Arsenal are doing remarkably well considering our problems

Oh for some stability and continuity! by TB

You can talk about Arsenal’s lack of an extra defender and DM signing but one of the negative features of this season is the ‘variation’ from match to match in our line ups.

There must be a measure for this phenomenon. This is caused by the induction of 5 new signings and the incredible run of injuries we have had. The effects are very negative because there is no continuity, no time for an individual or the team to grow and become collectively cohesive and build some momentum of consistency. There is no opportunity for team stability to develop from game to game. Players come in and go out and new formations are re-arranged from game to game to fit the personnel available. This has two further negative knock on effects. The team is more likely not to win or to make mistakes…which leads to a constant drain on individual and team CONFIDENCE….which leads to lower team efficiency…and the negativity grows…

This season, in dealing with this unique experience it feels like the Club is having to run to stand still. It is all very stop start, erratic and very frustrating.

I felt this today particularly – it was like the team go out after a hasty get together for a few days and make it all up on the hoof. The collective CONFIDENCE and fluency of playing regularly as a team is just not there. Ok, we won and we were clearly the superior team but the end product is always disappointing in terms of fluency and the resultant score line. This structural problem has dogged our whole season. As a fan watching – you can never relax – even with a one or two (or 3) goal lead! Despite this we often still dominate games – even though we might have 9 or 11 players on the injured list and our best players missing in key positions – but so often it ends in a disappointing result. Given all this you could argue that we have done remarkably well to achieve what we have achieved but this disruption makes us vulnerable to an unjust result and for us fans – disappointments. I think it is also down to the improved stock of the whole squad that we have done so well to overcome this negative factor. You cant fault the players and manager for their efforts to get on top of all this but it is a major issue that is not being recognised by the fans or the media.

Oh, for some stability and for us to be able to put out our strongest team which I think would be:

Schez, DeBuchy, BFG, Kos, Gibbs, Arteta, Ramsey, Ozil, Alexis, Giroud, Walcott/Ox. Subs: Jack, Cazorla (I love him), Flamini, Chamberlain, Ospina, Welbeck nb no Rosicky, Podolski, Sanogo…even on the bench.

NB 6 of that XI didn’t start today! A different 6 didn’t start on Wednesday or last Saturday.

Give them a run and some fitness and an opportunity to gain some individual/collective form, confidence and momentum and then you might see something happen…

Terry Barry

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  1. We need 2 in January and we should return for “BOTH” Virgil Van Dijk @ CB and William Carvalho @ DM after missing out on trying to get 1 on summer deadline day…

  2. i stated sometime before that playing Monreal and gibbs (constantly at the same time) could prove disastrous and would come back to terrify us…..i stated that monreal was supposed to act as a cover for gibbs, nt as a defensive partner in a CB position(don’t forget, they may have been worn out cuz of excessive utilization)….. Fastforward five days after my comment…. And both are already Leaping out of the pitch….. Oh!….i’m just patient, i’m just waiting to see the next move of our clueless manager…. While praying it doesn’t get worse for gibbs and monreal….. Sometimes i can’t help but wonder… we have a deal with the injury gods to have a key player back only to sacrifice three others? Or are we just missing something physical about this game…… The Latter is more plausible……i can only wait to see what happens in the winter, but come january….. I know its going to be a Long transfer saga ……I REST MY CASE

    1. The guy who could have provided cover as an emergency left back (Coquelin) and CDM was allowed to extend his loan for another month.

        1. Sorry man don’t really understand your rambling, but I guess they summarise things pretty well. The anti wenger brigade can’t simply celebrate success anymore and are now firmly in a place where your egos exceed any level of reality….YOU told us how and where Monreal and Gibbs should be playing. Good thing your out there else what the fcuk would we do?! Half assed ideas from halfwits IMO.

          The anti wenger bs from some, is more unhinged than the most extreme AKB’s. Where loyal Gooners offer intelligent opinion, some of you guys just spew bile, constantly seek to bring the club down, damage morale, split the fans….nothing good to say really. This applies to every ‘gooner’ who merely insults Wenger, rubbishes the quality players (ffs Ozil is wc…he just ain’t clicking where’s he’s played or without a solid dm behind him) and whinges like spoilt 10 year old. Get behind the team, fa is going to change mid season!

  3. I for one think that we’ve had a very okay season with all things considered…we’ve just not had luck run our way. We’ve been absolutely dominant against most teams and should’ve won against Utd, Spuds, Hull, etc etc. Stats don’t lie and had a little bit of luck gone our way, we’d be top three easy.
    Points matter in the end yes, but this Arsenal team is certainly not bad at all. Been rather pleasing to watch going forward

    1. You are very easily pleased is all I can say.

      This is the WORSE Arsenal team I have seen since Wenger took over and by some distance.

      The only positive has been the stunning form of Sanchez but even he would not get into the invincible team in my opinion.

      Wenger’s attitude is summed up by the dismissive arrogance he demonstrated when questioned about the banner displayed at yesterday’s game – you ignore the paying fans at your peril, they keep the club in business !

      And regard this article, we are not doing well and our problems are all of our own (actually Wenger’s) making.

      “We live in a society of total opinion but we live off not what we say but what we do and what we do is on the pitch.” – Wenger’s words, words that will come back to haunt him…

      1. That’s even the point I’m trying to make here though. I could care less about the banner yesterday and Wenger’s trivializing response to it. All I’m saying is stats don’t lie, and I believe we top the average possession after 12 games or whatever at close to 60%. So it’s nice to watch them play. Again to reiterate, points obviously matter but when was the last time we dominated a Man United team like that? Yeah we lost and that killed me but I’d argue we’re better this year than last. The only difference was we had results going our way last year a la the Spuds home game. And if you say we have Sanchez this year, we had a rampaging Ramsey last year. But then again, I’m just a aficionado of stats

        1. whats the point of dominating 99% and not score to win??

          we can dominate 100% and lose 1 nil…???

          that is still 3 points gone!!!

          1. Yes Hafiz, thank you for pointing out the obvious. Maybe you should tune in after the 85th minute of every Arsenal game going forward.

  4. Yes I think considering the injuries Arsenal
    is well placed both in the league and ECL.
    Very little pattern but a lot of fresh legs.

    Southampton H
    Stoke A
    Newcastle H
    Liverpool A
    QPR H
    WHam A

    All these games except QPR
    are against direct rivals for top 4.
    This pre New Year period is crucial
    to stay in touch with top 4 as the injured return
    and the Jan window approaches.
    I would take 12 points from 6 games .

  5. Rerun welbeck’s goal to the mert and suggest to him politely that that’s what your supposed to do when you go up for corners.

  6. Agree that with the injuries and disruptions were hanging in there. @cheeterapotter. Agree with you but think that per shouldn’t go up fot corners period. 1. He is tall but can ni longer move to get in position fot the ball or jump when it arrives. 2. He doesn’t have pace to get back. That brings me onto the perfect lineup detalied in the article. I strongly disagree with Per being in there, id rather chambers anyday. Made me laugh yesterday after the game per with his arm round Kos ‘thank god your back to cover for me and hide my inadequacies’. The guys got to go every time he’s on the pitch we are playing with 10.5 men at best.

  7. Actually the writer is just people like most of the fans, who become more real that know what arsenal is now. When your expectations lower, you will feel peace within. Just close your eyes and support, 4th or mid table or even relegated, I will alway with you, arsenal.

    Anyway do you think Wenger will be here forever, patients, one day we will start without wenger and we shall know the new arsenal.

  8. Wenger just can’t forseen mert will become so sh£t after a good pairing season with kos, should we forgive him but he earning top salary and such a experience EPL manager can led arsenal into these mess than we should think is Wenger that great at all.

  9. How do we come to the conclusion that we are doing considerably well after just two games and two weak opponents. Let’s discuss this topic after ten games. Ten games is always the yardstick. Hence any good manager will tell you the first ten games of the season is crucial. Heck even Wenger told us that. But we know he does not practice what he preach. I don’t see us progressing far in the CL if we survive the first round of the knockouts we’ll be lucky. I can’t understand what people mean when they say we in good position for the FAC and CL. It won’t happen. Not FA and definitely not CL.

  10. For the sake of peace and tranquility, let us keep aside transfer matters till Jan. This transfer saga is causing much problems for us and could derailed the Gunners’ focus. The boss and a section of the Gooners have been at logger heads over a CDM and a CB issue. I think the boss has been underutilizing his squad. He has not rotated his players enough as he should as I observe. Consequently, some players are being overplayed. Not all Arsenal players have the same capacity to play in every game without getting tired and picking up injury. We all have our natural gifts. Some are more gifted than others. Mertesacker, Chambers, Sanchez and Flamini have shown to have a higher degree of remaining fit than the rest of their collegues. The boss said some legs were tiring out in last 10 munites of the Saints game. But he still has some fresh legs on the bench which he can sub. But he opted out of doing a last sub. It is hard to understand the boss decision a times. I think Gibbs, Monreal, Ox and Cazola should be rested for Stoke. Koscielny should move to left back, Bellerin to come in to right back and Chambers shifts to CB. Ajayi and a good guy from the youth team should be on the bench as the defensive cover I would be thinking. Rosicky, Podolski and Cambpell should start the Saints game to stop remaining ideal and earn some of their pay packets. Let the boss be confident. By making those changes to his team that will play WBA, Arsenal will still beat Southampton neat and clear.

  11. @samueljustarsenal.
    ‘Mertesacker, Chambers, Sanchez and Flamini have shown to have a higher degree of remaining fit than the rest of their collegues’.
    My view on the above statement:
    Mert – doesnt run fast enough, turn quick enough and generally shys away from fierce tackles etc to get hurt.
    Chambers – young and is new to Arsenal so he’s avoided the inherant damage that has clearly been introduced to our players by previous dated training methods.
    Sanchez – same as above and the guy seems to be a supreme athlete performing at the top of his game.
    Flamini – made of stone but also not playing as regularly as some of the others.

    On changing the back line and bringing in some new players:
    Back line move may work well, good shout!
    As for bringing in Poldi, Rosciky and Campbell I seriously doubt Wenger would bring in 3 fringe players at the same time but why not as you say let them earn their wages!
    I dont think it’s a coincidence that the 3 players not getting game time are the ones that have spoken out, (respectfully and not so respectfully) about lack of game time. We know from the Usmanov quotes that Wenger believes all internal matters should be kept within the club and not aired to the press. Not sure about Rosciky but I am pretty sure Campbell and Poldi are gone either in Jan or the Summer, (especially Poldi after his reaction to Wenger after being brought on in the Dortmund game).

  12. Whens Hayden Back?
    If we had Hayden as CB cover on the bench it may be a good time to do this.
    Bellerin BFG Kos Flamini
    Chambers Ramsey/Zelalem/Ox, (if fit)

    However on ‘Physio room’ Gibbs and Ox are not listed as injured after yesterdays game.

    If true:
    Bellerin BFG Kos Gibbs
    Chambers Ramsey/Zelalem/Ox, (if fit)
    I the put the other two next to Ramsey as I want to see Chambers play at DM but was not impressed with Ramsey wondering up the pitch and not getting back to well.
    One of the others may offer Chambers a little more support in his first time out at DM.
    Hayden on the bench if fit.

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