Arsenal are set to endure another Fabregas saga…

Cesc Fabregas was part of a long-drawn out saga between Arsenal and Barcelona, where the Catalan giants would gradually plant seeds of thought in his head, and the same is set to happen with Hector Bellerin.

The now-Chelsea midfielder joined the Gunners from the Barca academy as a 16 year-old potential star, and went onto find his feet in the Premier League with the club. Fabregas became the club’s captain in 2008, but was always the subject of praise by his former club.

Cesc eventually pushed for a return to Barcelona, and was granted his wish in 2011, with a €29 Million fee paid by the Spanish giants, and the player himself is claimed to have had to pay €1 Million a year to complete the deal also.

Now Hector Bellerin is set to endure the same treatment, having also made the same switch to Arsenal as a 16 year-old, coincidentally in the same window as Cesc left Arsenal, and has emerged as one of the best players in his current side.

The right-back was praised by Barcelona’s sporting director Roberto Fernandez, although he seemingly ruled out a move for him at present. Fernandez said: “He is a magnificent player but it is not something that we will be pursuing”.

The 21 year-old earned a place in the PFA Premier League Team of the Year this season, and was a late inclusion into Vicente Del Bosque’s Spain squad this summer, and that is a cause for concern.

It is believed that Bellerin’s international team-mates are likely to talk intensely about a return to Spain, and this is also believed to have played a part in Cesc’s eventual return. Hopefully the fact that the midfielder has been through the same situation, and eventually left to return to England will put him off somewhat.

Could we tempt Bellerin to snub their advances, or is it inevitable that he will eventually return to Barca?

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  1. We need to win trophies in order to keep players and attract players. Unless we win, players will be tempted to move. See how Man city kept big players like Aguero and Silva, Even United managed to keep De Gea.
    Bellarin will be with us for minimum 2 seasons , so no need to worry that much as of now.
    If latter he wants to move, then we can replace him.
    Players can as for a move, as a big club we should be sufficient enough to replace specially when how have no shortage of funds

    1. After Arsenal’s UCL final against Barcelona, a Barca jersey was placed on Henry. He ended up joining Barcelona.
      After the World Cup, a Barcelona jersey was placed on Fabregas. He ended up joining Barcelona.
      Just pray a Barcelona jersey is not placed on Bellerin…we’ll be fine.

  2. Pique: Oh Hector, you know you have Barca DNA, don’t you feel anything for us anymore?

    Bellerin: It’s not like that Gerard, you know I love you guys, I spent years looking up to you and the other guys and wished I could play with you..

    Pique: You know you couldn’t handle how big it is when you was just a kid but now you’ve grown into a very fine young man, I bet you could handle me and the lads now, we all want to play with you as well now.

    **Cesc walks up and joins the chat**

    Cesc: Hey guys, whats up?

    Bellerin: Gerard was just telling me how much he and the lads want me to join them for more than just the internationals.

    **Cesc starts sobbing**
    Cesc: How could you! You use to whisper such sweet things in my ear not too long ago…
    **Cesc runs off sobbing**

    Bellerin: Yeah…. did you hear that?

    Pique: Hear what?

    Bellerin: Bosque wants me, gotta dash, bye…

  3. Midkemma, that was very funny. Lol
    I don’t know why arsenal players can’t learn. When ever they switch from arsenal to Barcelona, their careers stagnate or extinguish. Fleb ? Son? Fabregas? Not Henry

    1. and Overmars, Petit & Van Bronkhorst.

      Doesn’t seem to be any tapping-up, for now at least.

  4. Hey!…. The panics over!
    According to the International Centre for Sports Studies (CIES), Hector Bellerin is worth €55.6m that’s £43.1m,
    And around 0.5 seconds after that was released,
    Barcelona announced they would not be perusing him. ?

    some positive news from me… for a change ?
    But don’t get used to it…. I’ll be back! With the usual ? later!

  5. As similar as the stories of Bellerin and Fabregas seem the obvious difference is Fabregas has always said he will love to return to Barca if the opportunity arises, its always been hos dream and so was inevitable it will happen…..that is not exactly the case with Bellerin, I have not read any stories where he has professed such ambitions about going back at some point in his career….but its still a cause for concern because let us face the fact when big clubs like Barca, Real and Bayern comes caliing its hard for a player to say no, eapecialy one with ambition who wants to win things and not just content participating

  6. I don’t think he will be going anywhere this summer, but in the long term it depends on the current Barca RB. If he proves to be a success next season then we will probably be ok for a couple more years, but if he fails to convince then I expect Barca to be in for Bellerin next summer. I certainly don’t see Bellerin wanting to sit on their bench, but if he has a realistic chance of being their number 1 then he would probably take the opportunity, as would the vast majority of players if Barca came knocking.

  7. i am not in the slightest bit worried about hector leaving for barcelona. this is simply not going to happen !.well thats according to mr.admin on here . he has stated , on more than one occasion , that hector is going , ih he had not come out and said that then i would be concerned , then again every player has his price ,anything can happen in football as we all know , , for the time being , at least , i am not at all concerned , thanks to mr.admins previous comments on this situation .

    1. As an expert on the subject, I will yet again categorically state that Hector Bellerin will NOT be leaving Arsenal for Barcelona during the duration of his current contract.
      This is a fact ……

  8. Bellerin is from Barcelona, he will have grown up dreaming of playing for Barcelona. He says he has now achieved his ambition of playing at the Nou Camp and is happy at Arsenal.

    Problem occurs as he gets older and has not won anything. Best way of keeping him, and others, is to be challenging every year for PL and occasionally winning it plus getting beyond last sixteen in CL. Beating Barcelona over two legs would be good as well.

    OK I may be dreaming but to keep world class players they have to believe arsenal can win. That is why RVP left.

  9. And how exactly did Cesc’s Barcelona career unfold? Exactly… If Bellerin is smart, and for his own sake I hope that he is, he’ll look at what happened to Cesc, and think to himself: “… thanks, but no thanks” to any Barca advances.

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