Arsenal are just happy to be in Top Four!

Arsenal are a team that are just happy to be in the top 4. We don’t deserve to win the league.‏ By Galen Sona

This is not the day for long articles. We have known this for sometime now that most players in our squad are average players. This result doesn’t surprise me. I am sorry for all those poor fans who lost so much money after seeing the Man United team sheet just before the game.

I have come to the conclusion the Evra was right. Arsenal are just a football academy. Cesc was right to leave in order to win trophies. Nasri, Clichy, Toure, Song all left and went to clubs that won trophies. Henry was right as well. We shall not win the league with strikers like Giroud, Theo etc.

We are so naive to call these players Judas or money grabbers. What’s the difference between them and Theo Walcott? Walcott earns £140,000 a week. Giroud earns £130,000. Are they not money grabbers? At least RvP and Cesc were genuine world class Players.

Truth be told. We have scored 41 goals this season. 41 goals. And people on this site think we don’t need a striker. When I wrote articles about Gonzalo Higuain and Aubameyang I was told they are just expensive flops. And how we have the likes of Giroud ,Theo and welbeck.

I feel so sad saying this but if I am Ozil I will be parking my bags out of Arsenal with the speed of light . Why would I want to extend my contracts and play with so many chokers?

If Ozil and Sanchez leave then I wish them well. They deserve to play for better teams. Sanchez is probably gone in his head already. Nothing seems to be working for him and mentally he is not just in his element. I feel like Sanchez is gone already. he has been as poor as all our attacking players.

Oh we benched Joel Campbell when he did nothing wrong. Typical of the manager. And people say we are closer to Barcelona. We are probably waiting for Wilshere and Cazorla to come to our rescue. I guess its too late. Spurs will finish us at the Lane.


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  1. No!!! Arsenal are just happy to steal honest people’s hard earned money and make undeserving people millionaires. Players included. Big joke but reality.

    1. sadly were a win away from forgetting whats wrong at this club.
      people shouting where are the haters now, f u theres only one wenger etc

      we must support him an them regardless, but wenger leaving at the end of the season would be in the clubs best interests- sadly not in kroenkes or the board

      we will buy one marquee player…an everyone will say yayyyy. ozil sanchez an xxxxx were gonna storm the league, europe. just doesnt work that way.

      it never changes….same every year

      1. I am still confident
        Arsenal will win
        this seasons EPL.
        As long as we win
        our home games we can still take it to the wire.
        The Spurs game is so vital now for so many reasons.
        So yea still up beat. There is still a
        long long way to go in this crazy season.
        But it’s true the nine Cech Koz Mertz
        Belerin Monreal Coquelin Ozil Sanchez+ Giroud
        have kept us in this for 7 months on their own.
        Need to keep the faith that Rambo
        Walcott and Giroud will step up, that Wellbeck can
        keep scoring and that Santi comes back soon 🙂
        By the way congrats to Man City on your League cup win.

        1. LOL enough now davy jones

          get back on the flying dutchman and float your way back to the end of the world

          1. Beat Swansea and Spurs
            and every one on
            here will be saying
            “I always had faith”
            I knew we could do it
            I never gave up… 🙂

            1. thats fine – the prob will

              but we will never win a major honour with wenger – NEVER

              is fa cup a major honour…i say it hasnt been for a long time- but thats my opinion.
              my reasoning- only the elite win the league an cl
              fa cup winners get sent down etc

    2. I don’t think it is the players’ problems that they are not motivated because most of them are sure that no matter how badly they play they will keep their place at the starting line up. Arsene Wenger never blames the players even after today’s match he said that the players worked hard. Was he watching another match? He is showing after every loss that he has lost control on the players. What is more frustrating that the players looked lost today no one had any idea what he was doing as if it was a friendly. When I watch other teams and how passionate they are and that they would die for their club like Liverpool today it is really frustrating. Other teams even small teams when they are down by one or two goals they fight harder till the last minute but we keep on passing in the back with no tactics and clueless. Maybe modern football made players play for money not for their teams but at least show some loyalty to the club giving you this money. I hope luck would start coming in our way because we’ve got no tactics no plan no passion, we can only rely on luck.

  2. I think Walcott is just happy to pick up his 140k a week and live in London. He seems to play well when his contract is running down.

    This way he can play however he wants, get rich and live happily in the capital of Europe. He doesn’t need to risk anything like moving to grim Manchester or switch to Chelsea when he would become hated like A Cole.

    A win/win situation for him.

    By the way, Rashford now has more Premier League goals than Oxlade-Chamberlain this season. And he has played 90 minutes.

    1. Oh and I think it’s quite clear now that Elneny won’t save us anything this season. We needed a player to make an impact for the spring season since Wenger FAILED to buy proper forward or player to rotate with Coquelin last summer.

      Elneny seems like he is 6 months away from the pace/physicality of the Premier League, no offense of course.

      1. Elneny is simply not good enough,there’s a reason no other big teams were after him and he only cost 5mil so he’s a squad player at best

        1. That in itself is an even scarier thought because here we complain about having too many dross then we added another. Lol just LOL!!!

          1. Oh and P.S. for all the Per bashers, Gabriel isn’t anymore convincing either. Again Per’s only downfall is his pace. Other than that he is 1 of our best defenders and players. All bias aside.

            1. have you noticed gabriel was absolute beast when he came, looked like an old fashioned adams type defender- but a year of being benched – in and out of side- no decent run, hes become shaky.

              he is absolute quality- just poorly handled in last year

              1. Ok I’ll give you that and you’re right. Maybe he needs to rewatch the tapes to see where he can improve next time then maybe.

          2. It’s very scary,we getting rid of Flamini in the summer but we’ve already signed his replacement who’ll take over from him in getting booked all the time and making rash tackles

  3. I’m sure they don’t mind pulling off in their Mesrcedes or Bentley’s, or Range Rovers, better yet have their personal driver drive them back to their mansions. Don’t know how much of this real fans can take if you really sit down and think about how these people make a living while many others struggle to just buy 1 ticket.

    1. Now do you believe me when I said RVP and Fabregas had a right t leave ? They had passion for the club and wanted to win trophies and demanded that the team be re-enforced with quality, they had every reason to leave us because the manager has lost his ability to build a title winning team. Both of them including Nasir and Clichy won the PL after leaving us which says a lot.

  4. The thought that the season Spurs look very much capable of FINALLY finishing above us they might even win the damn league in the process. I say this now, DO NOT expect 3 points at White Hart Lane. Like it or not, welcome back to planet earth. Lol

    1. Spurs will even do better, they will win it. They are just too consistent…even when they have lost they should have won.

  5. now hear Wengers conference:

    -Look, eeeeer, man united is quality….we were jaded…. we can win in nou camp…. unlucky…look, look, look, mental strenght,…. look: we only buy when the player is better, than we already have.. look we’ll be active on the transfer market (then buys no one).
    and for sure he’ll say this: look, eeerm, WE MUST GIVE AN ANSWER VS SWANSEA.

    And i will say: i dont care. Why? because WE LOST THE LEAGUE TODAY. Were out of UCL too, and…. players arent motivated enough for the FA cup? Why? BECAUSE THEY WANT THE PL CROWN! and with Wenger, WE NEVER GONNA GET IT AGAIN…so…….

    I AM FED UP big time….

  6. we have boards whom only want monies. NO TROPhies!!! they happy as long as we are in champion leagues for more monies. MR Wenger must to say he not happy or we assume he also happy with just monies TOO! ARSENAL NOT JUST MONIES!!!!

    1. Wenger earns £8 million a year so why wouldn’t he be happy?

      He has been happy for some time now without a happy football ending..

  7. We need a new manager. I cant possibly understand how so many of you all cant see that wenger is a fraud.

    He is not good, but he was lucky. He was lucky to join arsenal in a time where the leauge was a 2 race game. Lucky to inherit a team from graham. Lucky that he could pressu some players who failed at the big teams to join us for cheap. And lucky that the board is interested in making money alone, and having fans wh are so plain f. stupid. to say stupid is to little bec its beyond stupid, its madnesss.

    3 epl titles in 20 years. zero cl trophy. even f. Roberto Di Matteo could win one, with a poor chelsea team against a strong bayern, and that in germany. pathetic manager, pathetic fan bae, pathetic club.

    1. hes not a fraud just never been a motivator. never been a good man manager
      hes intelligent , astute, a gent and polite in his manner

      all admirable traits- just need different from a manager

      calling it luck is you overeacting yet again k- allow it bro u do this alot

      1. 3 epl titles in 20 years is actually what? i am not over reacting but you mate need to seriously f. off with your butthurtness.

        he is not polite, but a gob…it, who thinks that he is always in the right and the football world in the wrong, cant adabt, is stubborn, arrogant as hell and prone favorisem and guilty of being a hypocrite and liar.

        Can you remember the last time we won the title. Against who did we had to compete. And before that as well. Google is your friend. use it.

        1. @KS. “he is not polite,
          a gob…it, who thinks
          he is always in
          the right and the football
          world in the wrong, cant adabt, is stubborn, arrogant as hell
          and prone favorisem and guilty of being a hypocrite and liar”.
          Apart from that though do you believe he is
          the man to lead us to the title 🙂

  8. Forgive me for my multiple post but this club as a whole has now made me completely angry and this site is allowing me to vent my frustrations without doing something else stupid. Gooner down but not out. Lol

  9. Crazy crazy season….especially the gut feeling that Spurs will sneak up and win the EPL. Leicester beats everyone else but only loses to Arsenal and the funny thing is that loss is irrelevant as long as they are beating everyone else and we are drawing and losing to every other team. I have never thought about that until this particular moment. Spurs will win the EPL. Next week will be the most meaningful North London derby in the EPL and we will be beaten soundly. Table at the end of the season:
    1. Spurs
    2. Leicester City
    3. Manchester City
    4. Arsenal
    As long as Wenger is in charge, we will never win the EPL again and will never win the CL. Hopefully he does the right thing and just field benchers in the return game at Barcelona because the first team will not have a chance in hell either.

  10. its so depressing being an Arsenal,I think the boards are just happy scamming millions of die hard arsenal fan..
    I lost words,I dont care whatever position we finished done. time to be a neutral..
    Same stories every year.
    This year could have been ours.
    Man city
    Man u
    Liverpool all struggling.
    But Arsenal cant even have a smooth ride to the epl title..A team with 70% average and mediocre players..

    1. was done with walcott when he made huge fuss of getting improved contract.
      turned it into a saga-

      10 years for what? dont care if he scores against swansea-

      he will never come good- hes had a flippin decade!


      1. thats neat, but if you go back on this side you will find a lots of people calling Ramsey better then bale, and zidane, and walcott being being our new theirry henry

  11. I don’t understand why fans keep attacking players instead the man who put this team together. Why blame Giroud or Walcott for missing chances, why blame Ramsey for not imposing himself in midfield, and creating a dominant duo with Francis Q. Why has Sanchez regressed , and seems to make the wrong decisions around the box, unlike when he first got here.
    The first team that Arsene put together was the cesc, flamini, hleb team, then came the cesc, nasri, song team, then now the current midfield. It’s the same recurring theme over and over. How can all these players be to blame?
    Fans, please open your eyes and take action to force change. Boycott merchandise, and buying tickets.

    1. A point often missed by a lot of people, but well made. AW is a very good business manager for the club and is very much appreciated for that by the current chairman who isn’t a football fan let alone an Arsenal one.

      1. Red thumb down man, what do you object to? Do you think AW is a poor business manager, Kroke has been a lifelong closet Arsenal fan, or that AW prior to becoming manager of Arsenal was able to somehow telepathically influence the transfer policy of GG and BR+.

  12. Honestly, I’m giving up on the club. We lack true ambition, and it’s like Groundhog Day every year.

    I’m going neutral, it’s more fun and less annoying..!

  13. Cazorlq was the missing elemeqnt today ramsey is useseless in that central midfield. We need to replace him. The guy is maybe good enough for a team like Crystal Palace but not Arsenal.

    1. Even at Crystal Palace he wouldn’t be good enough they have Cabaye and Jedinak who are better than Ramsey

  14. excellent article , for a change!.you cannot beat honest writing, i wish more people on here would follow suit and take off their red coloured glasses.we are not winning the league nor the champions league this season . and as far as i am concerned we will never win those titles whilst we are under wenger . his time has come and gone . he was a true football genius , now sadly he has reached the very bottom of his career .

  15. Having carzola in that midfield wouldn’t change much. Did we not have carzola last year and the year before? I dont care who we bring here. Some players will always be favoured over others, and there will always be a weak point in the team.
    Those fans who buy tickets and merchandise need to stop complaining, since you enable mediocrity. Mr Stan is in LA busy moving the Rams from ST. LOIUS.
    Change is imperative, and the only way to force it is a massive boycott. Trust me

    1. We did and we played A LOT BETER and were more resilient ! All we needed was a top GK and CF at the time but just like last season we’re still MISSING A TOP STRIKER

  16. Oui, Arsenal is “small” club… Money (in the bank) and a new stadium does not make you a “big” club… Trophies and your value as a competitor make you a top firm?

    Players like Walcott, Gibbs, Wilshere and more are just surplus wages and completely useless to the team. Talentless (Walcott) arrogant little “sh*t” who has only a value on the British market… We should sold him!

    Paris SG are already titilling Alexis Sanchez and Ozil is on Bayern M and Juventus site.

    There is are no attraction for Arsenal (except those deluded fans willing to pay ridiculous prices and blindly support their “daddy” Wenger… Someone who is not rated in France , you wonder!!).

    If Spurs win the league, I wonder what would be that deluded Wenger excuse this time?
    I also wonder what would be those “deranged” fans excuse for supporting Wenger and that fool Steve Bould??

  17. What a poor performance it was: naive, lack of heart & application, slow and unfocused, uninterested…but this is not the time to call it quit, sure 5 point is huge but personally it will be all over if we can’t win against Spurs…Özil performance on another day would have been enough!!
    Instead of always saying they were poor, we lacked focus, we were not clinical enough and so on Mr Wenger…is because you allow average/poor players to remain in this squad (stay off the hook) & even play in the XI because you want to prove us right that buying cheap & sticking with players that had great talent/ability will come good when it’s actually not always the case…Of course it works sometimes can’t deny when looking at that invisible squad that we had that but everything needs to be balanced out at one point
    Normally when those issues are becoming recurring problems it means 2 things:
    1) Either in certain positions quality wise we’re not good enough (lack of progress from huge prospect to great/world class players or simply not buying what’s really needed) which = lack of quality, game changers, characters to push us through even when we’re not great or losing & leaders.
    2) Coaching & management issues with identifying the right targets & putting the money on the table (how many time have we heard Wenger saying we were following this guy but…or the horrendous Suarez bid)

    1. Still believe in Mr Wenger but has got to be more ruthless & stop being afraid of spending the money we all pour into the club on game day!!Instead of plating it safe and re-upping the contract of a player like Walcott that says: overrated spend that money on a player that says worth it cause with that much a week you could open talks with any marquee player bare a few

  18. leaders.
    wenger cant motivate a team, cant man manage an put fires in there bellys
    viera, adams an henry used to do that so well to the team

    a league title on the line- an were passing it around with no urgency


  19. Man I wish I could take about 3-5 years off of Cazorla and let him control the midfield for years to come.
    Many others have said this but I will echo it again, our British core have massively FAILED to date.
    – Gibbs can’t get a sniff over Monreal
    – Ramsey has made our midfield regress since Santi’s injury
    – Walcott is stealing a living
    – OX is a kick and run player
    – Wilshere is missing more than present (a little harsh)
    – Welbeck would have never been signed if Wenger never took off that deadline day (sorry Danny but true)
    – Where’s Jenkinson injury aside?
    – Chambers a jack of all trades master of none

    Where do we go from here??? While maintaining our homegrown quota…

  20. Bring Simeone or Sampaoli..I wll be even happy with koeman or Pellegrini hard working pressing and If players do not give their 1000% no matter who they are..then they will rotten in bench or send to second team..Dynamic..Pace..pressing and goals are their side way or backward passing..TIME FOR CHANGE otherwise we will lose Alexis , ozil and chech..winter was there for the taking ABu, carvalho..Howdes..but for Mr wenger there is nobody special there better than the Ox, Ramsey, theo and Gibbs..or flamini..NO MORE SHAMBLES WE DESREVE RESPECT.

    1. I would have loved either Koeman or Pochetino to manage Arsenal, even Barca players are complementing him and there have been suggestions the Tottenham boss would manage in Catalonia in the future.

  21. Lets not beat ourselves. There are still matches to play.It`s just five points. The league has not been won yet. Yes we were poor but i`m sure Peter Cech, Ozil, Sanchez, and Mert will not allow the rot to continue.They will talk to themselves and things will turn around. League positions can change within 2/3 weeks.Leicester cannot win this league. It`s between Arsenal and ManCity. Mark my words. So I for one has not lost hope.

  22. First of all a very good game of football and congrats to Young United side who showed 10 time the passion we have ever shown. Its funny had Manchester United and van gaal showed this much passion they might have been in a much better position but good they didnt. But well done to that 18 year old kid, credit where its due.

    Now coming to Arsenal FC, I have been saying to my friends and even blabbered here many times, we are not that a big club like we thing or we should be. I do not care if I get 1000 dislikes for saying this but we are a contended club who live for mediocrity. We are best at giving excuses and putting down other teams. When has ever Mr Wenger praised the opponents after they beat us fair and square. Never. He just gives excuses and thats the mentality integrated by Arsenal fans.

    As for the players, well the only player who cared about winning was Danny Welbeck, yes a Manchester lad who played under one of the best managers Sir alex. Hardly a surprise as his ex manager Sir alex would have taught him about winning. Rest were all Joke. Walcott is an average player and yet managed to play for us for 10 years, yes 10 YEARS. Then our best striker Giroud who is a donkey. Keep on moulding facts but truth remains he is an average striker. He is no RVP, he is no Henry, he is no Rooney , He is no Aguero , He is no Drogba. If you have to win you need to have strikers of that caliber. No but we are satisfied with Giroud and will make all excuses for him. Ozil apart from the goal and assist was missing, hardly did anything. For me he is a big fish in a medium pond. We cant build a squad around him.

    Now coming to the biggest disappointment SANCHEZ. Hear me out, I have been seeing the lad for last month, he thinks he is too big for this club. His irritating gesture after we loose or after he doesnt get the ball is beyond unacceptable. Yes he has a point to get frustrated but somEone tell him he has hardly performed well. He has been ordinary himself and was overpowered by a 22 year old unknown RB today. Sanchez can become a beast and I hope he becomes that beast for us but I doubt, I can see him leaving. Sad but true

    All in all a very disappointing day, a good game of football but no passion from our boys. Spurs leading us kills me and next week could be a disaster.

    1. Sanchez has a right to think so because he’s been carrying the team for the past year and a half. If we had top forwards and a player of Cazorla’s caliber in the team then you would’ve seen the best of him and Ozil.

  23. Today February 28, 2016 is the last time I support Arsenal as I football team. I know people may say I am not of true fan but I have been following this club. The desire to win, the desire to help each other on team defense and the desire for the club to think about the fans is not there. arsenal games will not be my priority anymore. i am just f##kin done. Just don’t have the interest anymore. ozil and sanchez need to leave. their prime time need not be shadowed and wasted.

      1. @ziol…
        You will be back after
        we beat Swansea and Spurs….
        Keep the same name so we
        can “welcome” you back 🙂

    1. imagine the fans spending their hard earned money to watch this team? Aside from cech/sanchez/ozil they 8 other players are bang on avg.

      He has sanchez playing on the wing, Sanchez is a CF for Chile
      He has Welbeck playing on the RW, Welbeck is a CF for England
      He has Walcott playing as a CF, Walcott is not a CF
      He has Ramsay playing alongside COQ, Ramsay is not meant to be in that position or first XI

      Wenger has to go, 12 years not a single PL and the club keeps making money off of gullible fans willing to make rich men WEALTHY! So, please fans stop blaming the players, the manager is responsible for everything from player recruitment, development, and motivation. Get this man out of the club

  24. guys thumb me down
    but i think although Mertesacker is slow as turtle he is very intelligent
    with him today we wouldnt concede the 2nd goal
    basically manu scored in all their opportunities and arsenal played with 10 man in the first hour as this guy walcot is piece of Siht hSit iSHt keep him as sub much better
    play Campbell or Giroud or whoever not walcot

  25. I put up here in the week that Man U would win even though they can buy a win at the mo. Problem is AW has no clue of the Morden game and just keeps doing the same thing. Our players just don’t want to play for him you can see it. Keep playing players in the wrong position just don’t work. EPL is not over but all the pundits are saying the same thing AW to go

  26. Wayne Barker your comment is totally bias. Even in a bad day Alxeis wear the socks off not like others. The guy used to be surrounded by mega stars and when he came to Arsenal like Ozil they were told and promised significant investment in the team. it has never happened and will not until Mr degree in economics goes. i’m full of praise for the man for keeping us healthy 3 EPL’s in 20 years is not enough. fergie got 13 in 20 plus years then when he saw that the MODERN football has caught up with his tactical and technical awarness ..the great man retired..alexis after long 2 months off has not pick the rythm yet but also not seeing additions to the team probably is playing on his mind WTF i’m doing here so is Ozil.Nobody is saying to spend like UTD 150 millions because we just needed a WC ST and WC DM to form the team spine and lack of depth so ABU was there for 35 but in summer will hit the 50 plus..and other players we should have taken..and 60 millions spent in winter would have been a show of intent specially when NO OUTFIELD PLAYER WAS BROUGHT in the last summer window so I BLAME THE COACH. as for Gabriel? give the man a decen trun of games then judge. 17 games in 2 years? most fa or league cup? of course you will look shaky, unsure with your partner and mostly rusty.. Confidence is obtain with games..look at poor campbell, does he deserved it? NOPE. Today our coach kept a well below par Ramsey on the pitch and took LeCoq for what? iwobi instead of Joel? disrespect and here we go..Genius.

    1. SO you are going to tell me Arsenal players were motivated today to win. Take off your goon glasses and accept the truth that our players didnt perform well. A 18 YEAR OLD KID showed more passion than Arsenal players. They lost Rojo and bought some young new lb and he totally manhandled our players. When are the excuses going to stop. We have to man up and admit our defeat. Wenger needs to be blamed but players are not covering themselves under glory.

  27. Wow…lots of Gooners saying they are jumping ship tonight.

    It’s like they have just seen the big picture.

    It’s been this way for many a year now but I for one will always be a gooner. Guess I must be a masochist!

  28. Play Sanchez tru the middle against Swansea. Welbeck on the left and Joel Campbell on the right. Flamini/Elneny to replace Ramsey in the CM role.

    Win 10 games and draw 1 and we could win the league. We need to start to score goals ASAP.

    Wenger is outdated and too predictable. The club should consider replacing Wenger with either Bilic or Koeman at the end of the season.
    This squad is good enough to win the league. Just the Manager does not know how to win it.
    Wenger, pls give Ramsey a rest against Swansea and Spurs.

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