Arsenal are on the up at last – Go Gunners go

Long may it continue by Lawrence

Once upon a time it was a painful experience to be an Arsenal supporter, one truly hopes this is now consigned to history. For the first time in a long time, one can proudly don the red and white shirt and show the public who one supports rather than leave them to guess!

There was a time in the past when it was evident Arsenal’s operating model was not focused on competing for anything, be it the league or trophies, they seemed content on just recruiting players, building their profiles and selling them for a hefty profit. This was profitable business for the owners, which left supporters agonizingly frustrated.

The club earned the “honour” of being perennial under achievers while the supporters, at least those who hung around, developed a thick skin from being the laughing stock.

From being so near and yet so far from a Champions League spot to a truly promising start to the new season which has every Gunner fan excited and hopeful. We can only hold onto the belief that their current form will be consistent and sustainable, making their loyal followers proud.

Go Gunners go!!!

Lawrence Fengu

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  1. The good thing is that the group is learning and becoming stronger. We are stronger than last season I believe, and yes other teams too are, we have refused to be left behind like in the past. We definitely will be on the up with the attitude and belief around the club now

        1. They frequently get penalties against us, really soft ones too.

          I would not be surprised to see us get a red card or aa soft penalty against us.

          1. They have Son, Richarlison and Moura to do that. I still remember Holding got two yellow cards, when he played against Son

      1. Me too, its no fun beating a second string side. I mean it still is fun but not as much. And it takes some credit away from the team.

    1. You should never ever wish that upon anyone. Not only is that awful, you never know when those thoughts may come back and haunt backfire against you. I thought you had more sense than that gotanidea. No wonder why no one takes you seriously 😒 😐

      1. Oh look at you with your fake sense of morality, how does GAI’s comment about injury relate to being taken seriously? If you don’t like the guy just say it don’t write all this crap about awful thoughts it’s cringe

    2. I newer hope anyone get injured
      This comment doesn’t match the classy Arsenal at all.
      More like something I would expect from a scum supporter

    1. That was when they got demotivated because of a series of disappointing results. Spuds are currently on the up as well

  2. Arsenal overgrew their potential with the Invincibles at the historic but small and economically unviable Highbury stadium. But that was the process of gaining supporters before deciding on a bigger stadium. The stadium was done relatively cheap because they prove to the creditors that they can fill up the new stadium and pay back in time. The problem was social media are full of boys who they themselves skipped the process of building, suffering and surviving into adulthood. So they stayed as boys and began to falsely act like men. Thus, the one decade of toxic Emirates Stadium. Now, they have the right adults in place to build, suffer and survive the process within the club, just like normal adults do. **a pot shot at Man Utd fans too.

  3. I am very hopeful that the current squad can achieve success this season. However watching France last night confirmed my original thought that we should never have let Giroud go. He was amazing against Austria, scoring one of his trademark headed goals which we are lacking just now. Just imagine him and Jesus together, they would be frightening and compliment each other wonderfully

    1. clockend jim You are trying to live in the past, my naive friend. Giroud is far too old now to be a regularly effective PREM player. Prem football is far tougher, far faster than international football.

      In a league where PACE is vital and where Giroud never had any real pace at all AND at 33, he is now way past PREM PACED FOOTBALL.

      1. I’m sorry man but pace has nothing to do with giroud style, he excels in hold up play and his one touch passes and have a great eye for assists let alone his heading abilities.. He would excel in Arteta’s system.. He was simply here at the wrong time for us.. Always loved him as a player but that doesn’t mean we should get him back that ship has sailed

  4. “There was a time in the past when it was evident Arsenal’s operating model was not focused on competing for anything, be it the league or trophies, they seemed content on just recruiting players, building their profiles and selling them for a hefty profit”

    I must’ve missed that period then because I don’t remember that happening.

    My memory of events post-2006 or so is of buying (some) expensive players, some of whom misbehave, some underperform and despite that, still being out-spent by clubs with owners with more money than Arsenal had.

    If anything the club has held on to assets its developed from the academy for too long, when we could have cashed in on a few for £20m or so as the likes of Ajax would’ve done.

  5. Giroud is now 35 years old plus even some good number of days too as well. But if the media reports which I’ve read when he scored a headed goal for France against Austria in the nations cup are true but not misleading.
    But In all honestly, I don’t think @35+ Giroud can fit in into the current EPL very pacey ways of playing the game that’s ongoing this season and even before then. Talkless of to say that he can’t now fit in into the current youth age profile at Arsenal first team squad. Which Arteta the Gunners gaffer has deliberately adopted and using to turn things around at Arsenal in the EPL for the better this season. And from all indications so far into the season campaign, it’s looking to be working. As he has turned things around at Arsenal for the better so far this season. With the Gunners now at week 8 into the campaign have won h out of their last 7 EPL matches this season. And are sitting on top of the table.
    This rare achievement which Arsenal have achieved so far into the campaign this season is highly commendable and worthy of praising in all ramifications.
    But nevertheless, I think our beloved Arsenal who are currently a top of the EPL should remain there a top after they have hosted Tottenham Hs to play against them after the international games have come to an end.
    And I also think and believe that if all the Arteta’s EPL first team choice Gunners return intact from the international break. And remain in the top form which they were before they went for the break. Arsenal will beat their North London rivals Tottenham in the NLD derby match to collect all points at stake in the match.
    And will beat them and collect them unfailingly.
    This is because in all aspects of the game as they are currently are in the EPL, Arsenal are ahead of the Totts in all the ramifications of playing the game. Which as a result is seeing Arsenal a top of the League table.
    And for this reason, therefore, I have no any iota of doubts in my mind that is making me to doubt if Arsenal will or not beat the Totts. For certainly, I am very confident us Gooners will see the Gunners not make the mistakes about it to make a missmeat of the Totts in the game to beat them. But the Gunners will do the needful in the game for us Arsenal by making a missmeat of the Totts in the game. And beat them resoundingly well to claim all points in the match and claim them..

  6. A gentle reminder that THOMAS PARTEY GOT A KNOCK while warming up this evening in GHANA’S GAME WITH BRAZIL

    🤣🤣🤣🤣What a guy….we need to move him on honestly

  7. Partey is injured again and likely to miss the NLD. Tottenham will be celebrating right now that Logonga is starting against them.
    What should we do about Partey?
    Will we regret not signing Douglas Luiz?

  8. A year ago England were on the up .. now they face a future playing against a bunch of part time fishermen on the Faroe Islands … may is a long way off

  9. According to Arseblog News, Partey was withdrawn from the game against Brazil during the warm-up for precautionary reasons due to discomfort in his knee area, so that’s a new one.

  10. You are very right @Jax. It was only precautionary and nothing deemed too serious. I saw the headlines on the Charles Watts podcast, “Partey Injury Update”. I thought, ” what the hell this time round?”. The headlines do suck people in. As it is, it’s not serious according to those close to Partey. Probably similar to what happened to Gabriel Magalhaes when he was warming up at Brentford. But it is a concern when it’s Partey. If Partey was a racehorse he’d surely be put into stud by now. Hopefully all Arsenal players will come back injury free after international duties. After Euro 2022, I had England to make the Semi Finals of the World Cup. I had Argentina, Brazil, England and France to be fighting for a finals birth, with my beloved Germans as dark horses to maybe cause an upset. If Southgate doesn’t know his team selections, formations, and a plan B sorted by now, he never will. And unfortunately it’s a little too late to sack the man. And I think he has a half decent squad of players to make it into the final two. He’s too conservative with his decision making. If England can’t beat a rebuilding German team on Monday,, God help England. They will be going to the World Cup very low on confidence. After Euro 2022 I thought England were almost a certainty to do very well. As it is, they may be fortunate in making it into the Quarter Finals

    1. Southgate’s problem is that he has too many similar problems at his disposal and not enough stand alone walk ins who can decide the big games. Not an England fan myself although obviously a fan of English football. World Cup history suggests that the teams with a troubled lead up are often the ones which do best think England 66, and Italy and Argentina in just about every world cup they’ve won.

  11. I think Partey will be alright to fare Tottenham in the NLD at Emirates Stadium after the ongoing international break.
    But even if he becomes not available for Arsenal to play in the deby. I believe Arsenal have some other capable midfielders in their ranks like any of Lokonga and Vieira to fill the void which Partey may leave behind for Arsenal to fill if he isn’t fit to play in the match.
    So therefore, I think and believe there is not need for any of us Gooners to get worked up or start to panic as to whether if Arsenal will be under par to beat Tottenham.
    For, I can assure all the Arsenal faithful that the Gunners will put the Spuds to the gun to shoot down 4 hefty Peacocks of them in the game. And shoot them down in the match absolutely. But no any Gunners will be picked up in the game by the Peakcocks for swallowing them up in the match.
    This will happen in the game as a result of the impregnable match defending which the Gunners put in in the game. And Which the Spuds can’t breach and will not breach it to score any goals throughout the entire course of playing the NLD match.
    As a matter of fact and as a forerunner to what will happen to the Spuds in the first NLD match of the season at the Ems. The Arsenal Women 4-0 walloping of the Tottenham Women that happened in the last Women NLD match at Ems last Friday night is a precursor to what the Gunners will do exertly to the Spuds in the NLD match.

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