Arsenal are TOP of the League ALONE! Let’s really enjoy it while it lasts…

Arsenal are top of the League! by Konstantin Mitov

It’s amazing to welcome you again lovely Arsenal people. If you are not happy as an Arsenal fan at this moment, there is something wrong with you. We are top of the league, ALONE. And you know me already, I’m always weary, always ‘negative’ according to some, but if there ever was a hype train, I’d not just ride, I’d be the freaking driver!

I took a screenshot with us sitting pretty at the top, knowing full well the league has barely started, because the transformation of fortunes compared to 12 months ago, when I had some of the worst times of my life going through a hard breakup, health issues and personal problems and after 3 games Arsenal were bottom and I was footbally dead inside.

And I’m in no way saying we’re winning the league or even making the god blessed top 4, because we lost our first 3 games last year and still had CL in our own hands till the 37th round. The season is far from over, but what I’m saying is enjoy the moment for what it is, because it can change so quickly.

On Saturday, especially the first half performance against Bournemouth was honestly comfortable and brilliant. Jesus going past 3 players like prime R9, Saliba scoring with his left foot like prime Messi and overall, some spectacular football. Then in the second half I was a little annoyed that we’re not controlling the game or smashing them for 5-6-7.

After watching the Sunday games, I couldn’t be happier with our performance. Winning games in the premier league is so hard. If you are off for 5 minutes, you’re easily finding yourself in huge trouble.

One mistake from Mendy and Chelsea were battered by Leeds. They are so desperate for a striker; they are looking at Auba at 33. Their fans say we need 5-6 good players. United sitting in the relegation zone need players, even Liverpool need a midfielder right now. The demand is incredibly high, and the supply is hard to find.

And premier league clubs are very rich. Notts Forest are the biggest spenders signing like 15 players, after coming from the championship, without even a shirt sponsor. Every team can buy a very good player. Back in the day when Arsenal were tussling United for league titles, the gap in quality between us and the bottom half of the league teams was massive.

This season we’ve added Zinchenko and Jesus and brought back Saliba – 3 players who straight out upgrade our starting 11. That’s a massive upgrade. Brendan Rodgers said it before we played Leicester, we’ve moved up a level and it’s true.

That Jesus goal last year, or his run for our opener in Bournemouth is something neither Auba nor Laca, nor Eddie have in them. Zinchenko has been labelled one of the best technically player in Man City, by his former teammates.

And Saliba is just class. I just hope we tie him, Saka and Martinelli to new deals. And again, other teams notice what’s going on at the Emirates. I hear Chelsea, Man UTD, Liverpool, City and spurs fans be salty against us, but that is because they see something is happening and they are worried.

Having said all that, modern day football is one bad result away from a crisis and throwing us back to ‘same old Arsenal and we’re yet to see how we react to going a goal down or facing a proper team like City and Liverpool and we have to prove that we’re ready.

It’s also true that the drop of quality between our starting 11 and subs in some positions is huge. An injury to Partey and our midfield I dropping a level or even 2. Eddie is nowhere near Jesus’ quality. Ben White is not a right back and Tomi”s injury record is poor, but I don’t think we’ll sign more than one more player at best. And that’s most likely a winger, with Pepe on his way out.

That’s said, so far, we’ve won our first 3 games, the only team to do so, and the games aren’t as easy as they look. I just hope the team manages to keep a level head and we can win the next 2 games. They are at home, the opposition is favourable and if we go to old Trafford with 15/15 points, my god!!!


Arteta talks about Jesus, Odegaard, Saliba and the League table after Bournemouth win.

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    1. Shit. Arteta’s doin good. And to people saying we are first cause we faced weak teams, chelsea fased a weak leeds and post 3-0. United lost 4-0 to brentford. Liverpool sits on two points in three games with opponents like crystal palace and newly promoted fulham.

  1. It’s funny how by this time last season, we had conceded 9 goals to 3 teams, lost our first 3 games and sat rock bottom in the league. One year later, we’ve scored 9 goals against 3 teams, won our first 3 games and we are sitting top of the league. If this isn’t improvement, I don’t know what is. I know it’s too early to get carried away, but looking at what’s happening to others around us in the league, it’s difficult not to get excited.

    1. it’s almost like last season we had tougher fixtures and this time around fixture list has been kinder ?

      1. Yeah..maybe this time around we don’t have to face Burnley..that Fulham ,forest and Bournemouth team is shit..

        1. No , just means Leicester at home and cherries away is easier then Chelsea at home and man city away ?
          You disagree ?

  2. We are in talk with Pedro Neto of Wolves to replace Pepe who may be on his way to Nice on loan for the season. That’s a very interesting signing and one I approve, I think Neto is going to be like Jota when he arrived at Liverpool.

    AMN is being monitored by WestHam and that could be his Arsenal career over, get some money in to aid to the Pedro deal along with whatever loan money we get for Pepe.

    Lastly we do need an alterative to Thomas Partey to come in and cover and I would still go to Brighton for Caicedo, he’s 20 and has plenty of room to learn… maybe AMN would prefer to go there if they were interested in him.

    Teilimans I’m my opinion is Arsenal’s last available option closer to the kast day of the window if we cannot sign someone possibly more suited to the CDM role behind Thomas, Youri isn’t that good defensively and Xhaka is playing so well I don’t see the need to Youri Teilimans this summer.

    3 wins out of 3, playing some exciting free flowing football, battling so hard with our closing down and have made a statement for the Top3 this year, I’m not saying we will win the league by any stretch of the imagination as this time last year;

    3 losses out of 3
    No goals scored
    -9 Goal Diff
    And couldn’t string 5 passes together.

    Well done Mikel and Edu 👏👏

    1. After watching how Man City played yesterday, I think they made a blunder by selling Zinchenko and Jesus to us. We’d become more dangerous on the left wing if Pedro Neto signs for us

        1. Possession maybe? There were a lot of misplaced passes yesterday by city players, very unlikely of them and Zinchenko’s ball carrying would certainly have helped I think

        2. Man City also played with an inverted LB at St James Park, using Cancelo

          But they didn’t have two left-footed playmakers to overload their left wing with quick ground through balls, so they had to resort to direct long passes to Foden

          We’re lucky to have Zinchenko, Xhaka and Magalhaes fit in the first three games, since they could play one-touch football near our left sideline. Tielemans won’t be able to do it on the left wing as quick as Zinchenko and Xhaka, because he’s a right-footer

      1. Gai, remember I told you in your comment zone on Saturday that it would be difficult for Westham to beat Brighton because of their inconsistencies and Brighton did beat them.. Really, is Pedro Nero better than PeP? I need someone to compete with Saka he seem to be getting too comfortable due to lack of competition on his wing.

        1. You were right about Brighton. Potter has been doing an amazing job with his limited resources

          As for Neto, I think he’s more of a winger than Pepe. Neto seems more technical and has more consistent first touches, but I’m not sure about his hold-up play

        1. I watched Man City play with similar interchanging 4-3-3 and 3-2-3-2/ 2-3-5 formation at St James Park, using Cancelo as their inverted LB

          I bet Jesus and Zinchenko would’ve been included in the field, if they sat in the dugout, to score more goals

    2. Brighton has repeatedly said that Caicedo is NOT FOR SALE. If we insist on buying him, we will have to pay over the odds, like 70 or £80mnwhich way too much for a cover player

    3. Neto like Jota? Have you looked at his statistics? Almost empty? He was subbed out yesterday;bdid you watch him. Neto isn’t an upgrade on Pepe and won’t be any improvement.
      Why this Neto story? Pino, Gakpo, Diaby, Yes. Even the Shaktar guy looks better.
      Maquinos to me is a far better addition than Neto

  3. I’ve been constantly checking the table just to see with my eyes how we’re on top. But to be honest, I’m not actually joyous because our problem is always inconsistency. One or two bad results and it will look like the whole season has crashed. If we can cut our inconstancy rate to at least 50%, we will definitely end up in the top 3.. Moreover, why does it feel like we’re 1 or 2 injuries away from crisis, especially from our outfield players?

    1. That’s what I’ve been banging on about – consistency consistency consistency – and our first three games have been just that.
      Having a injury free squad helps and we should acknowledge the medical team for their hard work.
      Four games in a row for Partey must be a record… if he’s selected for the Fulham game of course.

      1. If we do not get adequate cover for Partey like we’ve done with Zinchenko covering for Tierney, I’m predicting a very long season cos Partey is never more than a match away from an injury. I strongly suggest we bring in someone of real quality in midfield who can be a starter, just like our left back position is at the moment. Also, an injury to Jesus will completely alter the playing style of the front four. Nketiah is nowhere on Jesus’level at the moment

      2. Agree ken and some form of consistency through the whole season helps no end. Just keep racking up the points while we have the chance for now and it gives us a great platform for the whole season.

  4. Winning the league is possible. But top 4 finish is more realistic.

    God forbid it, but injury to either Jesus, Partey, or Saliba and the team quality would drop.

    Those 3 players are our core spine and their replacements which are Nketiah, Elneny, and Holding respectively are not too good yet.

    I pray most of our key players stay injury free for all or most part of the season. That would help our top 4 challenge.

    I can’t wait for the Europa league group stage and FA Cup to start so we can watch our second team perform.

    Our squad depth is pretty good now with almost like for like replacements.

    ST. Jesus – Nketiah.

    LW. Martinelli – Smith.

    AM. Odegaard – Fabio.

    RW. Saka – Marquinhos/Neto??

    CM. Xhaka – Lokonga.

    DM. Partey – Elneny.

    LB. Zinchenko – Tierney.

    LCB. Gabriel – Holding.

    RCB. Saliba – White.

    RB. Tomiyasu – Cedric.

    GK. Ramsdale – Turner.

    1. There is nothing “like for like” about
      Jesus and Nketiah
      Saka and Marquinhos
      Xhaka and Lokonga
      Elneny and Partey
      Tomiyasu and Cedric

      And I dare also say
      Saliba and White

      Injuries to any of these and there might be problems

      1. Definitely agree with you. If you looked at City’s bench yesterday and then ours on Saturday, you would know the difference. And Guardiola basically played with 11 almost to the end. But in his next game, he will rotate and team performance will remain consistent.

        We have no reason to be excited until we have minimum 2 additions for a Partey cover as well as Saka. We even need a 3rd striker.

        1. To be candid there was no one REALLY frightening in City’s bench. The highlight there is ‘Really’.
          Stefan Ortega (GK)
          Ruben Dias
          Kalvin Phillips
          Julian Alvarez
          Sergio Gomez
          Riyad Mahrez
          Cole Palmer
          Luke Mbete-Tabu
          Rico Lewis

          After selling Zinchenko and Jesus to us and then Sterling to Chelsea, i think our bench might just for once compete with theirs.

      2. I said “almost like for like”

        The word ALMOST means they are not completely similar but they have a few similar attributes.

        And I understand fully well that the difference in quality between the players compared above are much and that is worrisome for us.

        But hopefully they will step their game up when they are called upon to play.

          BTW, your definition of “almost” is far from accurate. Substitute “few” and use “most” and that would at least be closer.

      3. Agree. I don’t care how well Xhaka is playing, he (for darn sure) nor anyone else can play the role of Partey. His absence was disastrous last year, creating a domino effect of players being asked to play outside their strengths.

        1. Having said that, Mo obviously showed MA enough when he was finally inserted into that role (three games too late) such that winger is the priority right now.

      4. While I do agree that these players cannot be compared, an injury to 1 or 2 may not be as damaging as we think if the team is still high of confidence.. Confidence cannot be measured..

  5. Good article, enjoyed reading it.
    One thing that I think Mikel has done with his signings, is the fact that he can switch his formation at the drop of a hat.
    With our two full backs sitting on the bench, he can go to a back four whenever necessary.

    I do think that he also believes in Elneny as cover and why wouldn’t he? The guy has never let the club down and is Arsenal through and through – hence the one year extension.

    So I’m assuming that he and Edu are concentrating on the front line, but with Nketiah also having this four year contract, the same thinking must apply for the Elneny situation.

    Therefore, it seems that this “mystery winger” is the logical big signing MA and Edu allude too… while keeping their cards closely to their chests regarding Tieleman.

    Just great to see us sitting at the top, can’t wait for the Fulham game and I’m certain Berd Leno will get a great reception.

    1. @Ken I agree, that seems to be the plan.

      He’s also bought some versatile players such as Zinchenko who can play anywhere on the left side and also DM, from what I’ve read about him.

      A combination of versatility and formation change seems to be the plan for the season, although there is cover of sorts in each traditional position.

      Elneny seems to have a new lease of life – some players blossom when they see the manager has trust in them and asks them to stay (Xhaka is another – he may not be perect but recently he’s playing better than he ever has).

      I suspect Elneny and Nketiah are there to cover for this season only, but may be kept on if the situation next summer makes it necessary. There doesn’t seem to be much left available in the striker and DM roles in this window (prising someone away from a club that wants to keep them would be very expensive).

      Any additions also need to have genuine quality and fit the personality profile the Arsenal management team are looking for. Not easy to find on demand, so they look to stopgap measures rather than buying players they don’t really want.

      The place our thinking may be different… I’m not sure where this “mystery winger” idea came from. It feels the wrong focus with so many wingers already in the squad, even if Pepe leaves. And with Arteta saying that Marquinhos is staying… I can’t see how buying another winger does anything but create unhappiness in the squad.

      I guess it’s possible that Saka could be earmarked to play elsewhere, he’s quite versatile, but it seems unlikely since he’s been the club’s player of the season in his current role.

      Time will tell, the club has been quite good at keeping their cards close their chest recently.

      1. We need squad players and as professional players I don’t expect them to be happy sitting on the bench but will for a winning team
        Unlike past players on big money who didn’t deliver, would sulk and allegedly disrupt the team mentality we now seem to have a group who will chip in when called upon
        It’s never about the first 11 but a squad
        I look at the bench now and think we have a bit of depth to call upon.
        I am living the moment and feeling good
        The test will come when we lose and how we respond but for now…
        Living the dream

      2. The only reason I think that this “mystery winger” might hold water, is that both MA and Edu have said that they are still in the market for a player(s) to bolster the attack.
        We’ve pretty much covered the defence and midfield (I know some don’t like the Elneny / Xhaka contracts but that’s irrelevant to MA) so I can only surmise that it’s up front.
        If Jesus gets injured, we are in trouble however, despite Nketiah’s presence.

    2. @ken1945 thought we’ve been using a back four of white, Saliba, Gabo, zinchenko. Leno will get a five star reception.will he start??

      1. Kenya 001, but Tierney and Tomi are completely different players to White and Zinchenko, so the pattern of play would change.
        MA might also consider a back three….. and that’s my point, he has the players to change the way we defend and /or attack.

        Our sub bench against Bournemouth, was tremendous in it’s ability.

  6. Our target should be winning the league, Nothing wrong in being ambitious. That’s the dream of each and every player in the league and do surely believe every team comes into a competition to win it!. Let’s see where it all takes us we are in a good moment right now and all I am doing is enjoying it. So far we haven’t lost a game from a winning position and am yet to see how we react from a loosing position.

  7. its so lonely at the top. and finally up here not based on alphabetical order 😁. lol, agree lets just enjoy the moment folks think all of us know not to get carried away

  8. Very much looking forward to October to see how the team fares…..Spurs, Liverpool, Leeds and Man City.

    Then we’ll see what we are made of, until then the aim is to rack up as many points as possible.

  9. Great start and on paper we can get 3 points in every game through to October if we turn up as we have so far. Our issue has been consistency in the past few years and that will happen this season again. If we do drop points in one game can we repair that with a win in the next. I hope we don’t have the usual 2 dips where we have a run of a few games dropping points we should be winning. Saka hasn’t started firing yet but that is just a matter of time for him. I honestly can’t see why we won’t be pushing the top three spots if we turn up at every game but it’s theoretical right now.

  10. For the past 3 matches we have really performed the best in the PL. I can’t remember the last time we won our first 3 matches

    But as others have mentioned the key is consistency. We need to always concentrate on the next match and keep at it

    Also expect the other top teams to improve

    It’s a long season ahead but I’m very positive this season

  11. ST. Haaland – Alvarez

    LW. Foden – Grealish

    AM. Debruyne – ?

    RW. Mahrez – Silva

    CM. Gundagan – ?

    DM. Rodri – Philips

    LB. Cancelo – Gómez

    LCD. Laporte – Ake

    RCD. Dias – Stones

    RB. Walker – ?

    GK. Ederson – Ortega

  12. Utd beating lpool atm.

    Not a utd fan but would like nothing more than for Liverpool to continue to suffer as long as possible.

    Up the gunners

    1. Much rather have ManU lose! Besides having the most arrogant fans, they are a bigger rival for 3rd and 4th spot than Liverpool IMO

      1. Agree, did not want United gaining any confidence. Guess we’ll need to be the ones to humble them 👀. That Liverpool midfield Klopp started with was truly abysmal though. Benching Fabinho was madness.

  13. As I said a couple of weeks ago, Liverpool and city are no better than they was last season despite buying great forwards. And whoever wins the league it’s going to be a lot
    Closer to the chasing pack at the end of the season imo…

    1. But City is playing very good at the moment…
      I just hope just they do not match our invincible record this time…

  14. Arsenal have put themselves in an excellent position and I agree that their is better to come, however after watching Leeds vs Chelsea game and Man.U. vs Liverpool I think that any optimism should be tempered. On a good day all four of those teams are capable of beating Arsenal. The key is to control your destiny by picking up maximum points and then watching the others taking points off each other. A big test for Arsenal will be to see how the team reacts after going a goal down. For the time being, 1-0 in a hard fought win against Fulham and onwards from there.

  15. The season has just begun so I will hold my head steady but at the same time I have a quiet confidence which I did not have for the last so many years. The additions of Jesus, Zinchenko and Saliba are real game changers. That said, the difference in quality between our starting XI and the bench is true, except for ESR and Tierney who will straight away slot into our starting XI. I hope we sign a winger and a midfielder till the window is open to improve the quality of our depth. But really after a long time, this season promises to bring something really good, top 4 and maybe a trophy or 2.

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