Arsenal are running out of time to clear the deadwood

Arsenal finally confirmed the loan of Calum Chambers to Fulham this morning, but very few Arsenal fans would have considered him to be a deadwood squad member that needed to go, but what about the players that we know for sure will not be playing this season?

Chuba Akpom has finally gone, and Jack Wilshere left by choice (apparently) but with just 33 hours left in the window, we are still awaiting news of Aaron Ramsey’s (non-existent?) contract talks. Surely he is not going to be allowed to run down his contract? But, yet again he is not to be considered “deadwood”.

I am talking about players like David Ospina, who surely won’t be happy to remain as third-choice keeper, but is finding it very difficult to find a club willing to match his wages from Arsenal.

And as for Carl Jenkinson, who we have been trying to sell for years, it looks like he will be going out on another failed loan as nobody in their right mind would match what we pay him either. The same probably applies to Joel campbell, and as this is his final year of his contract he will be looking to impress his new club to earn a permanent deal from his loan club.

Danny Welbeck is also in his final year, so really should be sold as we may actually get some cash for him, but could Arsenal be willing to let him run his contract down as well? Could he be considered deadwood if he doesn’t re-sign?

So much to do….So little time!



  1. Awosika Ayodele says:

    This arsenal business is freaking me out. just sell a couple of deadwoods and buy one good player.

    1. Sal says:

      first transfer window under a new regime guys? with the players we bought and sold we are doing extremely well after liverpool we had the best transfer deals in the PL.

      just look at chelsea’s last min ditch signings lol, and tottenham getting quoted 35 mil for a championship player that’s not even as good as maddison hahaha west ham have a couple of hits and alot of misses!! ….. SO i’m loving the view for once, not stressed about who might come in who might leave, just wanting the season to start, what a refreshing feeling that is 🙂

      Ps: i know we would like more but in comparison to the last decade thats is 1000% improvement be happy!! And don’t worry about a ting cause Pierre Aubameyang is gonna score some goals!!

  2. Muffdiver says:

    That’s fine we are buying more in people like Vida and sokratis .
    This club man

    Can’t believe this . Just hope our forward line gels an makes us the new Liverpool of old ….winning 4-3 etc

  3. Lupe says:

    We can still sell after the thursday deadline but won’t be to a premier league team though so the likes of ospina and joel campbell would still be able to get moves as they would leave to other leagues anyway. Welbeck, jenkinson would be more difficult as english players hardly leave the premier league. Still need to sign a winger and center back in my opinion and sort out ramsey’s contract issue.

  4. Things are changing says:

    It is Ramsey who concerns me the most. IMO we should have already sold and replaced him by now. What is the chance of selling him before the deadline AND replacing him?

    I am happy with the players we brought in and also with the timing of when we brought them in (finally not on the final day of the window. I would be very unhappy to carry Ramsey for his final season with the club the way we did Sanchez if Ramsey plans on running down his contract and leave for free.

    There is an undoubted “feel good” factor with the new manager and some of the new players. Why taint that with a season-long negative media campaign about yet another player who doesn’t want to sign for us? Reading articles about his lack of effort, about him pissing off his teammates, about him going to a competitor for free etc. (or worse, him finally banging in goals for fun like he did one season and people writing about what a big mistake we made not signing him to a new contract) We have seen it all with Sanchez and it didn’t help the atmosphere around the club IMO.

    Ramsey cannot be allowed to run his contract down and be in our starting 11.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      TAC, I agree; although Aaron Ramsey only cost £5 million from Cardiff City, not selling him when he balked on signing the contract extension offered, demonstrates incompetence. Maybe he can’t pass a medical for any prospective buyer at the moment?
      And we stupidly thought things were improving at Arsenal!

      1. Things are changing says:

        I think things have improved. Better manager, a number of good smart signings, promising youngsters, better people in charge of transfers. a more modern structure of management etc.

        I will wait for the deadline to see what happens to the Ramsey situation before I draw my final conclusion on the Ramsey situation, but overall I am much, much, more looking forward to the season than at any time in the past 5 or more years.

  5. Muffdiver says:

    Soyuncu due for medical for Leicester.
    While we get Poundland legolas

    Off to.the nearest bridge I go
    Stay safe san diego

    1. gotanidea says:


      Soyuncu deal, the deadwoods and the contract rebel situations are the proof that the executives (that are doing the business at Arsenal) are not doing their job properly

      How come we got Sokratis instead of Soyuncu and why Arsenal often resell their fringe players with huge losses? I am sure Kroenke would not allow those office politicians last longer than this season at Arsenal

      1. ken1945 says:

        gotanidea, just maybe the club felt that Sokratis was a better fit for their future plans than Soyuncu was.
        Maybe Emery and his team have a better idea of what their plans are for the future.
        Emery has been here for less than four months and here you are questioning his ability to do his job properly.
        Those that you and others see as ‘deadwood’ might just be a part of Emery’s future plans.
        I have used the word FUTURE deliberately because that is what Emery means for the club.
        Not a knee jerk reaction to this transfer window, but a well thought out plan of where he sees our club in the FUTURE.
        If you are already questioning that Emery and his team are not doing their jobs properly, what chance does he have?
        Why can the fans of clubs like Spurs, Liverpool and City see the bigger picture and support their club and manager, while SOME of our so called fans are already getting the knives out after just one transfer window?
        Either put your trust and backing behind our new regime or stop pretending you actually support the club and follow Soyuncu at the club he ends up at.
        We need real, committed and dedicated supporters, not trophy hunting fans.

  6. jecob mj says:

    that’s absolutely right we gotta sell off deadwoods before time and atleast have one more world class player but time!

  7. Chiza says:

    I guess emery is searching for experience at the back that’s why he has lichstenier,sokratis and now going for Vida….he wants big time experience instead of prospects at this first seaso…he wants to get arsenal back to the champions league quickly.. So he can get enough money to buy better prospects next season…but I have a feeling Emery will the premier league this season.. I just don’t know why I continue to feel this way…I haven’t had this kind of belief before..let’s watch and see

    1. Muffdiver says:

      Cos u chew dogtoys laced with lsd ..
      Try chewits…safer

      1. ozziegunner says:

        For once I agree with Chiza, that it looks as though the Trinity has gone for a quick fix for the defence in experienced CB’s and LB.
        Missing Soyuncu reminds me of missing Van Dijk when he was at Glasgow Celtic and went for a “song” to Southampton. Soyuncu has the potrntial to be a very good CB Greek International 22 yo, quick and 6’2″ (1.87m).

    2. ger burke. says:

      CHIZA, are you actually going back on your word my friend. you told us on here, many times , and rather loudly, that dembele was joining us . but now you are far more cautious. me thinks you were telling little porkies !. and, if anybody ever believed one word that comes out of your rather large god then more fool them.but not to worry, school will be reopening soon, and you can tell your tall tales in the schoolyard at lunch time .

  8. Timb says:

    chiza where is dembele????????

  9. Uz says:

    I my opinion , i did rather let ramsey leave for £40m and get Nzonzi and Vido. I dont see Ramsey doing much for Arsenal this season. Lets a wide man and more defensive minded players.

  10. ks-gunner says:

    This monkey business are no new news to us. I would even go as far as selling Ramsey and replace him with no one instead of paying him the money. Gundazi or whatever his name is can do the job as good as him if not better. We have also some other youngsters we can do the job.

    I am not eager for the season to start, as i do think that our opponents where never as strong as now. Cant see Arsenal reach a Cl spot. 6th place is where we will sit comfortable.

    1. Muffdiver says:

      6th ?
      Take that back before I remove your ovaries ks
      I won’t tell u again

      1. ks-gunner says:

        I will do it tomorrow for sure after we announce someone good. lol. But rlly man, the league has become highly competitive.

        1. Xxnofx says:

          I agree m8 the m also saying 5th or 6th .
          I said it a couple of months back and got ripped a new one on here ,but after seeing our transfer business compared to our rivals (Everton ,West ham ,Leicester)I’m sticking to what I said

          1. MikiZatte and AubaZil says:

            Don’t pretend that you are an Arsenal fam.

  11. KAY BOSS says:

    Can we get a decent winger and cb in before tomorrow’s deadline?
    it seems nothing will happen

  12. Diana says:

    Most times, last minute buys are usually the the nonsense ones. The fact that prople were not sold or bought from the word go leaves me worried. I cant understand why we havent invested a little more. Look at some really good players going to other teams usually branded “small”. Seri to Fulham, Wolves with Fabricio, Westham, Everton. The list goes on. The only reason we will seem decent this season is because of what Emery is doing with the boys but otherwise, we have a lot of work to do.

    Unlike most though, i dont agree about the 6th place finish. Call me optimic or a dreamer. My predictions are Liverpool taking it(just about), Man City in 2nd and Man Utd in 3rd. We will finish fourth. We may end up being 3rd depending the performance of Man Utd (i predict Mourinho will lose his job this season). However, towards the end of the season, we will show a lot more the weaknesses and gaps we have- which will not immediately show. I also predict we may be doing better than Man City mid way through the season(may be just trailing them), but will not have enough strength to see it through.

    @Chiza, you owe me a Dembele
    @Kev, you owe me a Soyuncu

    1. kev says:

      I’ve said many times here we decided against signing Soyuncu.
      He had already verbally agreed to our terms then the fee became a problem but later it wasn’t
      We decided against signing him due to inexperience.

    2. kev says:

      I’ve said many times here we decided against signing Soyuncu.
      He had already verbally agreed to our terms then the fee became a problem but later it wasn’t.In fact it was 100% nailed on he’d join and the fee Leicester are signing him shows that we didn’t want to push through with the deal.
      We decided against signing him due to inexperience.

      1. ozziegunner says:

        “Diamond Eye” just dropped status to “Emerald Eye”; if he comes good in the future he might get back one grade to “Ruby Eye”.

  13. Goonerwinit says:

    If Soyuncu is going to Leicester… where is Maguire going?…. hummmm interesting… or is is he in addition to the defence they already have.

  14. adajim says:

    we are in this mess because we prefer quantity to quality. gone are the days when we beg for our players not to be sold, ironically, nowadays we use our players to beg clubs so as to free up wage bill. how time flies,, I hope Stan pull off one last marquee signing to announce his 100% take over.
    my only concern is that we made too many changes this year, hope it didn’t backfire. one love gunners keep the faith.

  15. JADON SPIRIT says:

    I am sorry to say, that anyone who took Chiza’s comments/claims serious needs to re-check his brain. The man/guy just writes for fun and to tease people. Sometimes you don’t have to depend on what ppl say, but rather think about it and analyse if it could be true or not. Chiza is a big Moron.

    1. Chiza says:

      Why do you insult me Jadon by calling me a moron…I respect everyone on this site..I put down my opinions and information without insulting anyone….admin you need to look into this…you see why I complain..please show me some respect

  16. Russell says:

    Vida Might Be On His Way Which Is Good Chamber On Loan To Get Game Time Emery Knows What His Doing We Shouldnt Compain Because We Dont Know How He Wants To Set His Team

    1. ken1945 says:

      Russell that’s exactly what EVERYONE should be thinking, not pretending to be the next Arsenal manager.

  17. ACE says:

    I dont necessarily rate CC as highly as a few
    loyal contributors to this site but loaning him
    out this late in the window with only 4 average
    CB’s at his disposal is madness on the part of
    Emery and Co. There must be another CB on
    his way in but spending the rumored fee for
    another Socratis type player in Vida certainly
    cant be viewed as the solution. I applaud the
    new gaffer with his decisions to infuse much
    needed experience on the back line but if the
    reported rumors of Arsenal contemplating
    crazy money for Dembele are true why dont
    they offer Freiburg £25+M for Soyuncu and
    BL £55M for Leon Bailey? Arsenal could add to
    two off the best young players from the
    Bundesliga for less money and solve 2 critical
    areas on the pitch for the foreseeable future.



    Apprx £15M spent and AFC is ready 2 roll.


    1. ozziegunner says:

      ? Arsenal again don’t go for good young players for the future or resale value if sold on.

  18. Ken1945 says:

    This is what Jon Fox meant when he said ‘be realistic’.
    All the ridiculous posts listing players that are deemed not good enough for Arsenal, but have values that would allow us to buy ‘a couple of top players’ now show how daft this exercise was.
    That’s why I asked if we should sell or buy first?
    That’s why, in my opinion, Perez was sold for the price offered.
    Because that was his value in today’s market. If the club have to sell in order to raise money, then realism has to prevail… not wild valuations to suit a argument.
    Emery and his team have made some shrewd signings with his budget, not paying over the top inflation figures.
    Let’s just see how it all works out, both the incoming and outgoing transfers, at the end of the season.

  19. ackshay says:

    Where’s done deal for soyuncu KEV aka repeated bullshit offender ? I swear some people here are so naive or stupid to hang on every word that he says. Always here to say i told you so when a deal happens and the invisible man when he’s bullshit gets called.

  20. ackshay says:

    Selling market is still open till end of month so deadwood ospina, jenkinson and campbell can still be shipped out overseas.

  21. Chiza says:

    I have told you guys dembele verbally agreed a deal with arsenal but had a change of mind on his wages..he wanted I guess that is still dragging the deal..don’t be fooled by reports of Barcelona not agreeing to let him is between dembele and arsenal…if dembele doesn’t come then I guess arsenal have focused their attention on bailey or zaha….but I know dembele will come..everything is set for him to come…mislintat,aubameyang,guendouzi,mikhitaryan and lacazette are all here for him….Emery has promised dembele a lot…it remains to be seen how the wages will go……I’m not perfect,I can’t control situation,I only drop what I know….I understand you guys emotions towards dembele..I know you guys badly want him to come..but don’t pour insults on me just because the deal has not being announced…it is unfair!!!!!!!!

    1. Namo says:

      Chiza, can you just stop already. This game you and Kev are playing, is pointless. Both of you have zero insider information about Arsenal’s transfer dealings, yet you come on this site and talk as if you’re in Sven or Gazidis’ mind.
      You guys have become boring, I hope you’ll still have contributions to make here when the transfer window closes tomorrow.

  22. ozziegunner says:

    The clock is ticking; so much for no last minute transfers.

    1. Sal says:

      i would have liked it if we would have done a cheeky loan bid for zouma with option to buy the guy was a monster in france and did ok at stoke even when played as rb. but the chambers loan means something must be happening ozzie hopefully one more but still ok if it doesn’t happen 🙂

  23. Midkemma says:

    “but with just 33 hours left in the window,”

    BUY, not to SELL.
    We can keep selling after the purchase deadline, teams outside the EPL are not cutting their window short and we can sell to outside the EPL for a short while longer.

    1. ken1945 says:

      That can only happen if Kronkie releases the money after being convinced that the club can sell the players that Emery no longer sees as part of his future plans.
      That includes £ for £ valuation as far as I can see.

  24. HRM says:

    What’s the rationale behind calling our players deadwood! It baffles me that some of you so called fans can comfortably call a player that wears the arsenal Jersey ‘deadwood’, all because he doesn’t play regularly or isn’t performing as expected.

    Arsenal fans are just pathetic!

    1. RSH says:

      It’s a term literally used by every fanbase to describe players that don’t contribute and hardly play a game. Stop trying to score points by saying Arsenal fans are pathetic for using basic terminology.

      1. HRM says:

        Because others are doing it, does not make it right! I thought we had class as arsenal fans, well obviously not! Liverpool has gone through basically worse situations than we have, yet it’s difficult to point out any of these sort of abuse amongst their fans, although it doesn’t mean it’s nonexistent.

        Arsenal fans need to outgrow abusing their players, it’s childish and immature! Stop calling your players deadwood!

        1. ackshay says:

          deadwood: people or things that are no longer useful or productive.
          players like jenkinson,perez, ospina will have little to no playtime this season under emery so they are neither useful to him or productive to the team. also its a term commonly used in work place.

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