Arsenal are on the verge of a successful season

I know that in the middle of feverish condemnation of the team and manager that claiming we are on the verge of a successful season will not be a popular opinion and I fully expect to be castigated by some in the comments section below but hear me out before you judge me as deluded.

A successful season is subjective, for me, it is about improving on the previous season and seeing progress and I do honestly believe we are on the verge of succeeding in those dual objectives.

This is what happened last season

Champions League qualification – no
Europa League – finalists
Premier League – 6th with 63 points

Now look at where we are right now

Champions League qualification – still possible
Europa League – possible winners
Premier League – 5th with 66 points

Now, note I say we are on the verge of success, I am not saying we will win the Europa League or finish top-four, I am simply saying we are very close to having a much better season than last season.

We have the potential to finish nine points better off in the league, we have the potential of winning the Europa League and we have the potential of qualifying for the Champions League.

Now ask yourselves this, if you were asked at the start of the season would you be happy with winning the Europa League, finishing top-four and qualifying for the Champions League would you see that as a success and I expect most of you would have said absolutely yes.

As for progress, that has already been achieved in terms of points, that has already been achieved in terms of away points, away wins and away losses and we can still score more goals than we did last season and concede less.

We have exciting youngsters coming through, we have a forward in the hunt for the Golden Boot and all this under a manager in his first season in a league he has zero experience in with limited transfer funds who has inherited a weak squad.

I know it is easy to look at our current form and rip into the players and manager but remember this is the same team that went on a long winning run that saw defeats of the likes of Chelsea, Man Utd and Tottenham and that beat Napoli in their own stadium.

Like I say, we are on the verge of a successful season.


  1. Correction:

    Last season:
    – Champions League qualification – No
    – Europa League – Semi finalists
    – Golden Boot – No

    Current season:
    – Champions League qualification – Highly improbable if chasing it through top four
    – Europa League – Maybe if Valencia and Chelsea have bad days
    – Golden Boot – Slim chance

    Finish at the fifth position and no EL trophy are still an improvement to me. However the sixth spot should make the board go back to the previous candidate, Mikel Arteta

  2. I am not quite ready to throw out Emery but 6th and no EL and I would not shed a tear if we try Arteta.

    However, I realize that no matter who the manager is there is little chance with our budget that we can rebuild quickly unless he is a manager who is not afraid to play our youngsters and develop them quickly.

  3. Success to me is finishing in the top 4, and/or winning the Europa League.

    Accruing a few more points and making it to 5th place means very little when you look at how poor the others have been in the race for 3rd and 4th spot.

    I’m not looking at our season through rose tinted glasses, I’m looking at as a fan whose seen the shower of shit we serve up on a oh too regular basis.

  4. Dont forget, we could even qualify for the champions league by finishing 5 too if we don’t win the Europa League. If one of Chelsea, Liverpool or Spurs win the Europa and champions league respectively and finish in the top 4 at the same time.

    Now I’m not calling that any kind of victory, but it gives us a better budget and more appeal to attract new players. We need champions league more than any trophy at the moment regardless of how we get there, so there are 3 possibilities to get us in Europe’s top competition.

    This season has always been the start of transition, a trial for a lot of our squad to show they are good enough to stay. Emery has seen how the premiership works and will now know what he thinks the club need. To ease the transition were currently going through we need to be competing in the top competitions.

    It will take 3 seasons for us to see the future being formed so stay patient and support whatever players we have to take us forward.

  5. People say they understand that the quality of our squad is not the greatest, they say they understand how a manager needs time and support, they say how their expectations are low in regards to our owner as well as this team, they say that losing means nothing to them anymore and it’s because they think so little of Arsenal. I’m not sure if I’ve ever come across anyone who is at all like that, very mixed signals.

    1. I hope DB10 has been giving them special training this week

  6. Which ever way if and it’s a big if we do get CL football next season.. am I on my own when I think if we get CL, the extra money we get, ability to attract better players.. blah blah blah
    Do u see our owner spending big? which we as fans feel that spending 70m a season on transfers ain’t getting us no where.. we pay the highest tickets around and we get 70m a season.. whoopty doo!! everyone around us will invest in the summer.. the club is a joke from top to bottom.. but hey let’s make sure we get champions league first!! Then we can only prey this owner.. our club back Emery in the summer coz we need up grading in nearly every position..

    Let’s get behind the team on Thursday and hope we keep a clean sheet!! Need a big performance from every body

        1. I wish we get a coach like this one in Ajax. I hated the thought if Arteta becoming our manger, but right now I will beg him to come.

          1. Who want a proactive coach when we have cautious one. Ajax are playing like they are at home. They may end up draw or lose this game, I admire their courage to get the job done before home fixture.

        2. I mean Spurs registered no shot on target as at that time and off target. What we seem to do often now. In fact they have non on target after 45mins. Ha!!!!!

          1. I know exactly what you meant, Mobella… that’s why I put the laughing faces!! Yes unfortunately we’ve seen it a lot lately ☹

  7. If we can’t learn and develop ourselves like Ajax have done, then I feel absolutely sorry for Arsenal because we will continue to decline in mediocrity.

    Oh Ajax, i’m absolutely delighted with the kind of football I am watching.

  8. Why is my comment always under moderation admin? This always discourage me from making comments.

  9. I will wait till the end to make judgement on Emery
    I supported him all season. No reason to stop now.

    I just want to see
    1. improvement from last season
    Premier league = 6th place
    Europa League = Semi-finals

    2. AND quality signings in the summer

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