Arsenal are “not alone” in the quest for players!

It was inevitable that Arsene Wenger would be asked about the Arsenal transfer rumours in the Gunners pre-match press conference ahead of tonight’s game against Chivas, and he was at pains to point out that there are many many clubs competing for just a few talented players that could actually improve the Arsenal team.

Le Prof started off by practically quoting Petr Cech word for word when our Number One was discussing transfers the other day. “I buy players that I feel can strengthen our team.” Wenger said.

“Today you have to be very strong inside the club when you are responsible, not just to buy [for the sake of buying]. There’s always a wave of opinions. I must say people are better informed today – they know all the players. They tell you always that you should buy but when you ask them who to buy, they become much shorter. If you look at the market in Europe, there’s a lot of money available but not many players who really strengthen the teams. If you look at the teams that spend the most money in Europe, they’re not necessarily the teams that won the championships. The global investment of the clubs around us didn’t stop Leicester winning the championship.”

In other words “We have lots of competition, and spending big money does not guarantee success! But he insists Arsenal are still looking for those elusive players that will improve us.”We are still on the market for players.” He continued. “[Be it] at the front or at the back – we are on the market. Unfortunately we are not alone.

“The best way to conclude transfers is not to talk about them, which is very difficult in the press conference! We are on the market but I don’t want to talk specifically about any player because that makes it more difficult for me – and it’s difficult enough.”

But he was very confident about signing a defender when asked if he was expecting a new arrival. He simply said: “Yes I do.”

Why wasn’t he asked if he was expecting to sign a new striker?



  1. Arsene trots out this line every year. He seems to think there’s no one out there that will particularly help strengthen the team. hehehe.

    1. Then i asked myself…

      “what’s the probability of Arsenal buying a striker, CB and winger in 2weeks when they couldn’t do that in 2months?”

      Ans = By panic buying on cheap, rejected Leftovers

  2. “I buy players that I feel can strengthen our team”

    Wenger says this every season

    Last season we needed a striker and DM
    Coquelin’s injury killed us and Giroud/Theo didn’t score enough goals
    Cazorla’s injury hurt us too but Wenger got Xhaka so we don’t need DM (even though he can play both B2b/DM)

    But now this season we need a striker and CB and ideally a winger who is better than (Walcott/Ox/Campbell/iwobi)

    CB: Mustafi, Howedes, Koulibaly, Godin, Hummels, Van Dijk, etc or at least Ashley Williams who will cost in single digits (£5-9 million)
    Striker: Lacazette, Lukaku, Greizmann
    winger: Mahrez, Draxler, Reus

    (we don’t need Evans, Turan, Kokorin, Jese, Mandzukic)

    1. I Just read Everton’s valuation of Lukaku

      £75 million

      Forget him
      He is off the list LOL

      The only guy who is an realistic option is Lacazette
      Lyon Boss said its possible Lacazette will leave
      SO an opening has been made
      Now its time for Wenger to make the next move

    2. @Arsenal_Girl
      You know what really killed us last season. Once Santi and Francis got injured, we could never control the midfield. Opposition ran through us at will. Many were blaming Flame for not being good enough. but it was Aaron who was always caught too high up the pitch to get back and help him or whoever his midfield partner was at the time.
      Yeah. Our forwards were not clinical enough in front of goal. But it wouldn’t have mattered if they had been spot on, with ll the goals we conceded due to our leaky midfield

      1. To a certain extent I agree with you but who kept picking Ramsey in that position, When everyone apart from Wenger could see that he was the main reason we had a leaky midfield?

        Wenger’s latest comments have totally opened up old scars, that I was trying to forgive and forget about.
        Now watch him go and sign the overpriced Utd reject, Johnny Evans for £15 million ??

        1. @FbG
          And I refer to my previous post concerning AW’s favoritism to players he knows don’t cut it in the style he wishes AFC to play in…

      2. Arsenal/Wenger, whoever pulls the string on transfers, were grossly negligent last season. I love Rosicky, but his injury should have been a indication that we should’ve looked for an alternative before the season started. Both he and Flamini could have been sold and their combined salary used to convince a quality player to come to us.

  3. I have never known another manager to talk such rubbish on a consistent basis as Wenger! He lies, and talks in riddles half the time. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear some more French philosophical BS from his mouth along the lines of: “It may be raining outside, but it doesn’t necessarily mean I need an umbrella, even if everyone else is using one”. Which would equate to, we’re not signing a WC striker!

  4. Signing a striker IMO is more important than a centre back..Strikers still available: Lacazette, Chicharito, Benzema,

  5. Okay, if wenger insists that Leicester won the league without spending money then the reason for their success would suggest it was down to their managers tactics and motivation! …. So ?…. Since Wenger doesn’t want to Spend on what we really need then he should pack his bags up and leave today, we are not asking for the Pogba type of £100 million signings ffs! ? ? Okay, if he wants to use Leicester’s achievement as an example then he needs to let a new manager replace him,who has tactics and motivation, so we don’t have to worry about the need to spend money.

  6. Arsene wenger keeps on recycling his words year after year!cant just wait for this whole tension to end!

  7. Hahaha….one day!

    We might have a book of all the wenger quotes & philosophy in his twenty something years stay at Arsenal

    and how they never correLated with his achievements! L()L

  8. It’s concerning, our name recognitions no longer draws top quality to us and to complicate the issue, we under bid quality players, I worry if we should miss champions league, I see us going down a path that no one wants us to. We keep dithering and low balling in a hyper inflated market and it seems we maybe left behind. I’m not a doom a gloom artist, but being practical, I can’t help but worry.

  9. Actually, maybe Ramsey should sometimes be allowed to play the nr.10 role behind the striker as he did so well for Wales and in the 2013/14 season for us, even if it means Özil has to play the RW position.

    team would be:
    bellerin bielik Koscielny Monreal


  10. I think we are totally inept when it comes to analyzing and or forecasting trends in our sport. I say this because a few seasons back, we refused to pay I believe 28 plus for Higuian, not taking into account that the future cash infusion in the industry would push his price to be tripled; same thing goes for Lacazette, he was available for 25 plus, now he’s 40 plus. I’m sorry, but for someone who has a Masters in Economics, he’s surely making some grave mistakes in the market.

  11. Oooooh MFG
    So Arsenal is not the only club in the transfer period?????

    Geeee, I didn’t know that….
    Did you guys know that?
    Thank you Mr Wenger for opening our eyes, we wolud be lost without you!!!

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