Arsenal are playing a very dangerous waiting game – on many fronts

Arsenal are playing a very dangerous waiting game. by Konstantin Mitov

We beat Chelsea! I love it! Especially after we should’ve beaten them in the league, before they were given a penalty. We’ve played the champions like 5 times since the summer and we’ve not lost one, yet this is the worst Arsenal team of all time!

I’m so happy to see Nacho Monreal again, who has been Mr. Arsenal for a while now in my opinion. It turns out we can put a performance together if we want to, but funnily enough Wenger’s record vs Conte is actually great compared to his one against the other top managers.

But this win shouldn’t paper over the cracks. We still have problems, and one of them is Jack and Ozil’s contracts and both have been superb of late. For the greater good of this football, our higher standing people should open up their pockets or we’ll lose our 2 best midfielders just like you-know-who from a few days ago.

I don’t know what are we waiting for in reality, because we won’t have anything to sell and earn that big old profit our owner loves so much, if we let the players leave for free! We’re also playing hardball with Dortmund over Aubameyang, just because the player wants to leave.

But what people don’t understand is that he actually has a contract – and BVB aren’t forced to sell! We have 3 strikers and Giroud is not first choice, so what are we waiting for? I know Wenger loves Olivier and he’s a popular guy at Arsenal, but come on! It’s Pierre Emerick Aubameyang we’re talking here, one of the best strikers in the world!

If we don’t get the deal done, we’ve essentially failed this window, because we’ve sold 3 players and we only have 1 in return so far, besides if this drags on and fails eventually, we’ve left ourselves no time to get another player, again meaning bad transfer business.

Another funny thing would be spending 25 millions on Jonny Evans and missing out on the Gabon striker which would be the biggest transfer joke Arsenal have done! True we need reinforcements in defence and I’d be happy to see Evans join us, but there is a question here. Who will he replace?

Koscielny, Mustafi or Monreal if we chose 3 at the back and if we stick to 4, then I don’t see where he’ll fit. He’d be experienced backup and another speed bump in the development of Holding and Chambers, although I’d still prefer getting him, if it’s a matter of cash for Auba let’s go full speed there, because he’d set the Emirates alight!

But if we want to improve the defence, then a DM makes a lot of sense, because look at the influence Elneny had in our last 2 games. We lack defensive cover with the style of football we play and an Anchorman like Fernandinho/Kante/Matic would be a massive upgrade overall on the balance of the team.



  1. HA559 says:

    Arsenal won’t win an auction where they are the only bidders, always increasing their offer by small increments after being rejected. If Real Madrid suddenly come in and offer £60m then Aubameyang is off to them.

    1. ALBERTOGUNNER says:

      Exactly I don’t think we are getting aubemeyang, Arsenal is gonna a pull an excuse of we could not reach the price…

    2. Ogban says:

      Real can have him if they want! I stand for us not spending stupid money just because everyone is doing so. If Dortmund are not willing to shift ground, they can keep their ill-mannered, unwilling horse. We are not desperate. We have Giroud who, if we play to his strengths, is capable of producing the results. France, with their surfeit of strikers, still have him as first choice. Why can’t Arsenal?

      1. McLov says:

        No, we really are,desperate.

        We just let our top scorer in the past 3 seasons go to our top 4 rival and got a player in return who flopped there. Huge risk.

        We are,desperate.

      2. Ackshay says:

        Its because of fans like you that we have dropped from winning the league to fighting for top 6 and stuck with an once great now average manager. But hey lets give up the chance to buy the only world class striker willing to join becsuse you rather keep the money for kroenke new ranch or stadium. And even thinking about choosing giroud over aubameyang shows how much you know football.
        Sky says we are 10m off dortmund valuation and immediately refused to add giroud to the deal. Typical of the senile wenger swap our best player but refuse the same for his favourite son. Giroud can’t even get in the team now what will he do when aubameyang arrives, romance with wenger on the bench lol ?

        1. CorporateMan says:

          It’s because of fans like you that Arsenal have become the punching bag for the lazy jounos at Sky and elsewhere. Like Sanchez, the likes of you should go support the money bags. I’m sure you don’t even know where the Emirates stadium is!!!

          1. KroenkeOut says:

            It is obvious that Arsenal aren’t in for Aubameyang, let’s be honest. They’re using the Auba story to distract the public from the fact they won’t spend a penny, even though they earned millions from selling Ox, Theo and Le Coq. Arsene was saying before the transfer window that the squad is too big, so don’t expect a single signing until the end of the window.
            And none of that is because of either Wenger out, or Wenger in fans, I don’t even think that Wenger himself has much of a say in the transfer dealings, to be quite honest. The club is rotten from it’s core and that’s something we have to live with and face whatever BS they serve us as an excuse for not trying to achieve sport-related goals.
            I can’t wait for Wenger to retire, not because it will be particularly better with a different manager (even though it most probably will), but because I can’t wait to hear his stories about how restricted he actually was during his tenure under the slimy lizard kroneke. I think he’ll shine some light on why is Arsenal doing as bad as they are since moving to the Emirates.

          2. Ackshay says:

            i dont give a shit what stupid journalist or has been pundits say about our club. i’m talking about sky sport transfer news as they are reliable, have never watched any pundit show apart from very few carragher and neville.
            For AKBs like you the emirates came from wenger ass built with his money and blood and sweat instead of the hard earned money of the fans. Keep bowing to your god dimwit while me and most fans live in the real life.

      3. tencanskelly says:

        Giroud is pants 1 of the worse player’s to play for the arsenal.He’s a two bit player who only good in the air and he’s not that good get rid now before its to late

      4. Dee23 says:

        You can’t compare a national squad to a club. France can start Giroud and play him with Griezmann but like when we win the FA cup, France are playing tournament football with knock out stages and random draws they are not playing week in week out as we do in the premier league. We need Aubameyang to get back into the top 4 alone. We have the money we paid more Han what Xhaka was worth. There is no excuse for not paying Dortmund what they are asking. We aren’t doing them a favour y taking their player of their hands we benefit more from buying him than they do from selling him.

    3. Chris King says:

      I don’t see Chelsea fans complaining like everyone on this site when Conte said after the match last night (regarding Edin Dzeko) that he was happy with the squad that he has.

      People don’t realise that while Wenger is here in England managing games, our transfer team is trying to negotiate a deal for PEA, and I don’t know what you people consider common sense but telling world news that you’d pay anything to get him does not really make their job easier.

      1. Abel says:

        For once someone has used their brain. It’s called poker, don’t say or do anything that will weaken your hands in the transfer market.
        We played extremely good poker with United and City and got a world class player for free. And people are banging on about not getting enough from a want away player who could move on a bosman and leave us with nothing.
        Do you think we could have bought miki for less than 60-70 M from United otherwise? That’s if mourinho would sanction such a sale to us.


    I believe Elneny can grow… On this site nobody rates him… there is more negative BS than constructive dialect on the comments, anyway
    Vs Swansea my Starting 11

    1. JJPawn says:

      Finally, people are recognizing Elneny.

      His heart is the secret weapon in the DMF areas… that allows the others to attack.

      1. Abel says:

        I agree, with elneny, what you see is what you get. An honest player that always gives his best and knows his limitations hence no show boating.

  3. GB says:

    Kon, give it a rest mate!

    1. Vlad says:

      I know. 3 posts in 3 days. Konstantin is riling himself up. I say let’s just wait and see what happens in the next 5 days. My money is still on Auba joining us but with Arsenal you never know I guess. Still time left though so I don’t see a reason to panic just yet.

  4. Goonerbri says:

    TO THE TUNE OF, A Hard days night (the beatles)
    its been a hard 14 years
    but we keep coming every week
    its been a hard 14 years
    as arsene wenger makes us weak
    but wen i get home 2nite
    and think of spurs as i shite
    i no we’ll beeeeee alllllright
    (and again)

  5. Sean Williams says:

    Watching Arsenal/Wenger over the years we had the Higuain fiasco, the Suarez £40,000,001 fiasco and the Thomas Lemar fiasco, and now the Aubamayang fiasco. It must be clear that Arsenal/Wenger are not going to buy Aubamayang. It’s simulation/acting. “We tried so hard to buy him” I hear. After selling Gabriel and The Ox, Coquelin and Walcott there is a tidy profit to replace the 40-60 mill that Arsenal/Wenger lost on Sanchez. We now have £30,000,000 profit on Walcott/Coquelin. No way will anything more than that be spent. Once is chance, twice is co-incidence, three times is enemy action.

    1. Tas says:

      We haven’t lost on Sanchez that’s not a loss if we didn’t sell him last summer for 60m, in fact using him for the past thre and a half years on his realy low salary it’s a saving of at least 20m we bought him for around 35m and part exchanged him with a player that’s has a potential of being around 50m if he can perform like he use to for years before sighning for Mo,

      so profit made in the summer from seling players after spending 25/30m and January transfer seling cox and TW another 35m that makes around 60m left over just from sale of players and that’s is exactly what Dourmund is asking for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and not mentioning Sanchezs salary saving of 20m, so just pay the f….g thing don’t tell us at the end of the month that you couldn’t agre a price, same old same old

    2. jamdownyouth says:

      Well said bro!!!

    3. KroenkeOut says:

      I’m starting to believe that Wenger isn’t the culprit in the transfer penny-pinching that Arsenal have become a landmark name for. I believe it’s coming from the majority share holder, the despicable and world-wide-hated yank c*****t – satan kroenke.
      Unless there’s a divine intervention that can rid the world of the devil’s seed entirely, Arsenal is pretty much doomed.

  6. Micah says:

    This cheap game with Dortmund is beyond frustrating. Look how quickly Man City moved on two players as soon as they missed Alexi. Typical, maddening Arsenal approach; lo-ball and game what should be a much simpler transfer. Giroud on loan, if we have to. It always feels like we start our transfer approach as it happens . So frustrating.

  7. Innit says:

    He never learns innit
    Always the same routine.
    He hasn’t learned one thing from the Lemar saga.
    He was probably relieved when the deal fell through

    We may get Troy Deeney instead of Aub, Draxler, Mahrez, if we are lucky lol or maybe Mkhitaryan is enough for him. He did say that he was World Class a few days ago

  8. John says:

    I don’t think they really want Aubameyang………..there is something wrong with Wenger and his crew…….WENGER OUT…….

    1. JJPawn says:

      You know that Wenger is in Dortmund negotiating?

      1. Tas says:

        Shi7 that means it’s all off then if AW is negotiating

  9. Shortboygooner says:

    Wenger is not dealing with the transfers. Common guys im wenger out but it is clearly not him. Apparently he doesnt even wasn’t aubambeyang. So there is something else going on here. Dunno if it is just a smoke screen or if not they are just stupid. Pay the money its like paying a extra £10 for me and you. We would rather pay £50 but £60 isnt gonna kill us. And aubambeyang is one of the beatvstrikers in the world period. Aguero lewandoski and other strikers would cost alot more in this remit

  10. John Wick says:

    Wenger came out and said he’s very happy with the team he has! A couple of wins and all of a sudden we don’t need anyone he has to be the most arrogant, annoying man on the planet! He just can’t do what normal managers do he has to do it the Wenger way! If we manage to sign PEA which is looking less likely by the day I’ll change my tune but doubt it will happen we have Arsene Wenger and Stan Kroenke let’s not forget both of them only care about profit’s we’ve already made profit’s this January, Wenger has got to a league cup final.. Job done new 2 year deal waiting for him in may! Wenger out!

    1. KroenkeOut says:

      He is a pawn, just like everybody else in kroenke’s cash cow. I don’t think he makes many decisions outside of the pitch, to be quite honest.

  11. summerbreez says:

    Dortmund need a replacement striker if auba comes to Arsenal who is there of similar qualities ??So i believe Dortmund is playing delaying tactics to keep auba at the club and another 15 or so goals for them, can we really get auba in five days ??? can we get any one else in 5 days
    With the world cup at the summer I think its vital that we conclude our business now else it will be virtually impossible and far to expensive to purchase then as to many clubs will be out with their check books trying to bid for there player therefor a biding war is in the horizon

  12. Phil says:

    This was a very well scripted topic which poses different questions all through.NACHO – getting better with age and seems a fixture when fit whether we play with a 3/5 or a Flat back 4.Our player of the season so far?Certainly the most consistent.JACK AND OZIL CONTRACTS-just get them signed up for F***S SAKE.Jack doesn’t want to go anywhere and Ozil will have his choice of big clubs to choose from if allowed to be able to go on a free.How about giving out a statement of our ambitions(yeah right)and show were prepared to pay whatever it takes (up to the point of being ridiculous)to SIGN the best and KEEP the best’These two are the best we have so get them sorted early to send out a message of how serious we intend to be.AUBAMEYANG-So what if he has a contract.So did Sanchez.Offer the right money to Dortmund and the player and he will be ours.What is there to question over this deal?He is a proven goalscorer.We have just lost one.Get the deal done.GIROUD-Get rid of him to Dortmund if they want him either by selling or if it sweetens the deal just loan him till the end of the season.He was a back up when Sanchez was here and will be on the mix of back ups if Auba signs.He has a World Cup squad to fight for just to be considered so needs to be playing every week.We do not need him if Auba signs and would demand better than him if the deal fails to happen.Just get rid.JONNY EVANS-I’m not sure.Agree Kos needs nursing through games and we do not have consistent performers to come in if he is injured or rested mainly due to both Chambers and Holdimg not progressing through as much as we first thought and hoped for.Gooners have always been patient and supportive of the youngsters as they have come through but question marks to the whole coaching staff as to why these two seem to have stalled as much as they have done.Steve Bould -What do you do?You should be ashamed. Both these boys need looking after and I’m sure the BFG is helping them.FFS man help the boys out.NEW DM and CB.- Only needed to be sorted out for lay 10 yearsGilberto was our last truly class player in this most specialised position with only Alex Song (never the answer but at least knew his job and worth to the team)being anywhere near the type of player we needed. Hope that covers it all.

  13. Yossarian says:

    Wenger is always “Happy with the team he has”. That’s why we’ve gone from EPL titles and Champion’s League knockout stages to 6th place and League Cup Finals.

    Wenger probably doesn’t want PEA because he’s a winner and seems like a strong character, exactly the type of player that he doesn’t like in the dressing room.

  14. DarlingBudofArse says:

    Remember Suarez and that infamous bid of £40M & £1? Is history about to repeat itself? That board must be at it again: I mean the funny cigarette they were smoking. Idiots will never learn!
    At this rate us fans should be ready to wave the deal bye, bye & God bless!!!

  15. Durand says:

    Arsenal so foolish with money.

    One of best strikers in the world, and Arsenal wring hands over £10 million! Thats all! Chump change!

    £10. Gabriel
    £8. Gibbs
    £20. Walcott
    £12. Le Coq
    £30. Ox

    Arsenal acting like they don’t have money.

    Perhaps supporters should use same approach to buying tickets and merchandise. Offer way below price, raise bid by 2%-3%, drag out for weeks; unless its summer then drag for months.

    Can’t take “we don’t need Aubamayang, we have Giroud.” Sack and fire any club employee who dares utter such nonsense.

  16. Will says:

    Looking more and more like the Auba deal is a smokescreen to distract us from letting Sanchez go. Unfortunately without a marque signing and show of ambition right now I can see Ozil getting fed up and moving on – most likely to Man Utd which will be heartbreaking! ?

  17. Sven Knows Best says:

    Holding and Chambers?
    Don’t make me laugh.

    The future after Kos and Monreal retire are Mustafi, Mavropanos, and possibly the French kid who plays for Mainz.

  18. kelleson says:

    The problem of Arsenal is Wenger not the board, he said after Chelsea match that he have a team that is good with or without Auba……. Wenger is outdated if not he would reason like a normal manager, Man City have a team that is better than Arsenal team yet they are still re-emforcing area which they consider to be their weak point. Yet Arsenal have spent almost a month without been able to make a reasonable signing. It is time Wenger leave so that the club can progress

  19. John mayor says:

    Something else is going on here which I think has got more to do with our greedy owner than with Wenger.I might be wrong but I seriously can’t beleive any sensible club owner will risk missing out on a deal for aubameyang cos of less than 10 millions, how much more a club in dire need like ours.this should have been the most straightforward transfer in this windows but these bunch of d**k heads are messing it all up. anyways we ve all seen this before and I guess we all know how it ends…what’s such a pity there is nothing we fans can do about the state of this club we all lover so much.

  20. John mayor says:

    I realky just hope they know what they are doing

  21. Colin says:

    No one should be suprised with the same old same old,it’s arsenal as we’ve been conditioned to accept them ,a supposedly big club giving a first class example of how not to do business in the transfer market .

  22. Sean Williams says:

    Arsenal/Gazidis/Wenger are simulating/pretending they want to buy Aubamayang. The Dortmund manager and directors have become aware of that. You’ve been caught Wenger.

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