Arsenal are just as angry as Chelsea following unlucky losses

Chelsea looking to take their anger out on Arsenal following Newcastle United humbling.

Chelsea ace Tammy Abrahams reckons that the Blues will take their anger out on Arsenal tonight after their smash and grab loss at the hands of Steve Bruce’s Newcastle United.

According to the Chelsea hitman, the game against Arsenal is massive and manager Frank Lampard has urged them to keep their heads up for the game against the Gunners.

‘It’s massive,’ said Abraham via Chelsea’s official website. ‘The gaffer said after the game “We gave it our all, keep your heads up we’ve got another massive game on Tuesday” and we just have to take our anger out against Arsenal.’

So, Chelsea are angry at losing away at Newcastle? Well, you can be certain Arsenal players are in exactly the same mood, not because they drew against Sheffield United but because Chelsea got their own slice of luck at the Emirates with their very lucky 2-1 win.

That defeat for Mikel Arteta’s side against Lampard’s outfit still festers, they were lucky to still have had ten men on the field and to have an incompetent referee side with them at crucial moments.

The Blues can have no complaints at their loss to Newcastle, they had their chances and never took them, they did not lose in a way that leaves a sour taste in their mouth.

If there is any team that really should be angry it is Arsenal and if there is any redemption to be had it is certainly not due for Chelsea.

Hopefully, it will be a level playing field this evening and Arsenal are given a fair crack of the whip, unlike the game at the Emirates.

Anger? Chelsea has no clue the true meaning of that word.


  1. It will be interesting the reception david luiz gets and i hope he performs to the level that tammy will have to take his words back.


  2. Chelsea will be hurting bad after their last minute loss to Newcastle.
    Another loss now and their top 4 place comes under threat.
    Finishing outside the top 4 is a compulsory sackable offense at Chelsea.
    This game is crucial for Lampard.
    Arsenal are not expected to win at Stamford Bridge.
    The first goal will be important but so will the 2nd.
    This game has the makings of a fiery encounter with great drama.
    I would not be surprised if there are great goals,red cards, penalties given/not given
    and VAR again being a key player at StamVARd Bridge.

  3. if luck is due on our side because we have drew or lost in bad manner many times than chelsea the I am really happy, but it doesn’t work that way, u don’t fight you don’t win, there is no good luck or bad luck.

  4. if we score 1 and rely on our superficial luck to keep the score at that, then maybe Chelsea also have their superficial luck and they will get an equalizer then maybe they have 2 more superficial luck to use. don’t be angry after, because you are lying to yourself if you think we are loosing and drawing becoz of luck.

  5. when you admit the truth about yourself and stop lying to yourself, only then will you stop being bothered when things don’t go your way, like us loosing to Chelsea etc it’s becoz they were better than us. if we want to win today then our players must play better than Chelsea players and at the moment no one deserves to win more the other until 90+ mins of the game

  6. None of the current squad are good enough to play for Arsenal
    Wouldn’t get a starting place with any other premier league team
    Baldock and Fleck are scraping the bottom of the Barrel this is Arsenal get some perspective
    The moneyball experiment has to stop otherwise relegation is a certainty

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