Should Arsenal be worried about Gabriel Martinelli’s drop in form last season?

Gabriel Martinelli had an awful 2023–24 league season. He simply wasn’t as influential as he was in the 2022–23 season, when he scored 15 goals and assisted six times in 46 games. Last season, he only had eight goals and five assists in 44 games.

Some have attempted to explain his struggles by citing injuries, frequent personnel changes at left back and LCM, and Arteta’s decision to play him away from the penalty box. Leandro Trossard’s performance on the left wing did not help Martinelli’s cause, and the Belgian was preferred over Gabriel for the last 8 matches of the season.

And while some Gooners are clamouring for swoops for a versatile winger, such as Eberechi Eze (who can play left flank), there are concerns about the Brazilian’s role in the current Arsenal team. One can ask if Arteta and Arsenal’s decision-makers are questioning Martinelli’s appropriateness for the Arsenal project.

Well, Martinelli fans, there is some positive news for you: The Athletic reports that the club’s faith in the 23-year-old has not wavered. The Gunners have a contract with him until at least 2027, and he remains a crucial part of Arteta’s project. Concerning last season, Arsenal’s decision-makers appear to believe that it was really just a blip in the winger’s growth and that he will resume his progress next season.

If Martinelli can rediscover his form, he will undoubtedly give Arsenal an extra advantage in the title chase next season. With him and Bukayo Saka on top of their game next, Arsenal will undoubtedly be an even more dangerous team next season.

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  1. He has lost the support from Xhaka and Tierney. Maybe Rice in the new number 8 role and Timber the new leftback can living things up for Martinelli. Injuries didn’t help his cause either.

  2. Overrated if I’m being honest. Maybe would have won the league had we brought Trossard in earlier. Brazilian attackers not exactly shinning in the premier league. He’s to one dimensional, doesn’t look up and runs into trouble, poor finishing and not very technical. Look what nico Williams does for Bilbao and Spain and tell me Martinelli can offer that. Yes I agree he’s not been helped by the removal Zinchenko and Xhaka who helped him a lot last season but he’s not double marked like Saka so you would expect better either way .

    1. I agree with you unfortunately. If you compare him to Nico, I was surprised to see that Nico is 2 years younger. If you see them play, Nico looks like the more mature one.

      As you say, Martinelli is too one-dimensional. He just uses a switch off pace, no tricks. His left foot is also too weak and his finishing is very off. Could also be because of a dip in confidence, but I have to admit that even when in form I’m not the biggest fan of Martinelli, but that’s an unpopular opinion I guess. He is also on very big wages. If we somehow could fine a way to trade him for Nico, I would be very happy.

  3. Not so much a loss of form for him but more an improvement in the form of Trossard, but he will be ok and nothing to worry about.

  4. Not yet. If he has another bad season this time around then I would start getting worried. Just one season is not enough Sample size..

  5. in that our left side is our weakness and Martinelli is part of that left hand side, then yes a bit concerned as to how we fix that

    ideally we can recruit a forward this summer that can cover the front three, to help out both Saka and Martinelli, and chip in at centre forward when time to change it up

    Sesko is staying, Rashford too big a risk, big name strikers not versatile enough, Williams too greedy if reports are to be believed

    if we can hold on to Obi-Martin, he had the look of an Henry stroking side footed in to the net off the left

    not sure there is a perfect answer

    1. So you talked down to a few of us at having Mitrović as a back up (PL proven)forward ,then you suggest a 16 year old .
      Good one buddy 👍

      1. good luck in finding enthusiasm for Saudi playing Mitrovic as the Arsenal striker solution, i am sure many others also don’t see Mitrovic as the elite striker answer for Arsenal

        not Obi-Martin alone, but as part of the solution, a pathway for talented youth to the first team, e.g. along with a winger with a bit more experience

        Nwaneri too, i would promote him too, but not the lone answer to the midfield re-build, e.g. along with an experienced #6

        Saka was 17, Martinelli 18 and ESR 19 when making PL debut – were you the whining sceptic then too!

        Arsenal prides itself on youth and having one of the youngest squad in the PL

        there are some teenagers doing rather well in Euro’s, one might even start for England tonight!

  6. There shouldn’t be any worry yet! Players are known to suffer deep in form at times; even best of football players. What should cause for worry is if he fails to improve next season. Matinelli has been found out the way he plays by opposition coaches.
    The gaffer needs to improve him with tactical adjustments and then put compatible players around him that suits his skill set like the departed Xhaka.
    When Saka was found out by Epl coaches and they started kicking him often, Arteta asked him to drift into midfield occasionally to make him unpredictable.
    I would give Matinelli another season because on his day he can be unplayable on the left wing.

  7. He needs a support similar to what he’s been given a season before. Need a good inverted lb with good playmaking skills to orchestra the build up play similar to Zinchenko but with more astute defensive attributes. Ferdi Kadioglu for me would be the best player to replace Zinchenko for the inverted lb role. He’s very pleasing to watch and he is one of Turkey’s best player in euro.

  8. If you have to bring in a left 8 and left back to get the most out of Martinelli wouldnt it be easier to just replace Martinelli?

  9. He had no support on the left side this year; Zinchenko at inverted LB and Havertz in the midfield?

    Many wingers starved of service and support would have a down year.

    I’m sure it would be the same with Saka; without Rice overlapping and Odegaard glued on the right, he would have a down year too.

    Arteta needs to sort the LB position, if it’s Timber then fine. Drop the inverted nonsense it’s been sussed by this point.

    Get a midfielder and settle the unit, if Rice is an 8 then get a DM. Experiments should be over, now it’s getting the final key players to settle the team.

    1. Trossard didnt do do to bad when he replaced Martinelli though.

      Both City and Arsenal play the inverted leftback and they are the best two teams in the league?

    2. Sorry, but he’s not experimenting with inverted full back but he’s playing with inverted full back. I suppose you should have understand that after two seasons

    3. You said and I quote:
      //I’m sure it would be the same with Saka; without Rice overlapping and Odegaard glued on the right, he would have a down year too.// In short, you’ve said it all.

  10. Overplayed for years and under supported on the left with our tactics.

    Trossard works better in MAs system but if we have a normal LB I’d say Martinelli is still the better player

  11. Our biggest weakness last season, was the LB position, which affected play all down the left hand side.
    I’m disagree that Martinelli isn’t doubled up on as much as Saka, it’s just that our play is stronger down the right of the pitch.
    Every game I’ve been at, our opponents are very aware of our wingers and act accordingly.
    Martinelli is still to reach his peak and, once we solve the LB situation, he will blossom in my opinion.

  12. In my opinion. Not really worried about his slight dip on form because he’s a fabulous talent who will come back as good as he ever was

  13. How can we help Martinelli return to his best.

    Simple, We need to buy a top class left sided DM.

    When Lampard managed Chelsea the first time, they had an American left winger called Pulisc.

    When Tammy Abrams played as the forward, Pulisic struggled. Abrams would stay in and around the 6 yard box and wait for the ball to come to him.

    When Giroud played as the forward, he would move towards the edge of the 18 yard box to provide a one two option for Pulisic, or because he drew his defender with him, would create space behind him for Pulisic to exploit.

    Martinelli needs help when he is running down the left side to!!!

    Xhaka used to be the foil for Martinelli, now there is no one.

    Let’s get a top class left sided DM first and see how Matinelli does after.

    He suffered last season because we offered him Havertz, who was no support at all!!!

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