Arsenal are no closer to signing…..who?

If the barometer of the number of summer signings is the expectations of the supporters, then Karim Benzema would have already been a Gunner. The French forward is an eternal favorite at the Emirates stadium – both for the management and the supporters. Arsenal tried many times to sign him but haven’t been able to, thus far.

This transfer window has seen Wenger fulfilling one of his old wishes – Petr Cech. The former Chelsea goalkeeper was the target at the Emirates even before he landed at Chelsea. So, when Wenger said that he expects to make another signing before the transfer window closes – most of the supporters are hoping it is a deal for Benzema.

Unlike most of the earlier windows, money is not a problem for Wenger this time around. Assurances have been given in public and in private to the manager on any big move he may deem fit. But, Wenger being Wenger is prudent as ever and is looking for value in the market, someone who can fit in his side and can take them to the next level.

Without a doubt, Benzema ticks all these boxes. Though Wenger is frustrated at the shortage of striker options available in the market, he knows pretty well that Benzema could be one signing that he could least afford to miss.

But, all this is if the player is put up in the market or the club is willing to listen to offers or the player is ready to make the move. Sadly for the Gunners, irrespective of the increasing noise and clamour around signing Benzema, none of these conditions hold good.

Wenger is also looking for a strong presence in the centre of his midfield. Though there are a plethora of options available to him, he believes that a leader in the mould of Patrick Vieira is the difference between his current side and the ‘Invincibles’ of Vieira and Co.

Wenger has also categorically said that they are no closer to landing his signing before the transfer window closes. It may be a sour pill to swallow, but Benzema may not be the signing that Wenger is going to sign this window. This could be the last time you could be hearing of the mercurial French forward; but again, Arsenal and Wenger continue to surprise.

But if we don’t get him….


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    1. i wouldn’t be surprised if wenger bought gotze or draxler or some other player that we don’t really need….he refused to buy a wc striker in higuain and bought ozil which surprised me since we had loads of players in that position(carzola, jack, rosicky, ox etc)…i prefer that wenger doesn’t buy anyone now so that the next manager will not have a lot of deadwood players to dispose off!

      1. I wouldn’t be surprised too if Wenger buys Goetze instead. He appears to me like a younger version of Santi Cazorla, a reasonable upgrade on Ramsey (except Ramsey has got a better engine). A player that will likely fit into the team without unnecessarily disrupting the almighty “COHESION”.

        1. Reasonable ….lol… Suggest u offer to swap the two and see what reaction u get from pep … Ridiculous … That said I actually don’t think we need gotze of the young Germans would prefer to see draxler on left winger Alexis on right and benzema in middle if that is happening … And bender would be upgrade in DM area … Would forgive wenger’s lost decade if that happened

    2. Source: The Telegraph

      Born December 19 1987, Karim Benzema is a French footballer who is described as an “immensely talented striker”.
      From the city of Lyon, he joined the local club Bron Terraillon before rising to the biggest club in the city, Olympique Lyonnais, in 1996.
      Joining Real Madrid in 2009, he was named French Player of the Year in 2011, 2012 and 2014. Karim Benzema (REX)
      Benzema has also represented France at three major international tournaments, including the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

      In August 2015, the striker signed for Arsenal for £48million.

    3. Arsenal shop at the flea market . We buy Bargain basement average players. The outlying Ozil , Sanchez purchases were synchronised to sell shirts and not to fix problems in the team.
      New contracts for arteta,rosicky and buying flamini to avoid making any big money transfers.
      Peter Cech was the cheapest option and the dummy they can sell to the fans in this window . After all , they have signed a big name . We all know that the GK was Definitely not the most critical position which needed addressing.
      We almost did not have a striker last season and when they eventually bought welbeck , the penny punchers were moaning about only wanting a loan deal .
      As if the lack of a striker was not critical enough.

      1. I can only imagine that the thumbs up are from people who give little to no thought on any comments then thumbing up solely for the sake of the person being anti Wenger. It’s ridiculous to thumb somebody up or down just because they may dislike or indeed like our manager. If somebody’s comments cant possibly hold truth you should ignore or thumb down. I don’t get it when somebody is bemoaning the fact of not upgrading one day and then says it makes no sense to get a world class keeper because we already had a pretty good one two not better. Or bemoaning how we are not targeting star players but then when we do it is said that the only reason why we did is for shirt sales, even if true what the hell do you care once we are targeting or capturing them. That is what you wanted.

  1. That footballer fellow with a name sounding a bit like eczema was absent from RMs training session Friday due to
    His continued ‘injury’.


    1. so unlike wenger spendin just under 50 million for near 28 year old, with a attitude problem.
      yes hes french, yes hes a great striker….
      but i know arsene…there must be more to this

      1. It’s all smoke and mirrors and wen gets blowing that smoke up everyone’s arse we ain’t getting no one and that my friends is a fact of life . We get believes that Walcott and group ate the men and that’s all there is too it

  2. I don’t know bout the striking options if we don’t get Benzema, but Lars Bender would be a good signing and the perfect competition for Coquelin…. But we gotta hope it doesnt affect us if we don’t sign a striker, we’ll have to support the team no matter what.
    #hoping for a big surprise signing tho

    1. I think Krychiawok is the DM on table for Arsenal.

      I will be happy with Benzema only at this stage. I will be happier if Krychiawok is added.

      Icing on the cake stuff.

    1. its rihannas boyfriend , limelight lyon,
      karims comin mate, forget edinson, i would have prefered him also

  3. the whole world knows that we need a Dm n a Cf.

    Wenger says arsenalfc would rather keep faith than buy.

    well faith can keep long enough .

  4. I suspect that if we after any CF at all it is Cavani.


    Perez/Benitez want him at RM

    So do the fans

    BENZEMA has no need/reason to move (let’s face it ‘down’)

    Too much noise around Benzema for it to be true (Wenger doesn’t like noise)

    Cavani on the other hand:

    Can leave PSG if Ibra stays.

    Fans worship Ibra more

    He is played out of position and wants to be the man man

    Would be a step up/sideways at least for him

    He is South American (wengers new obsession)

    All is quiet around Cavani and his future..

    1. To be honest, I don’t care who we get as long as they’re better than Giroud. But I agree about the lack of Cavani noise. It’s quiet…almost too quiet.

      1. How many seasons has Ibra got left, I cant see PSG willing to sell unless Cavani want’s exit. They are selling the Argentine so I really cant see this happening. If they were selling him they would have bought Lacazette.

  5. if i had a choice now on a cf or a dm.
    i would pick dm any day of the week,
    khrycho , the benders ..theres options out there

    but as the fat guy at the cake shop i want both cf and dm..i will buy cherry bakewells AND apple pies

  6. since reality isnt much on our side, all we left with now is fantasy.
    So on that note, imagine Benz, Gotze &, Kry..etc
    damn the thought of how we’d rotate this team throughout the season gives me the chills. Probably we would even see Theo feature more as a CF for much of the 2nd half of the season, when many teams seem to be burnt out. Lots of possibilities you could think about, even with the likes of Rosicky and wilshere all in action.? wouldve been awesome i believe.
    but then again, all we can do is fantasize. atleast for now anyway

  7. Forget about versatile wingers: we need to buy a striker. Wenger is so economical you see. Its something I have come to accept and it couldn’t be further from the truth either. So if cavani is worth 35mil, and benzema 48.5mil, I see wenger buying the former and that wouldn’t surprise me too. In the city vs chelsea game, aguero was a constant threat due to his ability to find shooting space: even in the tightest of situations. This allowed players like kolarov, yaya, silva and navas to pick him out even if he is a short guy and plays lone striker. Ok look, I am not saying our stikers are not good but you see, I feel we can have better. If we proceed through this season with a dm addition and a new “versatile winger” instead of a striker, we will do better than last season but still fall short on the title. That am sure of. No question.

  8. By the way is only one digning enough?Have u ever thought about it?The problems in the team are plain and honestly one signing is not enough but hey we will take something over nothing shant we.I really love Arsene Wenger he has not really been able to handle the pressure in Arsenal for dome years now.He keeps making wrong decisions season by season.So if i was him i would go all out and get the job done now!!! I feel for him peeps think there is no pressure on him but in his mind i know there is a lot of things going on.When you look at him at times you see it.I beg him to do right thing this time for he is a top manager.

  9. According to Giulianelli and the Telegraph, Arsenal have chartered a Gulfstream private jet and booked a 5 star hotel for Benzema on Sunday night for a Medical on Monday

    LOL- I will only believe it when I see him on Arsenal website

  10. I have found the Benzema circus amusing, mainly because I don’t care if he signs or not.

    Cavani is another one I’m ambivalent about.

    I seriously don’t rate either. Benzema is not Real Madrid standard and the last season of Sanchez in La Liga, Benzema as a striker had less goals than Sanchez who played as a winger in a team with Messi. Only Ronaldo and Messi had more goals then Alexis that season.

    Edin Dzeko was my choice because he is proven in the EPL, but Pedro would have been a good signing.

    Before his injury the main player I wanted and for the past 3 Summer transfer windows was Carvalho who is the DM we’ve needed since PV4/Gilberto. I don’t trust the fitness of Coquelin and I am expecting him to be injured for most of this coming season. In the youth team/reserve team, right up to last season, he has been a virtual perma-sicknote and we already have Walcott and Chamberlain being the same, and Wilshere, and Arteta, and ….

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