Arsenal are so close – yet so far…..

Hello folks. Straight off to our smashing Emirates Cup win, it all looked good. We were quick, we scored goals, we let the youngsters shine and the fairy tale looks good. The problem is, this is a movie we’ve seen before.

We have a good squad, full of pace. I was impressed with the Ox. Last year he made some nice runs and looked close to a first XI pick. If he shrugs off those injuries, he’ll be a major asset of our team. A big season in front of him.

We scored numerous goals against average teams. Apart from PSG the French league remains average, even though we somehow lost to Monaco. We still have areas where we can improve and it’ll be a real shame not to do it.

Lord Harris made some pretty interesting comments saying we have 200 million in the bank and we can afford anyone but Ronaldo or Messi. Pretty interesting statement right there, but not a surprising one. I’ve raised the issue quite a few times that monies are in the bank and you cant tell me that 200 mills cannot buy the missing links in our squad.

We signed two 30+ million signings the past two years and we won 2 FA cups in a row. Compare that to 9 years of drought and maybe money does buy quality. We need a striker and a DM. The Emirates Cup results might mean that Wenger will skip the striker and Arteta’s new deal means he might also skip the DM.

That would be a real shame. We’re so close. We made fitness coach signings which will hopefully reduce our injury list but if we add a little more quality, we’ll be true contenders from the start. Big teams often win games before they start, because the team sheet they put out is too good.

Interesting changes have happened so far in the window, and some are yet to come. Real haven’t bought or sold anyone. Benitez is still evaluating his options but something might drop off there. I don’t think we’ll get Benzema. That’d leave them without a striker. But still Real looks like a dream on the surface, but scratch that and it’s non-stop drama and absurd trophy demands.

Anyway, we could try to get Reus. Lets throw a 50 million offer and see what happens. If Lewandowski is unsettled thanks to Pep destroying the identity of Bayern, lets try him? Muller might wanna leave, lets be in the race.

Wenger doesn’t pay over the odds. He feels players don’t cost that much, but the football balloon is so inflated it’s ridiculous. No one mentions Ibrahimovic, who might leave PSG. He’s old but he’s still better than what we have and he won’t cost much.

It’s an ideal short term signing. Wenger doesn’t believe in those though. We had a nice end to the season last year, but people will learn our trick, so we need new threats coming in. We’ve had nice spells before. It’s time for a full season of consistency. I will not rule out a last second signing on September the 1st, but I feel only Cech will not be enough.

So close, yet so far. Enjoy!


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    1. Reus is so loyal. He signed a contract last season with Dortmund, even with Real Madrid and Bayern Munich lurking around.
      Dortmund does not want to sell him and he does not want to leave. The only way for it to happen is that we offer stupid money for Dortmund (way north of 50M perhaps) and stupid wage for Reus (250k/week++) and risk the disharmony in the squad when our top players earning 140k/week
      It just never happen at Arsenal FC as we are not owned by sugar daddy or has the massive commercial income of Real Madrid or Manchester United
      We need to be alert and have the kind of money required ready until such an opportunity present itself (a top top striker/wide forward available). At the same time, we should focus on the players we are having, if the Ox, Ozil, Walcott can add 15-20 more league goals than last season, we have what it require to win the EPL.

      1. Ha .
        Wenger and the board are simply running down the transfer window . Remember we almost started last season without a striker until welbeck was bought on the deadline, because the disorganised nature of the setup was so obvious .
        Yes that right , our transfer business is disorganised.
        Just wait until winger buys a 17 year scrawny midfielder from Albania . As if that is where our problem lies .
        Take it or leave it.
        Same team and the same problems still exist.

        1. I remember in every double winning season under AW there was always two or three players short of winning the title being said. When we had Vieira and Petit fans used to say what if Vieira gets injured Petit isn’t as good on his own and Grimandi is too old too slow and isn’t good enough for the Arsenal. Our CBs it was said are getting on and will pick up injuries Cygan is shit he’s not good enough.

    1. I think that would test them on about the same level as a 10mil bid for Messi!! He’s a pivotal part of their CL winning side that they only just invested in. Why would they be willing to take a loss after seeing such a high reward?? Makes no sense…

  1. Yeah People are worrying about a striker and a DM. I am more worried about the back up option in the DM, Arteta looks completely out of place and do not know how much time he will take to get used to the PL level if at all he reaches that. Without Coqualan we will really struggle.
    Issac Hayden can take that spot in his absence. Ray parlour said Wenger missed the trick for signing Schlideraine , I also agree with him. Wenger says he is open but still did not sign him.
    But Wlacot’s is coring goals and OX is unstoppable some times. walcott could have scored a hat-trick yesterday . People are saying Sono go scored 4 goals in pre season but please have a look at those goals, PL mostly tap ins. Now see our goals most of the goals we scored a great goals.
    I am really looking forward for Walcott to Score 20 plus Pl goals and OX to have breakthrough season

    1. I’d like to address both areas, but I’d say starting ST beats backup DM for priorities. Even though I have massive reservations about Coquelin anyway, if he is to be a starter then that certainly leaves a potential new ST as a more pressing transfer.

      People seem to be judging Walcott and any potential ST on goals alone, that’s only one aspect of the role. Walcott is a good finisher and has good movement, but other than that he’s no more than a decent option as a ST. Against quality opposition playing Theo as the ST won’t cut it, he’s clinical vs decent teams but he’s not standing up against the likes of Aguero/Costa/Benz/Lewandowski as leading ST’s in Europe.

      I won’t talk Giroud, he’s been flogged lately on here – I’ll simply say he’s a quality OPTION to have when you need to mix it up. I think we need a ST signing, Giroud and Theo just aren’t in the same league as Benzema and it’s about time some fans stopped pretending Theo is about to turn into someone capable of leading our attack the way Henry/RVP used to.

      1. Theo has been begging for the chance and all we need do Is try him. We of course need to mix it up and that’s where Giroud comes in. Yea, we need a WC striker but it won’t be the end of the world if we don’t get one. COYG.

        1. If Theo does not get a regular chance, we need to buy a WC striker. Not that Theo is WC but there is only one way to become WC and that is to play the position constantly and not sporadically.

          Giroud might be OK but he doesn’t allow us to play to the strengths of our creative midfielders IMO since he lacks the pace to go after brilliant passes played in behind defenders. I would be surprised if Giroud’s pace would scare Terry for instance.

          If we don’t play Walcott we need to buy a top level striker. Even a good striker (Benteke comes to mind) would help the squad. Sanchez is too small to play the ST role and should be given a free role.

          If we don’t buy a top striker, we should have bought Schneiderlin or an other cover for DM. Arteta can not be expected to play this role IMO. I would not be surprised if Wenger would lean on Ramsey should Coquelin get injured.

          For me it doesn’t matter so much if we have a squad capable of winning the PL, what should matter is if we have a squad that can be improved on. Even Barca looks to improve.

          Although it seems a shame not to buy a top level Striker or DM, if we don’t, there is still room for improvement in the back. I am not so sure about Mertesacker in the top games and Wenger seems to bring Paulista along slower than I would like.

          Trophies will depend to a large extend on games against top teams both in the PL and the CL and IMO, Giroud and Mertesacker are liabilities in those types of games, or at least they are players we can improve on.

  2. 1. We have £200m in the account, not £200m in the transfer kitty. Realistically we will only spend BIG money on a BIG signing – you have to see it, in reality, as around £50-60m on transfers from that £200m

    2. Reus is a possibility but a VERY slim one. You have to consider that other teams with more money would come in if he’s available (i.e. United) and that he is not necessarily unhappy where he is. He is not a very realistic target, though I’m sure Wenger has looked into it. If he were able to sign, money wouldn’t stop it.

    3. Lewandowski is not an option. He is one of the most sort after strikers on the planet and he wants to play for Bayern. If Bayern were to sell they’d want to buy and there is no great strikers on the market. No, he is just NOT an option.

    4. Ibra is too expensive. Ignore the price tag to buy him, his wages are double any other arsenal player. DOUBLE. Add to that, he is a mercurial, egotistical piece of work who is too old to be molded. Maybe 15 years ago, but now he is not a Wenger player. No way.

    In short – I agree. A striker signing would be great. The problem is the market is flooded with few top class strikers and plenty of competition – of the 3 you’ve mentioned 1 is even a vague possibility and that is IF other clubs out buy themselves before he’s available. I think a DM or LW would be more possible based on the current market though and honestly might add more to the team. We already have 2 good strikers in Theo and Giroud, with Alexis as mighty fine cover. Realistically buying a striker who does not instantly improve the starting 11 considerably is a waste of time, but the number of strikers who fit that bill currently is very low. We HAVE to be realistic.

    1. Couldn’t agree with you more mate. Getting a top LW would give wenger an option to push alexis to central striker position. I don’t think it would be a bad idea considering the market is short on available good strikers. And on arteta as backup cdm,….mmmh….doesn’t sound or look great does it?? Surely wenger will have seen the importance of that position by now. That’s why I will trust him to sort it out sooner rather than later…it musn’t go unattended to.

    2. Your points are valid, bar there’s another side to the medal.

      First, Lord Harris said Wenger could have any player bar Ronaldo or Messi, didn’t he? I think i can name a few that would improve us out of the pool of players that do not include those two.

      Second, Ibrahimovic will have huge wage demands, but would it hurt if we try? He might wanna play in England and cut to 140k/week like Falcao did to join Chelsea, rather than sit and play in the French league.

      Third, if we do not go for players because other teams are also interested, we’d hardly sign anyone that would actually ever improve us. PSG were interested in Cech yet we snapped him up. We should have the mentality of one of worlds best football clubs that any player would love to join.

      1. I dont mind Ibra and I believe with his reputation, Sanchez and Ozil do not mind seeing his wage top their.
        The problem is more with Paris SG, they just don’t want to sell their players regardless whether players are happy or not. They don’t need money so don’t think a big bid can even temp them – it is the team stupid enough to pay 50M for David Luiz when they fail to buy Hazard. So don’t think Cavani or Ibra are possibilities for us.

      2. Bar Ronaldo and Messi no player costs (realistically) above the £80m mark. While the transfer kitty is probably balanced on around £50-60m it could probably be pushed higher for the right player. That is the luxury of having a cash surplus – when you need to use a bit more it’s available. Remember I am very much in agreement we should be looking to add quality but the truth of the matter is that if the quality players we want are not available for non-money reasons or the asking price is far above their worth, we will not buy them. It is not economical for the club and would result in us losing our bidding power in future seasons. Don’t get me wrong – I think we can go over the odds a LITTLE for a player, but not into the astronomical figures of say, Higuain.

        Your second point on Ibra…well it’s possible. Something tells me his ego says he no take pay cut. The guy believes he is a legend and in France, he just smashes everything. I don’t think he’d care about where he plays, though if he wanted the English lifestyle he could go for it. BUT then, he’s not a Wenger OR an Arsenal player. Can you see him gelling really well with the team personality wise? You see now the whole squad laughing and joking together, really enjoying their football. I’d take that any day over Ibra scoring a couple worldies a season for us.

        Your third point: I didn’t say we won’t go for players other teams are interested in. I am strongly of the mind that we do not see every dealing Wenger makes and that most, if not all, of the conversations he has about signing players go on behind very closed doors. My point is that it is irrelevant if we try for these WC players – if someone offers more money than we get scuppered. Because of our wage structure and not having oil money to balance the books, a big fish coming after our targets is almost always gonna beat us to them…and then we’ll only hear that they signed them and not necessarily know if we were in for them or not.

        Cast your mind back a couple years to Willian. The deal seemed cut and dry that he was going to Tottenham and then Mourinho just came and stole him. I’m not saying we’re Spurs (we have FAR more pull) but the fact is we are not (yet) the biggest club in England and we’re still recovering from a financial downturn as part of our investment in the stadium. There is always room for another club to steal our targets with bigger wages and more “apparent” ambition through ridiculous signings. This is just a truth we have to accept. As I said originally, there is a possibility for Reus but it’s IF other clubs aren’t still able to smash us off the table with money (i.e. the Ozil situation). I still believe we should make the enquiries and make the bids for these players – I just think as fans we need to be realistic about our hopes and be thinking more along the lines of who we can sign, rather than the dream signing, and then getting angry when we don’t sign that dream player.

  3. I think its either gotze or lewandowski
    and the delay might be due to pep looking for their replacement
    but with douglas costa coming in, walcott wanting to play as striker and santi isnt getting any younger, gotze makes more sense to me !!!

    1. Spurs is usually “close”
      to ECL qualification yet
      very rarely qualify.
      That final step is too much for them.
      Its the same for Arsenal and the EPL title
      “close” but always just short.
      City and Chelsea are like Nadal and Djokovic
      Utd is Federer and Arsenal is Murray.
      We need 3 teams above us to fail at the same time.
      Should we stay with who we have and hope
      Nadal Djokovic and Federer all get injured?
      Or should we take a risk and sell both Giroud
      and Wellbeck and buy Benzema and Reus?
      Should we stay with Coq and Arteta
      or go all out and buy Pogba for 70 mill?
      Maybe we could entice Lord Bendtner
      and Kim Kallstom back 🙂

  4. Walcott is not that a good player. I don’t think he can be trusted as a striker. He’s always on and off. Today he’s good, tomorrow he’s horrible. Same thing with Giroud. We need someone like Lewandowski. With Alexis and the Ox on the flanks, Ozil, Carzola and Coquelin in midfield, we shall be a force.

  5. Lord Bendtner returned to the Emirates but showed mercy, refusing to score against Arsenal

    have to respect that guy

  6. @ADMIN
    “it all looked good. We were quick, we scored goals, we let the youngsters shine and the fairy tale looks good. The problem is, this is a movie we’ve seen before”


      1. On the 2013 Asian tour
        were budding young stars
        Zelalem Akpom Olson Ryo
        Miquel Eisfeld + Chuks Aneke.
        Wenger said “the future looks great
        with our youth system” and
        in Japan Wenger said
        “I am very impressed with Ryo” 🙂

  7. with the emergence of the likes of Adelaide, iwobi , akpom, hayden etc….. Perhaps we really should take it more serious in all competitions…… Be it the capital one cup, F.A cup, all major or minor trophies….. By this, they will have more game time for emselves…… Its a Different ball game playing in the EPL or UCL (so let’s not hype the young guns yet)………somhow, The Emirates cup have taken the centre stage for the last few days and have kept our minds off the transfer window for a day or two…… 28days have passed…..But! We must not neglect our obligations and necessities this window…….Reinforcements/additions are a must in order to be able to go so far from where we are…. I rest my case!

  8. AW recently said theo (who will most likely be preferred as our lead striker through the middle) likes it best when he can play off a big powerful partner.

    I’d expect late bids (like 12th hour) for benzema/zlatan/cavani based on their being manoeuvres by their respective teams. The danger/risk of playing a waiting game is that you may end up with only the bad cards remaining (DW), or in a less likely scenario you could bag yourself some WC (MO).

    Any of these (and Muller) would make us a really potent threat up front. We have promising kids too to develop under them so bringing in short term solutions like Zlatan would not be a problem.

    If we could get Reus in this would be another superb signing. He is very much an Arsene type of player with his versatility and I see this one as a real goer (unless RM want him).

    We need another DM too. Seeing Arteta tread water and misplace passes re-enforced this fact even more for me. A top servant but with £200M (AW has laughed at this statement) we should be filling our ranks with better.

    I too feel we have missed a trick or to missing the likes of Morgan et al.

    1. We did not miss them, we were never serious about buying them Wenger is unfortunately falling back into type he I’m sure thinks to himself “why spend 50 million and defiantly win something g , when I can use what I have and maybe win something” our transfer business is done and Walcott will fail in the task. Good squad player but either through injury or lack of bottle he will nit be the striker that bar a and real ate seeking to buy off of us next season . Mark my words

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