Arsenal ARE improving! Problem is so are EPL rivals!

The situation for Arsenal could have been so much worse by now if it was not for the fact that almost every other club with hopes of winning the Premier League this year was also having problems. Only Chelsea have really lived up to the billing.

So while Arsenal have dropped way behind the league leaders, we have not found ourselves too far away from the top four and that infamous Wenger trophy is still well within our grasp. And the way our performances are getting better and the results are starting to come makes life look a lot rosier in the Arsenal camp.

Unfortunately, however, it looks like our rivals are getting their acts together at the same time as the Gunners. We did Manchester United a big favour last week, of course, but it looks like they are going to take full advantage after they produced their best performance of the season in comfortably beating Hull City. Even our turncoat striker scored and looked more like his old self.

Man City are looking good again and if Chelsea do slip up, it looks like City will be the team to benefit. Liverpool are still looking like they have a hangover from last season but the results are starting to come for them, a narrow win keeping them in touch with us, while Tottenham, I hate to say, looked good as they beat Everton and stayed level on points with us.

So while Arsenal have been lucky that our rivals have not really punished the slow start, there is still a lot of hard work to do and if we slip up again, we probably will not get away with it again.

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  1. With these 2 game a week now I think the best teams will rise up and make no mistake we’re better than our start to the season

  2. It feels like we are tactically getting ready for the opponents we play against these days. We looked more comfortable and ready for whatever they are throwing at us, instead of just playing our own game. Martinez also seems to be a calming presence in goal. Wenger should give him a run of games.
    With that said
    In Arsene I Trust.

      1. Yep unlike you who is blinded by calling for Wenger’s head and latching on a couple of mistakes, some of us look at the improvements made from game to game.

        1. excuse me guy, when exactly did you see me call for Wenger’s head? And I was asking you an honest question.

          I have seen improvements since we came back from the international break for sure especially defensively, but I don’t believe things are going smoothly on the pitch just quite yet. In time though, in time.

          1. I apologize if I generalized you with all the Wenger’s haters. I just got tired of all the hate that is going around against the team even when it’s not justified. Like you said, there are improvements in the team. We are not there yet, but we will get there if we continue to fortify the back and go from there.

        2. @Sureli…U call the present arsenal improvement….pls Arsenal as a club has depreciated over the years and if the board as well as wenger don’t change we are heading for Dortmund

          1. I am not comparing with the past. I said from game to game. True but everybody was calling for Klopp to be our next manager, and look at where Dortmund are.

  3. Yeah, we need to try our best to distance ourselves from the rest of the table. So all we gotta do is win win win no matter what. Then we must hope that these other teams lose themselves in the matches, the moments.

    1. i think we’re close: its pretty good considering 50% of our squad is injured. in the loss to manU and in others, our defenders positioning discipline has been awful. thats the #1 thing to take care of and i’ve seen some signs that we did do better v dortmund and WBA. cazorla’s ramping up and even ramsey is slowly getting better. if R can just get a goal or two, he’ll be his old self again. (still cant forgive W for not paying enough to get enough CDM and CB during summer but now we have to make do with what we have). i’m quietly hopeful we’ll sneak #1 position in ECL group too.

    2. starting sat…we’ve gained 2 points on Chelsea, 3 on Southamptom…lets see wat the midweek games bring…

  4. WOW – We are already thinking about Spurs and 4th place, and that is the reality of Arsenal under Wenger for the last decade. Every year at some point or another, we give up on the trophy and then second place, and soon third and we start looking at Spurs or Everton or Liverpool as our competition to our standard fourth place dash.

    No matter what we think about Wenger stay or go, good or bad, genius or senile his record in the last 10 years is unacceptable for a club that wants to win trophies.

    The fact that he has NEVER beaten Mourinho – The fact that his teams capitulate to every single top team in the EPL, His inability to buy the right players and play them at the right positions, his inability to mold a fighting squad, his inability to change tactics, his inability to learn from past mistakes, and his complete inability to listen to others and take advice is UNACCEPTABLE.

    So some of you can still think he is the man – I say he once WAS the man, and he has not been in a long time. And if you are satisfied with one FA cup every ten years then there really is no argument that can change your mind, if fourth place is good enough year after year, and Flamini and Arteta at Dm is satisfactory and starting the season with 2 Senior team CBs is understandable then all I can do is think of you in the same way that i think of all fanatics – men without reason.

    Arsene has to leave before he damages this team even more, every year we are not fighting it out for the top spot is a lost year.

    1. Can you not give it a rest for one day? We were top of the league for longer than any other team last year, we have been buying some really top quality players in recent transfer windows, our team is a few signings away from being real title contenders… Do you forget the unbelievable injury record we have had this year? Im not saying that wenger has been perfect… far from it but im convinced that he has managed to keep arsenal more or less alive this season when I think most other managers would have let their teams crumble under similar conditions (ehem dortmund…klopp). Just saying we shouldnt be so quick to take the head of a manager who has clearly got a work in progress team, which has shown the spirit and fight and are now starting to get the results to match the performances… The negativity from some fans is not helping at all, especially from banners in the middle of the game, how do you think that will affect the morale of the team? Support the team #COYG

      1. aside from the fact you mentioned we’ve been buying quality recently, your post sounds identical to the last ten years. If I had a penny for every time an arsenal fan said we’re only a couple players short of challenging, or we’ve been unlucky with injuries I’d have enough money to buy out kroenke. I’m impressed wenger managed to spend so little for ten years, but in that period where his efforts we’re clearly more focused on the financial and not the footballing aspect he lost the desire to win. I appreciate that where we are now may not have been achievable without him, but where we want to go is not being reflected in our performances or his salary. Dortmund may be in bad form but I will bet you anything they will be in the champions league next year, you know a competition they actually managed to reach the final of quite recently….

    2. Any one that thumb “Jimbeam” down is not a true GUNNERS and never wish ARSENAL FC well……the truth is bitter and hurts pls Fans face the Fact

  5. We just gotta keep up the fight and dig deep, its all part of the job towards winning and getting 3 crucial points! Coyg!

  6. i really do not see arsene going before his 3 years and even then he will still be around, it is obvious that ARSENAL is his, and he actually makes the major decisions for the club, i really do not like the idea of BANNERS its not really an arsenal thing, to really send a message is best you to empty the stadium.

    Although i call him a RIDICULOUS MANAGER i would not like to see him leave without really trying for the champion league, i actually think we are two players away from a good run in the CL, i am really anxious to see who he brings in january and if he has the guts to give it a try

  7. @jimbeam
    I’m with you all the way sunshine.
    A change is goona come.Sooner rather than later.

  8. Don’t forget Wenger believes finishing 4th is like winning a trophy. Expect nothing and you’ll never be disappointed Arsene!

  9. @mobaygunner…..its the period when players breakdown as well….I just pray d injury doesn’t get worst cos Wenger will keep using the same player all the time….pls is there anytin wrong in rotating players as well as substituting burnout players on time……

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