Arsenal are “evolving” but Arteta is aiming even higher

Arsenal are aiming for the very top by Sam P

I for one have been surprised and impressed on how high Mikel Arteta has taken the club with the youngest team in the League that has only been playing together really since September.

After losing our first few games there were very few Arsenal fans that would have predicted that by March we would be just one game away from the Top Four with three games in hand. But here we are and it seems the saying “You can’t win nothing with kids” is being tested by Arteta’s youngsters, as we are set to grab a Champions League place from far more experienced and richer squads.

Top Four will be fantastic this season, but let us consider how much better and successful we will be when the squad have playing together for another year, and if Arteta and Edu can conjure up another fantastic transfer window.

As Arteta told Eurosport just last week: “I am happy with the direction we are taking. I’m not happy with where we are based on where we want to be, that’s for sure. Because we want to be competing with and challenging the best teams in this league in consecutive seasons.

“We are not there yet but I think the team is evolving in the right direction. The project and the phases that we proposed – they are happening and there are positives to take, but we are not there.”

In my opinion, if we have made it to Fourth Place when we are only halfway through Arteta’s project, why shouldn’t we believe that Arteta can take us to the very top in the next two or three years?

I certainly believe it!

Sam P.

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  1. Can’t you just wait for the end of season before giving this much praise to Arteta? What if we don’t get top 4 and not even top 6? Wait until the End of the season! If he gets top 4 praise him and worship him all you want.. But for now still months to go till the end of the season!

    1. Even if he didnt get top 4 but atleast we can all see the direction the team is moving to..on the right track. Give kudos to who is due to. We are lucky to have him

      1. Right direction and giving credit though debatable are understandable but statement like we are lucky to have him is pure propaganda and nothing else but agenda. For what actually if I may ask?

        Spending heavily with nothing to show for it? Paying our players to leave? (Read that twice). If he was that great he should have found buyers like the great Arsene did. Instead he is the one who devalued them.

        You know when results in the cups and table position are flushed down the toilet every club is lucky to have their respective manager.

        Lets support him to get top 4 and keep our propagandas to ourselves.

    2. I agree, we have 3 games in hand but Liverpool, Chelsea(a) and Spurs(a) is not easy. Add to that we have Man U and West Ham(a). Plus Everton, Newcastle and Leeds who are all fighting for their lives. Our run in is not easy, our position may be false due to our matches called off

  2. If we make it to the fourth place, Arteta is a genius and will prove that many people here know nothing about football

    1. Before the start of the season I expected at least 6th. B4 x mas I thought 4th was on for us and I still stand by that.
      Believe we are punching above our weight where you consider manure chelski pool and city with there squads and they should really sow up the first 4 spots by rights.
      Still a long way to go. And I expect a few shock loses and wins to come but at the end of the day when the dust has settled 4th if not 3rd is where we will finish up
      Onwards and upwards

      1. Yes, we’re really punching above our weight. That’s why I don’t think we’ll finish in top four

          1. I agree with you, I believe top six is more realistic. Top four will be a tremendous bonus for the youngest squad in the league. I prefer step by step to be a regular top team 🔴⚪️

    2. We could’ve been higher if not for his stubbornness and poor decisions earlier in the season. Its not just about where we finish but also about how we do it. I remember defending him last season when some people sought to imply Unai Emery at Arsenal was better when he knocked us out of the Europa without looking at the different contexts. I hope at the end of the season we wouldn’t overrated or underrated him just to push agendas. Its Arsenal first before any coach or player.

      1. Our performance at the beginning of the season was appaling, but I guess it was mostly because the players were still in holiday mood and our key players were unavailable

        I agree that Arsenal are above any manager or player, but I believe Arteta has a big potential to be a top manager

        1. Oh yeah I’ve also admitted to Arteta’s potential. However, he would need to do well this season to have a lot of confidence from the supporters. Its not every coach that would get to show their full potential at a club. For e.g I think Bielsea is potentially a great coach but he’s not got a decent team to prove it with. Leeds aren’t that good. He overachieced with them.

          1. I think Bielsa has a communication problem as Emery had at Arsenal

            Leeds have some good players, such as Bamford, Rodrigo, Raphinha, Phillips, Harrison and James. It’d be great if we can sign some of them in the summer, particularly Bamford, Phillips and Harrison

            1. Yes but for me that communication barrier was not really the issue. When you see what he’s done with Leeds then its clear he overachieved. The football they even play proved that. Leeds used to dominate a lot of the smaller teams in a way that top teams do. His style of play required some class in defending but because they arent so good they at wee susceptible to many cheap goals. I don’t much about Bielsa but from what I see he is potentially a great coach.

  3. Everybody telling people we don’t know football because we doubt arteta. This guy told us he was going to win champions league in 3-4 years. That’s why he bought willian. Now we should be happy if we even reach champions league

  4. Arteta is surely doing a great job and i think three years is too much for him to take us to greater heights.mind you rashid80 and free we will finish in the top four cos i don’t understand why fans should be hating instead of supporting a manager doing his job well unless you are a spud fan or maybe you are eyeing the role if he gets fired which you’ll never be the way nice article sam p keep up the optimism the fanbase needs it.

    1. I’m sorry but I have seen nothing from Arteta to blindly support him.. Our team is failing the eye test and even worse than when emery went for his 22 unbeaten run.. I support Arsenal not Arteta.. If Arteta’s good for the club I’ll support him.. If not why should I? Just because we have a clueless owner who hired him and gave him power?

  5. If Arsenal finish 4th or even higher then Arteta would probably have earned himself another shot for next season. However, its not just about where we finish but how we do it as that will provide the full picture to project whether he’s good enough for the next season. I hope he doesn’t fail because next season its going to get more competitive because I see teams are imptoving massively. Even teams coming from 2nd division would’ve to be very good to stay up.

    1. You asking for a lot there kev, For now I would take 4th place or better for a few seasons to re-establish champions league football
      Rather than how we do it. For years Arsenal was deemed to be the most attractive playing side, whilst Chelsea won everything playing a more pragmatic way to win..

      I think we can agree the team at present is a rough diamond, let’s judge at the end of season but I see signs of a sparkle (bit cheesy 😁)

      1. I never implied I was demanding beautiful now though. Its not about that. I considered a lot of scenarios and for me as much as I want to see us finish in the top 4 I am just as interested in how we do it.

        1. Whether it be top four or tops six, I totally agree that how we do it will be key.

          For this year I’d rather have a top six finish with a young, energetic, likeable, close knit squad that has room to improve than a top four finish with a bunch of uber talented but ageing, squabbling, and in-it-for-themselves prima donnas (yes I’m looking at you ManU)

  6. it’s all about what the👀!!! so far, much like Emery and Wenger before him, MA has failed the all important EYE TEST

    1. the fact that you would even go out of your way, Jonny Fox, to respond, at length, to my brief and rather innocuous statement, just goes to show how highly you must value my opinion…unlike yourself, who’s flipped and flopped your way from the far left to the far right of the Arteta pendulum, I have been incredibly forthright and consistent when expressing my specific and exceedingly logical concerns about our present management team

      I know this doesn’t jive with your present disposition, unless you’ve yet again changed your allegiances during the making of this post, but until there’s a definitive rethink when it comes to the tactics deployed, which would undoubtedly involve a far more successful recruitment window than even the one last summer, considering the level of the positional players required, and that things change quite drastically when it comes to the handling of the off-field, more administrative aspects of this club, I will continue to express my deeply held beliefs

      the very fact that you’ve chosen to take the easy path and adopt the Kool-Aid drinking, “thanks may I have another” approach to fandom, in no way, shape or form gives you the right to lecture me about my personally held opinions or publicly expressed views…btw it’s clear that you have no comprehensive understanding of what the expression “eye test” really means or entails, so you would be wise to take a deep breath, give your head a good shake and offer up a simple and concise apology to myself and anyone else you may have offended along this incredibly lengthy journey to CAPTIALIZATION HELL

      1. So TRVL, you are saying that “Maybe an eye test should be recommended to those, who can’t see facts?” “is the kind of passive aggressive trolling nonsense that you’ve enabled and in fact encouraged”..

        I am beginning to worry more and more about your “passive aggressive trolling nonsense” of which you are the best example on a regular basis. If you can’t accept a simple comment like that, then you need to read some of your posts mate, then talk to me about “poking the bear”…

        Secondly, YOU are the one that has repeated the phrase “Eye test” at least ten times in the last 24 hours, but no-one else is allowed to mention it unless they agree with you???

        Thirdly it is my “unbalanced hammer of judgement” that allows you to insult people until I wake up and delete them…

        1. I obviously misjudged your capacity to grasp the contextual circumstances in which I was attempting to redress, which in no way was an attempt on my part to suggest that I was some sort of innocent “victim”….by no means was I looking for an empathetic ear, I was just trying to raise your awareness about the dynamics at work…instead of providing some much-needed balance, you in fact exacerbated the situation, as is clearly evident by the posts that followed your remarks…no worries, next time I’ll make sure to tamp down the verbiage so that the underlying meaning of my message doesn’t get lost in translation

      2. I respect that we have different approaches. For me an eye test is too much related to feelings and mood.

        I prefer to make up my mind based on several tools. Squad potential, statistics, history and general football knowledge. When I consider our status I prefer to do it a context where I also consider the PL competition in general.

        We should allow each others to have different opinions and understanding, without insulting each other.

    2. just as one is edited out of the mix, another moves in to fill the now empty space AdPat…this below post, by the seemingly affable Anders, is the kind of passive aggressive trolling nonsense that you’ve enabled and in fact encouraged…now, as you know, I have no problem whatsoever matching wits with any individual, but so long as you continue to admonish only those with contrarian views, lightweights like this will continually poke the bear with no care or concern, as they know that you will always be there waiting in the wings with your unbalanced hammer of judgement

      1. @TRVL4
        It certainly wasn’t my attention to insult you. If I have, I apologise.
        But I did try and make a joke out of the comment about the “Eye test”, which I understand to imply, that some can see how Arsenal are performing and some can’t. But maybe, I just misunderstood everything…

        1. There’s nothing to apologise Anders, I respect that we have different approaches. An eye test will never be accurate and are based on feelings and mood.

          1. Eye test has nothing to do with moods and feelings. It is what you can see with your very eyes on game day. Can your feelings make a good tackler of the ball look bad or can it make a fine goal keeping save less than what it is. Can it water down fine flowing attacking football and free scoring play? No it can’t. The players either play good or they play bad and the eye test tries to connect consistency in the good plays rather, 3 wins where we didn’t play too badly or too good and we quickly decide, hail the messiah Arteta has come. Maybe for u to know how good your eye test is. You need to watch better teams than arsenal play good football consistently. The problem is, most of u probably only watch Arsenal games so it’s easy to forget what a good game should look like. Watch Bayern, man City, Liverpool and even Chelsea. Watch Psg, watch Madrid. Watch some of these teams play, even the ones not at the top yet like rb liebzig and watch an arsenal game. See the difference, that’s incase u don’t really know how to use the eye test to judge a game play whether we win or loss. In fact it is more emotional to hail Arteta as messiah because of hard wins rather than look at how we played in the games and if that kind of play is sustainable

  7. Most here would have agreed top 6 was progress or time to consider a change of manager. I’m pleased at our success, now hope we can sustain this run.

    Top 4 is within our grasp, but not reaching that to me is a disappointment, not failure. Finishing out of the top 6 would be failure and would force a change in manager.

    I want what is best for Arsenal, and presently Arteta is succeeding and good for the club. If it continues I want him to be extended, and supported in the Summer.

    Outside the top 6 again and he must go, stats, 2nd best since december, none of that matters if we finish outside CL or EL period.

    1. I agree, top six is realistic, top four is a tremendous bonus for the youngest squad in the league. I don’t believe that we have the squad depth to manage top four. The fact that we have only one competition left makes me a little optimistic.

  8. Pat I am one fan that thing you are spot on again, but top four would make things a little bit easier in the direction a think the gaffer wants to take the team , am certainly impressed by the caliber of players he is looking at that is certainly inspiring my support for him

  9. Seeing is believing. The point is it all depends on where we finish this season but I am optimistic, the way we are playing, that a European place is guaranteed. However, consistency will be the key and sterner tests are yet to come and I hope MA and the lads are well prepared.

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