Arsenal ask Chelsea for first team defender?

I swear that the silly season is now in full swing with the latest Arsenal transfer rumours becoming more and more bizarre by the hour.

This afternoon we had the “announcement” from a Udinese director that the Gunners had “made an offer” for a middle-of-the-road, unknown Columbian that has been injured for half the season just gone, and now this evening it appears Arsenal have “approached Chelsea” to see if they would be willing to sell us Kurt Zouma. Here is the tweet from the “Italian transfer guru”……

Now this is so unlikely for so so so many reasons it just doesn’t bear thinking about! As if Chelsea would even consider selling the best youth player to come through their ranks since John Terry, but to make it even worse the lad has been injured for the last three months, and apparently will struggle to be fit for the beginning of next season.

This may make it a little hard for Zouma to get through a medical even if Chelsea were king enough to let us buy him lol.

So from this latest rumour I can only assume that the media have run out of any credible targets and are now looking at the most ludicrous links to fill the space in their papers and websites while we wait for the Euros to begin and we will have something solid to talk about again.

But wait! Maybe it’s true…..

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  1. Godswill says:

    Zouma who? We have Chambers and Monreal if it comes to the worst. Well, all rumours.

    1. Dee@ease says:

      The only thing that would make this Zouma rumour true is his injury and we all know how Wenger loves an injury prone player!

      1. Arsenal007 says:

        I remember Wenger signings Kim ‘Kardashian’…injuries and all.

  2. NIKK says:

    Madrid win again…when will be our turn?
    Arsene Kronke Gazidik sort it out for Arsenal FC sake!

    1. Dee@ease says:

      We are far off from competing for the champions league,in fact I’ll say this about all the top english clubs Man City,Chelsea,Arsenal,Man United,Liverpool they are no where near the level of top teams in Europe

      1. NIKK says:

        We all know that hence I said for AFC sake sort it out!!!

        1. Dee@ease says:

          I think it’s more than just about buying players,the whole mentality of english teams needs to change and also this rule that a certain number of players must be home grown is lame as english players are not world class they’re just not talented enough to be competing at the elite level!

          1. muda says:

            Exactly Dee, I struggle to get a reason why english teams are in decline in europe, so I finally find one reason and its #u***** homegrown rule. English players actually s;cks in fact they are our main problem. Walcott, Gibbs, chamberlain, Ramsey (brit), welbs (injury matters), so they occupy the spaces and they are not good enough.

          2. jonm says:

            I really do not see how the homegrown rule helps the national team. If it was not there british players would still play somewhere in the football leagues, the standards would be higher because of the overseas players. The british players would develop at the level suited to their ability.

            As it is, I suspect that promising british players have an inflated price and end up as bench warmers at places like man city.

            I think the FA should review this policy as I have not noticed any improvement in the national team.

    2. otunba_007 says:

      There is no way Arsenal FC will win UCL under Wenger, call me bitter but ya’all know I am right.

  3. Dee@ease says:

    Watching the final made me realise Arsenal are miles behind catching teams like Real Madrid,Barcelona,Bayern and Atletico these teams don’t only have world class talent but also the desire,hard work,character and passion to win major titles!

    1. Trevor says:

      The only chance of making the gap is by keeping British attacking players away from the first team, maybe even subs bench. Because all the big nations simply have better attacking players, way more comfortable in possession. Defenders is the route to go, England Ireland Wales and Scotland, I’m willing to bet that you could find a defensive line or two which would stand up to most big nations back lines, even if not quite as good I think it would be not far off.

      1. Incarnate says:

        English players don’t mix it up enough, in fact Bale is the only British playing outside England and among the elites of Europe; French, Spanish, German players bring a mix of flavours to their game while the English players sit at home romanticizing the mediocre, wallowing in that sense of entitlement and never thrown at the deep end. When playing outside your home country, no one pampers you because you are ‘one of theirs’, you are held totally accountable for your performance, Wilshere would risk being a forgotten man if he played at Bayern with his injury problems just like Gotze is stagnating but then Ozil had to fight in England, Bale had to fight in Spain, Fabbregas had to come back and fight in England after his hometown club almost Ruined his blossoming career…its just a natural law.

        1. jonm says:

          Interesting point there about Bale. British players with reasonable talent are guaranteed a top value and probably top salary to join a top club because of the home grown rule. They do not have to fight their way to the top. They probably then sit on the bench or play in the reserves at some clubs. Then do not develop to full potential.

          Just a theory, would need a lot of work to prove it. Something the FA should be doing.

  4. jonm says:

    Admin, this post is talking about the homegrown rule. Seeing as the transfer rumours at the moment are just that, rumours and no substance, would an article on the homegrown rule be a suitable topic?

  5. ruelando says:

    i have long said the british talent has been pampered and hyped to believe they are great, i have long felt that the british players in the premier league do not show the hunger of those from the lower leagues

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