Arsenal are doing well – So why so many empty seats?

Constant empty seats at Emirates say something. by Konstantin Mitov

Hello fellow gooners! I spent some time in the United States and I missed the Chelsea game, but what I noticed against Brighton, just like Bournemouth and WBA, there were a lot of empty seats at the ground. Now, you can make all sorts of excuses about it, but there really is something to say about this.

Despite the stats that always say we’re sold out, the fact people chose to not go at the game even if tickets were sold is a solid form of protest against a stagnated system. I know, we’ve got a bunch of clean sheets and a couple of nice victories, but truth to be told, we beat bad teams.

And fair point, you have to do it, but there also was a major similarity in the way we played in those games. We allow easy chances to bad teams, and if you put Harry Kane in these situations or Lukaku, will we get dry out of the water?

I don’t think it matters if we play 4 or 3 at the back. Xhaka and Rasmey don’t help out much the defence and i think this is a major issue. But Brighton didn’t really look for dangerous forward passes to expose this which is understandable with the quality gap between us and them.

One thing I like is not playing Ozil. I’m sorry, but the results with him off the pitch seem better. You might put it down to whatever you like, but we paid a really high price for players who didn’t care last season and I’m happy he’s out.

And the difference between him and Sanchez is just at the quality. That backheel for 2:0 was sensational and the way Alexis looks forward is something we’ll be dreadfully missing next season, but Ozil not so much really, although if he goes to United I’d be interested to see what Mourinho could get out of him.

I don’t want players who don’t care for the team, and looking at it now I think we should’ve sold them and gotten replacements, but If I have to be honest I think we’ll struggle for the top 4 this season and we should try to make the best of the Europa League where a tricky win in Belarus gives us a chance to get first place in the group.

Lastly I’d like to mention Jack Wilshere, who’s been looking good in what we’ve seen of him in his return, but the talks of a 4 year deal seem premature. I’d first like to see him sustain a good run of games in the league with good performances before we commit, but hey our transfer policy needs no commenting.

Still I think we go into the break unbeaten in September, so hopefully we’ll pick up where we left and improve on our results by getting some away wins as well!



  1. Like really?? we are just out out the top 4 with goal difference and 6 points off the first spot and you still think we are not performing or would make the top 4? well we might have started badly and not bought the players we all expected but at least we are winning games for now and i think you should ask Liverpool and Everton fans how they are feeling right now with all there spendings (they haven’t hit the ground running as most people thought) and to remind you again Chelsea is just above us with only goal difference… So think whatever you like and write whatever you want but i am still behind the TEAM (Not the regime) COYG

    1. Utd and City are to some extent Spurs, are way ahead of Arsenal.

      Arsenal are likely to challenge for 4th with Chelsea and Liverpool.

      However, I anticipate the gap between 4th and 3rd to be quite large this season.

      1. We have heard that before. Last season City won the first five matches with several goals and did NOT concede a single goal; at some point Chelsea was 8th on the table. May I remind you that Chelsea won the league and City struggled to make 3rd on the table (not even second). Support your team; we are picking up form and now only 6 points behind the top team. You may however opt out to support Everton, Liverpool or Spurs for this season (heavy spendings – zero trophies).

    2. i think we will make fourth spot this season if we get to keep Sanchez that is if Sanchez starts to play like he did yesterday, i think because lack of squad depth the likes of Spuds, Liverpool and possibly Chelsea will start to drop points in Feb by losing first team players to injury after busy Christmas scheduled and busy CL scheduled, we on the other hand should be topping the group on Thursday night football playing with mixture of youth and bench players hopefully leaving our first team rested and fit, February we have three big games Everton home, Spuds away and City home, hopefully we do well

      1. Yeah, keeping Sanchez is priority. He is behind absolutely everything.

        However, my prediction is based on Sanchez staying until the end of the season. If he goes in January, top 6 is our best bet. Its similar to Coutinho at Liverpool. They are useless/mundane without him.

      2. Also, we will lose heavily to Spurs away (it should have been 8-0 last season) and likely to either draw or lose to Man city at home. We should beat Everton under Koeman.

  2. The way I see this season going, the table is already taking the shape of how things will end.
    If we make top 4 this season, I’ll actually and sadly count it as an achievement.
    I think we’ve got a better chance at winning Europa League, than the BPL this year.
    I might not have any tangible proof, but everything is not going well at Arsenal, and hasn’t been for a while now.
    We belong at the top as a team. And it’ll take LOTS OF GUTS to get us back there.

  3. Why so many empty seats?
    Partly protest? Possibly but nothing orchestrated. More likely the midday kickoff time on a Sunday with the game live on TV and some travel restrictions on the tube etc.
    Brighton not a glamorous team etc etc.

    1. Seriously deluded fans here.. The fact is, the Arsenal brand of football has gone and most of the paying fans who have seats are showing as much interest in the team as the greedy board are! Seats are empty because people are fed up with mediocrity!! Are City, Chelsea or any other top team half empty?

      1. Deluded no, just an honest opinion.
        I did say it was partly due to protest, individual not orchestrated.
        So yes some fans are fed up and stayed away. City were at Chelsea so obviously a full house as it would have been at Emirates. Spurs are not filing Wembley and had one of the lowest ever gates recently. The only delusion at present is thinking that beating West Brom, Brighton and Bate suddenly means we are going to finish as Prem champs and or Europa winners. Our next game is Watford away, hmmm.

        1. GB, I think you are 100% right in your reasoning why we are not always full as well as why we should stop thinking we are great because we have beaten some very weak sides . our best performance of the season is still the 0-0 with Chelsea.

    2. As someone who only gets to go to 1 or 2 games a season it really angers me that tickets are being wasted by season ticket holders who cant be bothered to go to a game. There are people who would kill for those seats.
      Suppose that’s part of the problem with having ridiculously priced season tickets, a lot of them go to people who can afford them rather than die hard fans.

  4. I have to be honest and tell you that Arsenal has bounced back from our dreadful start to the season. It will be hard for us to get into the top 4 but it is possible.
    I would like to see Wilshere play in Ozil’s role , I think he can be great up with Lacazette and Sanchez. We only have problems in central midfield. If we can sort this out then I think we will be alright.

    1. And defence!

      We look even more vulnerable without Koscielny. Mustafa, i’m afraid, is average :/ Or maybe below average? For example, Lascelles (newcastle) and Tarkowski (burnley) are better CBs.

      Positionally and aggressively he’s been poor so far this season and a regular liability. Even against Brighton.

      1. Mustafi and Holding are stopper centre halves – not suited to 3 at the back and being drawn out wide. Kos can play there and BFG can – if in the centre of 3.

  5. Empty seats will mean nothing with the money already paid for 80% of seats through season tickets. Again probably due to travel, being a monday night/12pmko on sunday & being live on tv is reasons for fans not attending.

    We are getting back on the right track long may it keep going, though we have to step it up another gear as these are confidence boosters these games, alot bigger to come!

    Ozil should have been sold but nobody wanted him in fairness & we really dont need him,i like Ozil alot but the team/results come 1st. When he leaves go get Draxler as a replacement & give Alexis what he wants even if it is 300k a week, his attiutude & hunger is bck already after all the crap in the summer… true pro & our talisman who we really need, i really dont think we could replace his energy, skill & passion. Only way to keep him is win the league or maybe europa league win could keep him on the knowing the UCL is back & we heavy invest but thats all ifs & buts…

    1. Why bother go to a n Arsenal match if Ozil don´t play. He is an artist. Look on how Arsenal played yesterday a lot of mispasses Ramsey in particular and partly Sanchez. It´s awful. Honestly I think we now at best are only top 6 team now.

    2. Supposing we pay Alexis the 400k that he wants per week, that comes to 20.8m a year and if we sign him for another three years given his age, we would be spending 62.4m which is a way off the 92m we were willing to pay Monaco for Lemar. This is a better deal in my opinion. Alexis we know and can trust. At today’s market rate, a player of Alexis’s quality will cost us more than a 100m.

  6. Arsenal might be winning games again but let’s face it their performances have hardly been inspiring.Far and away their best performance so far was a defensive hard earned 0-0 away draw to Chelsea.Its a long long time since Arsenal.played a style of football which was fast moving, free-flowing and with consistently positive end result.The media still seam to tar them with that same brush but truth be known the likes of both Manchester clubs,Liverpool and Spurs are far more entertaining to watch these days than Arsenal’s tippy-tappy sideways brand of play
    Hopefully they will be able to build momentum in the coming weeks and inspire confidence prior to the Citeh and Spuds games…otherwise this Season will unfortunately develop into even more farce than Wenger,Gazidas and Kronke managed to orchestrate last year and the Emirates will empty out even more noticeably! !

    1. For us to get anywhere this season Wenger MUST sometimes use the disciplined semi defensive formation as against Chelsea. He should have done so against top opposition for wasted years and years. If he goes back to his principle of beautiful football at all costs and thinking he can play top teams off their own pitch ….. all will be lost. Just think how long we have been weighed down by his ill judged idealism.

    2. If all those you mentioned are more interesting why don’t you go and join their fan club Mate, groomer forever!!!!

  7. The quality of arsenal games so far especially against BHA and with the exception of Chelsea have not been impressive. I wouldn’t blame anyone for getting tired of the show being served especially in the league.

    I think our problem’s have been playing and passing between the lines with pace. Hence we’re reduced to the gruesome sideways passing that hardly does any damage to the opposition’s shape

  8. So once again we’re playing well, but all Konstantin does is looking for negatives. Empty seats – are you talking about our game against BHA? First of all, it’s Brighton, a newly promoted team. So it’s to be expected. Secondly, it was a 12pm kickoff on Sunday morning. Add 2 and 2 together. What do you get? Definitely not a protest. Now on to Ozil – I don’t know if you saw our last few games without him, or you’re just watching highlights on YouTube, but both Iwobi, and Ramsey have played recently in place of Ozil, and they both very poor. They weren’t terrible, no. But they also weren’t great. Like you said yourself, we played against some weak opponents, and could afford to rest Ozil. Ramsey/Iwobi/Wilshere won’t cut it against the likes of City, or Utd. Ozil can see things before they even happen. His creativity level is step above those mentioned. So lay off the haterode. Start watching the games, and start analyzing them with your brain, and not your arse.

    1. This guy is talking about ozil on the FIFA or pes games, i can’t believe anyone would think ozil is a cut above Ramsey or Wilshere, iwobi is coming up, and when he’s up, he’ll be far better. He has the physique, the strength on ball and he’ll soon be better
      But saying ozil is a cut above Wilshere and Ramsey……., since when has ozil played like Wilshere played against Bate and Doncaster, he created loads of chances, great chances, if u say those were against small teams, check Wilshere highlights against the stronger teams like Chelsea, bayern, barca e.t.c and compare with ozil’s………….
      And Ramsey is a jack of all trades, scoring, penetrating dribbles, creating when he has no creator like he did for Wales and he never hides.
      Counting, even Tottenham’s Erikson, are all better than hin

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