Arsenal are now a true force again; No excuses any more, we must win trophies

It’s time to win the big trophies by Konstantin Mitov

Well lovely Arsenal people, Kai Havertz has entered the door for 65 million pounds. Honestly that would’ve been the elephant in the room, apart from a giant blue whale smashing the entire house down.

Rice, rice baby. Maybe get some Timber to light the fire that would cook it? 105 million pounds. Take a time to assimilate how much money this is. There are solid businesses feeding whole families for such money. Spent on one single player. If we add timber for 40, our net spend will go to 210 milion pounds, and July hasn’t even started.

I spent last season in a dream, not really believing that we topped the table for some 30 odd rounds, before the dream ended in despair, but here’s the trend. Same thing happened with the Champions League a year before, then we finished 2nd, the next step?

We’ve gotta target winning the Premier League and Champions League. There’s no place to hide. I’ve been championing the idea that our standards need to be aiming only at the very top.

Any excuse from now on is just being a hypocrite. When a player like Declan Rice wants to join Arsenal, and we smash the British transfer record for him, anything but winning the major trophies should be under serious investigation.

If in a week’s time Timber and Rice have signed, we shouldn’t sit on our hands. We still need another midfielder, especially if Partey and Xhaka are leaving. We also still need another striker, because Jesus is not a 20+ a season goalscorer.

The thing is, we’ve gone out and told the world, we’re a proper football club once again. Havertz, a player who scored the winner in a CL final, happily dumped Chelsea to come to us. We’re the new hot kid on the block.

We played some of the most exciting football last year, our squad is young, we’ve re-signed Saka, Martinelli and Saliba. People notice this, journos notice it, fans do and the players do it too.

The perception of who we are as a football club has finally shifted. When fanbases of other clubs are talking about you, it means you’re doing something right.

We are a force again. Now we need to live up to the expectations.


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  1. Konstantin
    I honestly hope what you have written comes true as got so upset at losses last season

  2. “Jesus not a 20+ goalscorer”. I agreed with everything untill i came to that line

    He only played 1 season so far for us, injury affected, and still managed to score 11 goals. The statement begs the thought that it could be presumptious. Lets wait and see next season before we throw him under the bus.

    ALWAYS FORWARD!! (but don’t overthink things)

    1. Even Henry stated he wasn’t a twenty-goal plus a season, but he adds to the team and that’s what we need

  3. No mention of sacking MA, Edu and the board, or getting rid of the whole squad in this post then Konstantin?

    We have so many “fair weather fans” who still insert clauses as to why they will only support the club if if if!!

    I really don’t know how you would have survived in the 60’s 70’s 80’s and 90’s.

    1. KEN Amen to that. We oldies know somuch more about what we fans went through in long decades ago than th younsters among our fanbase can even imagine.
      To think some have moaned about finishing 8,8,5,2. Wow!

      When I began coming back in 1958, we would have “killed” for that sequence.

      I vaguely remember coming third in 1957,or was it 1958, I THINK , under Swindin and thought that AMAZING.

      And Billy Wright would have ben forced out by fan pressure after two years of his four year stint.
      I rest my case, old friend!


    2. Ken, 75/76 season was my first season of actually going to watch The Arsenal, and we finished 17th. The present day fans would be suicidal if they went through that season. Going through season’s like that make winning trophies so much more enjoyable.

      1. HD, I remember we played Blackpool at Highbury (we lost as usual) where the home fans were so sparce, you could walk around the ground with no trouble whatsoever.
        Your so correct about when we actually started to win trophies, but isn’t that how the world has changed?
        Not singling out Konstantin, but today, everyone wants immediate success and, if not, chuck the baby out with the pram!!!

        Jon, the thing is, I wouldn’t change a minute of those days, as I believe that’s what makes a real Gooner – supporting through thick and thin.

        Did HD, you or I EVER expect to witness doubles or The Invincibles? Never in a million years!!!

        1. So you remember Blackpool then KEN!!
          So do I.

          I wonder what you and I we both doing on our 100th birthdays then.
          I have forgotten mine,LONG AGO!
          Possibly , I was having tea though. With Queen Victoria!

          Seriously though, I could not agree more with you!

        2. I remember us playing Sheffield United at Highbury in that 75/76 season, it was either December or January, and the News of the World has a photo of the Clockend on the back page. Apart from a couple of fans it was empty. They should have shown the Northbank as it was packed. Then again it didn’t suit the media’s agenda. Even back in those days they seemed to have it in for us.

          1. I was going to say that the referees were far more lenient with us, but we were so bad at times, they didn’t have to worry 😂😂
            An evening match against Leeds, where less than 5,000 turned up!!!
            My God, us oldies were suckers for punishment… but the passion never waned, not one little bit!!

            1. That Leeds match was the last under Billy Wright, May 1966 I think. Apparently an effigy of him was hung in the Northbank that night.

              Think I might have mentioned to you before about True Storey, the autobiography by Peter Storey, it’s an excellent read. Covers Billy Wright’s time at the club.

                1. Just ordered it from Amazon and was surprised that the hardback was still costing just under £16!!
                  Did Peter Simpson ever write his autobiography, as I can’t seem to find it anywhere?

                  1. Enjoy Ken, it’s probably my favourite autobiography.

                    As for Peter (Stan) Simpson, I don’t think he ever wrote on, which is a shame.

      2. Mine was Chippy’s first game against Birmingham in 1973, and we won 1-0, I miss the band playing at half time all waiting to see if he would drop his baton. The North Bank was a dark place, with fans smoking close to fans’ faces and hair, fans even pissing into bottles sometimes, But I loved it. Away games were fun especially when it was foggy and you couldn’t see sweet FA

        1. My first game was against Everton. 2-0 down at halftime, but we came back to draw 2-2 with goals by Stapleton and Kidd.
          Metropolitan Police Band. Those were the days. The half time scores weren’t announced iirc, they were shown on a scoreboard.

  4. Konstantin writes apretty good summing up of what I suspect most us hope and even believe , given the huge move forward in club ambition. Both KSE really spending of late and our superb dressing room harmony and spirit DOES look like leading us to trophies and many of them in the years ahead.

    I think our club is RIGHT NOW , in as exciting a position to kick on as I can remember since Wenger came in back in1996.

  5. We’ve started this transfer window just like we did in the league, we are hitting early and most importantly big. Rice, Havertz and Timber all in before June is even over. Saka, Martinelli and Saliba signing new contracts. Ethan Nwaneri signing with despite big money from the usual moneybags aka M.City/Chelsea.

    There has been one common denominator in all the news filtered out: Arteta. He’s selling an idea/plan and all are buying into it. Might be time for some in here to pipe down the critics and get behind the process.

  6. Ambition, it looks as though we have it, certainly Mikel and the players do have it, also our board might be finally ready to throw down the gauntlet

    1. escapepod303, I think it’s the Kronkies who have thrown down the gauntlet and sticking with MA was the start of it.

  7. Great comments by Ken1945, Jon Fox and others as I too went through thick and thin watching the Gunners from the North Bank, Clock End and eventually ending up with season tickets in the upper West Stand. Real fans support Arsenal without caveats, unlike Konstantin who spent last season complaining and as Ken said, asking for all and sundry at the club to be sacked.

    1. He seemed to be close to a nervous breakdown at times
      I started going with my mum and dad in the late 60’s – always the clock end as dad thought it was too boisterous in the north bank

        1. I remember a conversation we had a couple of years back and I’m sure you went to a school near mine in Finchley.

            1. Pat I’d love to know WHY you lasted only a year. Expelled? Flunked your exams ? Or more boring, such as moving area perhaps!

            2. Pat, I went to Trinity Grammar at the top of Wood Green High Street (hence my family were all spuds!!) so we must have played you at football… mind you, I am a little bit older than your good self – last time I went past the school it had become an all girl facility! Such is life – born to early yet again!!

        2. Your nowt but a kid then PAT! As is Sue too.

          Seriously and no joking, my late Grandad used to watch us at Plumstead and my late Dad watched us in the late twenties and thirties. Before I was seven I knew all our old time greats and also all our managers up to George Swindin.

    2. All the ARSENAL teams I watched were without caveats. We nearly signed DAVE CAVEATS, but he refused to play for us. So NO caveats!

      But I still supported us, even without him!

  8. If we sign Timber, then imagine the Arsenal fans in unison shouting Tiiiiimmmmmmbbbbbeeeeerrrrrrr…………. I thought it was amusing

    1. Surely they WOODEN do that, WOOD they!? If he were Irish he could wear a shirt with number t(h)ree on it.

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