“Arsenal as a business is run really well” Seaman praises Kroenke but says he has to back Arteta

David Seaman has admitted that Stan Kroenke is doing a good job on the business side of things at Arsenal and doubts if the American will leave the club any time soon.

Kroenke has come under increased pressure after agreeing to become one of the founding members of the suspended European Super League.

He has never been a popular figure among Arsenal’s fans and his involvement in the Super League has seen increased calls for him to sell up and leave the club.

Seaman was speaking about the recent troubles and admitted that he doesn’t think Kroenke will leave and says he has done well as a business owner.

He, however, says this would be a big summer for the American as fans would expect him to back Mikel Arteta in the transfer window.

“Arsenal as a business is really good but on the field the results aren’t as good as they should be,” Seaman said to TalkSPORT.

“It’s going to be an interesting summer for Arsenal because they need players and finances but we’ll see if we get any money to spend on players.

“If we don’t it’s going to be same old, same old. The league doesn’t lie, we’re mid-table.

“We’ve always been known for being a club that charges the most and at the moment are the fans really getting value for money? For me, they’re not.”

“It’s hard to say. Before this Super League episode he’s not really done a great deal wrong,” Seaman added.

“Arsenal as a business is run really well. There’s definitely question marks there now but if he goes then what happens? Do they go down the line with Alisher Usmanov or do they get a new owner in? It’s a big statement to say get him out.

“We’ll have to see what happens in the summer. Will Arteta get finances? If he doesn’t then there’s going to be serious questions asked.”

Arsenal has backed Arteta in the last two transfer window, but he inherited a poorly assembled squad and might need further help to get them in a better shape to challenge for the top four and trophies.

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    1. 👍 I certainly wouldn’t take business advice from David Seaman. How much profit has Arsenal generated busting and selling players since Iwobi and Chamberlain were sold. High value players being allowed to leave the Club on free transfers.
      The financial and player asset management at the Arsenal is very poor under Kroenke.

  1. the very fact that teams who have traditionally participated in this competition, through legitimate means, entered the SL fray suggests that there are clearly some fundamental underlying issues when it comes to the current UEFA-based system

    of course, the potential financial windfall of just such a scheme was an incredibly enticing dangling carrot, but this alone wouldn’t have been enough to offset the obvious backlash of throwing their proverbial hats into the ring, considering their annual involvement in the UEFA tourney anyways

    as for those clubs, like our own, who have struggled in recent times to gain entrance into this competition, they’re the true vile characters in this twisted ruse…their money for nothing uber-grift should not go unpunished

  2. Well Mr Seaman, Arsenal as a business is failing, Arsenal as a football team is failing and kronk as an owner has failed. Where did you get them rose coloured specs from? Nowonder you couldn’t see that shot from Nayim, you cant see anything.

    1. Stop been bitter Reggie
      Everybody has his own opinion and that was his.
      Do you need to crucify him for his opinion?

      Anyways, he’s right about one thing.
      Kroenke is not leaving Arsenal anytime soon.

      Players and managers are easy to send packing but not an owner.

      1. Bob’s, what has Reggie said they you disagree with? It’s not a matter of how easy it is to change ownership, but a comment on the quality of nurture and management of the Club by KS&E.
        Talking of opinions, Reggie disagrees with David’s opinion. Which opinion do you agree with?

        1. Ozzie
          I support Reggie’s opinion but that doesn’t mean how we see things are the same.
          To me Kroenke has been spending money(from his pocket or not, he still sanction the money to be spent) more than he receives but the management who he employed has been wasting the money on useless players.
          Dan Smith does not agree with this opinion of mine and yet never attack me by saying…
          “Where did you get them rose coloured specs from? Nowonder you couldn’t see that shot from Nayim, you cant see anything.”

          There are different ways we see things.

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