Arsenal at BIG risk of losing Akpom to Dortmund transfer!!

I wonder if this latest Arsenal transfer rumour could be behind the fact that Arsene Wenger has had the young Gunners’ striker Chuba Akpom on the Arsenal bench for recent games and has even given the 19-year old his Premier League debut at Southampton and some important game time in the FA cup win over Hull City last weekend.

Because according to a report in the Daily Star, the Gunners are in danger of losing the prolific young player. With Akpom having really come into great form this season, scoring an impressive nine goals from just 10 games for the Arsenal under 21 side and doing very well for the England under 20s as well, he has begun to draw interest from various clubs.

Our Premier League rivals Man City, Everton and Tottenham have been mentioned, but it is Jurgen Klopp and Dortmund that are apparently the biggest risk to Arsenal losing one of our best young talents. Apparently the German club could try to complete a transfer deal in the January transfer window, but even if they don’t, Akpom is out of contract at the end of the season.

So Wenger has a big job on his hands convincing this young Gunner that he will get decent opportunities on the pitch despite all the attacking options already in the Arsenal squad. Is that why Wenger is happy to let Sanogo and Podolski go out on loan? And will it be enough for us to keep Akpom at the Emirates?

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  1. chupa chups going nowhere.
    suck on that akpom.
    no one leaves arsenal…what? rv..who, samir nas…LOOK no one ever leaves arsenal , leave it at that

  2. Deja vu again.Letting players run down their contract.
    Hope Arsene runs his own contract down.

    1. Wenger is at fault for not signing Cavani or a Bony. Wenger is at fault for not giving a youngster like Akpom a chance. Tough to have it both ways.

      I hope Akpom is patient as I think he’s got bags of potential and it’s been frustrating seeing Sanogo getting all the scraps in front of him. I’d love to see him at loan to a PL or top Championship side but it’s on him to start showing the goods. Banging them in at u21 level is one thing but he hasn’t shown much in his previous loan at Brentford.

      1. Wenger is so talented that he screws everything up. By not buying Cavani and by not playing talented players like Chuba, but instead, going out buying the likes of Girud a like players or Welbeck ( instead of Cavani) and Sonogo a like players. ( not playing Cambell or Chuba).

        Blaming everyone and everything only not Arsene. Man, Akb freaks are such a pain in the ass.

      2. no world class striker, no game time or contract for akopm … so yes wenger is to blame for doing nothing in this case!

      3. Where to start? Wenger’s fault for not buying Messi also? Cavani is not even on the market, let alone at 50mil. Bony? Okay we’re going to buy another striker while we’ve just sent one out on loan, and another one leaving in the coming days? We have Giroud, Welbeck as our real strikers and possibly Sanchez-Walcott-Akpom as options. DM & CB are the important positions to reinforce, not a striker not a CAM ( isco’s ridiculous rumor 65mil£ for him… what a bs)
        Akpom has def lots of potential, bringing another striker will ruin his career, he’s gonna get some minutes this season thats for sure 🙂

  3. Chuba akpom has a good future ahead at arsenal! We must not allow him to leave whether this is a rumour or not!

    1. He will be out of contract. So he needs game time now and be convinced he has a future at Arsenal. After that he needs to be loaned out unless he has proven himself to be the new “Harry Kane”

  4. Jose mourinho has been fined by the fa, for stating that there is a plot by referees against his chelsea team! How desperate can u get!

  5. Ospina to start in goal against stoke! Im not very convince by szczesny’s shambolic goal keeping the last few matches!

    1. Greg, too much money (we talk 80-90 mil) Reid, Gundogan and maybe Lacazette (fingers crossed). This is 35-40 mil.

  6. Can’t get a game ” because of all the attacking options”. What a f@cking joke!

    Mark my words..Akpom will be signed soon (woh a signing in the transfer window) and then swiftly sent out on loan.

  7. Chumberwonder to BVB
    You gotta be Jurgen 🙂
    Its all tub thumping any way.
    I wanna dance like Jurgen, dance like Jurgen
    First we take Akpom then we take Beller in.

  8. Wenger will get these 5 next week
    1. Hummels
    2. Schar
    3. Kondogbia
    4. Cavani
    5. Reus

    And get rid of
    1. Flamini
    2. Diaby
    3. Sanogo
    4. Campbell
    5. Gnabry

    Our team to play City


    Bench: Szczesny, Mertsacker, chambers, rosicky, Oxlade, Cazorla, Giroud, Welbeck

      1. Course he will Fred..

        See Per didn’t quiet make it into the UEFA team of the year 2014.

    1. Come out of tht dream m8!! Haha!! #Aw aint signing no 1 until the last hour of the transfer window #panicbuy

  9. Is it me or does the pfa gadge Gordon Taylor sound either spaced out or like he’s just been sausage jockeyed..?
    I know he’s trying to defend his comments but ffs he sounds as camp as a row of tents!!!!!

  10. We have an Arse for a Manager little wonder his name is Arse and Arsene what’s the difference?…… Nee, which means ‘he was born an Arse’. I hope he gets all the insults in the world for dragging us down the path of nothingness for the last ten years. He deserves it.

    HE BUILT A STADIUM? YES; with his own money? I’d rather have any premiership stadium but with trophies each year! Funny some of us admire WENGER for The Emirates Stadium but Chelsea fans admire Jose for trophies!! I know we are capable of beating Stoke City handsomely but just listen to the arse’s excuses if they beat us! The man is an £8M a year joke!!

  11. For goodness sake we ARE ARSENAL!! But Wenger is a JOKE. I’d be first to buy Steve Bould’s Autobiography as I know he has so much to reveal in it. You can already tell the frustration written all over his face!

  12. I always enjoy transfer windows (even though they usually end in disappointment), but after KK signing last year, I don’t even want to think the window is open.

    Rather be presently surprised than bitterly disappointed.

    How about an article on the next Arsenal young gun to feature regularly for the first team?

    1. This years young gun has been Bellerin. Gnabry was last years and it is a shame he has been injured that long, but he is good, better than Campbell in my opinion. Next year I can see Hayden feature more. Shame he was also injured when we had our defensive injuries, he would have had some chances to play and show what he can do. The guy really standing out is Crowley but I think his chances will come in 2016/2017 season.

      should we play Afobe when he has scored 30+ goals when this season finishes?

      If we get one academy player per year coming through on average we do well.

  13. Can anyone believe that Abu Diaby’s nappies were changed at Arsenal and has only managed a handful of games, if that at all, and he is now 27years old! O Mary mother of Jesus!!!!!

  14. ___________Giroud
    ______Sanchez Cazorla Ox
    _______Ramsey Coquelin
    Gibbs Koscielny Mertesacker Debuchy

    Great to have a near full strength squad for once. Hope to see Ozil and Walcott get a run around in the second half for Cazorla and the OX.

  15. It is the daily star and not reported anywhere else. However Akpom as a sweetner for Gundogan I would not mind. Next season we still have Afobe who comes back from loan.

    Lets get Reid (4 mil) & Gundogan (16 mil). Maybe Lacazette (18 mil) now or in summer. In summer lets try and get Schneiderlin (25 mil), Schar (free transfer) & Mings (8 mil). That is 6 players in total over Winter and Summer. That is not out of our reach and we will be fully covered. 2 New CDMs with 3rd one being Hayden from Academy. Plenty of cover in the back plus Mings who can deputise on LB with a view to eventually replace Monreal. Reid is an upgrade over Mert and Schar/Chambers can fight over who becomes Kos replacement.

    And maybe go for the German Mainz goaly for £0 if he is available in summer.

    Forget Cavani & Hummels. These 6 mentioned make sense and will make us well balanced with plenty of options and cover.

    We can let go of:
    Wellington Silva
    Podolski (not taking him back from loan)
    Jenkinson – sell him to West Ham
    Akpom or Afobe
    Goal Keeper – (if we buy a new one)

    Loan out Sanogo

    To stay or Go: Arteta & Rosicky

    With this realistic transfer I feel Arsenal have quality on the field and the bench. Once that has been achieved lets be more ruthless like Chelsea in the players we buy and sell (like they did with Mata, Luiz).

  16. No problem. So far we get Gundogan in exchange and we insert a cheeky little buy-back clause in the deal 😉

  17. Twig, your starts are tempting. But I think the boss may start Flamini ahead of Ramsey for this Stoke game. Let us remember that the boss is a humanist. Diabi is still battling and has been told to get fit soon to earn another contract. Ramsey and Wilshere once suffered long term injuries and it took them time return and to play back to form. But the humanistic boss kept faith in them and allowed them time to rediscovered themselves.

    1. I’m not sure if Bellerin or Debuchy should start against stoke. Arnautovic is such a threat. Might be good to have Bellerins pace

  18. Im really hoping Arsene will go after Lacazette.. Im keeping an eye on him for around 3 years now and he has really improved,especially this year. He’s a perfect Wenger’s buy : French,young,not that expensive (I think) and best goalscorer in the league. Go for it Arsene!!

      1. Yea I really like Gundogan too. AW should buy him even though he’s not a true DM but he can do the defensive side of the game.

    1. Giroud and Chamakh were exactly the same..

      The French league below PSG and the German league below BAYERN is no better than the Scottish prem below Celtic..
      The days are long gone where Arsene finds a viera anelka etc..
      We buy cheap average to balance the books and then spend a fortune on a player to appease fan unrest instead of constantly improving our squad we constantly patch it up!
      Kroenke doing just enough each year allowing Arsene money to sign a player or 2.. If it was down to WENGER slow e he would sign under 21 potential.
      We need to push on from sanchez and sign a player or 2 to compliment him and reward his efforts … Before he becomes disillusioned…..

  19. We r talkn about having world claSs players, yet ppl calling chuba great/prolific player. As far as am concern he doesn’t hv it for now. ST is one of d most important wing, however, most of us has started thinking like wenga himsef. Epl top four team (Akpom) lol, with due respect to my Nigeria guy he is for future. If we want Arsenal to be great again we must sacrifice some players. Either to go or b loaned.

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