Arsenal are going in the right direction win or lose against Liverpool

The changes that have been implemented at Arsenal will not bear fruit overnight, it will take time and patience but the signs are there that the club is on the right road.

Even a loss Saturday evening to Liverpool will not alter the progress that Arsenal is making, it will, of course, be a short term disappointment but that is all it will be.

The club has changed almost everything from the manager to the structure and strategy and by any standards that is a major undertaking.

Already this summer we have seen the way the club is now conducting its transfer business, no kneejerk signings, areas strengthened that were weak, no silly headline signings for the sake of it. Every signing had a purpose and that includes loaning William Saliba back to St Etienne for a season.

Of course, if Unai Emery fails to get the club into the Champions League that will be a huge hit but he has been provided with the tools to accomplish that task and if he fails then he will be replaced by a coach that can deliver. It will not change the route the club is taking though.

This is a long term project that Josh Kroenke is heading up, he has put very capable people into all the important positions and therefore got the fundamentals right, it will be personal failings and not a structural problem if the club fails to achieve its targets this season.

A win over Liverpool will be glorious for sure but it will not of all of a sudden turn Arsenal into title contenders and a loss will not mean that Champions League football is unlikely either, it simply means that the work the club is undertaking is not yet complete.


  1. I think if Arsenal playing at Anfield tomorrow does beat Liverpool in the PL will be hilarious for us Gooners. And it will serve as a confidence boosters to the Gunners ahead of their hosting their arch North London rivals club side Tottenham Hotspur’s Lilywhites in the 1st NLD this season at the Emirates Stadium. A PL match which also if Arsenal win as they should will lead to them making a big statement of intent of their intention to seriously challenge for the PL title win this season.

    1. Samuel ,What you say makes good sense
      But both Liverpool and the new north London team have been getting their act together for 4-5 years now yet neither have been champions.
      We will get it right but it will take a couple more transfer windows.
      We all want to see Arsenal win each ‘battle but ultimately I want to win the ‘war’.

  2. But could Arsenal really beat Liverpool in the PL tomorrow at Anfield? I think they can. And this is because they have the necessary tools required to do the beating of Liverpool successful tomorrow and even beat them decisively without any argument arising after their beatings are done. The football mass media world, the football pundits, the Pgmol, Jurgen klopp himself and the football fans across the globe will all acknowledge that Arsenal have truly beaten Liverpool and have shown they’ve returned at the age of time and fully ready to unleashed their true challenge for the PL title win this season.

  3. Our chances of winning at the pool are slim, it’s not to say we can’t or we won’t, it just means we will be going in as unfancied underdogs. The biggest and more important question is how will we perform. Will we restrict there scoring opportunities while creating or own, will we match there work rate and will we show some defensive stability. These are what I will be looking for to identify where we are at and there is always a punches chance of getting a result…. Coyg

    1. The team we have now is capable of destroying any team at home or away, we should not entertain fear of any kind, we are winning liverpool today in their home. Arsenal is back

  4. Spot on Martin; I completely share your views.I think the team will only get better as the season rolls on. The new players will bed in more and more; more injured players will join the fold, etc. I’m reasonably excited about the future, both in the short- and long-term.
    What I will be looking out for in our game at Anfield will be a good performance – one that bodes well for the future. Even if we lose, I want to be able to say we can beat them back at the Emirates
    With so much deadwood being shipped out, space is also being created for further improvements in the team in the coming transfer windows until we have back the Arsenal of our collective dreams.

  5. I don’t hold much hope of us getting anything at Anfield today but we have improved our team enough to challenge spuds for 3rd this season. Definitely not a serious threat to either citeh or pool… Yet. Maybe we need another tw or two like the last one to mount a serious challenge for the title.

  6. It will be shocking for those reflecting last season performance with the new season… I’m very sure the table will not look the same with that of last, come end of this season…

    There is VAR in place to reduce bad officiating, it already started in dropping City 2point and I believe city will be the one wounded by it most for their playing style, including the Spurs,… Liverpool will also lose point to VAR, WITH VAR THE TABLE IS READY FOR A SHAKE UP. COYG!

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