Arsenal are unprepared and Sheffield Utd are playing for their futures

Although it looks on paper that Arsenal should easily beat Sheffield Utd, but as we all know, form means nothing this season in the Premier League.

Sheffield United may be rock bottom of the EPL, but they rarely get hammered and over half their games have been decided by just a single goal, usually in favour of their opponents but they did beat Aston Villa by 1-0 last month.

We must also consider that Arsenal just played a very disappointing game on Thursday, while Sheffield have had a full week to train for this. Mikel Arteta was asked what he expected against Sheffield, and he replied: “What they do every week. A team that has a big commitment, a team that fights in every single game which is not easy for the opponent, and we will face a difficult game again. We have no time to recover or prepare for the game, so we know what we are going to be facing.”

And you may think that Sheffield have nothing to play for, considering that they only have 14 points, and are a massive 15 pooints from safety, but according to their caretaker manager Paul Heckingbottom all the players are now fighting for their future. “Everyone, the young lads included, they have to remember that they’re being watched by whoever is going to be in charge of them going forward,” Heckingbottom said. “If you are a young lad, for example, you come in and do well and that is going to create a really good impression.

“The same goes for the more senior lads. It’s why, what happens now, is so important because it is going to have a huge bearing next season.”

So let us not assume that Arsenal will win easily today, especially after their last few performances. But we can just watch and hope I guess….

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  1. gotanidea says:

    Sheffield just have 14 points and just lost four games in a row, so I believe they have thrown in the towel. I predict Arteta would use a three-CB formation to counter Sheffield’s tactic and to play safe

    1. Sue says:

      ‘Arsenal’s record in Sheffield in the Premier League is terrible. Against Wednesday they have won one, drawn two and lost five and versus the Blades won none, drawn two and lost two’….wish I hadn’t looked on twitter, gai!!! 😄

      You know we love ending droughts, right?!!

      1. Declan says:

        Yes Sue and I think we will lose to Sheffield but win against Prague

      2. gotanidea says:

        We won twice against them in 2020, but their manager was Chris Wilder. Their new manager could come up with a new tactic

  2. Reggie says:

    Sheffield utd are in disarray, if we dont beat them well, we are in the do do completely and there will be no defence for our tinkerman manager.

  3. Wyoming says:

    One assumes Leno Gabriel Partey Auba Laca ESR Odegaard Saka and Auba will be saved for Thursday.
    So a chance for others to get some game time against a relegated team.
    Chambers Mari Holding Cedric
    Xhaka Ceballos
    Nelson Willian Martinelli

  4. Kent says:

    Arteta was asked what he expected against Sheffield, and he replied: “What they do every week. A team that has a big commitment, a team that fights in every single game which is not easy for the opponent, and we will face a difficult game again. We have no time to recover or prepare for the game, so we know wihat we are going to be facing.”

    Another interview where Arteta praises the team we are about to play and says it will be difficult, IT’S SHEFFIELD FFS! If we don’t have the mentality to think we can beat even them comfortably I don’t understand why we’re in the premier league in the first place.

    1. CorporateMan says:

      So you want him to come out and say: Hey guys, we will beat Sheffield United soundly on Sunday.
      Thank goodness you’re not the manager!

      1. Kent says:

        No, as I have said before, I understand that every team in the PL requires respect, but there’s a difference between respect and fear.
        I have no aspirations of becoming manager. But like you and everyone else on this site, I have an opinion and this is a platform to publish ones opinions.

        1. ozziegunner says:

          I don’t particularly fear the opposition, but I do fear that Arsenal players may decide not to turn up.
          You never know what we will get from one game to the next, except inconsistency from this Arsenal.

          1. Declan says:

            Yes Ozzie, we are consistently inconsistent.

  5. S.J says:

    My wishful line up for Sheffield –


    Willian. Ceballos. Pepe.

    Elneny. Chambers.

    Cedric. Mari. Holding. Bellerin.








    1. Phil says:

      S.J.- I believe Pepe will start in place of Martinelli in Prague, due solely on his pace. Saka moved to the left and that’s our line up, unless Odegard is fit of course. If he can start then he plays.

    2. CorporateMan says:

      We should field our strongest team at Sheffield
      This match should be a good preparation game for Slavia. A good win not only gives the team confidence but also sets a template for the Thursday’s game

  6. Shakir says:


    What a match
    City vs leeds💯

      1. Vinod says:

        While watching the City game a random thought occured to me. What if we replace Bellerin with Stones and Xhaka with Ederson?

        1. Vinod says:

          For the first time in his career Pep lost 3 home games in a season. And the evil twin inside me whisper “We want to make Emirates a fortress”. 👹👹

          1. Sue says:

            That certainly was random 😄
            They won’t be happy about those dropped points, but at least they can afford it..

          2. John Ibrahim says:

            leeds won an away game with 10men

  7. Kedar says:

    According to Fabrizio Romano PSG wants Bellerin this summer.
    If we manage to sell him for 25-30 Millions then we can use those funds to buy back up for Tierney…
    Cedric and Chambers can manage at RB
    Matt Targett from Aston Villa looks perfect competition for Tierney..

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      it will be hard to get quality backup for Tieney

      no top LB will want to sit on the bench

      1. ozziegunner says:

        John, given Tierney’s injury level, the back up will get plenty of games. Of course I want to see Tierney with a full summer break of recovery and strengthening/conditioning. Joel Lopez is a very promising LB in the U23’s, will be year older and should warrant opportunities.

    2. Alanball08 says:

      Even though cedric is on the incorrect side where he normally plays he is still decent cover for KT. Not.ideal I know but we need to spend on other areas.
      He was made to look worse then he is on this side because he had no out ball ON THURSDAY
      willian never made the runs and was static
      He is no where near the quality as KT but he is ok.

      1. CorporateMan says:

        No Allan, a back up for Tierney is an absolute necessity. You just have to factor in Tierney’s injury profile.
        I would even think bring back Kolasinac rather than having Cedric as LB back up

        1. Alanball08 says:

          please.dont Kolasinac back
          Crossing was poor
          Defending was even poorer.
          Would love a back up but we will funds and certain areas that are.more pressing for new blood

          1. ozziegunner says:

            With you on this Ab08. Why do people discount Joel Lopez and Cedric Soares.

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