Arsenal are ready for Southampton this time…

The last time Arsenal played Southampton, just a few weeks ago, we were destroyed 4-0 in our worst result in the whole of last year. That came towards the end of the busy Xmas schedule and Arsene Wenger believes that his Gunners team were ‘not fresh’ mentally after a gruelling run of five wins in a row culminating in a victory over Manchester City.

Talking about the game on Boxing Day, Wenger was clear on his feelings after that match. “Of course, you are upset, but I felt on the day we did not have the mental energy,” Le Prof said. “We put a lot in. It’s Christmas, we always go to Southampton at the Christmas period. It was a little bit Christmas, it was a little bit the fact that after [beating] Man City we felt that we had done it, and we got caught by a team that was full of desire.”

“We were beaten physically. I felt, on the day, we did not have the resources. Sometimes, it is important to give a breather, just to recharge, more mentally than physically. If you play game after game, sometimes, you are just not fresh enough mentally.”

I’m not sure Wenger is right myself as it had been a full seven days since the win over City, so they should have been up for it, and then two days later we beat Bournemouth, when we should have been tired!

Okay this time the team that faces Southampton tonight will have had ten days rest and will have no excuses at all for another setback. We need to start putting pressure on Leicester from now on….

Onwards and Upwards!

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  1. Do U mean Leicester city is our main title contender? Hahahaha… its ridiculous!!! Can we now see wht stinginess of Wenger has brought him & d whole team? I doubt if they (Leicester) can truely rivals Chelsea on their good and geneiune form season. Anyway, ds season for us or neva for Wenger.

    1. coq and sanchez are back. i’m cautiously optimistic we will win.
      since we’ll be bombing fwd, we’ll have a high line so prefer gab to mert.
      also, its vital we dont see flam/arteta at all.
      i also prefer campbell to walcott. walcott will have to earn his place back.
      bellerin, gabriel, koz, monreal
      coq [cant have flam on, coq to play 60min; elneny for 30]
      campbell, ozil, sanchez

    2. How much was Sanchez and Ozill? Stingy or shroud? Everyone knows better than Wenger apparently even though he’s the best manager this club has ever seen

  2. I agree, that only sounds like a couple of excuses when there was no excusing the performance. Very upset after that game and I still am to be honest, lets hope our players are too and want to put it right. Arsene failed to prepare last time so hopefully we will be ready for their counter attack ploy.

    Huge game all the same, another loss would/will be catastrophic/demoralising. Need to pass the ball much quicker than we have been, and Ramsey needs to add some weight in the fighting department or else Sou midfield will come out on top. Alexis thank heavens is back and will add an injection of something or other.

  3. I am sure we are ready.
    The back 5 is the best
    Sanchez is back Coq is back
    Ozil is in contol Ramsey is solid.
    Can see us get all 9 points
    from Sotn Bournmouth and Leicester.
    Leicester have ‘pool at home
    then away at City and us.
    City have Sunders away then host Leicester + Spurs.
    3 massive rounds coming up.
    Agree it’s time Arsenal took charge of the title race.

    1. What annoys me though is that our main players are always injured for the most important games, when you want teams to fear you it’s necessary to beat the likes of Stoke and Chelsea convincingly but we never do cause our important players are always injured at that time. So as a result every team is confident in getting a result against us which doesn’t help at all when you have players like Walcott and Ox incapable of being ruthless and clinical. And as much as I love Giroud he’s also severely limited, we need more players like Sanchez, Ozil and Campbell who won’t stop attacking at 99% until the whistle blows.

  4. The biggest relief for me about this fixture is that Coquelin is back. He will at least fill that gaping hole in the midfield we had in our last encounter with the saints.

  5. Yes, Wenger’s excuse of being tired physically is pure rubbish…they rested for 7days,how many more days do they need? Afterall, they are professionals and are payed very well.When last have we won at St.Marys? What excuse does did he have for previous reasons

    1. Have to agree. This is what they do for a living. They have top facilities, get paid top dollar. No excuses…

    2. his excuse is telling: he cant gee up the team . he couldnt do it 7days after manc game.
      he should outsource his pep talk to henry or someone.

  6. 3 days rest, is more than enough for a professional footballer.
    The Only thing that needs a longer rest, is Wenger’s lame excuses, when our team fails to turn up!
    Now that is very tiring ???

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