Arsenal are united at last and simply MUST beat Crystal Palace

Arsenal have come out of a very bad run of form, but our draw with City and the convincing win against West Ham has put them right back in the race for the Top Four Trophy. Now we have another London derby coming up on Monday which certainly won’t be as easy as the Hammers game, considering that Palace did the unthinkable last week and beat Chelsea at the Bridge.

This week the Gunners became the first Premier League club to score 100 goals this season, and Wenger now thinks that we have got over our blip and must now push on. “I feel we came out of a very difficult period,” he said. “We have shown we are united, focused and determined to do things right again.

“That was questioned for a while I think we gave the right response. We have to show that focus until the end of the season, we have a lot to fight for, that is what is at stake.

“We are in a position that, at the moment, is not very comfortable because it is not where we want to be.

“[Having more points than at the same stage last season] is only one positive thing. We know exactly what we have to do – go into the next game and win it.

“Overall we had a hiccup in recent weeks and what is important is for us to move on, give absolutely everything in every game.”

It is certainly not going to be easy for Arsenal to make the top Four, considering our unfriendly fixture list, but if Wenger does manage to finish up there for the 21st season in a row, then it can only be considered another one of his great achievements with the quality of our opponents this season. There will still be many twists and turns to come I am sure….



  1. Grey says:

    Things are heating up now! This is the tym when it really feels good to be an Arsenal supporter…

    1. SoOpa AeoN says:

      Are you communicating from Dreamland?

  2. Grey says:

    Top 4 is now a trophy not only to Arsenal alone but to other big teams like Man U, City and Liverpool..

    1. david taumata says:

      Someone once said “madness
      is doing the same thing
      over and over and expecting different results”.
      In August 2016 the Arsenal Believers predicted
      EPL victory and ECL glory.
      Doubters said wait till March.
      Who would be right?
      We did not have to wait long.
      Arsenal lost at home to Liverpool on opening day.
      The club never threatened again.
      To be fair Arsenal’s glorious tile challenge ended after just one game!!!
      The 60 year wait for the Champions League title continues
      as Arsenal exited at the first knockout stage slaughtered 10-2.
      But the believers are undeterred.
      Conveniently forgetting their August predictions
      and “supposed” desire for major titles they are now
      in the grip of 4th place fever.
      This is when the real Arsenal ambition comes to the foreth.
      Arsene knows best. Of course he does :)
      He’s already inking a new deal.
      The Wenger, the 4th place trophy which truly defines Arsene FC.
      Wenger will deliver the Wenger and Stan will reward
      his main main with a new contract.
      Now Arsene can continue doing the same thing over and over.
      May the 4th be with Arsene-all 4 ever.
      Forza Arsenal.
      Different year same siht.

    2. john hodges says:

      your right mate .top four is achiefment not only for euoropean football its the same,as all teams want to play in the cl .

  3. Edward wilson says:

    Wenger said it is not easy to finish top4,but what he didn’t say was that ten or fifteen years ago there was really only two or three teams in the race now its five or six.

  4. SoOpa AeoN says:

    Anything is possible……even chelski SIMPLY couldn’t beat crystal palace
    Arsenal united?

  5. JPS_AFC1 Aus says:

    David taumata. The definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.
    That’s what this is Insanity, people say be careful what you wish for. LOL. F#@k me this has to stop, yes we need top 4 cause let’s face it we ain’t ManU we ain’t gonna get top players with out champions league. We can’t compete with them financially. The club don’t want to pay our best player what he wants for f’s sake. Let’s just have a strong finish to the season and get into the CL places and get a new manager​. ALLEGRI OR SAMPIALI please

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