Arsenal are not good enough and need to spend to challenge Man City

There is no doubt that Arsenal are some way behind Manchester City, along with the rest of the Premier League teams, but according to the Arsenal legend Patrick Vieira they should be a lot closer to challenging City, but are simply not good enough right now and they need to invest in more quality players to even get close.

Vieira, who is currently managing New York City FC and is often talked about as a future Arsenal manager, told Sky Sports:  “When you look at the Arsenal team in the last few years I think everybody expects more because of what this football club represents,”

“The current years, of course, are not good enough; it’s not good for the club, for the fans.

“When you win you want to keep winning and there are players who have to make a decision about what they want to do in the future – I think that is the first thing they need to resolve.

“And then, bring quality players to challenge Manchester City because I believe Manchester City will be the team to beat in the years to come. When you look at the way they play the game, you don’t have to especially be a City fan to enjoy it.”

Is that the only reason Arsenal are not challenging at the top of the table any more?


  1. Shortboygooner says:

    He is spot on to be honest. The power has shifted and the manchester teams are the teams to beat. Utd have lost a bit of magic since fergie but they will keep ttying new managers until they find it and will spend the money. Chelsea already do it. Arsenal have been left behind and have become tottenham evertong level. The best of the 5th place teams with Liverpool. I have said time and time again the window to recover the status that we had is closing and becoming more and more difficult to re open. The way the club is being run we are heading for a big fall and I hope it chabges soon

  2. Wolfgang says:

    The game against shows Wenger is tactically out of reality.Pool scored from a swift counter attack with few passes.The gunners in contrast try to out pass amassed defence and that has been the trouble the last ten years.
    Wenger has to go otherwise Arsenal will go into terminal decline which will take years and millions to fix.

  3. ken says:

    well that’s a problem right there, nobody will ever spend like city. ‘yes’ they are having great season records are being broken but last season was Chelsea’s and season before that was Leicester. It could change for them next season. but the real acid test will be there champions league progression, only way to be tested if you ask me instead of comparing them to teams of the passed

  4. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    No! We need to focus on our academy!

    1. gotanidea says:

      Agree, because the player prices are bubbling like BitCoins. If Leicester City could do it with very limited resources, why can’t Arsenal achieve the same thing?

      Is Leicester City a greater football club than Arsenal? As far as I know Arsenal used to have great people (the old Wenger, Dein, Henry, Vieira, Gilberto, Ljungberg, Pires, Keown, Adams, Campbell, Cole, Lauren, Wiltord, Seaman, Lehmann, Bergkamp, etc) and fans behind it.

      Arsenal is also one of the richest football club in the world. It is the corrupted people that are unwilling to allocate the profit to the club development.

      1. The likes of Iwobi ,Niles and Bellerin are talented but they cannot win anything. To be honest, football is entertainment as well we want to see big players. Give fans the likes of Iwobi as the starting players for a season and people will find more productive uses for their money and time.

        1. SuperClaes says:

          Have a feeling Bellerin could becom a good RB under skilled and tactical coach while Maitland Niles is getting better and although initially not sure I now like to see him as DM role as have atackle in him along with great recovery speed! Have serious concerns with N’Zonsie coming in as believe he is not WC!

          Will above happen under Wenger? Unfortunately no….

          We need to realize we won’t spend like Man City, Chelski or Man U so need to become clever with our spending but desicive!!!!

  5. barryglik says:

    The way I see it there are 3 Leagues.
    City Chelsea United are the top 3.
    Arsenal Liverpool Spurs are 4.5.6.
    The top 6 play in Europe.
    Every one else is just trying
    to stay in the League.
    Our season is all about beating Spurs and ‘Pool to 4th place
    and hopefully some good cup runs.
    So far so good.
    On the cusp of 4th in the league, knock out stage of the Europa,
    in the semi’s of the Carabao with the FA Cup to come.
    I’d say spot on for a club of our size and financial reach.
    Top 4 and a domestic trophy would be a successful season.
    Klopp and Pochettino are charismatic and innovative managers
    but even they are well off the pace.
    Baring a miracle Leicester type season or a limit on spending
    I’d say top 4 is our level right now.

    1. We have the money we just don’t spend it right. 70M for Mustafi and Xhaka is horrendous business. 18M for Calum Chambers is puzzling at best. 90k per week for Mertesacker, 110K per week for Walcott, 70k per week Debuchy, 55k per week Coquelin is a joke as well. We claim to have very limited resources so why are we wasting money like this? Someone like Kolasinac is on 150k per week yet has been sitting on the bench for 3 straight games. Lacazette 200k per week yet won’t be allowed to finish a single game. Wenger must go!

      1. SuperClaes says:

        You are spot on and also consider how we have dealt with assets like Sanchez and Ozil!!!

        I am sorry but only weak management has left us with 2 WC players out of contract and some £100 million out of Pocket….

        It’s a mess!!!

  6. Anko says:

    Honestly and I mean very honestly, we cannot win the premier league again under Arsene Wenger! We are far too behind the rest of the teams. Our players are not bad but Arsene’s tactics is outdated and most mangers understand us more than we can think of. We need a new manager. THE HONEST TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Me says:

    Arsenal will see it as this – is it really worth to spend two or three hundred million to win a trophy where you win fifty million?
    Arsenal’s ambitions are fourth – not to win the league, not to challenge for it just to “win” fourth place.
    If Arsenal had ambition to win the league then Wenger would have been fired a long time ago.
    No ambitions at Arsenal just to make the owner lots of money….

    1. Break-on-through says:

      I don’t think you can calculate like that, Che and City are wealthier clubs than us these days because of the fan base growing. They used to be smaller than Newcastle Leeds Utd & Everton. Allot of foreigners pick whoever is top as their club, and even neutrals buy their merchandise. Asia alone you will earn more than 50m in one season.

      1. Sven Svensson says:

        Well said buddy,the more successful the club is the more money you rake in from the commercial side of the game so simply put winning makes you wealthier so therefore invest,invest,INVEST!

        1. Me says:

          If that were the case then would a greedy board of directors not be investing money in squad development?
          I really don’t think it is as simple as you paint it to be.
          Qualification for champions league and fourth place in the premiership where the club would set to gain money set against the additional outlay on top class players to finish a few places above fourth and pocket slightly more money – its a no brainer from a business perspective.
          With relation to Man City their huge resources means that the additional outlay is literally a drop in the ocean.
          Arsenal simply cannot compete with that or with the resources of Man United and Chelsea so realistically it will be one of those three teams City, United and Chelsea who will win the league dependent upon who can achieve the greatest consistency.
          Arsenal sadly will never win the league again – not while Wenger and Kroenke are there at least.
          And as for merchandising do you see the purchase of Pogba, De Bruyne and Moratta as a consequence of shirt sales or from the bankrolling of billionaire owners?

  8. ŞÜKHJÖT says:

    We can only do something next season coz this season the title belongs to city…

  9. arie82 says:

    When i see man city playing, i see the old peak arsenal.
    Speed, direct pass and counter attack.
    We dominant the possesion, but cause we doing alot back pass and side pass.
    For god sake wenger, just back to 442, buy a speedy demon winger who can dribble and a proper dm.

  10. Ignasi says:

    AGAIN, its not just about bringing in players. Its Wenger’s style and philosophy.

    It would be more beneficial to the club if Wenger left rather than having a cash injection of £500m.

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