Arsenal are winning points but are we playing well?

Is it time for Arsenal fans to be worried‏? by briantole

Where are our best players? Who is the one to stand up now? We have a lot to talk about after a very disappointing January and now not very good performances this February. Ever since the turn of the year Ozil has just capped himself with one goal and one assist. Sanchez hasn’t been himself after his return from injury. His performances have been far from good. Even after Wenger saying that he has had enough winter break. And now Koss has had some very
inconsistent performances this year. He is good with possession but he has sometimes left our defence open.

Coquelin has also looked rusty after his injury and I am not sure for how long this rustiness will last. I hope he comes good the next game. Monreal has been solid but has looked somehow exposed and not very comfortable after Sanchez injury. I don’t know if it is because he has not been accorded the much needed protection from Walcott, or whatever the particular reason, it remains a concern.

Bellerin has also not been his electric self ever since Ramsey was switched to the center.
The energy and defensive work rate of Ramsey has been missing from the right wing and that seems to affect Hector.

Goals have also been minimal and hard to come by. Last time out we were saved by our substitutes from embarrassing blushes. The only stand out performer all season has been Cech, although he has also had two or three off games.

Wenger needs to fix such deficits in our team because we need to have everyone standing out and being consistent for as long as possible.

Another explanation could be precautionary methods Wenger is taking to avoid even more injuries, but it looks like players are lacking match fitness and look tired too. With important matches coming up we need everyone to be their quality selves and not get complacent and it is important for Wenger to prepare his players for the storm.

Let us start getting things right and not fall behind otherwise we might see Tottenham raising the trophy come the end of the season, and that is worse than Leicester holding it!


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  1. Champions are able to pull out a win even when not playing well. Chelsea last season and City the year before beat lower table teams by 1 goal. A win is a win at the end of the day.

    But we should obviously try to improve our playing.

    In terms of defense we are playing well in my opinion. We need our strikers to improve their finishing. Ozil, Coquelin, Ramsey, Eleney seem fine to me.

    1. I agree about our strikers, people thumb me down but it’s the truth is that our attack has been poor, before last weekend we had 0 wins in 3 home games and Walcott had 1 goals in 17games, that’s very poor by Arsenal standards. If we want to be champions we should be winning games with 3 goals at least. Tottenham have less quality than us but somehow have a higher GD, we’re just not good enough that’s the fact.

      1. Matters not that much. Often in previous seasons, you see Arsenal in the table below teams that have a worse GD. I’d rather win by 1 goal each against Man City and Villa than put ten past Villa and lose 1-0 to City.

  2. dont need to play well when u have can i assist u 20 times a game playing for u.
    just need someone to convert those chances.
    plus we have brick wall helmet man at the back.

    santi cazorla was the glue that held our beautiful plays together.
    i miss his 3ft 5 with hair on top swagger.
    his smile that said…i will hold u…in my arms

      1. Wonder why they thumbed you down, maybe the b2b thing. Santi is a deep lying orchestrator similar to Pirlo/Xavi/Modric ..sorely missed none the less.

        However, must be said ..Ramsey has been very impressive in his last two games. Some fans seem to overlook it though. I think again he touched the ball more times than anyone and played most passes but this time he had the second highest accurate passes (90%). He also completed three interceptions and completed three tackles. Another thing I noticed is that he held back in deep midfield quite often and was always available.

  3. I’m going to have a little dig here. I remember reading quite a few fans from in here and on twitter say that they thought Arsene made all the right calls/subs. Easy thing to say after the game no doubt. I seen a few comments from people I recognise and immediately imagined what might have been said if Welbz scored no winning goal. I’m sure you yourself could imagine – player out for one whole season and not even match fit/ transfer window just gone ..I believe I have a very good idea what might have been said. Its not a big thing though as I myself as well as everyone is guilty of it from time but I wonder if we went back to the very moment of the substitutions how many on here/twitter commented on being the right call.

  4. The Leicester match was a banana skin encounter which showed the kind of generosity towards the opponents who along with Saints,Spurs play hyper pressing by constant fouling and being given only warnings. Arsenal have played OK and it is going to be like Barca from the second half of 2015 where they really kicked-off. At some-point giroud will start scoring and teams will want to be desperate and will attack rather than defend which surely has to play into the hands of club but Sanchez is still in the tired moment and will want his teammates to motivate him further to start scoring just Diego Costa. Arsenal should not let Utd play their game and Wenger usually plays an open game which may impact due to his overconfidence. Wenger has not won a major competition for 12 years which is really killing him inside.

  5. Briantole, Arsenal fell into a low after been whitewashed 4-0 by Southampton, their heaviest defeat the other mid-week night. But they hadn’t crumbled as the Cookies would have crumbled in their subsequent games.

    The Gunners have managed to put their aptitude together and have weathered through the rough terrain and are coming home getting better and better as they gradually arriving to the homestraight for the final heat race to lift the Prestigious Barclays Premier League Platinum Big Trophy this season. Amen?

    Arsenal will beat Hull City at the Ems with our 2nd XI starters. And rest our 1st XI starters to be in optimum condition to beat Barca at the Ems on Tuesday night, then go to Old Traford to beat the struggling Man Utd LvG’s starting XI team to finish this month of February on the high.

  6. Hahahahahahaha…………. How many points so far in our last 5 EpL games?……… Halt exaggerating!

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