Arsenal asks Spanish club to pay 30m euros for Unai Emery’s signing

Arsenal is prepared to cut their losses on Nicolas Pepe this summer and the Ivorian already has a suitor.

The winger has been a flop since he moved to the Emirates in 2019 and Arsenal has given him more than enough chances to prove his worth.

However, the former Lille man keeps underperforming, and he is no longer close to being a starter at the club.

Mikel Arteta will strengthen his squad in the summer, and he probably needs to offload the deadwood in the current group to create space for the new players.

The Spaniard has now given them the go-ahead to sell Pepe and Sevilla is interested in a move for him, according to Todofichajes.

The report claims the Spanish side believes he can return to form in their team.

Arsenal has asked them to pay around 30m euros for his signature, which is less than half of what they paid to sign him.

Sevilla believes that is a fair price and they will look to add him to their squad when the transfer window reopens.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Now is the best time for us to cash in on Pepe, and Sevilla is offering us arguably the best deal we can get if they pay that much for him.

Pepe’s departure will create space for us to add even more quality attackers to our team before next season.

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  1. How many times do we have to repeat it?Pépé is/was not Emery’s buy but the club’s, Emery wanted Zaha.

    1. But it doesn’t fit the narrative that some are selling. Arteta was stuck with Emery’s players.

      But the fail to acknowledge that Emery was only a “coach” and did not have final say in players brought in.

      Didn’t get the winger or DM he wanted, but hey let’s just stick to the narrative about Emery.

      1. The article is so poor, it is hardly worth replying too. First of all he isnt underperforming, he isnt playing, second we aren’t cashing in, we are cashing out and he has only turned into a floo under Arteta, which isnt mentioned either.

          1. He was and his goalscoring record when he came was one of the best non striker in the prem. He even scored over 20 goals his first season under Arteta. How many in this team have done that this year?

            1. Reggie, unfortunately too many on this site do not let facts get in the way of a good story. Whether Pepe, Emery, Wenger or Arteta people either include or omit those “facts” to support their argument or otherwise.

  2. The headline of some of this article at times speak volume.
    It used to be pepe the flop, now it’s pepe the emery signing. When it was clear that emery never wanted him in the first place and it one of the reason the player himself could be struggling..
    Come to think of it emery, didn’t even have enough chance to have worked with him.

    1. The reason he has to go is that he still can’t speak English. I don’t imagine that his Spanish is much better if Arteta is not happy…

  3. Sometimes I don’t believe what comes out from social media of a thing. How could someone call Pepe a flop? It is natural in football clubs that when a new Coach is introduced, he already had it in mind the players he will work with. Pepe is not a flop but Arteta. After all that young man had scored some spectacular goals during the time of Emery . Arteta is a second class coach and he doesn’t know how to bring the best out of players

  4. I think we should get rid of Arteta. Clearly we cannot play like Man City because we don’t have the calibre of personal to play the City style of football. Teams rough us up and the youngsters forget how to play.Arteta does not have a plan B. He is too naive

    1. I think that’s the most disappointing thing. On the days when we just seem to be up for it and everything clicks together ie the good football, the tenacity and guile. Okay, sometimes we might be fortunate and our opposition doesn’t turn up and we coast through a game but, in either scenario, we look good, capable and like a team going places.

      However, as you rightly pointed out. We don’t have the calibre of player in all required positions, that can all play in sync with each other to put together a polished or commanding performance.

      We are also to prone to being physically overpowered on pitch. I have seen of lately despite how technically good Oedegard is. He’s easily roughed up and concedes possession as a result. Cedric is another one who is quite often a weak link in the physical stakes. But it’s not just those two !

      Teams know just like Spurs and Palace that they way to beat us is to hassle us relentlessly, make the game physical even if it mean receiving a few yellow cards. Bully us and pick all the loose pieces until we physically, mentally and tactically give up. Then at every point on the pitch where our game becomes disrupted, use that very point to launch a counter.

      I don’t think just bulking up in a gym will be the answer but the players have to know they’ve got to get down and dirty, just like some of our opposition if they want to improve

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