Arsenal are still missing the big personality to challenge for the title

Why we still need a big personality

by Vinod

That was a great start as expected by most Arsenal fans, we actually have a nice fixture list to have a great start to the season. I believe Arsenal will without doubt have a podium finish with question marks on who are the teams going down the ranks.

I am safely going to say Man Utd are out of top 3, Chelsea don’t have a proper forward, if they can get one maybe they can fight. But this is a huge call. Liverpool to finish below Arsenal. I am not saying this because of the two results. It’s because of the void left by Mane and he was their talisman and questions over Nunez able to impact just as much, their best left winger is Luis Diaz who is average, and they only have one world class midfielder in Fabinho. And I believe Klopp will eventually blow up after a period of success just like he did at Dortmund, similar to Mourinho.

So we have to say it is down to us, Manchester City and Tottenham. As much as I hate it, they are the only other side left and they are pretty strong too unfortunately and have a really competitive manager. Now what scares me the most is Tottenham finishing above us in the table and rallying around the city. As much as I am confident in my team, but we lack a big intimidating personality upfront. Teams are scared of Kane and Son. Man City have Haaland, De Bruyne. These people strike fear in the opponents and kill them mentally even before the game has started. We don’t have that. For winning a title we need that fear factor.

So as things stand we would think Man City, Tottenham and Arsenal in that order. We certainly don’t want that and we need someone who the opponents are scared to look him in the eye. I’m not talking about talent wise, which would be a given, but we need a big personality to tip Tottenham or even Manchester City for the title. If we fail to bring in such a player I’ll be really disappointed….

Guest Post from Vinod


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  1. Many people won’t agree with this theory, but it’s quite reasonable considering our recent record of trophy won.
    We were on 9years drought, signed a world class Ozil, we ended up winning a trophy.
    Followed by Sanchez.
    Our last trophy was won my a world class Auba at the time.
    This are the kind of thing they bring to the team weather you like it or not.
    We just need to find the balance on when to keep them and when to let them go.
    I remember united last EPL league was won by Vanpersie during his prime after turning to world class under us.
    Hence I don’t see us winning a trophy soon apart from Europa.
    Liverpool have started to take cups serious unlike before, and winning it last year shows they might want to focus on it this season as well, especially if their team are not doing quite good on the league which makes our chances of winning cup slim.

    1. How did signing Ozil correlate to us winning our first trophy in 9 years?
      People keep going conflating us winning a trophy in 9 years with the ozil signing..

      How did you extrapolate all the data to lead you and other to this conclusion?


      1. Good argument, but do you have any back up for your argument?
        Cause as far as I know and which is the obvious truth, we didn’t win a single trophy until we signed Ozil.
        We were on trophy drought for 9 years, till the income of Ozil ended it.
        You may question his contribution to the trophy won, but you can’t deny it was when we signed him that the trophy drought ended.
        Let speak with fact and not emotions or how we fill about ex players.

            1. Except those two were only relevant at spurs compare to those names I mentioned in my initial comment.
              Ozil was world class at real Madrid, Auba was at Dortmund, Vanpersie was at Arsenal, and Sanchez was nearly a world class at Barca.
              Now who was Kane and son before Spurs? You yourself won’t be able to answer that.

        1. @Kaay
          You just made a fallacious conflation / Correlation vs Causation..

          It’s the typical “A black cat crosses my path hence wby I ended up losing my car keys”.

          You have to show data and evidence for tour claims. You said, ending 9 years of winning any trophy was caused by us signing world class Ozil..

          You need to show me some concrete step by step data that included Ozil being the major factor in us ending our own 9 year trophy drought.. What did he contribute in the process, how many goals?, how many assists?, how many man of MOTM performances?, what did he do in that Final? etc…

          Or may be it was Ramsey, Santi, Giroud, Wilshere, Koscielny, Sanogo, Flamini, xhaka, etc.. Why did you contribute our drought end to Ozil but not any other player in the squad?

          That’s all..

          1. You should be the one to show me why all those names you mentioned didn’t win anything before ozil arrival.
            All those names came before ozil, if it was all their ability that ended the drought, then they are ought to have won it before the arrival of Ozil, and how come it’s the first season of Ozil who was at that particular moment the biggest player in all of our squad we won that trophy.
            Perhaps we won it 3 times while he was here excluding the last one we won.
            Back to stats, since Ozil arrival, he has more assist, goals, chances created than any of our milfieder.
            Now I guess your problem lies with Ozil and I don’t care what you think about him just like he doesn’t.
            I made examples of other name, you are only the one who decided to single out ozil among all those names.
            And I mentioned his name because the post was about big personality, and none of those names you have mentioned could match is personality at that particular moments. Unless you want to tell me all those names where bigger personality than ozil at that moment.

            1. @Kaay
              That’s not how logic works..
              You make a sweeping statement “Ozil arrives = We win trophies”.

              Now you need to back it up.

              The burden of proof is on the that person that makes a strong statement/ claim..

              You can’t go to court with such juvenile mentality.

              Kaay: “Your honour, it’s the defendent that stole that car.”

              The Judge: “Okay Mr Kaay, can you start entering your affidavit / evidence to support your claim now?”.

              Kaay: “But your honour, it’s you that has to show me that it’s not the defendant that took the car. Because for the last 9 years that car stayed safely parked in that same spot without any problems. But is it just a coincidence that the moment the defendant is seen in the area for the first time then the car goes missing?”.

              Thr Judge: “Perfetctly prosecuted case Mr Kaay”.


            2. @Kaay.
              Your personal reverence and love for Ozil or my not rating him as highly as yourself shouldn’t matter in this case.

              What matters is the evidence. Can you show me the actual stats in our FA CUP run in 2013/14. How many MOTM performances, how many goals, how many assists, how many games etc..

              You using fallacious reasoning won’t do it for me..

              I am waiting for the actual evidence ot data that backs up your Ozil FA CUP win claim.. That’s all..

              1. If we win the league or Europa Arteta lovers will need to provide solid evidence Arteta was the reason we won.

                Good luck with that.

                Anyone can find loopholes is any argument.

                1. @Apex
                  The manager takes the credit and the criticism because it’s him that buys the players, assembles the team, comes up with all types of systems / formations, manages the team etc.
                  That’s why managers get hired and fired.
                  I can clearly show the “correlation / causation” that clearly shows that Wenger was directly responsible for our success between 1996-2018.
                  I can show that Fergie was a direct cause for Man united success from 1986-2013.
                  Can show that Mourinho was a direct cause of the chelsea team success between 2004-2007. Etc.

                  I can show that Vieira, Bergkamp etc were direct influential figures in our success etc..

                  Now can you show how Ozil was a major cause of our 2013/14 FA CUP win?

                  What does not add up is when people just make up un-evidenced proclamations about Correlation vs Causation on individuals they love. Make up stuff to give credit to my personal favourite individual even if the evidence is not supportive..
                  That’s all..

                  And I will ask you for evidence yourself that show how Ozil was the catalyst in us winning our first trophy in 9 years. Fallacious correlation vs causation juvenile talk only works on shallow thinkers..

                  I have been asking @Kaay to show me some evidence but he just keeps parroting the correlation / Causation fallacy like you yourself are doing..

                  I am waiting for your causal evidence guys..

                  Thank you..

                2. Arteta and Edu is shaping this team based on their ideas. Everything comes down to them. Wdym? I don’t think there is a name in football that could have done what Arteta has done, hands down. Arsenal was one summer away from being as toxic as Manu.

        2. @Kaay
          You just picked Ozil being signed as the reason we ended our trophy drought..
          I can also just make up whatever type of causation for why we won our first trophy in 9 years.. I can say that in 2014 was the perfect time for us to end our trophyless streak because that’s when all the energy systems in our galaxy perfectly lined up with the Wembly stadium that season, Astrological energies..

          Or I can say that that’s football and life, you never if this or that season will be the season you win your Europa, FA, Carling cup etc. It was our turn in the football cycle to win the FA cup in 2014. Everything just lined up perfectly for us.. Because not many would have bet on us winning anything that season..

          Or I can say “Ramsey had such a freaky season in 2013-2014, helped by Santi, Wilshre, Giroud in that final etc..”

          Or I can say “It was because we signed Ozil”.

          Out of all those possible explanations to why we ended our trophy drought, which first 2 would a neutral choose before the rest?

          1. Well it’s now so glaring that your issues was with ozil because he wasn’t the only one I mentioned in my comment.
            Ok simple question, do you suddenly believe we win Europa or be in top4 this season or even win a trophy ??let me guess because of the Arrival of Jesus isn’t it ?
            Now Jesus is in the squad, everybody believe this season would be different isn’t it.
            Now use this same logic to that of Ozil at that time.
            Like I said, you might want to question his contribution towards the trophy, but what can’t be changed is that his arrival ended our drought of 9 years.
            You don’t have to accept that, but it’s down as a fact that ozil addition at that time helped us in ending the drought. Especially when all those names you mentioned couldn’t win anything before his arrival.

            1. It’s mostly because was Sanchez was actually influential, scored in the final. Auba was actually influential and scored the winning goal etc.?

              But including Ozil that was as influential as myself. But then people always ignore the actual individuals that actually influenced the wins (Ramsey, Santi, Giroud, Wilshere etc..

              Basically I am just trying to push people to be much more fair, less biased and less hypocritical etc when making claims.. Some of us prefer the evidence based reality.

              1. Henry has never scored in a final game before does that mean he has never contributed to any of the trophy he won while being attacker.
                Apart from Ramsey other players you mentioned are attackers which goals are expected of them.
                There’s a reason why Ramsey is our highest scoring midfielder, it’s because his style of play allows him to score tons of goals. Ozil was known for assist as he’s always shy away from goals.
                There’s no where I mentioned Ozil won us any trophy.
                However I mentioned his arrival ended our drought which was the biggest player we had then among the team.
                I don’t know how it difficult to get.
                A single player can’t win a trophy, but his addition to the team could make them win one.
                There’s this say that pep has never won any Ucl without Messi, does that mean Messi was only the one doing all by himself?? He’s the standout player so he will always be ahead of others.
                Just like Haland joining city makes them more favorite for UCl trophy and other trophy.Because he’s the best striker they got.

                1. @Kaay
                  I have tried so hard to help you out a bit with how to argue logically but you just too stuck in your own head..
                  You mentioned Henry, but Henry’s contributions to our success does not need any microscope. It is there for all to see.. You can count his goals, assist, influence etc leading up to our trophies etc..

                  You are arguing fallacious mate but you don’t seem to be able to acknowledge it.. You claimed that us signing Ozil was direct causation to us winning our trophy in 9 years.. I have continually asked you to show me any stats that back that claim up. Goals? Assists? MOTM performances? Etc.. Go back to the first game we played in that FA CUP run to the Final game at wembly and highlight where Ozil was the main architect. What game?

                  Just arguing the typical “I tried every technique I could think of in order to get treat my headaches. But the moment I got on my knees and prayed to the all powerful Juju at the bottom of the ocean my headache healed”..

                  As a skeptic I will ask you to show me some evidence for it.

                  So I am asking you once more, can you back your massive claim up with some testable evidence? What if I said that we won that FA CUP because of the great Flamini that we signed?

                  What about because of Ramsey having a freaky season and actually contributing with goals?

                  What about me saying it was because of Santi Cazorla? He scored in that final.

                  What of Giroud and Wilshere? They engineered a goal amongst them in the final etc..

                  And did you know that in that FA CUP final Ozil and Podolski were the worst out of everyone? They received the lowest ratings as compared to everyone else.. So how can a player that was the worst on the pitch in that FA CUP final then be given the most credit for ending our trophy drought in 9 years? And did you know that Ozil was not even on the pitch when our winning goals went in? He has been substituted for being poor and invisible all game..

                  Can you see why I am so skeptical of this myth of Ozil being a reason we ended our trophy drought?

                  It has never added up in my opinion..

                  1. You know what, you are right. And I am wrong.
                    Ozil was shit when we signed him and he has no goals and assists to back it up.
                    How does the statement it was the year we added ozil to our team we ended our trophy drought translate that ozil won us the trophy with his goals and assist.
                    You are definitely having comprehension issue and your hatred for ozil is the reason behind it.
                    I mentioned Auba won us a trophy and Ozil addition ended 9 years drought. Two different statement but I don’t know how you manage to translate it to the same meaning.
                    Have been giving you an example on football, all you come up with are outside view point to tackle it.
                    Ozil was mentioned due to the fact that he represent the personality profile the article is talking about.
                    What’s so difficult to understand?
                    Go back to the topic of the article and my first comment for better digestion.
                    Ramsey had a class season, but those time was ozil peak before he came to us and he was big profile player at that moment.

                    1. And for the record ramsey contribution was only in the final, scoring the winning goal of the match which won us the cup.
                      The most important goal. but however, nobody ozil had more contribution in that competition than Ramsey if you must know since you are seeking for stats.
                      Secondly poldi and ozil had a low rating but they are not the lowest like you claim. If you have any proof of disclaim my statement here, I would like to see it.
                      I like to talk with proof and not base my point on just opinion.

                    2. @Kaay
                      And stop the fallacies. Now you have gone full Strawman fallacy. “Ozil was shit when we signed him and he has no goals and assists to back it up.” And I don’t HATE ozil”.
                      I never said or suggested such strawmans..

                      Anyways, Back to my contention..
                      You are still smuggling in your fallacious Ozil correlation = Causation myth.
                      You including Ozil in the same category as Auba and Sanchez was clearly insinuating that the Ozil signing had as much influence on us winning the FA CUP as the signings of Auba and Sanchez.

                      You should never have mentioned Ozil in the same bracket as Auba and Sanchez when it comes to being influential in our trophy wins because those two guys actually were real architects.. If you mentioned Cazorla, Ramsey, Koscielny in the same category as Auba and Sanchez then I would not have had a problem..

                      And you playing down Ramsey because he only contributed in scoring the winning goal is ironic..
                      You are willing to hype up a hider (Ozil) who contributed next to nothing throughout that whole cup run, but then turn around and say “Ramsey only contributed in the final by scoring the winning goal,.” Excuse me? Can’t you see the irony? Lol

                      So you are okay with not giving any credit to the actual individuals (Ramsey, Cazorla, Giroud, Wilshere etc) that actually won us the FA CUP, but then try to elevate an individual that contributed nothing, was the worst player on the pitch and was already substituted when we scored the winning goal. But his is the go to poster boy for that FA CUP run and Win? Smh 🤦‍♂️

                      “Ramsey only contributed in scoring the winning goal. Santi just contributed a goal, Giroud, Whilshere and Ramsey engineered a move that led to the winning goal in that final, but meh let not even ever mention them. Koscielny also scored in that final but he is not the blue eyed boy, not as shiny and good on the eye, let’s bury his contribution”. But let’s make Ozil the poster-boy for our FA CUP win even if he contributed next to nothing, went into hiding in that same final that we are constantly being told he is the poster boy for , was the worst player on the pitch in that final but that does not matter, we just want our prince Ozil to represent the that Trophy drought end..

                      I can’t do over the top bias like a lot of people do..

                      And the reason this “Ozil signing = First trophy win in 9 years” myths always catches my attention is because I have been debunking it for years now.. You are not the first person I have had these back and forth with on this exact topic. I just find it to be so biased and dishonest / disingenuous.,

                      That’s all..

                  2. @goonster, to begin with I am not that ozil fan as I will take Santi ahead of him.
                    Secondly I would have agreed with most of your statement except that it has nothing to do with the article.
                    All the players you are mentioning are not compare to ozil by any means at that time.
                    The article talks about big personality profile, none of players you mentioned fall in that category at that moment. Auba, Ozil, Sanchez, Vanpersie have all made name for themselves in their previous team before they joined Arsenal. All those players you mentioned were only relevant when they started to play for Arsenal.
                    If I am not mistaken, there’s a reason why ozil jersey had a high sales than all those players ( this point is irrelevant), but it to show you that this article is about big personality hence the ozil inclusion.
                    Auba and Sanchez are attackers that goals will always be their targets.
                    There’s a reason why many claim Auba offer nothing than goals, that’s auba job.
                    Lastly you asked me about their contribution, I didn’t bring it up. I only answered your question. Unless you are furious to find out he actually contributed something you are not aware of.
                    Ozil has been shit for 4 years and he still has more goals, assists and chances created more than any of our midfielder since his debut till today. Like I said, I am not his biggest fan, but some of you are just full of hatred for ex players unnecessarily.
                    That you won’t stand any positive thing about them.
                    Many of you will rubbish ozil for hidden and quickly come to ode defence for the same thing. At least one of them were able to make a name for himself in a team like Madrid.
                    If you all are so good at not hiding, maybe you all should replace them instead.
                    For better understanding again, go back to the article and my first comment, and check if all those names you mentioned fill that profile this article is directing to.

                    1. @kaay
                      Your reasoning is all over the place..
                      Now talking about shirt sales, player personality, player hype, social media influence blah blah.. 🤦‍♂️

                      And you reason like a typical surface level fan, just all over the place.. Make claims, but when pushed to back them up just weasel around..

                      I feel like I have asked you 1000’s of times to show any evidence that links the Ozil signing to us winning our first trophy in 9 years. You just keep talking about everything else apart from the actual evidence I keep asking for… I don’t care about your personal reverence towards Ozil. You can play down or say the likes of Santi, Ramsey, Giroud etc did not have as much over the top hype and shirt sales as your Ozil. But ozil was not bought to sell shirts. Was bought to play influential football for us. Those guys actually contributed / won us that first FA cup in 9 years. That win had nothing to do with the Ozil signing.

                      I asked you to point me to any single match in that FA CUP run where Ozil was the main culprit, where is got a higher rating than any other player. Where are the goals, assists, MOTM performances in any of those games?
                      I can show you that he was his typical ghost when it really matter. Was the worst player in the final, has already been pulled off the pitch when the winning goal went it. But but, lets play down the actual individuals that actually won us that FA CUP (Koscielnu, Santic Ramsey, Wilshere, Giroud etc) while we try to sneak in an individual that has as much personality on the pitch as my pet chihuahua dog, always hiding when the going gets tough, but he is the same personality as the likes of Sanchez, Auba, Santi Ramsey etc at Arsenal?

                      Yeah yeah, Santi, Ramsey, Giroud, Koscielny, wilshre etc are the real reason we won our first trophy in 9 years, but no, they did not have 30 million followers in Instagram, did not have the over the top hype, they were never “SHIRT SELLING GENIUSES” like prince Ozil. So their contribution to us winning that FA CUP is irrelevant, let’s just play it all down because they were not as loud on their social media platforms as prince Ozil, right.?

                      Lets play down the actual individuals that at least had personality on the pitch while on the other hand let’s elevate, worship, overly hype an individual who was the opposite, had a strong personality when hiding behind his smartphone posting on his social medias.. He was bought to be an influential figure on the pitch, not on his personal social media platforms.

                      A strong personality that was always one of the weakest each season. “But but he sold more shirts than everyone else.”

                      Weak on field personality but very strong off field (social media) personality. Of what use is such nonsense?

                      And about your Odegaard snipe , lol. When was the first and last time you lot invented all these cringeworthy labels for him? Assist king, chances created king, Pre Assist king, Shirt selling genius, one of the best talents in football history blah blah?

                      If Odegaard was constantly stinking up the place while still being overly worshipped and hyped like some of you do / did with Ozil, then I would be as hard on him as I am with your prince Ozil.

                      Some of you are funny.. 😊Smh

                    2. @goonster, well no matter what you write here, it will always remain your own personal opinion about ozil which is far from what he was back then.
                      Funny enough all those names you called ozil, he was being call all those names before he joined Arsenal.
                      So it wasn’t Arsenal fan that gave him that name, he was named that by football fans who appreciate his ability with ball.
                      I have mentioned this here countless times.
                      All the players I mentioned were relevant before they joined Arsenal or other team. Which makes them fill in the profile of personality the article is talking about.
                      I think if all you said about him is true, then the entire Germany football who named him player of season 8 times knows nothing about football like you do.

                      You are the genius who knows better than Mourinho and Wenger who signed Ozil.
                      You can go and strip all his medals away by saying he has no contribution however so he deserves none.
                      I would have agreed that focusing on football was more important, but here you are hyping a process that’s build on reducing players wages and looking into players lifestyle outside football and when it comes to what that matters the most, they haven’t match a failed tenure ranks in the league in 2 and half years after spending quarter of billions.
                      And ode can’t be hype like that because he failed were ozil succeeded which it was at real Madrid. he still got the chance to do better than him in the EPL, which will never makes him ahead of Ozil howsoever.
                      Thank God Wenger never listened to your kind nor your permission to sign Ozil. .
                      As for being the worst player on the field in the final,
                      Before it was him and poldi, now it’s him alone.
                      Your view remain your view and it doesn’t even count a bit in football and those who rank him beyond all you listed.
                      I respect your view however, but it will always remain your view.

          2. I think an article in ozil assists, pre-assists and goals would be good.

            A proper analysis on his impact, bot just using stats but akso considering the positivity he brought to the team and fans.

            some things cant be measured though.

        3. If Ozil’s contribution is questionable what then is the point? Was he the only player we signed that season?

          1. The most important reason we ended the trophy drought was Aaron Ramsey’s coming of age. A world class player whose impact was only later rivalled by Aubameyang.

            1. I can’t disagree, but the only reason I mentioned Ozil was because the post was talking about high profile player and he fit that profile and we ended up ending our trophy drought the moment he joined us .
              I didn’t say he won it for us in any of my statement.
              This is why I mentioned Auba by claiming he won it for us unlike the ozil statement.
              I only said we ended our drought the season he joined us as a big profile player.

              1. @david, more so, the spectacular season Ramsey had was a year before the drought was ended. I could be wrong but he wasn’t that great in that season compare to the one before.

        4. After the 9yr drought the writer in his opinion pointed to that fact that in all the trophy winning teams thereafter, we have had an exceptional player in our ranks…. players with something extra. IMO he’s right to some extent.

  2. As Kaay says above, your theory is actually reasonable and I can see why. But I believe that Liverpool will finish above us. Same with Tottenham and Chelsea. I’m not being negative, just what I see. I’m predicting a 5th place finish for Arsenal. Moreover, I’m not going to make the same mistake I made last season, judging the season by the first three matches. We are known to be inconsistent and one or two bad performances, and fams’ opinions will change dramatically. Until the season has gone at least halfway through, I won’t be predicting anything. I’m waiting to see how consistent we can be. This is Arsenal

    1. @dgr8xt
      Sound reasoning Gooner. We are looking decent so far, but we still have a ways to go. I was hard on The Coach last season for not giving fringe players the match mins. so they would be match fit when and if needed. When injuries hit, he was forced to use those players who were rusty and of very little use to us(Nuno was a prime example)…I hope he’s learned from that. Because those very same players could be the ones to make a difference in the long run.
      Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint…IJS

  3. Ronaldo is a big personality.Are you advocating we go after some prima donna like him who is a disruptive influence within the dressing room and is in playing terms, past his best.We have at last a team who all appear to be singing from the same hymn sheet, and apart from an athletic presence in central midfield, we do not need any more recruits this season.

    1. I quite disagree Grandad. While I do not want Ronaldo anywhere close to the Emirates, he would have been a potent title decider if Man Utd squad played to even half their potential. Also, apart from our back five, our squad depth in other positions isn’t exactly screaming quality

      1. @dgr8xt
        I think that there is enough quality in our second string players, if they’re given enough match mins to gel with the first squad players…IJS

    2. I totally agree with you and I am not advocating for big personality.
      I just point out what big personality could do at times and we have seen it happened with our team.
      Ole was doing well before they signed Ronaldo, but he couldn’t deliver a single trophy.
      No matter how well we do and the transformation, trophy would be the major success.
      Spurs have finished above us 7 years in a row, but no trophy.
      Soon People won’t judge us base on salary we pay for players, or the transformation, or the youngest team but what we deliver with all those. Which is trophy. It’s only thing the rival club would be interested in.

    3. Not every manager can use certain kind of players and even the style of play counts. If you gave Ronaldo to say Wenger in this current United team he’d be competing for the golden boot as did every great forward under Wenger. Even there were above average forwards under him who initially seemed to do well how much more Ronaldo. Even Sancho and Rashford would be balling under him.

        1. What’s your point though?? If its in agreement with me then ok but if not you’re still proving my point. There’s not one good or great player who was at Arsenal who left and did better than under Wenger. All those players you mentioned were used to their very best at Arsenal. His system made players look good and that is not even debatable. Rashford, Sancho and Ronaldo is easy for Wenger to get the best out of. These players are actually talented for a start.

    4. you can get big personalities that are not like that. e. g. Henry, Viera, Adams etc.

      Please use some common sense.

  4. Our remaining transfer business should be Tying down saka and Saliba to new contracts ,maybe a new CM as a bonus .
    Arteta as already shown he can not work with big personality’s or players with abit of ego ,so I cannot see that happening.

    1. “Making a fool of myself “

      Let’s not make this another thread you take over and spoil with your controlling ways ,stop pretending you speak for everybody else ,you do not ,so stop looking for backup on your own opinions .
      Now move along before I once again make you look the FOOL !

    2. I think you are wrong about Arteta’s ability to work with big personalities.

      You forget he worked with several during his time at ManC, and they all rave about him as a coach.

      Plus, I think your judgement is based on his experience with Ozil and Auba … and perhaps with Guendozi … but do you honestly think none of the current crop of players have egos or big personalities?
      Maybe, you have players’ profiles confused with their personalities?

      Because Ozil and Auba might have bigger profiles but I doubt anyone had a bigger ego than Xhaka in the squad MA inherited. Do you think Jesus and Zinchenko and Saliba … or even Odegaard and Saka and Gabriel and Martinelli dont have big egos?

      The thing is … I believe MA identified really early the rot which had set into Arsenal’s dressing room, and worked quickly to rid us of the cancer. If you want an example of how things would look if he had instead tried to manage those players, take a look at ManU’s current state. Erik Ten Hag should already have taken a page out of MA’s book, and left Ronaldo out of his squad entirely because playing him in spite of his attitude has already tarnished his authority with the rest of the squad, and I doubt he’ll be able to fix it before he gets the sack.

      1. He worked as a assistant at Man City ,massive difference.
        Look I’m not saying it’s the right or wrong way to go with how he as conducted our transfer business ,but I was answering the question regarding the Article .
        I don’t believe that he commands the respect of bigger ego players and that’s why he as gone down this young route , which is his decision ,at the moment it seems to be working .

    3. Arteta has shown, he doesn’t want to work with personalities , who think they are bigger than the club/team.
      That is not the same as having a big personality.
      Xhaka has a big personality IMO, and it seems to work:
      Ramsdale has a big personality IMO.
      Doesn’t Martinelli have a big personality? Think so.
      Our team is full of personalities, if you look for them. But they seem to be able to put the team first.

  5. Anintersting take on things by Voinod I do nor share his penchant for a huge personality and see this as somtimes eg Ronaldo, or Pogba, being a regreesive step inwhat is aTEAM game.

    NO PLAYER BIGGER THAN THE TEAM, EG OZIL, at least in HIS head, as he thought he was far too good to put in the 100% effort that ALL players need.


    Who agrees with me and who with Vinod on THIS point?

    1. I agree with you in that we do NOT need prima donnas in the vein of Ronaldo, Ozil, Pogba … or worse still, the whiny little b**** that is Bruno Fernandes whose greateat claim to fame is scoring a rash of penalties one season which ManU were gifted by referees.

      Much like you, I prefer the squad Mikel Arteta has built: one full of solid players everywhere who do not think themselves above running and pressing for the full 90 like Jesus, Martinelli, Saka, Odegaard, Nketiah, ESR, Partey, Xhaka, Gabriel, White, Tierney, and Tomiyasu.

    2. Agree John, as the old saying goes, a champion team will always beat a team of champions. Harmony, passion and mateship in the dressing room goes a long way to becoming a successful team on the pitch. We are on the right track.

      1. You’ve spoken my mind …I remembered Arsenal’s team 2005/2006 seasons .. a champion team will always beat a team of champions.. Real Madrid, juventus, inter Milan, AC Milan all bows … 10men arsenal team almost make the world best crying out…

    3. @jon fox
      Well stated Gooner. I agree wholeheartedly. PSG is a prime example of primadonna toxicity…IJS

    4. We need big personalities not the type with bad attitudes but the type with mental strength leadership tenacity and feisty who can motivate others on the pitch…and of course who are very good in what they do…..Vieira comes to mind..a giant of a personality….I agree with you

  6. Why do you assume Klopp is going to blow up?? You have forgotten that the likes of Diaz and Nunez haven’t even come to the party yet and they have Jota. When all these players click Liverpool is capable of wining the league and if not the UCL and other cups. Klopp is not a perfectionist, like Wenger he can get the best out of players and that has been shown in several Liverpool victories. He can use average or great players very well.

    1. You know what Kev , he called Diaz average! But then it’s his opinion and how he rates him. Diaz to me is an amazing player and a fighter maybe not to an extent to mane but nonetheless a player I’ll want in my team. To judge Liverpool based on two games and knowing Liverpool can go on an extended winning streak….. They have a chance and will be up there at some point

      1. He will tell you its opinion but the way he puts it across make it seem like some sort of fact. One thing that is missing from all this talk is that Liverpool have gotten something out of two games they should’ve lost. We should rather focus on ourselves and ask if we’d have been able to do same in those situations.

  7. I believe Jesus, Martinelli and Saka are quite scary for most EPL clubs. Liverpool would likely bounce back because of their dangerous attackers, if they can their calm

    I heard Ronaldo has reiterated his desire to leave and Ten Hag could rely on high press again if Ronaldo finds a new club. I think Ten Hag knows it will take time to fully implement his system at Old Trafford, hence the interest in strong pivots like Sasa Kalajdzic and Matheus Cunha

    Tuchel and Conte were lucky to have Havertz/ Kane in their first seasons. I was surprised Tuchel let Werner go, but maybe Werner begged to leave

  8. I agree with you on the premise that successful teams need to strike fear into the hearts of their opponents in the same way Henry, Pires, Bergkamp, and Vieira used to do for Arsenal.

    And, we have been missing that recently but I do believe Jesus, backed by Saka, Odegaard, and Martinelli, can produce the same impact. We have already seen Jesus and Martinelli cause all sorts of chaos upfront, and Saka hasnt even got going yet this season. Add Zinchenko to the mix, the way he’s been playing alongside Xhaka … and then consider that Tierney and Tomiyasu are yet to start a game … and I think we are well setup to compete strongly if we remain consistent and injury free.

    1. But was Henry a big “personality”?
      He was a great player, but he also seemed fairly humble to me.

      1. I never said he was a big personality … even though I think he was on the pitch, and yet quite humble off it.

        What I meant was his talent and presence struck fear into opponents’ hearts. Defenders hated playing against him–Carragher said as much recently.

        And that was my point in response to Vinod …
        We do not necessarily beed big personalities but players like Henry … like Jesus … who can inspire panic in defenders when they begin running or even when they press.

  9. Arsenal simply needs a player like WILFRED ZAHA!
    A fast, not necessarily Scoring but Aggressive and Troublesome Attacker! Such a player would cause untold pain and worries to EPL defenders!

  10. Is everyone missing the point that we have TWO big personalities up front who are going to scare defences;
    Jesus and Martinelli !!

  11. Any world class player available?? If any is available then we should go for him cuz we have to win trophies(I don’t mean one but two or more trophies) so if there’s need for us to sign a world class player we should do.

  12. I don’t agre with this. What we lack is depth in the midfield. Take Partey out and we begin to stuggle for impact in games. Until we have proper cover for him, the team cannot compete. he has shown over and over again that he can’t go for many games without injury.
    Also Saka needs proper cover. With these 2 we can keep getting results if Jesus stays fit.
    We’re still lacking and Tottenham has all it takes to challenge City and Liverpool. They are so solid.

  13. I think we are miles away from winning the title and a long way from actually challenging but with the investment in the team, we should expect at least a title challenge of note. I think the only way we can get CL football next season would be to win the EL but again, our investment should mean we get top 4. We spent big last season and failed to carry through the process. We have spent again this and it should mean we are up with the top 3. My problem is, i still only see potential in the players and management, until we can actually prove it. I do believe another season without CL football, will mean we will never get it. I think a Pep, Klopp, Tuchel and Conte with 300 mil to spend would expect to win the league.

  14. Pep, Klopp & Tuchel already have squads, who have a market value way above Arsenal. Man U also.
    Spurs have a team with approximately the same market value.

    1. Not my point Anders, my point is, give them a team of good footballers and 300 mil to spend and all four would be expecting to win the league.

      1. @Reggie, the teams you mentioned have been investing heavily for awhile compared to Arsenal, so giving them 300m, yes they should be expecting the UCL trophy,
        They have squad depth and can afford to spend 100m on a single player,
        We will be able to do that in some year’s time, for now we working on squad depths.

        1. No longbank, like anders, you arent getting the point. Give those four managers A team of Good footballers (not necessarily the ones they are managing now) give them 300 mil and all four would be looking to win the league. Its a huge investment in two years for any team.

      2. @reggie
        I understand your point to be we/Arteta should be expecting more, because we have spent a lot of money.
        My point is, that is not neccessarily the case just yet, because although we have spent a lot of money our squad is much less valuable than the favourites for the title.
        So we can’t expect to compete before our young players have developed further. Then they will both better and of course much more valuable. Then we can expect them to challenge.

    2. Totally agree Anders, those clubs are virtually nailed on to compete for the league or certainly to get a top 4 position without additional spending. Where we was as a team under Emery and obviously before that was a declining team ( and club) The money spent recently has Just got us to a point of getting a top four finish and that is just stepping stone to challenge for the league…..

      And compared to last season at this stage we are + 6pts up and +8 GD considering we was -4 after two games. Last season… early to judge season but we can judge were we are compared to last now, and it’s great 😊

  15. I really believe in this young team as much as they believe in themselves. Let’s lift them up, they need the 12th man encouraging and shouting out their names.

  16. So we are yet to see a full strength arsenal team. Players forge reputation and with our young squad any or all of them can be that fear inducing player to the opposition. Jesus is playing that way already along with Martinelli, saka isn’t quite at last years level yet but he will get there again. We will have a dip no doubt but so will all teams, our measure will compare when we play the teams we expect to be around come end of season. A point from a Man City game away and a home win against a Chelsea or spurs would place us firmly as top four contenders. I’m not looking at winning the league for another year or two yet but it’s football, you never know.

  17. We have just bought big personalities. What do we need to challenge Liverpool and the “N17 Impostors”? A winger and a midfield player to fill and complete our squad. The impostors bought Richarlison, even having Son and Kane. We desperately need another striker of quality and a top midfield player. Then we would challenge Liverpool and The Imposters at the top of the EPL. If we don’t finish our squad we WILL surely suffer when we get injuries, which we WILL with certainty.

  18. As much as I love Arsenal, this article is way off about Pool. First, Diaz is not average. He is phenomenal. And Fabinho is not the only world class midfielder they have. Thiago is on the same level. And Pool made Palace look like a championship team despite being one man less.
    Mane is a loss for them, but so is Jesus/Sterling for City. It’s not a one man show winning a title. We need a strong team and club, not one personality.

    1. Totally agree. Diaz is far from average.

      Meanwhile why mess with the transfer strategy that seems to be working so well. Ozil and Auba may have helped us win a couple trophies but their big personalities were hardly suited for the kind of team Arteta is creating.

      Anyway, maybe Jesus can be the guy or Saka in another year or two. In the meantime, keep, buying young, talented, hungry guys, committed to the cause.

  19. The premise for this article is very flimsy. It is analogous to the kind of unsound reasoning that led Man Utd to buy Ronaldo.
    It has a superficial attraction which some fans have bought into as one can see above.
    What is needed is to buy the “right” players that complement what you already have. They also need to have the necessary quality and attitude not “big personality”.

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