Arsenal are now being linked to everyone – Including Messi

Have Arsenal become so bad that every player is now being linked to the club?

We know how much things need to change in how Arsenal is being run and we all know how desperate we are for a change of fortune for the club. With the club seemly in a bad shape right now, it is only normal that the club would be looking for players that would help its course.

A club signing new players is how football evolves, but then a club needs to be careful how it goes about signing players and who to sign. Every transfer window comes with lots of dramas. We read and hear rumours or facts about clubs pursuing one player or the other. A few of these rumours usually end up true, while others just end up as rumours.

If there is one club that keeps getting mentioned in rumoured player transfers, it is Arsenal. No transfer window comes and go without Arsenal being linked to almost every footballer under the sun. All these stories are usually spun by fellow journalists who just want people to read their publications. But on the long run, such transfer rumours do more harm than good to the club and its supporters.

According to Football.London in a recent story on its website titled “The Lionel Messi transfer clause to make the dreams of Arsenal, Chelsea and Spurs fans come true”, Messi may be tempted to walk out on Barcelona this season, if he so wishes. There are stories of a fracas between Messi and Abidal, the Barcelona’s sporting director. Abidal has accused the Barcelona players of refusing to play for their former coach, thereby leading to his sack.

This accusation reportedly didn’t go down well with Messi, who felt Abidal was being harsh on a group of players who virtually do everything to propel the club to success. Football.London feels this unrest between Messi and Abidal, may lead Messi to leave, and feels this will be an opportunity for clubs likes Arsenal to sign the world class superstar.

I am not here to discuss the issues in Barcelona; I have no business in what goes on there. What I am just happy with is why they have to link Messi to clubs including Arsenal, just because there are issues in the Catalan club. We don’t need Messi at Arsenal; we have enough players who can play even better than Messi if given the right motivation and training. Messi is world class but he is old and he is still extremely expensive.

Just because Arsenal is in a bad shape, does not mean they should be linked to every player. Messi is a very good player and any team would be glad to have such a midfield maestro in their club but as far as I am concerned, we are not in need of Messi; what we need is reorganization of Arsenal. With the players we have, without Messi, and with a good atmosphere, we will do fine. Stop linking every player to Arsenal, press! We are Arsenal and we are proud.

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. There is absolutely no chance in hell we even have a shot at having a conversation with Messi let alone signing him

  2. Well said, Pat, but then Just Arsenal should also not make itself guilty of propagating these links to all players under the sun by putting every rumour by every tabloid and second rate so-called pundit on this blog. “Less is more”, as they say. Let’s be a bit more selective about what we distribute, particularly failing any substance or confirmation whatsoever. That will surely distinguish us from all the other blogs.

    1. My point
      I stopped reading from all the other blogs because I thought I could avoid rubbish and fake news.
      Some of the news might even be coming from our detractors just to ridicule our team. yet, it gets rubbed in here.

    2. Hi, we have a new theme coming (hopefully today) which will seperate the opinion and discussion articles from the rumours and such-like, so JustArsenal can continue to cater for all types of Arsenal fans.
      All will be revealed shortly…

  3. Meant pathetic journalism! But hey, it is positive if this was a joke, so sad around Arsenal lately, bit of laugh does work!

  4. Why dores this site allpow so called ” articles” such as this nonsensical oneon here? Serious question, why? All san fans know that we and almost all clubs world wide have zero chance of signing Messi. Same goes for Ronaldo and any otherr world class superstar, in our own case. MAKING A NON STORY OUR OF SOMETYHING THAT NEVER HAD A GHOST OF A CHANCD OF HAPPENING IS NOT AN ARTICLE! It is a fantasy and makes sensible fams like me want to spend my time doing almost anything other than wasting my time and intellect on reading such nonsense! Simply put, articles like this and many of Sylvesters regular ones are driving fans away from this site.

    1. My good Lord, I hope you can understand the new theme which you helped to persuade me to change. From now on all the old articles that we made for discussions will be in the very first part of the new website. You can ignore (if you wish) the Latest News segment in the second part, and even the rumours (in the other part) which you detest with a passion.
      I do hope though that you continue to participate in the opinion pieces and maybe the Matchday centre as well….
      Please ignore the bits you don’t like for now if you want…

    2. Im a gooner till I die
      If Arsenal get Messi I will the happiest person ever
      Don’t fool yourself Arsenal need Messi he’s a leader and a legend who is still wining games

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