Arsenal are great odds to continue winning run against Chelsea

Nowadays the Chelsea v Arsenal derby is just as important as the North London derby against Spurs in most Gooners’ eyes, and the fact is that our League record against the Blues has not been very inspiring in recent years, especially at Stamford Bridge where we have lost on our last 5 visits and haven’t won since 2011.

But that doesn’t mean that Arsenal are out of this game at all on recent form against Chelsea, as we have beaten them twice recently in the FA Cup Final at Wembley and the Community Shield in this season’s opener, and actually have 3 wins out of our last four meetings. That is no mean feat and it is about time that our League fortunes changed against the current Champions.

So personally, despite our underdog status in the game, I think that looking at the Chelsea v Arsenal betting odds from the Betfair exchange, I am inclined to take the 4.8 on an Arsenal win. Yes I know Chelsea are Champions and are an awesome team, but they must surely be a little less confident than usual about facing Arsenal after losing two trophies to the Gunners in the last four months.

Looking at the form of both teams, with Arsenal bagging six goals in the last two games, while Chelsea have bettered that with eight goals in their two, and both sides having ample players that have an eye for goal, I can’t help but think that whichever way the game goes I am pretty certain that it will be a very entertaining game with lots of goals as both sides love playing exciting attacking football.

With that in mind I have checked out the English Premier League bets from Betfair again, and I like the price of 2.58 on their being more than 3.5 goals in the game. Arsenal have Saed Kolasinac in explosive form and the ever dangerous Alexandre Lacazette leading the line with the now back-in-favour Alexis Sanchez. Not to mention Danny Welbeck who has started the season brilliantly with 3 goals already for the Gunners. Surely they are going to be dangerous against any team in the world.

And Chelsea now have Eden Hazard back from injury and is likely to start after getting a run out in midweek against Qarabag, Marcus Alonso has been doing a Kolasinac from the wing back position and has scored twice for the Blues, and it looks like Alvaro Morata has taken no time to adapt to the English game at all and is banging them in.

So I’m betting that this will be an end to end game with lots of goals, and I’m hoping Arsenal end up winning 3-2 or 4-2.

Come on you Gunners

Sam P.

Updated: September 16, 2017 — 12:35 pm


  1. Easy money is, Chelsea win, 3 or more goals in total, or 2 or more goals if a little cautious. Great odds for an Arsenal win, however Wenger is extremely consistent, and predictable, so expect the usual managerial errors, which will lead to the Chelsea win.

    1. Arsenal cannot win at the Stamford Bridge since six years ago and Chelsea just trashed the Sackbags. Also Conte must have prepared a strategy to face Arsenal’s 3-4-2-1, because they have lost to it twice.

      It’s going to be a tough game, but Arsenal can win if they can win the midfield battle, use hardworking players and stop creating those predictable “chances”. If Arsenal could change their formation dynamically in the field, they could dominate the midfield area.

  2. City is winning 6-0 away against Watford and their last premier league match they beat Liverpool 5-0

    Looking like United v City for the Title

    1. Manchester City have trashed many teams with their new formation. But unlike Mourinho’s, Ranieri’s and Simeone’s pragmatic styles, they won the matches with more open play goals and the way they play is very entertaining.

      They can swap their formation dynamically, from 4-1-3-2 when attacking and swapped to 5-3-2 when defending. Fernandinho, the breaker, the skills of their midfielders and their players’ willingness to work harder to retrieve the ball are the biggest factors in their success.

      Actually this is what I want to see from Arsenal, playing with lower tempo and create unpredictable chances. The ways Arsenal create the chances and passes are so predictable for the opponents.

      The players often make misplaced passes (Xhaka) and wrong decisions (Cech, Ospina) because of Arsenal’s rashness. They are enforced by the manager and the staffs to quickly pass the ball when in possession, without waiting for better chances and no adequate help from their teammates either.

      If Arsenal goalkeeper and defenders could control the tempo from the back, they could mitigate the number of mistakes. But to play with such low tempo, Arsenal would need more skillful players that can produce more touches on the ball.

    2. Haven’t you noticed that United have had their usual easy start to the season, same every year, by the time they play a team from the top six we’d have already played three. Nothing like building up a bit of confidence. Coincidental, you’re having a laugh

  3. Got to keep Hazard quiet

    1. Would be good but as we don’t have man marking it’s impossible. Maureen would have a man within a metre of him every time Chelsea had the ball – it was Herrera last season and Hazard had a poor game. In our case we’ll probably give him the freedom of the freakin’ pitch.

  4. It was always going to be the three big spenders for the title.

    Only the odd kink might be international games, and the pressure of the Champion’s League. Let us hope they go deep and get to the quarter final at least. The EPL is the strongest league.

    Both Pep and Maurinho are going to try to undermine each other and other teams by driving prices of players up and hoarding the best players. Excessive use of money is a major part of their strategy, so that teams immediately behind them on the financial side cannot compete.

  5. I think even though we didn’t get Lemar (he would have made us more lethal), we are still pretty strong offensively

    We have Lacazette, Alexis, Ozil, Theo, Danny, Iwobi, Giroud. Goals should be plenty this season as long as the big 3 (Ozil, Alexis and Lacazette are on form)

    What we lack is creativity and defense in the centre of the field. I think that is what will keep us behind the top teams. Coquelin, Ramsey, Eleny have their good games here and there but are not consistently good. The only player in the back of Central midfield who I would start every match is probably Xhaka although he is far from perfect

    We should have got a Top CM or 2 and another Top CB.
    Van Dijk or Koulibaly and Seri or Goretzka would have done the job.

    Actually, If we had a healthy Cazorla, I could actually see us finishing in the top 4.

    We will have opportunities to score against Chelsea, but we will need to be lethally accurate. Ozil will need to be on top of his game and our defense will too

    1. Hope Walcott, Welbeck and Iwobi justify your faith in them. Unfortunately I regard them as no more than ok squad players and would swop them all for a true professional like Lemar or Draxler. Lacazette led the way with his movement and precision and we need better around him than players who simply run around a lot and get reviews saying ‘xxx ran himself into the ground for the club’; ‘xxx was everywhere trying his best for us’ blah blah blah. Arsenal need CLASS players – not just willing workers who would fit nicely into a Pulis team.

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