Arsenal are the best value in the betting to win the Premier League?

Premier League squad values – where is the value?

The Premier League transfer window has officially closed, but who has the most valuable squad? and does that tell us anything going into the new season? OddsMonkey investigates.

We have looked at every squad, at the values and then looked at the Bookmakers odds, and see if we can see who might be offering the best value.

So, after another record breaking transfer window, we have seen English clubs again spend millions once again on some of the world’s finest talent.

And it probably isn’t a huge shock that reigning champions Manchester City come out on top with a squad value almost hitting the £1billion mark at £948million.

Indeed, the Premier League’s top-six are that for a reason and they fill those spots – although Manchester United find themselves in fourth behind City. Chelsea (£846m) and Liverpool (£816m).

Then come North London duo; Tottenham – who became the first club since the current transfer window system was introduced not to sign a player in the summer – and Arsenal.

Of the rest it is little surprise to see newly promoted Cardiff propping up the table with the lowest value squad – only £900million less than Manchester City.

We also looked at the contenders, the top-six and analysed them along with the odds, to see who was offering the best value for the title – given their squad values.

And coming out on top is Unai Emery’s Arsenal – still possessing a squad worth over half a billion pound, but still with odds of 22/1, they present the best value in the market, ahead of rivals Tottenham and then Maurizio Sarri’s Chelsea.

Manchester United are fourth when it comes to value. but it is unsurprising that favourites Liverpool and Manchester City are offering little in terms of the value – compared to their rivals, especially as City are odds-on at 4/6.

OddsMonkey spokesman Peter Watton revealed: “We thought it would be hugely interesting to compile this research and look at the values and we are not disappointed.

“We all know just how good Manchester City are, but to see their squad value on paper – worth nearly £1billion, that is just staggering.

“The top-six are what they are in, but even in there we say big gaps from Arsenal and Chelsea – almost half the price of City.

“Then we go down to the bottom end, and we see Cardiff City at the bottom – which again doesn’t surprise many but highlights that we very much have leagues within leagues in the top-flight.”


  1. gotanidea says:

    Tottenham’s squad value is higher than Arsenal’s, but they actually spent less than us in the last three seasons

    If I’m a gambler, I would have bet my money on Liverpool and would be hoping Salah doesn’t get injured

    I hope Emery and his squad can surprise the competitors. Even if they don’t, I hope they can show entertaining football

  2. Tom says:

    This was taken down by admin on another post? Freedom of speech no longer available? Is it too good? Too long? Too true?

    Premier league summer transfer review and what the season ahead means for Arsenal according to Tom.

    Come 2019 May the 4th and unai will learn if his Arsenal have had the force with them.
    He will learn which players have taken on his new ideas and which have struggled to adapt. He will know which players are needed and of the loaned – which are ready to come back and be first teamers all whilst learning which of the new signings have taken to the league.

    What makes arsenals rise back to the top difficult is the modern market status,
    Today the market is different. In the past the likes of Viera wouldn’t of gone to United amongst the interest. Today it’s a likely outcome. RVP to United, Matic to United, Sanchez, Sterling to City, Ox to Liverpool, Giroud to Chelski, Walker to City, Welbeck to arsenal, Cech to arsenal, Mata to United…

    If the likes of Torriera becomes as mighty as Kante why wouldn’t arsenal take £70m from PSG or City?

    For Arsenal Fans hoping to expect mighty arsenal now it’s near impossible. Even to get arsenal to win the league and maintain its levels of excellence is impossible.

    The best arsenal can expect is to one day win the league and prepare again to win it within 5 years. No team is going to dominate – we are yet to see if City will!!

    So unai in 2019 end of season will be looking to see the heights of the challenge ahead. We want the league, but in truth how close can we get. Is Unai the Rogers before the Klopp, the Pellegrin before the Pep or is it Wenger before the Wenger before Unai the slayer – the league winner.

    If it is, it’s not this season ahead.
    Alot of work is needed.

    But to put it all into perspective as to why I believe this, I have some useful information.

    • Average spent by premier league clubs this window : € 70.461.000
    • 208 arrives (Average of 10.4 players per club)
    • €857,130,000 was spent by clubs outside of the top 6 with an average of €35,713.750 per club.
    • €-50.847.650 was the average of each club on the balance sheet of ins and outs from this summer window.

    2017 Arsenal revenue was £423.90m pre tax whilst operation and wages costs where at £337.7m. The difference here is £86.20m pre tax profit.

    On this knowledge, Arsenal will only spend approx £100m per transfer window…unless a super offer comes in for a player or we dip into the previous season’s earnings.
    But looking at the stats above we see the power of all clubs in the league now – competition is as hard as ever.

    Buying power isn’t where we will win the war!!

    This is why the model of buy talent (Torriera) at a fair price and sell on at a huge profit in the future is the best way to win the league for arsenal. We don’t have the power of paying players or buying players the top dollar.

    Our Owner gets stick because he doesn’t put in his own money but why should he? They have funded the growth with their money, and top that up with cash for transfers…Albert it only maybe 30% towards the total budget but why should we demand more? Because city have a mindless owner? Because Chelski have a boy with a toy owner?

    I’m not going to start the debate of what’s right and wrong off the pitch at arsenal. My focus is always arsenal football. And unai this year has to get into that top4.

    It’s hard to gauge arsenal fans online because some might be fans during the Wenger days, others like me the George Graham days and others even before. Some have perspective based on a history of what the club has done over 25 years, others 2 and a half years.
    All I know is it’s like snakes and ladders. Under Wenger for sure we climbed the ladders and grew, but it’s not that now we have fallen down a snake (no kroene pun intended) but the game board has just got bigger and we have further to go. That’s the reality of football with years perspective imo!!!!

    Win against City and everyone will be expecting us to win the league, lost and it’s crisis…and draw and we will be no wiser to the good.

    The season will be tough, and we won’t see the full arsenal we want. But allow time and support the building work now. It’s time we live in a society that is respectful of hard work again…and arsenal will have to put in hard work to achieve some of our immediate goals…all be it just a top four spot.

  3. barryglik says:

    I’m going with United to
    moan their way to the title.
    Because they have too.
    Spurs and Liverpool especially
    but increasingly Arsenal too have not won
    for so long only their own fans
    seriously think or hope they will win the title.
    City won last season so can afford to focus on the CL.
    Chelsea have a new manager and just lost their Captain and top GK
    and seem to be impotent up front.
    United however have spent massively the last 5 years
    and have the most expectant fans in the league.
    Manager Mouningho knows he has to win or get sacked.
    In what will be a brutal campaign the best park the bus
    team will win it not the flashy teams like City Liverpool or Spurs.
    United are not rated by most this term which makes
    them very dangerous underdogs..

    1. waal2waal says:

      Let’s hope man utd don’t do as you suggest – because if they do we would have learned nothing by selling them our best player not once but twice or them to accomplish that fete. Effectively it would render arsenal transfer activities as irresponsible, feckless and naive if you look deep into it.

      I disagree with you’re premise that mufc will eventually be the 2019 title winners, evidently of the north-west sides its lfc and citeh that are in a state of ascendance while the red side struggles to keep its best players from jumping ship which suggests there’s an awful lot wrong at old trafford.

      Despite last nights win, that maybe influenced your decision, its common knowledge united were after defenders alderweireld, boateng even maguire which speaks volumes. it suggests there are big issues there that remain unfixed. Mourinho is so committed to his project that he is still living here in london is yet another indicator your ill goten notion of a mufc title will soon to be proved wrong.

      1. waal2waal says:

        …twice for them to accomplish that fete

        1. barryglik says:

          No I made my decision
          before this mornings game
          re my earlier posts.
          MC and LFC “were” in the ascendancy last season.
          Mou is living in Manchester in an hotel.
          Leicester City had a bunch of nobodies in their
          back four yet won the league.
          Significantly Utd, Chelsea twice,Leicester
          and to a lesser degree City twice with virtually the same teams
          the following season looked a shadow of their former powerhouse team.
          Take note Sheiky and Liverpool your only as good as your last game

  4. Chiza says:

    Arsenal will lay a statement come Sunday…and set a path to the title which no one behind them will be brave enough to follow….the title is coming to the paradise of football………let’s give it a special welcome in advance

  5. JustJoy says:

    great analysis as the key thing is
    hard work.
    support the team.

    on the other side Pool might be top notch to win everything but, might surprise even the Caraboa will be beyond them…

    buying the best ingredients does not guarantee a better soup…

    support AFC.

    1. Lance says:

      I love it when fans here spice their contributions with anecdotes or proverbs.

  6. ks-gunner says:

    Its going to be between City who are fav. and Liverpool. Arsenal can hope that Manure is going to have a shocker and and ditch them for the 4th place, but the thing is that Moro is good at collecting points so its going to be tough. This season is going to be a real battle for the 4th place. Chelsea have individual players who are world class while spurs as a team are very complete. While we are a surprise. We will see.

  7. goonervishrut says:

    Although Chiza’s comments sound silly, deep down in my heart I want them to be true…

  8. Chiza says:

    Has anyone noticed the exits of our greatest managers……..Herbert Chapman,George Graham and Arsene Wenger

    Herbert Chapman_died prematurely
    George Graham_stole and got sacked
    Arsene Wenger_forcefully thrown out by the fans
    Are we cursed when it comes to our managers

    Hopefully Emery will change that….I believe in Emery……do you believe in Emery??…please believe in Emery and let us pray that his successful career to come won’t end like those three great managers up there

  9. David Rusa says:

    There is no team whose place in the top four is guaranteed apart from Man City and perhaps Liverpool because of heavy spending. I wouldn’t think Liverpool are favourites for the title though because often they flatter to deceive only to fall off. Let’s safely say that any of Man City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Man U and Liverpool can win EPL this season. My favourites are Man City for now although this could later change. How do I rate Arsenal’s chances? I would say they are good because of: new coach and new tactics; new defensive players; good balance in the team; good strike force; new energy and spirit. The rest is for the fans to give the team utmost support and not get get distracted by administrative matters such as Kroenke’s takeover of the Club. Whoever owns the Club should only matter to us if he fails to meet our minimum requirements as a Club.

    1. Lance says:

      Rusa, I agree with you that the fans should avoid being distracted by administrative matters. In addition we should avoid being distracted by infighting through uncomplimentary comments aimed at our players and sometimes their countries of origin. Yes, we have the right to criticise players for poor performances but to call them ” donkeys”, “useless” and to describe them in uncomplimentary terms leads to division among the fans. I see that here all the time. When you describe your players with such words, you may unwittingly kill their morale and confidence. That translate into worse performances and who loses? We all do. The bottom line is criticise in love and support the players to do better.

  10. Nikhilesh says:

    Just read an article about emery v guardiola, it says that valencia were the better team but they used to lose due to individual brilliance of barca players

  11. herb says:

    Man utd just cannot take the league with their brand of uncoordinated football in this modern era.

    Actually my best bet is CHELSEA because with the capture of world class talent in KOVACIC, they are going to boss even Man City in midfield. KEENLY WATCH THEM TODAY.

    That’s is why up until now I am still wondering how we did not go for him because in contrast to what fans and pundits are saying, our biggest weakness this season is in central midfield. Aside from Torreira, none of Ramsey, Xhaka, Elneny can be banked on not only to dictate play, but to be a regular in a serious and ambitious team like Arsenal. So that leaves only Guendouzi.
    Remember we lost two players in Wilshere and Cazorla that could dictate play from deep.

  12. jon fox says:

    It is nonsense to argue that Arsenal at 22/1 are best value. As a professional betting man I can assure anyone who is interested to make money from Prem title betting to lump on City at 4/6. Those odds are ridiculously long and come October you will be unable to get anywhere near odds as good on City. A 66% return on investment on a near certainty is unbelievablY generous odds and not to be missed. Only heart over head peole -who for that very reason , should NEVER bet – would touch Arsenal at any price. We have not a prayer of winning the Prem. As a dyed in the wool life long Gooner, I deal in odds professionally , not in fantasy land. Don’t waste your money on anyone bar City and get on at 4/6 while you still can. And remember who told you. You will thank me when you win and/or when you don’t waste good money backing us. Realism not fantasy, as ever from me.

    1. Admin says:

      Any chance of coming second? Maybe a forecast?

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