‘Arsenal are very lucky’ to land £40M windfall claims financial expert

Kieran McGuire has claimed that Arsenal were ‘very lucky’ to agree a four-year deal worth £40 Million with Visit Rwanda.

It was announced this week that we had extended our previous agreement with the company on the same terms as our previous agreement, seeing our side pocket a tidy £40 Million to have their brand on our shirts, as well as in other areas within the stadium.

Financial expert McGuire insists that we are lucky to strike such a deal however given our recent seasonal performances.

“Arsenal are very lucky,” he told the Football Insider. “They are a club that is in danger of becoming detached financially from the top four.

“We have seen Stan Kroenke loosen the purse strings. But in the Premier League, you have to run to stand still.

“At the moment, they are running at half a length behind some of the other clubs. They have a lot of catching up to do.

“From my point of view, it is difficult to see the financial benefit to Rwanda for this. Decisions are not being made for marketing or tourism reasons. It seems like a vanity project to me.“

I can’t help but agree with Kieran. Not only are we unable to offer European football to enhance the profile of the club, as well as the sponsorship value, but our loss to Brentford last Friday also highlights our inconsistencies which we have become all-too accustomed to in recent terms.

There is no guarantee that our side will be able to return to the European competitions in the near future either, and it almost feels like the Rwandan President is investing in the deal in order to help the club, with his recent social media posts highlighting how strongly he feels about Arsenal FC.

Are Visit Rwanda losing out because of our failure to qualify for Europe, or would the agreement have been inflated if we were to be playing in Europe still?


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  1. Well Patrick you need to do your research on this very well. Arsenal’s Downfall is creating lots of news en attention on it. Anyone looking for advertising Well it’s the best option now. Coz its always in the headlines

  2. It is plain that the Rwandan President being a fan is the true reason for this investment . A COUNTRY RUN BY SUCH A CORRUPT REGIME SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN CONNECTED WITH OUR CLUB AT ALL, BUT SADLY IT IS.

    Some small comfort to me peronally in this matter is that I cannot see how Rwanda benefits personally from this unfortunate and wrong investment.

    Our club of course DOES benefit financially, (though NOT morally) but should it? I say, “NO WAY ON EARTH”!

    1. Jon
      Rwanda receives from ‘safari’ style tourism to see the gorillas inexcess of 400m dollars or pounds /annually
      £10m is relatively small beer fi them to advertise

      1. @SueP

        I read that too. Something like this: “In the last two years, it has contributed over $400 million to the national economy — 10 percent of which is returned to communities.”
        Source: African Wildlife Foundation.

        So, where does that remaining 90% goes? Why is the government debt-ridden? Why there’s no electricity for almost 50% of the country’s population? Why only 3% of the country’s population is fully vaccinated against COVID?

        Do you know that the permit alone for the “Safari” costs $1500? (I don’t know if it’s affordable for an average European to pay for such thing on a vacation)

        IMO, this is just a vanity project of the privileged few in the Rwanda government to boost their global image than to do good for the grassroot of the tourism community in Rwanda.

        1. Why do you assume the 90% goes somewhere other than the national purse?

          As to the debt status of Rwanda, let it be known to your ignorant self that Rwanda does have a debt to gdp ratio of 60%, but see the examples of the following other countries
          1) Germany 69%
          2) UK 100%
          3) USA 100%
          4) France 115%
          5) Spain 125%
          6) Australia 130%
          7) Japan 224%

          These countries are much more debt-ridden it seems, yet they don’t spend all their monies to pay off their debts

          As to the electricity issue, you have to look at numbers ALWAYS in context. In 1999, less than 4% of the population had electricity in Rwanda. That number jumped to 14% in 2010. A more than 300% increase in 11 years. In 2020, the number is about 40%. Another 390% increase in just 10 years. At this rate, you should expect a 100% coverage in less than 5 years time, which is incidentally the country’s objective.

          If the permit for a safari is $1500, what is that to you? Is it your country? Is it your money? Don’t forget that even at $1500, they are still generating in excess of 400m per annum. Obviously, there are enough europeans that are much richer than you and can afford to pay.

      2. Maybe so Sue but that was not my point!
        I do not believe our club should be assocIated with shady and corrupt governments , quite irrespective of the money involved.

        A principle is at stake here and to discuss money is to ignore it, IMO!

        1. I wonder why the life-long Arsenal fan and the President of the country since 2000 waited until the departure of Wenger to get associated with the club.

          1. Are you suggesting AW rejected being associated with Rwanda project? Idk man, we can only speculate..

          2. @Gunners4life

            I’m not suggesting AW rejected the Rwanda project. I’m simply wondering why the project had to wait until the departure of AW.

    2. Dear you are not informed at all, Rwanda is not a corrupt country or regime. Try to find information from real sources, Rwanda is an example in Africa concerning such issues …human rights, democracy etc … it depends on what you what see,

      1. Rux, You have no idea what I know, so do not presume to judge my knowledge ! I know a great deal more than you obvious imagine and if you knew that much too, then you would not wtite such a naive and plain wrong post!

        But it is clear that you cannot possibly know what I DO know!

        1. Hopeless to engage in a discussion with you. Ur like a large but empty vessel. Make loud noises but no real content.

        2. Shut up my friend don’t talk about wat u dnt know. Hav u been their or its just ‘hear say’ Rwanda is one of the countries in Africa that has been setting good examples in term of fighting corruption.

    3. Jon,
      Quite an ignorant comment you made. You can do some research and will find out that country came through the worst of human impulses to that of the best.
      It is one of the most peaceful, growing and equitable countries in Africa.
      Clean, safe, ppl oriented policies being implemented by a fearless leader.

      1. Let’s sample what the “fearless leader” implemented in his 20+ year regime in the country.

        Global Hunger Index in 2020
        Rwanda – 28.3 (Level of hunger – SERIOUS)
        Ranked 97 out of the 107 countries.

        No wonder it is one of the most peaceful, growing and equitable countries in Africa with clean, safe and people oriented policies.

    4. Rwanda regime is not corrupt as you claim. Arsenal is in transition back to top four and I do not see anything wrong with such an investment. The government of Rwanda has seen so much importance and benefits in recent years in such promotional activities hence their commitment to invest further. Besides we cannot mix politics in such a beautiful game of football. Instead of thanking the Rwandan government for such a fantastic opportunity given to a club in England to prevail, you are brandishing them of corruptions. This type of attitude and disrespect shows how corrupt minded you are.. I request you to retract such statement and apologise to the people of Rwanda.

    5. Looks you don’t know Rwanda. It ranks 4th on the least corrupt countries in Sub-Saharan Africa in the 2020 Transparency International report. Better: Visit Rwanda to see yourself. It wont take you long to notice the huge difference with your current opinion. And among the Rwanda’s secret is good governance. Please check also other international reports on Rwanda.

    6. Read up the TRANSPARENCY INTERNATIONAL CORRUPTION INDEX before you go mouthing off about corrupt countries.
      Paul Kegame is an Arsenal fan should not deny Arsenal the privileges due her if the purpose for which the adverts were contracted, are met.
      Your comments are proof enough that the visibility Rwanda craves is being met.

    7. Is that what Rwandans living in Rwanda tell you. Get your facts straight before making unnecessary allegations. Arsenal is privileged to have signed that contract extension despite their dip in form

    8. Mr Jon Fox,

      I feel very sorry for you. Maybe you just hate Rwanda and it seems like your ideology took you out of football discussions into to politics!!! You should have a sense of respect towards other people, especially leaders.

      I have been in Rwanda for a very long time, I can guarantee that it is a peaceful country that is being built by its population. Maybe, your wishes are to divide it or destroy it again.

      Let us talk about football

  3. If you were worried about human rights you would not like at Putin in Russia and the investment of the Sheikhs in Abu Dhabi, no one is elected. Russia it is a dictatorship, if you cross the regime, you are jailed or go missing. The UAE is a benevolent dictatorship, currently they use their money to appease many people,. Behind the scenes, their are many political prisoners there is no democracy or elections, Don’t be fooled by their massive investment in the league!
    Additionally in Russia there is also massive corruption!

  4. They don’t know what to do with money . Why investing in a directionless club ike Arsenal, what are they going to benefit from Arsenal.
    The money is a money lost because Arsenal is not the kind of club to invest in

    1. The same assumption people make on Arsenal matters. People who know nothing about Rwanda being one of the most beautiful countries in Africa presently, and a big tourist hub are calling the country corrupt. They’ve never stepped our of their comfort zone, neither have they stepped on Rwandan soil, yet they criticize. They know it all , yet they know nothing. This are the same armchair critics who always know the team and players more than the coaches.

    2. They have achieved already because you read the article. Their number one goal as a country is advertising not top 4.

      1. @alex hahahaha. spot on.
        There are a lot of ignoramuses who think every african country is a useless country

  5. Thanks for that Mr McGuire, I read your thoughts and it left me wishing I’d spent the time doing something useful instead. Rubbish report.

  6. This is not even smart thinking, arsenal’s jerseys is one of the most popular around the world, and has one the largest international fan population, it’s actually more beneficial to do adverts with arsenal than any other Premier league side, I still see arsenal’s O² shirt a couple times despite it being over 2 decades… maybe they should go advertise with city then.. look what fly Emirates have achieved in their partnership with arsenal

  7. Last year I have said Arteta out! No one accepted. But now he killed Arsenal we love. What shall we do now? Bleave me this squad cannot cope up with the current English Premier league.

  8. You know what Fox? America and some European countries, Germany to be precise manufactured weapons and sold them to war torn countries like Syria and Yemen. Largest buyers of blood diamonds and other rare minerals in DRC Congo from Warlords are western countries. They promote civil wars to sell weapons. These weapons used by millitants , they dont have a label written made in Africa FYI. There maybe lack of morals there in terms of grand scale corruption but that does not exempt other countries from it, and talking of morality did you know America is one of the largest producers and consumers of porn, so on that ground i will not do any business with Uncle Sam because they legalized it, oh and there is the issue of marijuana, gun ownership and racism which are far worse.

    1. Ambrose, I largely agree with your post about the corruption in European and USA countries too.

      That changes nothing from my correct comment about how Rwanda is also corrupt. You as a Rwadan national, if you are such, are biased and blind to what is going on. Your country is a pariah.
      This is not a corruption comparison league, though it many be to you, but I LOATHE ALL corruption everywhere.

      1. Interesting though, isn’t it, Grandpa Jon, how you rather conveniently skipped the more directly scathing criticisms of a few others against your unfounded know-it-all-ism demonstrated once again, to comment on some side show issues?

  9. Is it possible the “life-long Arsenal fan” decided this was the right time for him to advertise his country?

    Is it possible, his country was just recovering from the genocide and therefore, critical infrastructure was now being built?

    Is if possible the tourism authority in Rwanda determined the EPL was the most popular since, say 2010 and therefore a great avenue to advertise their country?

    Is it possible your speculation is a poor exercise in futility that achieves nothing of profit to you?

    And while you chew on this, let me wonder why you wrote your comments today

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