Arsenal asks the Invincibles to visit the Emirates for crucial game

The Arsenal team of the 2003/2004 Premier League season remains one of the best in the competition’s history.

That year, the Gunners went through an entire campaign unbeaten and were crowned champions of England.

Twenty years later, they haven’t won another league title, but Arsenal could still achieve that this season.

They currently sit atop the Premier League standings as one of the top clubs on the continent and continue to fight for the title.

Arsenal’s final game of the season will be at the Emirates against Everton, and it could be the match where they seal victory.

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of that stunning success, Arsenal has invited the players from that invincible season to visit and watch the match.

The Daily Mail reveals that Arsenal could be champions of England again, and they have invited their heroes to join in the celebration.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Our ‘invincible’ players made a name that we cannot easily forget, and they deserve continuous recognition for their contributions to this club’s history.

Hopefully, we will be the champions of England on that day because it will be the best way to remember our success story of 2004.

It will be interesting to see how many of the squad members will honour the club’s invitation and attend the game.


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  1. That day will be a greatest ever for us lifting the epl with our great legends, when emirate stadium shall receive it’s first epl trophy.
    By the grace of Almighty. Arsenalfc shall be crown.

  2. The invincibles should visit the team atleast 2 days before the Darby against Man U.
    It will be a vital moral booster if can have a talk over a meal.
    These young team deserves this.

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