Arsenal are not as good as we think they are!

Miles apart…. who’s to blame? by Koss the Boss

Hi Gooners

Im sure you are all pretty pissed off with what transpired the other night in Munich, although I thought i would try and take the positives out of this situation but couldn’t, just ended up getting the reality check we needed. Now as we all know, if we are being honest, we are absolute rubbish in Europe 80% of the time and come up with flashes of brillance the other 20% but have always come up short. Why? Easy Answer: Wenger. Hasn’t won it, can’t win it! Board dont care about it… Cashcow!

I don’t need to go into records etc… You can check for yourself, its horrible!

Arsenal are not as ambitious as us the fans want us to be, we are a money making business profiting an American Multi Millionaire who doesn’t give a damn about our beloved Arsenal FC. Wenger is their little puppet who has the easiest job in football with no pressure and I believe that is true! His promise to ConManStan is profit and big exposure through European football every season, oh and charge the hell out of the fans to watch mediocre Arsenal, who only turn up 50% of the time! So inconsistent. Whos to blame for the onfield problems….? Thats right, Wenger! Injuries? Yes again – Wenger’s methods!

Maybe if we were winning and up there with the best I dont think fans would have a problem paying them prices. So what happens when we do maybe start winning do they go up more? By what, another 8% mentioned by Stan before? Money grabbing devil is Kroenke and he needs to go ASAP, I don’t understand why he is here! Usmanov would happily take over and spend our money to be the best, as that is what he wants… Arsenal to be great, and winning where it belongs! Why are we still waiting? No Ambition, No Point IMO.

Yes we are second only off top by goal difference, but we have been here before on a few occasions over the years and where are those titles? We always say ‘But The Invincibles’ and ‘What an achievment by Wenger’ and the squad, but are we going to keep on living and keeping him in charge of the squad over what he did 11 years ago? 2 FA Cups/Community Shield is showing improvement, but it’s not good enough for Arsenal for the last 12 years! Bottled it in the summer with just Cech signed, Arsenal’s Annual Injury Curse is here as we expected and got another hammering to go along with the others (8-2,6-0 etc…)

This isn’t slating, this is just a reminder of where we are, who’s to blame. And are we happy with Wenger and Ambitionless Stan? We are miles behind the big boys, reality check, we are not as good as we like to think we are.

Wenger is fading and Kroenke is fake… Changes are needed at the end of the season. Lets hope on Sunday we can keep the pace with Man City before the break, think we need it. COYG

Koss the Boss


  1. I believe with this team………
    cech, bellerin Gabby, Kos, Nacho, coquelin ramsey(maby santi), ozil, alexis,ox, walcot…..we could’ve won Bayern…I put ramsey in there as he would add more defensive stability in the middle of the pitch…and in the match itself we had about 4-5 counters, imagine ox walcot alexis flying on either side…that’s terrorising for any defense in Europe

    Our injuries have ripped us to shreds…..I am reallllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy hoping welbeck,rosisky and wilshere return a tiny bit earlier…..we have witnessed this last season thanks to Shad.

    This weekend, we have to put in eveerrrrryyythhhiinnggg we got like…like not even one of them must even think of watching a late night movie with the missus……after we thump Tottenham, wenger calls the international managers in a grubby voice telln them not to play our players….

    I really don’t care what pundits or people say……I believe we will qualify for the CL round of 16 and if Everyone is fit…we’ll show the potential we have in this team…My Barca friend even told me a filly fit arsenal can win the CL…..

    Lets stand behind our players and support them

    Onwards and up ……COYG!!!!!!!!!

    1. we can beat bayern when we play out of our skins. that cant happen every time. given combination of injuries (every season) and monsieur wenger’s reluctance to spend to get us a decent backup squad we dont have depth to compete in PL and CL: so, putting emotion aside, lets just concentrate on PL. if we win PL , we can think about CL later. i’d rather win one than take part in two and win neither.

  2. Who wrote this article?? Really?? you’re not gonna let this go? last thing we want now is someone telling us we are not good enough or will never be good enough, how much worse it is coming from an Arsenal fan. Seeing only the title and first thing i thought was will this ever stop?
    Why cant we just save our critics and bashing till ending of the season after seeing where we end up, Arsenal beat Bayern at the Emirates :hey we’re world class,wenger’s a genius..returning leg Arsenal lost : Arsenal’s overrated,Wenger is to blame,The club has no ambition.
    Am just tired of coming here and seeing such trash..Yea we lost the game and might not be doing well in Europe but damn dude don’t ruin our confidence in this title race. We got out of champs league in the group stage and won the league months later, i prefer that to we got to the round of sixteen,quarter final and lost to Madrid or any of those teams out there and we lost the league..We all have our right to voice our thoughts but please don’t get to our confidence with your own thought. We should be focussing and the our Derby not start picking out flaws and whining, If our players do come here to read stuffs we post here about the club am sure they wont even bother about staying in the club.
    onwards and upwards please, In war you don’t count dead bodies while fighting,you march forward and keep fighting till the war is won,then you can count your dead bodies and do the necessary things needed to cover it up

    1. I wrote the Article! Its the truth is it not? War?? Really… how long do your Wars last id rather have mine won and wrapped up in victory in 3-4years than 11-12years than having it dragged out and resulting in more casulties along on the way!

      Its just my opinion plus alot of other fans mate… end if season i agree for wenger but Stan no better time than the present tbh!

      1. haha noooo way its not even near the truth, sorry but you are so smallminded if you gonna argue, nooo its not 11-12 years, now its the 3 year, where wenger didnt have to sell a star and reorganize team.. dont underestimate that factor, i think more than buying stars is to keep the main stars! so considering your argument if win the league this year or next year you are happy no? so shut up and watch the team surpassing man city

        1. Im small minded? Okay il be more real with you… its 19years and not a sniff of winning the champions league bar 1final! The league… again ur the ‘if’ club, we have been here before and if we do winit fairplay but Wenger should still leave on a high. The club needs a change behind the scenes there is no arguing that matter and on the pitch/squad is wengers responsibility and injuries/europe, we are still miles away!

          Bdw its near 12years since the league not 3 and yes he had finincially restrictions and iv backed that but my Artitle is ‘miles apart whos to blame?’ Wenger blew a great chance in the summer and thats on him plus how many have came out and said his training methods are part to blame and over playing players with no cover but loads of money in the bank for 2 players atleast? Europe shows where you are at and we are nowere near

        2. Good points though. But I still believe we should have won something in those building years. Remember ordinary Birmingham won the Carling Cup in 2011 even at out expense.

      2. Kos, do you really want to elaborate every gooner at this site to believe that we don’t deserve to be up here? Fourth place winner that’s we meant to be? Come on! Where’s your real gooner hart laying?
        Arsene is against all odds after he’s not using that 200M (I can’t still believe this amount was true) back in summer. But Arsenal are second now after 25%fixtures of the season.
        I don’t really care if we dump out from CL. Even with that 2-0 won we seems not having the right click in this competition, but this EPL title shot is something that I don’t wanna miss.
        You can believe your own opinion Kos, I won’t!

        1. About 10 players all injured at the same time, and we should pretend everything is fine? Why is nobody asking questions. It isn’t as if we did not expect this (except Wenger) before the season started. Wenger losses scandalously, conceding 8 goals, 6 goals, 5 goals and nobody asks questions. The worst part is this happens every year. We all shouted during the summer for Wenger to get adequate backups but he informed us that he had enough squad to challenge for titles, so Wenger needs to be asked questions right now.

    2. @Eddy

      You ask why can’t people wait til the end of the season to express their dis contentment. What season should that be?

      Was it last year?, the year before that? Or the few before that?

      You see, this is not going away as over the years people with insight have seen what is happening to our great club and they and I don’t like it one bit.

      I have supported AFC for over 30 years so am no glory hunting newbie who appeared around just after the invincible season. I supported AFC under Neill, Howe,Graham and Richard so have seen some ups and downs and haven’t been overly spoiled with success.

      But what I have seen in recent years is a focus on the ‘off-field’ development where the brand has blossomed and made AFC into one of the richest clubs in world football. Now this is very well, I hear some say, and I agree. It would be if it wasn’t and hadn’t become as it seems the no.1 goal. With the stadium development and growth of the brand something has been lost and that coupled with Wengers decline or stagnation as a manager‎ has seen our ability to truly compete for top honours dwindle. Plus the fact Kroenke and cronies don’t seem to care about the fans.

      Bayern Munich fans are cared for and that is why they protested at the Emirates (for a whole 5 minutes:) as they aren’t used to paying such ridiculous high prices as we are.

      All people want is to be heard. They have every right to express their feelings in relation to their beloved club and although we are still in the hunt for that elusive PL title we cannot ignore some real and in grained issues with the vision of OUR club.

      Without the fans they are just 11 men kicking a ball around. They shouldn’t (the club and manager) ever forget that!‎

      Sorry for the long rant.:) but to use your War analogy battles and wars are won by planning, executing, analysing and adapting and if you don’t you most often loose.

      Captain ArseOverTit


    3. Quote ” i prefer that to we got to the round of sixteen,quarter final and lost to Madrid or any of those teams out there and we lost the league.”

      Are you friggin’ serious, what does that achieve apart from sticking another £10 million in the bank, to keep the other £200 million company, and won’t be spent.

      Great plan for the season, get knocked out of the CL in the first knock out phase and relinquish the PL for that! Jesus H Christ, I despair at times.

      As a holder of 2 season tickets costing in excess of £3000.00 I think I’m entitled to moan about the lack of quality in depth at Arsenal, look what happens when we field some of our second string, we get beaten by Sheffield Wednesday, Olympiacos, Dinamo Zagreb and absolutely humiliated by Bayern. I can accept a defeat by a club like Bayern if we compete, but we didn’t, it was pathetic.

      Lastly, if you think Arsenal players come on here to read the comments, then your more deluded than I thought possible.

  3. Yeeeeeah just bash the team after the first real heavy loss in a while (i dont care about the sheff match) really i absolutely hate fans like you, yes we played reeeeaallly bad, but you know what? thats the team that beat barca 7:0 and lost 5:0 and 5:2 or something against the top 2, it isnt really such a big drama as you guys are trying to prove, i prefer to losing so big in the group stage and generally against bayern, so we know where we are and what the players have to do better, like many always said, against extremely top teams sometimes when the magic of alexis doesnt work, he is responsible for a lot if counterattacks against us, so a lot of guys can better little things, but dont try to make this team sooo small, arsenal is a real real top team, if you cant see it, you’re just stupid

    1. Im not bashing the team… Wenger/Stan is the problem. Europe/Money. How many times are we going to have to the wrong backing by the board and Wenger being stubborn with transfers, money and advice from anyone? We have a few great players but no depth to help them push on to next level… not the players fault the squad is the way it is!

  4. Sorry that title is misleading that wasnt my title for this artice it was “miles apart whos to blame?” Not we are not as good as we think we are!

  5. Well forget every other points you try to make but fail horribly: who do you think is more ambitious?
    the two options:
    -the one who thinks that this team has got it and are as good as he thinks they are and that they will win the league this year
    -the one who thinkt that this team hasnt got it and arent as good as we think they are and that they surely wont win the league this year
    a veeery small hint : one is Koss the boss and the other one is the real boss Arsene Wenger

  6. @Krish thanks mate..i really dont get what years he’s talking bout.
    When did Arsenal started spending money?? he’s making it look like we’ve been spending money for years and doing bad. I just don’t get some people, you blaming wenger… Stan at some point is wrong..but how does our injuries and loss wenger’s fault??.. He said he hasn’t seen quality player that’s available to be sold so he’s not buying and you guys blame him for not signing.. Need i remind you Cuadrado looked superb at fiorentina and WC but what did Chelsea got from him after signing him? have no point mate, lets all save the bashing after we see where we end up

  7. Best article I’ve read here in a looong while.

    While we are having a good run currently in the league, people always seem to forget that every season at some point arsenal will always put up a good run of wins, but eventually the injuries and complacency creep in and we end up third or fourth. I really don’t see how this season is going to be any different, the injuries are already here with us,Wenger is still making the same tactical and selection mistakes,still getting those embarrassing defeats,and sure enough we are not using the transfer windows to our advantage.

    City are doing well and are top of the league now,but you can be sure they will want to consolidate their place at the top by reinforcing in January. While wenger will just fold his hands and assume his team is good enough as usual.

  8. Didn’t even read the article, just the headline.

    Got an idea for people who don’t think Arsenal are ‘as good as we think they are’….

    Don’t support, talk about or watch them.. quick and easy solution for you.

    Gunner for life! win, lose or draw. COYG!!!

  9. @Arseovertits you aint the only one who’s been supporting Arsenal for over years and years,We’re all hungry for success and even the whole team has been saying it and showing it in league matches,if you haven’t seen the hunger this particular squad has then you probably just watch and scream gooal and other rants without knowing about this team.
    Hell we couldn’t sign players before,we did and got the FA cup twice,following summer Wenger refused to sign and even after giving his reasons we still bashing him, IF you’re observant you’ll see clubs don’t chase players anymore now if they ain’t young, Martial, De Bruyne,Sterling,Kane,James Rodriguez and even Neymar were all signed at big amounts at young ages except Kane, but have you seen how much Spurs slapped on his head?? so you except Wenger to take the same amount of money and go sign a 28 or 27 years old player and who’ll not last long like the young ones? Even Pogba, bloooody quality but seen his release clause?? Damn If wenger spend such money on these players ya’ll will attack him and say its too much, just only Chambers we got,and fans are saying he’s a waste of money..I really don’t know what you people want,If we can sign young players for very big amounts then why is our feeders team quality? Why not promote Akpom, Adelaide and few of them to the first squad? I think this is why wenger loaned them out to get experience, but i would’ve preferred they stayed and play with our quality players, who knew Martial, Bellerin will be quality ?? they’re performing cus they playing with superb players, so i don’t see anything wrong in skipping Cavani and Benzema to have plans for Akpom and the rest.. Clubs don’t sign anyhow if you ain’t young, and we have youngsters they just need to play more. so am saying slap a £100 million on Bellerin also. At this century,he’s worth it..(but don’t sell him

    1. Too many questions and no real point.

      Yes, I know I’m not the single oldest living AFC fan! Tell me something I don’t know!?

    2. Spot on Eddie. Im sure if Wenger had bought Martial this summer, even for half the Man.u price, many fans would be ranting about how Wenger is het again spending on an unproven unknown(and all other titles you could think about) young kid. Besides, i still dont get just how big the team is supposed to be for the players not to get injured. Buying Cavani Ibra and God knows whoever, definetly wasnt going to stop bellerin from getting injured. Unless ofcourse every lposition shpuld have 5 “world-class”(as many fans like to say) players. Look at just the RB position, Belleri has kept Debuchy out convincingly and when Debuchy(who btw was world class as of last season atleast) comes back on, he is rusty as hell. Now to think there are more players waitin for both dwbuchy and bellz to be out, wouldnt make sense.
      My point is, injuries are beyond anyones control.

  10. Koss the Boss, you have let yourself down with this article.
    You rally think AW works under no pressure, having to secure a minimum of top 4 every year, while all around us were spending double to take our spot and failing. Look at the clubs that have dropped out of that top four bracket while we have remained. Yes as fans we want to be challenging but apart from the money clubs we have been. Things have changed recently, since the signing of Ozil to be precise. Back to back fa cups is not a bad return for any side, especially from a club with no ambition, and a manager under no pressure to perform that is quite a remarkable return wouldn’t you say ?.
    As a club we are moving forward every season ( especially since the Ozil signing ) if you cant see this then perhaps we should book you into specsavers.
    Spuds at the weekend is the most important result of the week.

  11. Yeah that was not a good experience, you could feel the difference in quality between us and them, even their substitutes Vidal, Roben. You can never win CL with such clubs, but let’s move on.

    1. Even though Bayern were winning before Pep became their coach, i still believe that he is an awesome coach and that its his philosophy that makes Bayern so difficult to play..

  12. Actually Koss, Arsenal are lot better than YOU think they are.
    We do not need your negative attitude when one of the most important games of the season or any season is about to be played. Yes, losing to BM, especially by that score (the score we usually beat the spuds by!) was bad but we move on to I think much more important things this Sunday.
    As I have said before not only will beating the scum put us 8 points in front of them but we could go top of the league! Remember that spuds are our closest rivals in proximity to distance and history and must stay forever in our shadow. And as for all the crap about Stan, I think you need to get your facts right before making stupid statements.
    Onwards anf upwards to the top of the league by mashing some spuds!

    1. Surely we are already 1st and champions elect in the injury league, Invalid Champions League and Injury Association Cup?!

  13. I know we’d been patient, but still let’s exercise a little more patient to see, and possibly reap from what this season has in store for us. We wouldn’t know what are in the season store for us until we finally gets to the store end. Is it the fifthruple trophies this season has in store for us? The season has told us No! We are asking this season again to tell us, how many trophies does it exactly has in store for us? But the season is telling us to wait until we come to the season’s door and opened it, we’ll see. Arsenal are now in the race to win the quadruple trophies of: the Charity Shield(won), the BPL, the FA Cup and the UCL. Arsenal are actively now challenging for 3 titles this season. Let’s keep a successful Arsenal 3 more titles challenge in our prayers focus and pray for them to have a great titles winning success this season and keep supporting them as genuine Gooners without any reservation. But we mustn’t shy away from our responsibility to criticize the club’s management and the Boss and his Gunners constructively. When there is or are genuine reasons for criticism.

    1. To say we are in the race to win the Champions League, is like saying Force India are in the race to win the F1 constructors championship! I’m not trying to do the club down, I’m just being a realist.

  14. Well I happen to think if our best 18 were able to line up, then we can match any 18 in the premier league.

    Our problem is that from that 18 we had too many missing. My 18?


    Of that 18, we had 6 missing on Wednesday plus koscielny on the bench carrying a knock.

    So who should come in? Well when you look at our next best 18 you will see the problem

    Szczesney on loan
    Jenkinson on loan
    Hayden on loan
    Arteta injured
    Wellington on loan
    Rosicky injured
    Akpom on loan
    Martinez on loan
    Toral on loan
    Zelalem on loan
    Gnabry on loan
    Sanogo on loan

    That’s right 12 of our “next best” 18 players are either out on loan or injured

    So all in all we had 19 players unavailable to start on Wednesday night.

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