alexis. What followed was getting ass-whooped 10-2.
    Leftover players will only produce left over qualities. We are only fortunate Alexis developed here, if he was this good back then, Barcelona would never have released him to us at that price.
    If others pay £300m, pay it too if you ever wanna touch the CL trophy. And if we don’t have that kinda money, tell us point blank that we are broke and we will understand!
    I’m tired of hearing we are rich yet we always run after leftover players.

    1. Its not just the money problem mate ..its Wenger and he is the reason top players do not want to sign for afc!
      You can see that in every interview with new players…they all anwsering same question “how much did Arsen Wenger ifluence had in your decision to join afc”
      I mean why would it matter at all?
      Ever tought about it?

  7. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back.

    Wenger is waiting for the Dominoes pizza effect. He will scavenge on the scraps that’s left in that cardboard delivery box, like the odd piece of pepperoni, sweetcorn or olive etc.. He’ll even have a go at that speck of melted cheese that stuck down, at a quarter to midnight on deadline day.

    1. Sounds like you know your stuff. I’m partial to that last bit of melted of cheese myself, and there’s no way a pepperoni slice is sneaking past me, the bin can wait.

  8. Not really sure about this “top level signing”
    claim about Kolašinac…

    1. Give him time, but don’t expect him to be world class. Reliable and safe, that is the aim.

      1. Fair enough..never commented xhaka or mustafi intheir adopting period so will wait for Sead and Lacazette…but top level signing lacazette maybe but kolasinac hardly.
        Just hope hell be better than minreal tough.

    2. And you base that on what? A few summer friendlies during which he was ill?

      He has just moved to a new club and League. Give him some time before you start doubting his ability

      People felt the same way about Koscielny when he came.

      Kolsanic was one of the best Lbs in the Bundesliga last season. That doesn’t mean he will succeed here necessarily but I’m willing to give him more time. More than a couple of friendlies anyway.

      I have belief that he is a very good player and could become as good as Koscielny.

      1. I just think hes strong which is good but too slow for PL..
        Well see (even Im right very offten) I’ ll be glad Im wrong this time.

  9. tired of this year in year out now in europa soon in division 2. think twice old man

  10. I would hope we’re still active because with our current squad we’ll be in the hunt for the Arsene Wenger trophy again and no more. Let’s also get rid of some dead weight good god we shouldn’t have 77 players in our first team.

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