Arsenal are only “in the middle” of the rebuilding project

There are many Arsenal fans who are adamant that Mikel Arteta has had more than enough time to build his own team, and he will be judged on where the Gunners finish this season.

Obviously we have not had the best of starts in this campaign with 3 defeats out of 3, but with 105 points still up for grabs it is silly to write off this season just yet.

But to be fair to Arteta, we have just played the best two teams in the world right now, and against Brentford we were decimated by injuries and Covid. Not only that but we have brought in six new signings, of which five will take some time to integrate into the team.

Some fans are even saying that if we lose our next game Arteta should be sacked, but I think they are simply not grasping the fact that Arteta and Edu are in for the long haul, and success or failure won’t be taken into account until the rebuilding process is fully completed.

Edu made it clear that we are only halfway through the project, as he told “Just to give you some context, we renewed – in one year – five sets of contracts, and five of them are under the age of 23 for the first team. Then, in this period, summer to summer, we signed 10 players and seven out of the 10 are under 23 as well.

“So what I would like to explain is that is is not about this summer, it is about the project. It is about what we want to do. We have started the project, we are in the middle, so it is not just one window and go, it is window, window, window, window.”

He then emphasised that the project is far from over, when he concluded: “We see the balance in the squad is much better, but again this is not the end. People have to understand we are still on the journey to go where this club deserves to be.”

So, can we all stop with the #ArtetaOut rants, as it simply is not going to happen. Arsenal are going to slowly improve this season and start moving up the table, but it will probably be the season afterwards that we really see if the project is showing fruits or not.

We have no choice but to buckle up and support the team as it grows and develops

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    1. Top comment 👍
      I’m all for going down this route but we need a better manager ,how many games since he took over have fans really enjoyed the football we have played .
      We sit 20th in the league and that is a big big worry while our neighbours sit top with a new manager while ours as had 20 months to get the best out of his players .
      Could be the biggest mistake our club have made by not starting the season a fresh with a new man at the helm .

      1. Completely agree. As usual!

        Kedar with just a simple sentence has said all have to be said regarding the hole we have dug for ourself.

        It doesn’t matter:

        1. How many players are kicked out.

        2. How many players of top quality are brought in.

        3. How much support and being positive the fans should give to the manager.

        4. How many years the process will take.

        In the end the man in charge has to be capable of steering the ship in the promised direction.

        Mikel Arteta the manager of Arsenal simply put is neither a good manager nor a good coach. He has neither the talent nor qualifications for that job. Our results which have been downhill since he took over is an obvious proof of that.

        I am harsh in my words yes but there is no other way to put it. Give him 1 billion to spend, support him all we can, give him all the time in the world, make any excuse we can think of, and nothing will change because of the fact that he is not good at what he does.

        1. I struggle to see anything good at Arsenal, that is my reasoning why i think the longer this goes on with this manager the worse it is for Arsenal. The owners are never going to run this club properly, the are not football people. The manager has been given a task of rebuilding a football team and has no experience of doing so what so ever. The blind is leading the blind. The football we are playing is some of the poorest and uninspiring i have seen ever. The decisions at management level are baffling and poor. I go on what i see and dont let my heart rule my head. I want us to win the next 3 games but i just dont see how that can be achieved with the things that are being done and the way they are being done.

      2. ‘ We’ve played arguably the two best teams in the world at the moment, with one of our weakest line up anyone could ever remember at the start of any season. This fact should not be downplayed, the absence of one or 2key players in most teams would definitely have an impact on results. Let’s give this guys the benefits of doubt till half season, with a full complement of first team players. I’m not a fan of changes coaches every now and then. All coaches no matter how good they would always have their bad seasons. I believe in the project but we must very careful about the process.

          1. Also didn’t the spuds beat Man City with a brand new manager ,or are we saying they are lvls above us now as well .

    2. For JA readers, please remember who are the ones who continue to find excuses for the current team (manager, Edu & CEO). If Arsenal is in worse position than 8th at the end of the season and MA is sacked together with the team, you can have justification to belittle their shortsightedness. They can’t see the light, they have no clarify in mind!

      The players’ confidence are at rock bottom. Next match is equally matched as Man City beat both teams by 5:0.

      1. Why? So we can have a “told you so” pissing contest at the end of the season?

        It sounds like you can’t wait to gloat IF, I say IF, Arsenal IF we are in 8th again…

          1. Excuse me! I am an arsenal supporter, and since 1970 I have supported whoever the manager is and whoever the players are.

            Are you one of these divisive fans that love causing arguments?

    3. No rebuilding was needed but progress not destruction… Arteta has way toi much Time & money to waist; he wont get a job elsewhere after that. Takes a brain he misses .’

  1. If Arteta can’t win three out of four games in this month, I don’t think Kroenke will keep him. Because we’ll just play against three small teams, before Spuds visit us

    If it happens, it’ll be very difficult to improve the players’ confidence. So we need to keep supporting Arteta and the team

    1. If Arteta leaves it will improve their confidence because their confidence matches our position in the table, Dead Last

      After finishing 8th place twice in a row, 3 losses in a row and bottom of the table its safe to say confidence is Rock Bottom

        1. Gai
          “Arrogance” comes withe pedigree of good result and that’s where Conte comes in. I kind of feel Arteta has a good technical know how of football game. But he needs to be more flexible and humble bcos he hasn’t got loads of experience as a club manager

          1. Fabrizio Romano just said the rumor about Conte isn’t true and I don’t think Conte can succeed if Aubameyang plays as our main CF, but let’s see if he comes

  2. Last seasons squad performance was diabolical.
    We sunk so low our stand out player last season was a young Saka while our most reliable player was actually Granit Xhaka.
    Now we are going with a young player project.
    6 new youngsters signed this summer already which would have been 9 but we could only shift one player Willock.
    So at last we have a process.
    I believe after two more windows the job will be complete with another six signed Saliba and Guendouzie brought back and the dead wood shipped out.
    In the short term Covid, injuries and a horror opening schedule has many fans readying the hang man’s noose.
    If the squad we have turns up we can get top 10 by Xmas and 5th by May

    1. After two more windows with Mikel Arteta the manager in charge of Arsenal we are going to start over from Championship. I don’t see Arsenal in the top half after 10 to 11 games of the season. I think we are going to be hovering around that relegation zone considering the fixtures.

      I embrace and welcome with open arms any accusations of being negative. The league table is the TRUTH and it is getting worse with every passing day. There is no argument around that FACT!

    2. Do you really believe that Guendouzi will come back to Arsenal with MA still in charge? Marseille have an option to buy for 10M(his transfer value is now just over 18 and he keeps performing it will definitely go up)

      1. My bad,it is an obligation to buy with conditions,probably if he plays a certain number of games or something along those lines.

    1. @Uwot? : It’ll be difficult to win all three EPL games, because our last opposition are Spuds. Our fourth opposition are Wimbledon in League Cup

  3. I don’t see why is Arteta’s job safe just because the process involves developing young players. To me, only Edu’s job is safe because his role ends the moment a contract is signed.

    If the builder is drunk and can’t lay bricks in a straight line, he’s not really rebuilding a solid structure, he’s making a safety hazard. Arteta is very much that drunk builder and he’s shown it multiple times by making blatant formation and squad selection mistakes.

    I hope that KSE understand just how much of a bad influence the man really is to their soccer franchise and I hope they’re already on the lookout for a replacement.

  4. Haha none here seeing the light!
    Project rebuild will only succeed with players like Halaand, Mbappe, tonali, donnaruma, ansu fati etc.
    Not with future players who can slot in only as a back up to world champion players.
    This bunch on prime will be “mid table” quality players

  5. It’ll be difficult to win all three EPL games, because our last opposition are Spuds. Our fourth opposition are Wimbledon in League Cup

    1. It “ll be difficult indeed to win all our next 3 games. But it’s surely not impossible. First, if the players have the Hunder to win the match they will.
      Secondly, if the coach gets his Formation and Tactics right they will win.
      Thirdly, if the Refree calls on the day is on points. All these ingredients would determine the end result of Arsenal’s 3 Matches. I hope we win.🙌

    2. @Gai
      It “ll be difficult indeed to win all our next 3 games. But it’s surely not impossible. First, if the players have the Hunger to win the match they will.
      Secondly, if the coach gets his Formation and Tactics right they will win.
      Thirdly, if the Refree calls on the day is on points. All these ingredients would determine the end result of Arsenal’s 3 Matches. I hope we win

  6. Well said Ad PAT and someone of your standing NEEDS to say this loud and clear.

    The quantity of ridiculous and childish rants against MA is beyond pathetic and clearly riles you as much as it does all the other wiser thinkers on JA!

    This site is becoming a sort of “Childline” for “toddlers who rant” and it sickens me.

    I am on this site to debate sensibly with TRUE SUPPORTERS OF OUR CLUB, BUT WE ARE BEING SIDELINED BY THESE “CHILDREN”.

    1. Jon
      There are some immature posts I’ll agree, but there are mature and rational comments also that just have a different opinion.

      Many times I have read about your love of club over players and managers. Others express the same sentiment, but lack the articulation you have, so rely on emotional responses.

      I always read your posts, digest your comments, and often think on them after exiting the article. There are other commentors that give me pause for self reflection.

      I have a negative opinion of Arteta, but it’s not emotional, irrational, or hateful, it’s based on 2 years of his sub-standard results.

      1. He still has no style of play on the pitch
      2. His negative tactics similar to Mourinho
      3. Checkbook manager rather than coaching up talent (wasn’t he lauded for coaching up youngsters at City?)
      4. His seemingly preferential treatment of some while ousting others

      He has never built anything like this in his life, not surprising it isn’t working.

      His man management is poor, he doesn’t seem to learn from mistakes, and we’ve never won a match when we’ve fallen behind, if memory serves me.

      Kronke has spent over £300 million under Edu, and over £200 million under Arteta. It’s not City or Chelsea level spending, but far more than Wenger or Emery got to spend.

      I know there are plenty of issues, examples, and decisions by Arteta and the club we all can debate without questioning another’s love of the club.

      1. Emery spent about the same as Arteta so far, although I’ll give him his fair dues and say he wasn’t in control of who came in as much. However, on the other side he managed to make Ozil an average player despite him being hands down the most creative player in the league for 5 season before Emery’s arrival.

        1. Bob, your assessment of Ozil is incorrect. He was far from the most creative player in the league apart from seasons 2015/16 – 2016/17 and was in decline at Arsenal:
          2013/14 P26, 5G, 9Ass
          2014/15 P22, 4G, 5Ass
          2015/16 P35, 6G, 19Ass
          2016/17 P33, 8G, 10Ass
          2017/18 P26, 4G, 8Ass
          2018/19 P24, 5G, 2Ass
          2019/20 P18, 1G, 2Ass

          1. By the way people run down Pepe, when he scored 16 goals and 10 assists in all competitions last season, but revere Ozil!

          2. You listed 7 seasons but Bob said 5 seasons. Bob is not wrong. Last 2 seasons are under 2 different managers who have different game plans. Anyway, my respect for Ozil gone when he stayed when he is not wanted. For a top player, you need to play constantly to be in top condition.

          3. Kenny, the point I am making is that Ozil wasn’t “hands down the most creative player in the league for 5 seasons”. Apart from 2 seasons 2015-2017, Ozil wasn’t in the hunt.

  7. This article needs to be posted on daily basis to remind people what Arsenal is about now.. Someone mentioned Mbappe, Haaland, Antsu as the rebuilding we needed as if we are PSG, forgeting that it is raw talents whom are given chance(s) and are able to grab it and proved themselves almost everytime that becomes world class. The truth is even if all these afforementioned players are bought, some fans shall still have something to complain about.

    1. Big Facts @jon fox. Im getting tired of seeing all the crap comments about M.A and Edu. They complained about wenger and that gots us were we are now. Stop ranting about every little thing and support Arsenal or leave for another club. The fan transfer window is open all year long.

      1. The problem was the board for keeping Wenger past his expiry date. Had they been proactive and planned his succession we wouldn’t have to rely on rookie Arteta for a rebuild, would we? They renewed Wenger’s contract then fired him, wasting the club’s resources and humiliating him even more than we the fans ever did.

      2. Support a manager that has led a team to 3 consecutive losses?

        You don’t understand. The negativity is not directed towards Arteta (as a person). It’s directed towards the lack of identity! – Can you honestly tell me what MA style of play is?

        Can you tell me what he’s trying to achieve?

        No one can and that is the frustration. If he was consistent in his approach, and still losing we could get behind him. It’s his job to coach and build the team up. How can we get behind inconsistency?

  8. One day over the rainbow and on the 12th of never we will be a bonafide BIG football team competing for the games top honours with a top manager of experience and success on his CV.

    On that day we will finally have arrived and would have left behind that seemingly permanent transformative ‘process’.

    #GoodOleHighburyDays #theNeverEndingStory

  9. I don’t think negativity as you defined in the article will stop. People are fed up with the bland football and insipid performances served up for the past year. Players seem to change but the gaffer remains the same. The worrying thing is that he doesn’t seem to learn from his past mistakes. And in any job, I believe if we commit the same mistakes repeatedly then we are not deemed a good fit for the job. Senor Mikel has had almost 2 years, one and half-season, to know that the team cant play out from the back but he still does it. It is only compounded by the fact that the only keeper who could have fit into that tactic was then sold. MA should have based his tactics on Bernd who is the present first choice, and also the players currently available. If he is planning an Onana bid, then I can understand. Still, Leno seems to be the first choice atm so playing to his and the first xi’s strengths instead of playing something which they cant execute and make it look like pinball madness, makes sense in my opinion. When MA first arrived on the scene he went with an ultra-defensive tactic, which worked against big teams. Players pressed, defended as a unit, and seemed to attack precisely. The current 4 2 3 1 with GX and TP (if he can stay fit) doesn’t seem to inspire confidence. Also, our chance creation and conversion efficiency are woeful. It seems that we also undid all the good defensive work that we did last season.
    All these reasons can be justifiable for Fans negativity. Also as you well know, Football is a game that is mainly viewed for leisure, taking your mind off from troubles at work, etc. Now if people get stressed there too because of these displays do you expect people to stay positive and suck it up? It does create an additional emotional burden, bringing in perspective can be difficult or many times pointless, because football is only business for the business people not for the fans. They don’t have any input on how the club is run and what should they do regarding buying, selling, etc.
    SO I think the percentage of #Arteta Out chants will remain, would not be affected no matter how many times people are called childish, unthinking, or just fans and not supporters, etc. Although whenever there is a match on, I believe everyone here forgets their feelings and supports the team and the gaffer. Peace!

  10. So coming at this from a different angle. I’ve not like many of artetas decision and I think he made some mistakes with the transfers this window but I for one will not stop supporting arsenal and neither will you. We are all longing for the team to go on a run that proves us wrong and shuts us up. We all want to brag about our team and wear our shirts head held high. If you look at our first team we have strong players that can take on some of the best teams and “on the day” can beat the best teams, be it luck or grit and determination.
    I’m very doubtful he can turn it around looking at the body language of some of the players and let’s face it he must of been good at something for pep to keep him around plus endorse him.
    Never thought I’d see the day that we would be bottom of the table but here we are. It sucks but it is what it is. I’ve said it before we all just want to see our team do well. I hope that something unexplainable happens where the team turns a corner Auba starts scoring again and we have a stable, consistent back line.
    I hope pulls a whole rabbit out his backside and turns this team around!!!!

  11. Arsenal played two best teams in EPL ..but the manner in which we lost show how weak Arsenal are…..we love arsenal..we support the team and manager for the love of the club………..for the love of the club arsenal need a top credible proven manager…………..once I walked into a place and I heard someone arsenal supporter will wear his shirt today…it was after United beat arsenal 6-1…and I was wearing my arsenal t shirt..and they all went quite……..from that day I must wear my arsenal shirt when arsenal loose with big score…………but I’m waiting for Arsenal to start winning with big scores……….So I’ll advocate for a new manager…………!

  12. So, two more years of utter $h*tE and Arteta gets a pass?

    AFC fans are getting fleeced.

    The long slow decay continues.

  13. like I said earlier, a little too late to the podium, in my estimation…now if he had discussed this supposed “plan” from the offing, his moves could be measured accordingly, instead he has us stewing in our own sh** for the better part of 18 months, offering up nothing but typical lip service gibberish, so I apologize if his desperation-induced words fall on deaf ears

    1. Arteta has bought 11 players since his arrival, but he’s sinking further. Is this rebuilding? No matter how many players he buys, he can’t turn the team around because most his decision are taken out of emotions. He’s got little knowledge of managing the team. His understanding of the game is minimal

  14. Whenever I see or hear the word “project” used in connection with this management team, I think of of: smokescreen, diversion technique, attempts to stifle debate amongst fans, an excuse for Edu/Arteta to avoid accountability and scrutiny from the fans as well as the press.

    As far as I am concerned, any so-called project extending beyond 12 months (18 months in our case), over budget, with exceedingly poor outcomes, should rightly be called a DISASTER!

  15. Edu has point blank refused to give a target of where they plan Arsenal to be whether top 4, top 6 or top 10. No target means no accountability for Edu, Arteta and the Board.
    Edu stated that they didn’t sign a midfielder, because the had just extended Granit Xhaka’s contract. So where is the progression or improvement, when you don’t bring in better players to compete for positions in the matchday team?
    How can this be acceptable at Arsenal FC, not having targets and goals for the season or buying better players to upgrade the squad?

    1. I believe even the board don’t think we can do better than top 8 IMO. Top 4 is pretty much guaranteed with Liverpool, Man utd, Chelsea and Man City taking the spots. That leaves 5th and 6th as the last European spots. Problem is Spurs look really solid so will probably finish 5th leaving Leicester and emerging competitors like Westham, Everton and A. Villa to take the final spot.

      I believe Leicester will finish 6th and 1 of Westham or Everton 7th. We will get 8th or 7th at best.

      1. QD, Edu is not even prepared to state that Arsenal will finish top 8 or top 10,because they don’t want to be held to account.

  16. As long as MA and Edu are here I can’t see any improvement, the man lack coaching skills and the second cost us a lot!

    Don’t fool yourself with the excuses, he can’t turn the team when we are losing 1-0 and he will never beat the big teams, we are at our worst for ages and lost all our records except one!

    Bring someone experience or at least be able to bring the best of our current players then ask us to “trust the process”!

  17. How can you expect someone who has never built anything to build a team as huge as Arsenal? We must be living in a dream world

  18. It is an excuse to say we have to rebuild- We have been dragged to the bottom with this un-style of play, what a disrespect to say we have no foundation, we did have, finishing 4th and 5th in the league a few years ago proved that, its been obliterated by useless over coaching and mis-management. Dont try to blame the players, they look bemused as to what this manager is trying to achieve, he has no clue what his starting 11 is and this is the most boring football ive ever seen at Arsenal after watching them for 40 years.

  19. If you hire a contractor to renovate your house and two years later not only are your windows broken, but your roof is also leaking, and the contractor tells you to be patient and trust the process, because he has put in a new carpet in your lounge

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