Arsenal are lacking in heart, desire and leadership

I told you so. Bad performances inevitably lead to bad results.  by Konstantin Mitov

Hello lovely Arsenal people. I’m so tired, I really am. These players and this manager are lifeless, clueless and soulless. There is an astonishing lack of ideas in any area of the pitch. I am in pure disbelief how poor things are, and how the board doesn’t recognize where the real problem is.

If Emery wants full backs, why doesn’t he play them? Why is Holding not starting instead of Sokratis? Why is Kolasinac even playing? I’d put any left back over him and we have Tierney, but we don’t play him, even though, he’s been fit for a month now. Why is Bellerin playing 90 minutes in the EL and 0 in the PL, surely we can do with some potential going forward.

But, I wouldn’t drop Chambers, I’d move him to CB with Holding and drop Sokratis and Luiz, who are a disaster in the making. Nicolas Pepe should’ve given us the lead but he failed us again and we payed 70 million when we could’ve had Zaha, who is a real threat. And last, but not least, Xhaka. Take that captaincy choice. We are subbing our ‘leader’ first.

Can’t really blame Willock and Saka, but where is mr. Ozil? You are telling me that in this team that has a +1 goal difference and fails to create chances, we can’t do with Mesut on the pitch? If one person between Emery and Ozil has to leave, it’s definitely the manager.

The lack of heart, desire and in the end just pure ability is astonishing. Worst thing is, I expected this. I would’ve celebrated a point. This is how sad life of an Arsenal fan has become. Strap in boys, and hope the English teams drop early out of the Europa league, cause this is our only chance of CL football, which in all honesty, we do not deserve.

I applauded the board for making a strong decision to invest, but money alone do not bring you success. A good footballing model, a modern approach to football and a good manager are as equally if not more important. Now is time for a tough decision to sack Emery and bring someone who will inject life into this team.

For all the hate I get in the comments and all the labeling of me being “negative”, I am again proven right and believe me in all my heart I want to be wrong, and not to be the “negative guy”, but the results and the performances speak volumes. Unfortunately we are wasting another golden chance to finish in the top 4 and it’s all our fault.



  1. Let’s be frank, Willock is not up to it yet. The team of the last 15 minutes was close to our team with 2 additions.
    Martinez is a better ball distributor than Leno.
    No leader on the bench/touchline and no leader on the pitch. Watch out for Thursday and the difference will be seen.
    Luiz did more that what I expected. He wasn’t that bad. But that Greek should be playing for old stars. Too slow.
    To me our coach needs at least a leave if not sacking. What can I do to make him earn a red card that would make him to be suspended for 3 matches? So frustrated. We had a 3 points thrown away.

    1. Trouble is Godswill even if he was suspended for 3 matches he would still be picking the team and instructing them how to play.

  2. Agree … speaking truth to idiocy is surprisingly difficult in social media age … sadly won’t happen as biggest idiot of all owns the club!!!

  3. Emery should go now. We should not hesitate. We lost Pep and Klopp to other top 6 teams by waiting too long with replacing Wenger. Let’s chose our next manager before Man U and Spurs change their midseason by sacking Emery now.

    A new manager coming in now has a chance to finish top 4, wait till after Christmas and it is a different story.

    Not only are our results getting worse but the way we play as well. There is no hint of the manager moving this team in the right direction. We are not scoring many more goals than last season, nor are we defensively much better nor is our road record improving. With no hints of improvements and with clear evidence of declining results it is time to act.

  4. Afterthought ;-),

    The seeming lack of heart and desire IMO is a result of being over-managed and no longer playing with heart as a likely result of watching too many films and receiving too much fear-based unclear coaching. You can see the players hesitate when we play out from the back but then remember their coaching and attempt a ridiculously dangerous pass in the process overruling common sense. These players play in a straightjacket of confusion and fear.

    1. That’s the key word “Confuse”.
      Emery is the Alpha of Confusion.
      His tactics are breath-taking and so fucking disastrous and even so easy to study and counter.

  5. I still think Ozil is our best player to unlock defences and he is not even on the bench! He won the World Cup with Germany and not some useless player called Xhaka would have ever done that. Where is Holding and KT by the way? What about Belarin bombarding the right flank, where is he? I wonder which Arsenal match is Emery watching week in week out. If he does not change his tactics, team selection and vision we will be the laughing stock of the top six(spuds?)

  6. We let the better manager go to leicester
    He dint need the 2-3yrs you keep talking about to instil character and a style to the team

  7. I think the board should set a target for Emery for the remainder of the season.
    If he ever loses to a team below us (home or away) off he goes.
    If he fails to beat anyteam at home(even the likes of pool or MC) off he goes.
    Maybe he’ll change his way if the pressure is on.

    1. The board should set a machine on Emery’s pant that goes on fire when he loses. That way he will feel the pressure 🙂

  8. As per bbc report, ever since Ozil made his debut, he has created 522 goal scoring chances, Ramsey has created 272 chances and Cazorla has created 190 chances. How do you explain Ozil’s absence, Mr.Emery? He is by far our best player, gifted and talented. Agreed he is not much of use in defensive duties, but that is taken care by his creativity and defence splitting passes for Auba and Laca to fire home.

  9. Can’t really argue with any of that.

    I am not ashamed to admit that I have been vocal in saying Emery needed to be given time to have his first team fit and healthy as the injuries we’ve had are a valid reason for having been so defensive previously imo.

    However last night he had the opportunity to change things up, prove his doubters wrong and show us that he does have a plan for us but for some reason he chose not to bother and serve up the same weak, unbalanced squad as before and there is no excuse for that anymore.

    Rumours just before kick off were saying that he hadn’t dropped Kola etc because they didn’t do anything to deserve being dropped – if true what the fekk did we buy KT for?
    I applaud his apparent commitment to making players put in the effort to get a start as I felt that was something that slipped in Wengers later years, but when the effort is equal then its talent that should decide who start.

    I’m not Emery out yet and think that he is capable of turning us around, I am however beginning to wonder if he actually will or if his stubbornness will be his undoing.
    Ultimately I will judge him at the end of the season (if the board let him have that long). I understand rebuilding is a long game, but things do not look good and if improvements aren’t made soon then a sure fire return to CL (no doubt in my mind this squad could get 3rd place easily) will have been wasted.

  10. I was also prepared to give Emery a chance until the end of the season, that is until I saw the team selection for last. That result was inevitable, I’m afraid, and nobody but Emery is to blame.

    After a 2 week break, last night was the ideal opportunity to change things around. Has Kola done something wrong and deserves to be dropped? When does that become a consideration when you have a fit player that will just give you so much more in that position that it amounts to lunacy not to pick him. Does he want Kola to break a leg before picking Tierney?

    Same goes for other positions in the setup as well.

    Fire the man now, before it is too late to save the season.

  11. Enough with playing safe… Remember when Unai came and said that he would rather win in a 4-3 score than a boring 1-0… His actions says otherwise, He needs to be reckless and play really offensive football, Needs to get rid of our defensive pair, Luiz and Sokratis should not be playing Together, Needs to play Holding or Chambers next to Luiz or Play Hold and Chamb together, Xhaka has had enough playing time and is not working, needs to play experienced players more often than the young guns. My preferred 11 with our current Squad would look something like this…

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