Arsenal are now proving they will not be bullied anymore

Arsenal won the battle of the Emirates yesterday in a very physical game against Burnley, who are fighting for their Premiership survival chances. They tried to bully us but the lads gave as good as they got and refused to be intimidated by the Northerners.

Huddersfield came to the Emirates a couple of weeks ago with the same type of plan, and nearly managed to hold on for a 0-0 draw until a certain Mr Torreira scored a stunner to take the points. I think Burnley battled even more than the Yorkshiremen but Unai Emery will be pleased with our fighting qualities, and accepted that we will face these types of teams and have to learn how to deal with them.

The boss told after yesterday’s game: “Yes. They are a very organised team with one very, very clear characteristic in their game plan. But we respect that and also, we need to adapt for these moments: long balls, second actions and duels with the body. They are more physical than us, that’s normal, but we knew these situations in the game in the 90 minutes and we wanted to impose our moments with possession, with good movement on the pitch, moving the ball quickly from one side to the other and progressing with combinations and attacking play in their half.

“But we know usually that when they have the ball they start with long balls and second actions, and we need to adapt for these moments in the game. They are a very good team with an organised coach but we also need to play our moment. Physically they are stronger than us. We worked very well and I’m happy with their commitment. We worked very well and some players played out of their natural position. Xhaka played the second half like a centre back and Licht also played centre back – and I think their commitment is very big to help us.”

Arsenal did seem to sit back after going 2-0 up and had to resist many temptations to retaliate when the Clarets got stuck in, but we handled them well and took the points. I think Emery’s new arrivals Sokratis and Lichtsteiner have contributed to our new determination, and I am very pleased to see it!

Sam P


  1. Declan says:

    No we won’t be bullied anymore but we do need to be careful with the bookings we are picking up. We lost Mustafi and Sokratis to bans and if we play Torreira against Brighton on Wednesday (which will be criminal if we do) and he picks up a booking, he will be banned for the Liverpool game and that’s one team we need him to play against.

  2. Sarmmie says:

    Totally off topic, but @Jon Fox,in reaction to ur comment in a previous post, Iwobi may be over hyped, yes, but what about English players, apart from Kane, no other English player is on a world class level, none, but the way the media talk about them at times can be annoying
    Imagine Rashford being nominated for golden boy last year, what nonsense, cos he’s English? How good is he that he’ll be nominated for the youngest player below 19 years then? Another player is dier, how better is he than Nigeria’s ndidi, last season, ndidi made most successful tackles but how much are we hearing about it, if twas an English player now… I can go on and on Stones, whose last great season was at everton, even our own holding, there was a time there was an article about him being ready for England’s first team or not and some people were like he’s not good enough yet, they were painting it like its takes so much to be a starter for England, I was saying it that there’s nothing special about England’s entire first team that one needs to be world class to make but unfortunately, the media doesn’t think so

    1. Goonster says:

      Sorry but the English players might be overhyped but they always do better than Nigerian players in the world cup.
      When was last time Nigeria made it to the world cup Quarter finals or Semi finals with the so called better players like Ndidi or Iwobi etc?

      Who is the most recent Big name Nigerian player right now that most football fans around the world can name? You had the likes of Kanu and Okocha who were all given their respect due to what they did on the field.

      What has Iwobi done? Sorry but Rashford is more talented than him, it’s not that I am being biased because he is British but compared to Iwobi i think Rashford is more intelligent and talented.

      1. Sarmmie says:

        Nigeria’s football problems aren’t cos the players aren’t good enough, it’s more about the administration

        You think it’s a coincidence that Nigeria has won most U-17 world cups, same as the no of senior world cups that the Brazilian national team has won, only to struggle to beat those they usually decimate at youth level?

        And I didn’t say Ndidi is a great player, I only said if twas an English defensive midfielder that had the most no of tackles in a season, the media would speak about it for months, I’m sure most people aren’t even aware of that fact.

        Pls, u need to understand my point, I’m not saying Nigerian players deserve the hype they get, I’m saying English players are hyped more, so a big deal shouldn’t be made about the hype Nigerian players get

        1. Durand says:

          English players in an English league with a homegrown quota and an English media. I would be surprised if English players aren’t hyped.

          I think Kante got plenty of well deserved hype for a Frenchman, and was their MVP in the world cup IMO.

          I agree with you on Dier though, not the quality the media hype machine make him out to be. Ndidi is fantastic player, love to have him at Arsenal, but Torreria still the tops for me.

        2. ken1945 says:

          Living up here in Scotland, one of the biggest sources of enjoyment is how the English media overhype their footballers.
          As an Englishman it is embarrassing and totally ridiculous.
          It happens at every tournament and we come down with an enormous bang.
          So, yes I do understand where you are coming from Sarmmie and agree with what your saying.
          However, those that bring up any nationality when discussing an individual player does their argument no good whatsoever in my opinion.

          1. jon fox says:

            Ken On the previous thread I have refuted your saying that (as you put it,) “I KNOW what is going on”. I replied that what I actually SAID was “I am convinced”, which is quite different and clearly just my firm opinion. You blamed me for saying something I did NOT say and I argued with you on tha tprevious thread. I hope you will reply about that , before I discuss many of your other points , most of which I am fully in agreement. About your post here, I totally agree that any hype for nationalist reasons is bad for honesty and bad for the game. And bad for quality journalism too, when done in the media.

        3. Trudeau says:

          So I’m not Nigerian. I’m not even a huge Iwobi fan. But I was at the game yesterday and in his 15 minutes cameo he clearly did more good than bad. Emery must have told him to press higher up the pitch and he set the tone at the end. He co-made the tackle, made a 40 metre run and scored the goal to seal it. I don’t get the redicule.To be honest, it’s pretty disappointing to see it directed at a young player.

    2. jon fox says:

      Sarmie, It may seem obvious to some but the WHOLE REASON I discussed Iwobi but chose not to mention the other players you now bring up, is that this is an ARSENAL site and ARSENAL is the main reason we all are on it , discussing things Arsenal with other ARSENAL fans. To be clear, I am not that interested in England players anyway, unless they are our players or directly involved in games that effect ASRENAL. I do not mean to be rude but rather to explain and I don’t say your general point is wrong either. But, at least to me , it is irrelevant!

  3. Kingsley usine says:

    I think we are good around now just two or three players to balance the team, we already have the tight mentality which has always been lacking

  4. gotanidea says:

    Arsenal were not easily bullied when they had Sokratis, Mustafi, Holding and Torreira in the team

    But the attackers still like to play very safe. Arsenal need brave dribblers like Mbappe and Hazard

  5. Sue says:

    Especially when Kolasinac, Torreira & Sokratis are playing… love that about them, they don’t take any crap!!
    Well I’m gutted about the spuds winning, the darts isn’t going my way either ?

  6. wiszley says:

    Goonster and that still comes to the over hype of the English players he is talking about. you can’t hear about any nigerian or any other player from other countries because your English media’s tries to overrate and overhyped those English players. England for now those not have any mildfield player in the level of ndidi. point of correction also just you managed get to world cup semis this year dies not make you better. have you won EURO OR WORLD CUP since 1966 which by then only 8 or 12 teams do participate in it. then talk of rashford I think you should watch chukwueze of Villarreal and see yourself. just to mention but a few. since the league was called premier League no team have won the trophy with 5 English players in their first team except man u whom we know won majority of the trophy with politics fraud and bias referring with the help of the fa. year in year out no English player have been nominated European best or world best but soon iwobi will win african best before the so called English greatest of old and current ones

    1. Goonster says:

      Yeah right. Arsenal did not have more than 5 first teamers in any of our title winning sides in wenger era? Will have to check.
      I am not saying that English players are not hyped, of course they are but How many Nigerian big names in History can you name and I will name some big name English ones. Our media hypes it’s own English players but when any good player from outside England comes on thw scene they are given all the praise by the same English media. Tell me of any top Nigerian player playing for any big clubs around Europe. Since Okocha and Kanu I have not come across any serious Nigerian player. Can you please refresh my memory? It can’t be that it’s the English media suppressing amazing Nigerian talents, surely. How many Nigerian in Madrid, Liverpool, Barcelona, United, Bayern, Juventus, Chelsea, Arsenal, Spuds, Atletico etc.. I will wait.

      1. ozziegunner says:

        Wiszley, please check your facts before you sprout errant nonsense about there only being “8 to 12” nations competing for the World Cup in 1966 when England won it.
        Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays and a safe, prosperous and hopefully healthy 2019 to all my fellow Arsenal supporters and their families.

        1. Sue says:

          Merry Christmas/HNY to you & your family too Ozzie ?

      2. Sarmmie says:

        Apart from English teams, you tell me how many English players are in the big team’s you’ve mentioned

        And pls, I’m not saying Nigerian players are better than English players, I’m only trying to point out that hyping Nigerian players shouldn’t be complained or moaned about like Jon Fox is doing cos English players are actually hyped more

    2. Sarmmie says:

      Sincerely, chukwueze came to my mind, but I don’t know how much progress he has made, but he was so good at the last World Cup Nigeria U-17 won. Google compares his playing style to that of Arjen Robben and I don’t disagree with them.

      1. Goonster says:

        Your own statement says it all. You named a so called big Nigerian player from the U17 but you yourself don’t know where he is and how he is progressing. Smh
        And naming unknown U17 players is what is called scratching the bottom of the barrel. I can name many mamy english u17 players that were compared to the big names. Just because an U17 player is promising and being compared to styles of big names means fck all. Every club and country is known to hype up their promising young players. But how many make it? Has the Chukweuze kid even made any top clubs trip over themselves to sign him? He must be at least 16 and over. By 16 years old the likes of Messi, Ronaldo were out there, the likes of Cesc, Rooney, Wilshere, Ozil, Walcott, The Ox, Owen, Gerard, etc were bring tracked into Big club teams. Look At Guendouzi etc.

        And I get your point about English playets not playing outside of England. Many factors, may be they are not as good technically, may be they want to stay in their comfort zone ( The EPL is the most popular and richest league. Nearly making 20 years at the top of the rich list). Why would I want to move to Dortmund when you have more than top 6 competitive English teams with more money than the likes of The Italian, French, German and all the other Spanish club bar Madrid and Barcelona.
        Again how come there are no Nigerian players in the top clubs around the world? Surely it all can’t be a conspiracy by the English people and the media to suppress your conveyor belt of world class players. Apart from Okocha and Kanu. Name me any world class of top Player Nigeria has produced. I will wait.

        1. dotash says:

          On a funny note, John Fash, Dele Ali rooted from Nigeria. You should be proud of him(Dele Ali) even with the media hype, l only dislike him for playing for the spurs shit team.

  7. ThirdManJW says:

    We were at our best when we were angry, aggressive, physically imposing, unsportsmanlike, etc. Why Wenger decided to remove all that considering how successful it was for him, I’ll never know? Especially when you think of how physically demanding our league is.

    That is the one question I would love to ask him.

    1. ken1945 says:

      ThirdManJW, it must be Christmas because we agree completey (well nearly anyway).

      The “unsportsmanlike” heading was not in AW’s teams DNA at any time in my opinion, just pure grit and determination to win.

      Of course I am only going back to the last two years, otherwise we wouldn’t have finished in the top four year after year for twenty years.
      The other question I would love to ask him is this: Would you ever consider coming back in the role of an Ambassador for the club, similar to A.F.?

      His reputation in the football world would be a brilliant way to promote The Arsenal as far as I am concerned.

      1. ThirdManJW says:

        Despite wanting him out for a long time, and actually losing some respect for him for his dismissive attitude towards the unhappy fans, I would love to see him back as an Ambassador for Arsenal. He is a legend, and respected around the world, so it can only be a plus for us. But I think we would have to give it at least a few years before doing that though. For a lot of fans, the Wenger issue is still very raw, and I just think Emery needs some breathing space to do his own thing, and implement his own philosophy, without any distractions. Once he has his feet under the table, then by all means, bring Wenger back, and dare I say…a statue as well!

        1. ken1945 says:

          ThirdManJW, my Christmas is now complete and I concur with everything you have said, especially regarding Emery.
          Have a good Xmas my fellow gooner and good health for 2019.

          1. ThirdManJW says:

            Have a great Xmas yourself Ken1945, and hopefully Arsenal will really kick on even more in the new year.

      2. snowden says:

        Hi Ken.
        I was interested to learn you are a football fan and English based in Scotland.
        I have tasted that twice. In Glasgow and in the Kingdom of Fife.

        What town or region are you based in?
        I have a big memory of going to a Rangers Arsenal preseason game, standing on the terrace surrounded by Rangers fans.

        Rangers were all over us until the dying minutes when we scored the winner.

        I feared for my life, after night.

        1. ken1945 says:

          snowden, I live in the Highlands of Scotland surrounded by mountains, forests, salmon rivers and great community based friendly people.
          It’s a real culture shock every time I travel back down to the Emirates, but The Arsenal is a drug and has been for nearly all my seventy three years!!

          I have been to watch East Fife, St. Johnstone, Livingstone but never ventured into the football world of Glasgow.

          I have watched Rangers and Celtic playing Arsenal at home and both sets of fans are so very passionate.

          The Scots are a very proud and passionate race and also very friendly, but there are three areas that I never talk about…football (unless asked), religion ( no go area) and politics ( SNP)!!

          Keep the faith and have a great time over the holiday period.

    2. jon fox says:

      That is the greatest puzzle I also have with the total change of tack that came from him after around 2007/ 8/9 and ever after, til he left. HE WAS A JEKYLL AND HYDE MANAGER OVER HIS WHOLE TERM and I too would love to ask him your question.

      1. ozziegunner says:

        My questions to Arsene Wenger would be why didn’t you replace Patric Vieraf (noted difficult) and Gilberto Silva and go away from a winning formula by putting your faith in physically small supposedly technically gifted players.
        The biggest question I always had was, given the state of Arsenal’s defense at the time, why didn’t he buy Virgil Van Dyke from Glasgow Celtic prior to his move to Southamptom. It irks me every time he plays for Liverpool.

        1. jon fox says:

          Ozzie, to my way of thinking , it was almost as if Wenger CHOSE to take a diametrically opposite path to the hugely successful and proven one on which he gained all his and our glory earlier on. Exactly why will always remain a mystery. Some say it was because we had to fund the stadium and had less money. I say to them that you don’t buy players by weight, size and power and are NOT expected to pay more for stronger taller players than for skinny dwarfs. No it was a deliberate and foolish change of policy. Exactly why though, no one will ever explain to my satisfaction!

  8. Ethio gooner says:

    @Sarmmie you’ve ruined a good article that needs to be discussed and debated about by your irrelevant comment. Nobody cares about that! Sheeesh Nigerians and their obsession with iwobi, I’m sorry but it’s really really infuriating ya’ll can’t let it go and say anything to justify he’s poor performance. He is SHIT!

    1. Sue says:

      ? straight to the point!

      1. Ethio gooner says:

        About time sue

  9. Kingojode says:

    Hello everyone, can we stop writing about country or international football and focus on Arsenal, which is the reason we are united and always come on this thread to share knowledge and enjoy our good moments in football? Arsenal is the reason for this website. Why are we gradually drifting from what unites us and hastily gravitating towards what can destroy and separate us? WE ARE ARSENAL. When ever they play that song on brila FM in Nigeria, I always feel proud, except towards the tail end of Wenger stay at Arsenal.
    Arsenal does not care about your race, your continent, your background, the colour of your skin; it only cares about your quality.
    I am Nigerian, but my likeness for good football is one of the reasons I support Arsenal. I like their modus operandi.
    Up Arsenal!!!!

    1. Durand says:

      Perfect comment, you focus on what’s important; Arsenal. Thank you sir for the reminder and recalibration.

      1. Kingojode says:

        Thanks greatly to Jon Fox and Durand. Merry Christmas to you and your precious families.
        I was gutted when I learnt how the Evertonians were decimated by our north London rivals.The only good thing from that match for us Arsenal fans is THEO getting on the score sheet.
        The battle for top four is now fierce more than ever; I have never seen it keenly contested like this before.
        What I certainly do not want is Chelsea opening a gap between us and them. They are the ones to drop for us be in the top four. If they do not buy any striker in January, which is obviously their weakness for now, I am certain we will peep them to the last slot. For this reason, Emery should take all our EPL matches seriously.

    2. jon fox says:

      You should take a well deserved bow for this wonderful comment!

  10. Grandad says:

    Lichtsteiner shows a lot of determination but precious little ability.He is basically well past hisbest.

    1. Ethio gooner says:

      I loved it when he went on after Dier during his goal celebration. You would expect this type of reactions from a player who has been there their whole life, who knows what the Derby means to the fans. Not from an old player who just came from abroad and is there for only one year contract. He’s one of the old schools and that’s why he gives a f**k! As far as I’m concerned he’s earned he’s contract renewal already!

  11. Baba sagna says:

    Hummnnn Iwobi doesn’t deserve all the write ,all d write-ups would even perform better than Iwobi on da pitch… I’m a Nigerian but I can’t but say how mediocre Nigerian players are, these guys are there due to politics and rich backgrounds… Mccheew our Nigerian messiah called Moses was transformed from a winger into a semi defender and being transformed again into a selling commodity.. This Iwobi is just a twat,does great at transporting the ball to the danger zone but becomes brain paused Wen he’s there.. Or is it even brain switched off.. Lol, to be frank Nigeria has no elite player, the elite players are in the street withering away due to mad organization and corruption, so plz don’t let me hear any Nigerian player being tagged with world class,elite or even good players.. At best they are all idiots

  12. xhaka16 says:

    Well am nigerian and i think we all know iwobi is more of a dancer than a dribbler or footballer as suggested.

  13. Baba sagna says:

    Spot on xhaka16

  14. Kingojode says:

    Baba Sagna and Xhaka16, the two of you are using derogatory words against someone who is humbly going about his job. To call Iwobi and other Nigerian players “idiot” is a blatant refusal to acknowledge their God-given human dignity. What exactly have they done that suggest that they are idiots? You have greatly offended them.
    Your must understand that all humans deserve respect as much as you do.
    Give to others what you ask of them.

  15. ToluCOYG says:

    And other fans on here will now step aside watching you Nigerians embarrass one another. U guys should shut it please, let who wanna hate does so at his own comfort and who wann praise does so. Stop getting pained when our nationals are mentioned in any light u feel uncomfortable with. Keep mute to them and pray for the players continued success, that’s the only revenge you can serve.

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