Arsenal at last believe we will make the Champions League places

Arsenal came within of cats whisker of our fourth win in a row at Tottenham on Saturday, and the performance certainly earned a lot of praise from players and pundits alike, despite Aubameyang’s last minute penalty miss. There definitely seems to be a massive change in the players mentality and they are playing with confidence and belief, and despite us being written off as Top Four material right from the start of the season, the players can now see the light at the end of the tunnel and we will be a prime position if we can take all three points from Man United this weekend.

Our new defensive stalwart Sokratis spoke for the players when he said: “We have nine games and we are there,”

“Next week also is very important.

“Big game. In our home we have to take the three points. What I saw against Tottenham, the spirit of the team, I am very happy and I think if we are like this until the end we can do it.

“It’s not about how we play, it’s also that we have all started to believe that we can do it.

“This is very important for the team, for the spirit. Every day in training we know that we are there, and it’s very important for us.

“It’s very important for us and our manager that we take one of the four positions so that next year we are in the Champions League.”

We gave Tottenham a shock last week, and if we can stop a resurgent Man United next week as well, maybe us fans will also start to believe in the team. Who would have thought that we would be in this position at the start of the season? Or even just a few weeks ago!



  1. I wouldn’t believe it until Arsenal can defeat Man United

    There is a possibility the strikers would bottle this as what they did at Wembley and Man United players look very hungry now under Solskjaer

    But I believe the home supporters would try their best to intimidate Man United and hopefully the attackers would be more confident because of the home factor

    1. Let’s trust him to outfox Solksja. He already beat sarri, poch at the Emirates, manure are going down. Believe guys

  2. I would start the same team as last week.
    It was sound defensively while also offering an attacking threat.

    Kola I feel would get exposed starting against Man U however would offer something as a sub.

    1. Apart from Mustafi, I agree. I’d actually go Jenkinson at RB…to my own shock! Haha!

  3. In my opinion, on current squad available, mustafi is a better option at RB, he started his career as RB and has better experience than Jenko and AMN,better fit than Litch.
    Man utd isnt special, even against us in d FA cup match, we didnt aproach that game we a purpose, and they hit us on conter, i hope we have learnt our lessons, this time around its going to be different, i hope we get at least a point in our next 2 games, a win will be the icing on d cake.
    Hope we are appealling for Torreira Red card, we need every1 available for utd game. Coyg

  4. Mustafi against Rashford, a recipe for disaster.AMN has the pace to cope and played very well at Old Trafford last year.

    1. Yeah Mustafi didnt do too much wrong but whenever he err’s it usually costs us dear, I cannot believe that spurs are so over the moon with this home result, you would have thought they won the game and in fact they were fortunate to get a point from it, Mustafi did not need to touch Kane the ball would have gone out anyway and even more annoying he was offside. I wish i could get as excited about a home performance against our biggest enemy when we were so lucky to get away with draw.

  5. “It is far better to stay silent and be thought a fool, than open your mouth and confirm the fact.”
    Dudu, I look forward to perusing your playing and coaching CV in any sport, let alone football.

  6. I know what mustafi is like but I read somewhere lately that , counting this season and last xakai…monreal…sok…kos..have have away as many penalties….
    Plus he has a lot more experience than man.
    Plus amn is not a defender and a lot of times after loosing the ball high up the field
    He just jogs back after the player

  7. surely top 4 is a reality, but it will be so much sweeter taking 3 points from Man United at home then getting into the top 4, my belief as a fan in this team will shoot through the roof, plz make it happen Emery, please show me the same commitment to beat every other opponent we have left this season as the game against spurs. no more mid season wilts please, let me at least see that there is a hunger for more in you guys. I just hope the boys can see that 3rd place finish plus the Europa League is very plausible I’d be happy with just a 4th place finish but please beat Man United and let me dream again. COYG!

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