Arsenal are sizzling now – but are we up for the marathon?

Can we keep it up like this for the entire season? by KM

Well, well, it was another encouraging performance from the Arsenal who played some sizzling football and we could’ve hammered Basel really hard! Impressive stuff going on up front and Ospina did again enough so that Sczezny better get to improve his Italian, because I don’t see a way for him back!

I think our recent improvement has something to do with Theo Walcott’s impressive form of late. 5 goals in 7 games, the guy breathes confidence and he wasn’t shy of comments about himself too, but it’s a story we’ve seen before. Theo has had his blimps of quality runs, but can he do it an entire season with no injuries?

He and Alexis create such a deadly false 9 interchange, most teams get stunned. This brings the point that we have a good squad, in fact we have two world class superstars in Ozil and Sanchez, but question is do we have the other players to step up and make the difference?

When Ramsey had his amazing spell we were flying. Now Theo is hot and we look really good. The question is will the nearly man become the main man when the obvious two are not doing it? Theo has been here 10 years after all. Ramsey is another one of those players, but young Alex Iwobi has also quietly moved into the squad. Most importantly we have a squad. Can it deliver over the entire season though?

I was at the Ludogorets – PSG game and if we play smart, the group is there for the taking. The home team made a lot of sloppy mistakes that eventually cost them the lead and at 1-2 they missed a penalty which could’ve taken the game to a new direction. PSG improved their level in the second half, but overall I really feel we can top it if we are serious.

We had a lovely run of wins last season that helped us be top at Christmas. We are on another lovely run now. If we want results, the sprint has to become a marathon that will last the whole 9 months till the end of May. For now we are looking good, let’s keep it up!



  1. Arsenal_Girl says:

    As long as we remain healthy and fit we can have a fantastic season
    Wenger will need to rotate when he thinks right to do so
    Not just to prevent injury but also when players get tired their form dips

    Thankfully we have got great depth in most areas

    1. ethangooner says:

      One subtle big change that Arsene did this season is to optimize our fitness for the later part of the season. Sanchez got 1 week extra off. Ozil and Kos got extra rest also (if compare with Payet or Pogba who played 1,2 weeks earlier than the Arsenal duo).
      Wenger openly admitted after the first 2 games that we are not ready physically. The price to pay for that is we started slow but hopefully will have less injury concern and able to maintain good form until end of season.

  2. Juhislihis McLovin says:

    As mentioned before, several times, consistency and staying healthy are the key.

    We need to improve our late-December-January-February form, which ALWAYS sees us drop some major points.

  3. luckyville says:

    I think the most important thing Arsenal players need to do to win the league or any other trophy dis season is to make CONSISTENCY their best friend and also to make COMPLACENCY their worst enemy.

  4. Twig says:

    Having watched Xhaka play full 90 mins, I’ll have to say he’s no substitute for Coquelin. He simply doesn’t have the pace to chase and close down attacks the way Le Coq does. When we were on the back foot, the game seems to just fly past him. I think that’s why Wenger says he sees him more as a box to box midfielder. Xhaka only looks good when we have the ball.

    1. ethangooner says:

      Xhaka is more like a positional player with superb passing/playmaking kill. He prefer to sit deep and dictate play, threatening occasionally with his long shots. He does not have the engine and the tacking skill of the Coq who can help us winning possession higher up the field.
      I’m a bit worried that Xhaka/Carzola is not the best midfield pair. Xhaka is better off with a more mobile partner – Ramsey or Elneny. I’m quite curious about the midfield pair of Xhaka – Ramsey. Ramsey produced his best football when pairing with Arteta in midfield, and I see Xhaka as a much better/stronger version of Arteta. I dont think we have a change to see Ramsey best last season as he was paired with the wrong partner most of the time (eq Flamini)

    2. Fatboy Gooney says:

      Hahaha ? Xhaka is just pacing himself for the marathon season lol His just warming up, Mate. So Calm down. ?

  5. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Walcott’s new found winning mentality has spread throughout the team and that’s one of the main reasons for Arsenal’s good form at present.
    Rotation needs to be applied more to prevent fatigue caused injuries but its a catch 22 scenario because Wenger won’t change a winning team unless an injury happens.
    It’s way to soon to suggest the outcome of the season and we don’t want to jinx ourselves at this early stage, since we have seen multiple injuries kill off our chances in previous years. Let’s just enjoy Arsenal’s current form and hope that it contains.

  6. Uzi Ozil says:

    I am happy we have Xhaka and Coquelin. They both have their strength and weweakness. The good thing is they both add their own ingredients into the team. Glad we both have them..

  7. Wilshegz says:

    yes we are, the only irreplaceable players are Koscielny and Alexis.
    we got a pretty good squad of players now.
    albeit too many changes to the main XI could be detrimental

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