Arsenal are lucky with Covid so far – Let’s use it to our advantage….

Covid concerning for many clubs- not Arsenal! (Yet)

Covid at its worst is beginning to circulate in football once more!

But can Arsenal use Covid to their advantage to get a strong foothold near the top of the table!?

Well I sure hope so!

As bad as things are off the pitch worldwide for football right now with Covid cases rising and this new variant doing its worst, we have seen a number of games this week postponed as teams are reporting a high number of positive cases.

So far so good though Arsenal have scraped through without any major cases at the club! 🙏🏼

And with momentum swinging our way, and being on a good run for the last two games, it may be time for us to use the positive cases in other teams to our advantage, with the strong and fully fit squad we have, and knowing our next opponents and those around us in the table are suffering from Covid, we need to use this as motivation to go out and get the wins if we have the chance to do so!

It can be argued that those teams will then have games in hand on us, however if you look at it from afar, those games may well be rescheduled closer together meaning it will be a tougher fixture schedule for those teams, in turn meaning more chance of them dropping points as games build and players tire.

We know that may not be the case, but it gives us hope that if we can play our games when we are supposed to and if we win, we will have a better chance of staying higher up the table while other teams possibly drop points and struggle when players come back from positive Covid cases. As we know it affects the lungs and players need their lungs to help them breathe while running.

All we can do is wait and see but the longer it goes on where we are not hit with any major cases at the club, and the longer the Premier League choose to continue with games, the more we have to use that to our advantage if our games go on, with the ball in our court to go out and get those hopeful wins!


Shenel Osman

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  1. As long as all Arsenal employees are willing to follow the pandemic guideline and restrict their activities/ movements/ interactions, they could prevent the virus transmission. This is why Arsenal should enforce stricter rules, to avoid the problems we had in the beginning of this season

  2. Shenel, spot on. Do we need covide to proof how well we have progressed un MA. No we don’t. Bring them on. Starting with Leeds.

  3. Leeds will be a tough game. It’s a good marker game to see if we can keep the domination factor going. This is another ‘Everton’ test, who were struggling but outplayed us. This game against Leeds needs us to grow up, grow a pair and dominate Leeds, pressing for 90min and controlling the game. If Arteta drops Martinelli I will book Arteta an appointment with a Psychiatrist.

  4. We certainly were not lucky at the start of the season when we had 6 Covid cases and couldn’t get a postponement. So we need to take advantage now!

  5. The Xmas/New year schedule is the most demanding of the season. Don’t really see it as an adventage, if we can play the whole schedule, and competitors get to spread their games and get more rest in between games. Nor is it an advantege, if some our opponents in the this busy period have one ot two ther games postponed, and get more rest, before playing us. So let’s see how it really ends up.

    1. Third round FA cup games will be played first week of January and I think there is a Premier League break between the 23 January and 8 February so that won’t help getting postponed games played.

  6. What an Arsenal self centred article!
    YES, all Shenel says is true. But the triumphant tone in it sickened me, as someone who puts our race and our races health far above mere AFC advantage.

    I think Shenel, if and when she reflects on the selfish for Arsenal message this article sends out, will regret posting such a selfish piece. Shame on you Shenel!

    It is preceisely this gamesmanship and seeking to take unfair advantage of other clubs or other players misfortune type of attitude, that revolts me about top level football, about many top level players (though far from all) and about those fans who copy these selfish attitudes.

  7. Arsenal have not done and will not be doing anything wrong whatsoever, if they get advantage in points garnering on their rival clubs and take the advantage.

    The 2 club sides of Man Utd and Tottenham Hs who are rivaling Arsenal for the top-four place finish this season are currently having Covid-19 problem in their teams that has led to the postponement of the matches they would have played but which Arsenal played, But alas,, they were forced to have these their match scheduled cancelled by the PL authorities. Who approved the re-scheduling of the matches with Tottenham Hs most affected with 3 of their matches postponed than Man Utd who have 2 match postponed.

    Therefore, Arsenal should make hast while the Sun is still shining to keep having advantage in number of EPL games played over their 2 top-four place finish rival club sides of Man Utd and Tottenham Hs to beat Leeds at away this night in the EPL to keep the top-four position they’ve moved to when they displace West Ham from the position last Thursday night.

    I think Arsenal will beat Leeds Utd tonight irrespective of whatever be the resistant they resist Arsenal with in the match to not beat them. But Arsenal will still beat them because they have the team strength capacity to do the beating to Leeds and they will do it.

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