Arsenal are ridiculous odds to win at Man City

I have been a betting man on and off during my lifetime, and I still occasionally have a little flutter if I think I have found a bet at good odds, especially if I am watching a game of footy.

Well I will certainly be watching Arsenal in tomorrow’s lunchtime game at the Etihad, and of course I will be cheering the Gunners on to get a famous victory away at the Champions.

Yes, you can call me the eternal optimist if you like, considering our recent results against Pep Guardiola’s side. In fact our last 11 League games have resulted in 9 defeats and two draws.

City have actually won the last EIGHT match-ups and Arsenal have only scored once in the last 7, which are extremely scarey stats if you are a Gooner!

So this is why Arsenal are at incredible odds of 12/1 to somehow get a result at the home of the Champions tomorrow. Now I can hardly remember Arsenal being that long odds to win any game and I think it is definitely worth putting a few quid on the Gunners to win at that ridiculous price.

I will certainly hedge my bets by using the bookies money when I take the bonus code on offer at bet365 bonuskoodi. If you are going to take a free bet you may as well make it a worthwhile one, don’t you agree?

Of course, naysayers will give Arsenal no chance at all after losing our first two games by 2-0 scorelines, but we can all see the mitigating factors that were behind those defeats.

BUT, it is a fact that Arsenal are far more likely to get a result when they are underdogs, and when the whistle blows tomorrow it will come down to 11 players against 11 players and we all know that freak results in the Premier League are actually quite common, and being offered 12/1 in a two-horse race is just too good to resist in my mind.

We have seen Arsenal get most of their players back this week and will have more confidence after their 6-0 demolition of West Brom. I know that Man City beat Norwich 5-0 in their last game too, but I put the Baggies and the Canaries in the same category right now.

But if you look at the other two games that City have played this season, against a better class of team, they lost 1-0 to Leicester in the Community Shield, and 1-0 to Tottenham in their opening League game, so they are far from unbeatable at the moment.

So, not only I am going to bet on Arsenal to win at 12/1, I am also going to have a fiver on the Gunners to win 1-0 at 28/1.

Stranger things have happened!


    1. Not so rediculous when you see Pep hasn’t lost a league game to Arsenal since he became city boss, 9 wins 1 draw. Winning last 8 on the trot and the last 4 games us failing to score a single goal. Dont anyone waste your money!!!!!!!

      1. Did lose a semi final though. 12/1 is way too large, you can believe that City will more often than not win and that 12/1 is a good price. Even being pessimistic 8/1-9/1 would seem fairer at worst. Norwich were 20/1 the difference between 12/1 and 20/1 is just 2.95% are we really just 2.95% more likely than Norwich? Spurs were just 4/1 at home too and did win. Think 4/1 to 12/1 (12.31%) based on being away is a pretty extreme swing. We finished 1 point behind Spurs, had beaten City (FA Cup) more recently than them prior to their victory, Spurs had a new manager and Spurs were without Kane.

        Just had a look and we’re down to 9/1 in most places now, short as 13/2 with a few firms holding out at 11/1 (probably have taken large wedges on City and want to balance their books.) Draw has been backed in too, makes sense. Silly prices.

  1. Er – I don’t think I’ll be wasting my hard-earned this time. I’ve seen many shocks over the years, but we are solid-gold certainties not to win this one.

  2. In life anything is possible. If David could stun Goliath why should anyone think Arsenal can’t surprise City? Last season Aston Villa shocked Liverpool with a resounding victory so why should anyone think Arsenal is incapable of that? I know all the odds are against Arsenal but that is the beauty of games: surprise. That is the reason games are decided on the final whistle. I am not someone who engage in bets for games but I don’t believe Man City will just roll over Arsenal unless Arsenal come with a psychological scare. The best Arsenal can do is to come determined to enjoy the game because everyone has written them off! Who knows? They could pull off a surprise!

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