Arsenal are surely going to miss Lucas Torreira in the race for Europe

Is this the end of the season for Lucas Torriera? by Lagos Gooner

Hello Friends. Hope we enjoyed our game against West Ham yesterday? Well, I did and I hope to enjoy more games from our boys till the end of this season. Poor Lucas Torriera could not play in that game because he is seriously injured! I feel bad for our South American who plays with his heart and has the attributes to be a world class midfielder. When will our players stop getting injured on a weekly basis?

One Arsenal player who I know has the potential to be a world class player is Lucas. He is not so blessed with good height but knows how to put his stout stature to good use. He is fast, has an eye for goal and knows how to position himself for scoring chances. He is also good at stopping attacks from the opponents. His work rate is awesome and we are surely going to miss him till he gets back.

Something tells me he may have played his last game for Arsenal this season as reports on his injury does not look encouraging. If he can still get back and play again this season, good for him but if not, too bad.

With the way our team is improving, another midfielder might use this injury situation as an opportunity to lay claim to spot in the first team. The bad thing about nasty injuries is that it disrupts the flow of the player, makes him redundant for a while, opens up his space to be taken by another player and virtually makes it impossible to get back straight into the first team; he has to work hard to displace whoever took up his space while he was injured, especially when his replacement has done well. What a bad way of paying a player who plays with his heart.

In his absence, we have enough players to cover up; we have Guendouzi, we have Xhaka, we have Niles and of course, we have Ceballos. Yes, all these players can do a good job if called upon to, but we still want our Lucas back.

Well, we have found ourselves in this situation and it is such an unfortunate one but I believe Lucas is a strong player and will be eagerly working his own back to full fitness. He will be motivated by the fact that in his absence, the team held on to the dream of qualifying for Europe next season, hopefully. Get well soon Lucas and come back and take your spot in the team. We are Arsenal and we are proud.

Sylvester Kwentua.


  1. It is such a shame because as you said he plays with his heart and intensity we look for in a more defensive mid.

    Although as you hinted his height and stature are a slight negative.

    Our midfield is still not balanced, I like The midfield with Ceballos as I think it flows better but he is still doing some of the dirty work and we missed that Toreirra tough tackling type yesterday in parts.

  2. I like Torreira,I hope he uses his recovery to bulk up a bit the same way Kante did,I’d love for MA to give someone like Chambers a chance as DM ,focusing on protecting the back four to make up for Ozil/Ceballos lack of physical presence , this was our problem yesterday in the midfield,we were physically dominated,West Ham were lying deep inviting us and trying to hit us on the counter,we really needed a deep lying DM to break or even slow down the counter attacks!

  3. Ainsley Maitland-Niles has played some of his best games by far in midfield, his natural position, he deserves a chance.

    1. Apparently MA is not completely happy with him, something to do with his attitude, commitment not sure!

  4. Massive blow! Even though we haven’t seen Ceballos, and Torreira starting together, I think that would easily be our best two. It’s a shame we may never see that partnership.

    Xhaka has been awful, and even when he isn’t passing to the opposition, or constantly fouling, his general play is just too slow.

  5. Sad about Torreria who is a very industrious player who has never had an extended run as a DM due to successive Manager’s obsession with the deep lying role of Xhaka who did precious little of note against West Ham.We’re it not for the fact that he is left footed and brings a degree of balance to the team, he would most certainly be left out because in terms of pace, drive and energy he is sadly lacking.

  6. Excuse me Sylvester but what on earth ois meant by”stout stature”. He is not stout nor muscle bound nor even of average strength and “stout” is nonsemse. He i sshort constantly bowled over by stronger oppponents and constantly comes off worse , as in ijured, in pysical challenges. He IS combative with a courageous attitude but in NO WAY can “stout” be properly used, even figuratively speaking. I have long realised that ACCURATE use of language means little or nothing to you in your many articles but do try to not write COMPLETE nonsense. I think what you meant but did NOT say, was Torreira is combative.

  7. This article does not get at the REAL midfield problem which is an ongoing one. We have NO midfielders at all, as in not a single one , who combine real speed, mobility, strength and determination. We also need midfield goal scorers and also regular assist makers and we currently have neither in midfield. Examine ALL our normal choices and lets look at what they offer, which frankly is very little INDEED.
    Our midfield is by far the worst for well over 25 years, including the whole WENGER TENURE AND EVEN BEFORE THAT.

    First Ozil: a smooth link player only with out any real determination, strength or goals and assists to his name(other than yesterdays header to LACA, plus one ONLY, fairly recent goal) for ages now. Ceballos: pretty much likewise, though more energetic than OZIL-BUT SO IS A TORTOISE- but perhaps has not yet had time to prove himself not good enough. Guendouzi: energy personified with an immature attitude , constantly on the edge and generally, energy apart, not effective; a headless chicken description is apt. Willock: promising talent but at a minor level, lacks strength, goals, guile but has time to improve if given more playing time But can we afford to carry him now. I say no!
    XHAKA: what is this man doing wearing our shirt, Words fail me as to why he is still here and he represents all that is bad and not working in our midfield. Cumbersome, headstrong , slow, and effectively nearly useless.

    Torreira, determined but too short and just not physically strong enough, constantly coming off worse in his many battles for the ball and bowled over on the ground. Great attitude and good positional defence defensively but that is nowhere near enough. Maitland Niles, disgracefully not given a proper chance in midfield and were I him, I’d be wanting a move soon. I do not say he is good enough. I say that we do not YET know!

    I have not included the more fringe midfielders and have hopes for some, esp Smith Rowe, given time.

    All in all we need a complete revamp and overall in midfield and to get rid of Xhaka and Ozil as soon as possible.

  8. Your right JF, the absence of AMN when our midfield is crying out for pace and energy is beyond my understanding.

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