Arsenal at risk of (Monaco) complacency for Burnley clash?

Arsenal must not take Burnley as lightly as Monaco by DN

I really hope I am wrong about this but I get the feeling that a touch of complacency is creeping into the Arsenal as we prepare for Saturday´s late kick-off away to Burnley. It feels to me as though the Arsenal players and even Arsene Wenger have already got a little part of their minds focused on the games after this weekend and that is a very dangerous situation.

It is not as if we have not had previous warnings about taking teams for granted and I´m sure that the manager will be saying this to his squad. Maybe it is time for Mister Wenger to break out the video of our first leg at home against Monaco to really hammer home the danger of being complacent.

The Frenchman could also point to some of Burnley´s other results against the big clubs this season. Despite them being just one place off the bottom of the Premier League table, Burnley have played pretty well, especially at home.

They held the Spuds to a draw last weekend and at Turf Moor in January, beat Man City at home and drew away and they held Man United to a draw at home as well. So with them fighting for their survival, the Gunners must be fired up and ready, instead of thinking about an FA cup trophy and a possible title challenge, or we could be seeing another Monaco disaster.

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  1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    Gabriel has fixed the complacency problem. He was brutal but it was for their own good.

  2. xamanus says:

    Anyone else think Cazorla needs a rest desperately? Hasn’t he played the most premier league games in our squad? I didn’t think he played well against Liverpool or Newcastle. He’s been one of our best players and we need him match fit fast. Look at how the international break rejuvenated Sanchez. Rest Cazorla vs Burnley and put in Welbeck. Ramsey and Ozil will compensate in terms of creativity.

  3. lee says:

    V Burnley. (On the basis Kos is not fit)


    Bellerin Gabriel Mertasaker Monreal

    Coq Cazorla

    Ramsey Cazorla Ozil


    1. lee says:

      Apologies that should be Ramsey, Ozil, Sanchez – Not Cazorla twice!

      1. Cashleycol says:

        Thot you wanted to make another Michael Owen who thinks Sterling is a better player than Ozil…… Aaaaahhhhh!!!! How talented was he , I mean Owen,,, maybe he’s forgotten the meaning of the word… Speed and talent are two faaaaaaar removed words n must never b confused… Owen, you are a c****nt….

  4. fred cowardly says:

    I’m actually more worried about this game than the Liverpool match. They can upset us if we are not at our best or do not put out the best players.

    Burnley are desperate to get points and it’s also an away game for us, so going to be tough. Do not expect the 3-0 Win we had earlier against them

    It’s also a MUST win match. Actually from now on EVERY match is a MUST win match. LOL

  5. True.Gooner says:

    We’ll win 3-0. Anything less than will make me sad

  6. themadhurata says:

    It is a point but I don’t think you are right. Burnley away has proven a difficult fixture. No one will go there complacent that includes arsenal.

    Actually out of the two sides I have a feeling it is Burnley who will become complacent. In there position it is hard for them not to look at the fixtures after arsenal and think they have an easy run until the end. I think they might lose some focus and intensity.

    As for us we have to get the ball down quick and play direct. Don’t give away needless free kicks in dangerous areas and stay tight close down.

  7. ButtFlaps says:

    We must to fight for every game a win!!!

    1. CraigZWE says:

      We win fight to game must

  8. CraigZWE says:

    Owen your classic Man U and Pool DIPSH*T

  9. Jeez says:

    “it feels to me as though the Arsenal players and even Arsene Wenger”

    what is that suppose to me?
    Now your feelings runs Arsenal FC?

  10. says:

    DN, how are you? I want you to relax. I can assure you the Gunners are not going to be game complacent at Turf Moor. In contrast, the Gunners are going to be Super Industrious over there for the entire 90” + of the game from their starting it. As I have been saying, every game has it’s own complesion. This Saturday Sean Dyche’s Burnley outfits have the complesion of relegation threats written over them. And any attempts by Dyche to use his Physicality App Game Data Plan to optimum advantage over the Gunners will be neutralized by the boss and the Gunners. The Key to unlock Sean Dyche’s Physicality App Game Data Plan, is given and known as: RELEGATION THREATENING COMPOUNDING GUNNERS STARTS. The boss MUST constitute these starts and start them at Turf Moor to infest and corrupt the Physicality App Game Data Plan of Sean Dyche with the Trojan-Gunners to compound the Clarets relegation threats. As the Gunners will make the Clarets to over consumed their wine and becomes heavy and dizzy on the Turf Moor playing pitch. Consequently, the Gunners will seize 4 bottles of wine from the Clarets and hammer 4 Clarets thoroughly to submissions without showing any mercy. Because the stakes are too high for the Gunners to consider showing any mercy to ease any team relegation worries to dash them a point. Never! BFC 0-4 AFC FT 90” +.

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