Arsenal are having a laugh if they even think about this transfer

As a long-suffering Arsenal fan very little surprises me about the club but the latest transfer speculation would surprise me, surprise massively.

It is being reported that Alexandre Lacazette and his agent is holding a meeting today over a possible transfer to an unnamed La Liga club.

This tweet is from Yahoo France journalist Manu Lonjon

Apparently, the talks have nothing at all to do with a contract extension and are all about the Spanish clubs interest.

I am assuming it will be either Barcelona or Atletico Madrid simply because of the Antoine Griezmann situation. The France world cup hero is set to leave Atletico with Barca being touted as his most likely destination.

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That would mean Atletico need a replacement, however, if the Spanish champions are no longer interested in Griezmann then it may well be Lacazette they turn to.

The fact that there is a meeting means that Arsenal have not rejected the approach and that in itself is very worrying.

Lacazette was our best player last season and the idea that the club would sell him is madness, I know the club is hard up for funds but to gut the team of its best players to bring in new players makes no sense at all.

If Arsenal do sell the 28-year-old then they had better get a King’s Ransom for him and replace him with someone of the same calibre because the fans will not be happy at all.

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It is hard to find any justification for this proposed transfer but then when does anything Arsenal do these days make any sense?



  1. So we are not getting Zaha (obviously) and now we are losing the Tierney race. Yeah, I’m done with transfers for a while. I can’t deal with this club right now.

    1. There is an article coming up in a few hours RSH that addresses the way Arsenal do transfer negotiations, I suspect you will agree with the tenor of the article.

    2. If Lacazette leaves, we would have enough money to buy both Zaha and Tierney

      We still have Aubameyang as the main striker, so it’s okay if Lacazette goes

      1. Count me out if Lacazette is sold. He has shown more heart and commitment than 90% of the squad, returning from a knee operation to be Arsenaplayer of the season.
        This reminds me of the despair I felt when the Invincibles were broken up and sold off.

  2. Meanwhile fans still buy the new shirts and season tickets but moan about the way the club is

    1. @John0711

      Better watch your step with those comments, as I keep getting told off for saying the same.

      1. Grow some balls and tel them to mind their own business then ,we don’t agree on much but I wouldn’t
        Expect anything less than you telling me to shut it ,I think it’s healthy to have a good moan and argument now and again .
        But I will always appreciate your own view and opinions it’s just that don’t often agree with them .

        1. When did I tell you to shut up Dan kit?

          I like the difference of opinions, it’s makes for great debate, but when I am getting attacked for purely stating facts, which are not opinions, then I do not appreciate that.

          It’s a FACT that letting your assets go for next to nothing, or for free, is shocking business! Stop whining about facts!


  3. My problem is not selling our players my problem is we are so bad in buying players and negotiating contract that it becomes unbearable allowing few who can actually do something to leave

  4. If we were obliged to sell Auba or Lacazette I would retain the latter who is the better all round player and of course younger.When he loses his pace Auba will not pull up many trees, but I have to say he seems to have an athleticism which may keep him at the top level for another2/3 years.

    1. I wouldnt be surprised in the least
      if this was a move initiated by Laca
      and his agent considering the current
      state of AFC. When the Frenchmen
      joined the Gunners Im sure he was
      showered with the same BS recruiting
      pitch that Gadizis and young Kroenke
      have continuosly insulted Arsenal
      fans with over the years; winning
      the donestic treble and CL title.
      A few laters and Arsenal are
      still playing Thursday night futbol
      in Kazakhstan and for one of the
      richest clubs in the world have less
      to reinvest in the squad this summer
      that Wolves, Everton, WH etc. Laca
      may of decided that he was sold a
      bill of BS and personally aspires to
      play at a more accomplished club with
      better players and seriously compete
      for domestic and European silverware.

      I would hate to see him go but if he
      truly wants to play on the biggest
      stages of European futbol would you
      blame him if he left?

      AFC is closer to becoming Leeds
      United than Liverpool if the current
      status quo continues.

  5. If he has any ambition then he should be pushing to leave Arsenal.

    Jesus, who wants to play for Arsenal now?

    No money and no ambition and a clown for a manager…

  6. I remember vividly well that i suggested Ticket holders shouldn’t renew their ticket for the season. Everyone said if they don’t 30,000 fans out there will take their places, if we all continue to have this mindset of not wanting to do something then you all better stop complaining and go about watching the shit football and heartbreaking football this bunch of losers can offer! If i were to be in London, i would rather lose my seat. You all can allow those set of plastic fans take your places, they too will get fed up of the mediocrity and realize that it is no fun to waste their money and precious time only to end up going back home sad. I presume this is how Leeds fans felt, they were all scared to lose their seat to other set of plastic fans and see where that has landed them?? they are wallowing in relegation battling to return to the top. As much as i love Arsenal, if you all who go to stadiums don’t start making things difficult for this irrelevant, demonic and heartless soul called Korenkegoat! we will never get anywhere.

  7. This is not good, if this happens i hope the fans go mental as i will I cannot see how they are even considering selling our best player again.

  8. If Arsenal were to sell Lacca or Auba they should be declared officially insane. Considering we have one of the poorest midfields in the EPL, Lacca and Aubamayant should get medals for their goalscoring. Vinai Venkatesham and Raul Sanllehi would prove they are not really working for Arsenal. How to commit Hari Kari.

  9. First auba now laca?? A few days ago ppl were saying auba is 30 and in decline.. sell him! I’m mean really? I for one believe we have a striker in his prime.. forget age he is fit enough for atleast another 3 seasons, if managed correctly and without major injury.. he is clearly buzzing to be in a partnership with laca (bromance) just won golden boot and will be returning fresh and ready to go for pre season.. We should be offering him a new deal.. same with laca.. build a team around them that compliments them!!

    But in regards of selling either would be stupid and if are sold it will be on kroenkes head!! kroenke owns this club he owes the fans some direction on where he says we are heading!! Raul and venke can feed the press and us fans with BS that the owner is fully behind the club and wants to win PL titles and CL titles.. YOU WONT WIN TITLES WITH 40M BUDGET U TIGHT C@#T.. this is the summer where u now own 100% of the club you have a new manager to back.. instead of hiding behind wenger with your penny pinching prehistoways how about you back the new manager and invest some money make a statement!! Come out of hiding and show you want these titles you have promised us and prove to us fans you do care

    Usamov was our only hope.. he got pushed out by kroenke.. fed up of waiting around then sold us out to a man with no passion and loyalty to our great club! Only seen as a owner and a silent one at that with no balls and let’s be honest he probably doesn’t even know about the way club is heading.. it’s a F ing joke

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