Arsenal are “desperate to sell” Alex Lacazette

Although we have been bombarded with hundreds of Arsenal transfer rumours in the last month, we have seen little or no reported interest in Alexanfre Lacazette at all, but the Gunners are apparently “desperate” to sell Alexandre Lacazette, according to Ian McGarry of the Transfer Window Podcast.

Lacazette ended up as Arsenal’s top striker last season, with Aubameyang not reaching his normal heights, but as he is entering the final 18 months of his contract, most Arsenal fans were expecting him to be either given an extension or be allowed to run down his contract, but if Arteta is keen to revamp our forward line as much as the defence, maybe something will have to give.

McGarry seems convinced that the Gunners are now wanting to offload Lacazette, not only to get some money for the transfer kitty, but also to try and reduce our wage bill even further. McGarry said,as transcribed by The Express: “Arsenal are desperately, desperately, and as we said aggressively, marketing some of their higher-paid players in order to put money back into the budget with regards to how the club moves forward,” he said,

“Alexandre Lacazette is one of the players they are desperate to sell.

“In doing so they would get a transfer fee, they don’t mind if the fee was obviously less than what they paid for the player.

“Because his contract is so expensive, they would happily accept a lower fee in order to get him off the wage bill, and in doing so make room for younger players who Mikel Arteta has identified as the future of Arsenal, rather than the present or the past.

“So Arsenal very much in a position where they need to sell before they can buy.”

It certainly looks like Arteta and Edu are trying to build a younger team to grow together in his long term project, but so far the rumour mill is hardly giving us any indication of any interest so far.

Do you think we should keep hold of him until the end of his contract, or give him an extension, or cash in on him as soon as possible?

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  1. It’s reasonable if he wouldn’t extend, we should sell. There is a reported 1 year extension which he has turned down

  2. So! The reason behind selling Lacca, is because he has 18 months left on his contract, not because he was one of our best strikers. Auba was a shadow and we hope he comes back refreshed next season but we dont know yet. Surely he can only be sold, if we buy a better replacement, otherwise he has to be signed on a longer contract. We aren’t going to get very far with no planning and poor recruitment strategies. WHERE IS THE PLAN?

  3. Arsenal should sell one of Lacazette or Aubameyang. 4 me, i prefer we sell the latter cuz the former has a better work rate than Auba, though any will be okay.

  4. “Arteta and Edu are trying to build a younger team to grow together in his long term project.”

    Funny, these guys are instrumental in handing out a three year lucrative contract to “Winning Champions League with Arsenal” WILLIAN in the first place. How can the fans still trust this duo to turn things around at Arsenal is still a mystery???

    Auba and Laca work better in tandem. This partnership flourished the season before. Laca has the best work-rate for a CF at Arsenal and exceptional in bringing the others around him into play. Auba is best when cutting in from the left and run at defenders at pace before slotting the ball in the back of the net.

    What happened last season? Just to accomodate Willian in the wings, Laca was dropped and Auba was pushed from LW into the CF role which is not his preferred role at Arsenal (Goals per game: LW – 0.67 ; CF – 0.55). When Laca was spared, Pepe was dropped, even if he had performed better in his previous games.

    Arteta was stubborn not to accept his abject failure in signing Willian and the blame now falls on Auba, Laca and Pepe for their poor forms last season.

    If Arsenal have any serious ambition to climb up the table this season, Laca and Auba must revert back to their best positions and start delivering from the word “Go!!!”. It doesn’t matter if we are to lose Laca for nothing at the end of the season, if we sneak into Europe for the following season.

    Now the ball is in Arteta’s court. Is he going to man-up and admit his fault or is he still going to put the blame on others.

    To the ADMIN.
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  5. Should’ve sold last summer. But Arsenal are committed to making the least amount of money on player sales as possible. Remember when Guenzoudi was worth 60mill and now he’s leaving for 10mill? I was BEGGING the club to sell him when his price was high.

    1. Nobody remembers that because it’s fiction. Last summer, there was almost zero interest in our players mainly due to covid disrupting the market. If bids come in, players get sold; if not, they don’t. I don’t see how you can blame the club if there is no interest in players we don’t want.

      1. Sean, Guendouzi playing under Emery was rated the highest value under 21 player in Europe.

  6. Should Edu and Arteta want to build a young team to grow and develop together, selling Lacazette is a poor move in my view. During his career at Arsenal, Lacazette has shown an ability to mentor younger players. Martinelli, Pepe, Balogun, Moller et al will benefit from his experience.
    Arsenal’s shortage of goals is due to the defensive set up of the team, the lack of goal scoring contributions from midfield (in comparison say to Joe Willock on loan at 12th placed Newcastle United) and the poor transition from defense to attack through midfield.
    Upgrading midfield with a DM/playmaker to play along side Thomas Partey to allow him to play the box to box role and an ACM/#10 to take the pressure off ESR and increase creativity will improve the productivity of Arsenal’s forward line.

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