Arsenal attack options mean NO pressure for Welbeck

With Olivier Giroud being out of action for Arsenal for the next few months, the new boy Danny Welbeck should get plenty of chances and lots of time to settle in with his new club and team mates, and his new role playing down the middle.

But whereas some signings, especially strikers, are under pressure to get going quickly, Welbeck should be able to do it without feeling too much pressure. Some fans and pundits had a little go at the 23-year old for hitting the post in his debut Arsenal game against Man City, but that is harsh.

In general, his all-round game was praised and as long as he keeps working, the goals will come. The benefit for him being at Arsenal now is that, just like with Giroud, his job as centre forward is not to be like Falcao, a pure finisher, but to link up the play.

And with the Gunners having the ability to score goals from all over the pitch, the onus is not going to be on the young England international to score every time he plays. Alexis Sanchez, Podolski, Campbell, Ramsey, Wilshere, Cazorla and Rosicky can all finish pretty well and we are soon going to have Theo Walcott back as well.

So Danny can relax and grow into his new Arsenal career without feeling too much pressure to be banging in the goals straight away. Do you think that Wenger will be able to get Welbeck scoring freely for Arsenal?

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  1. Let me guess…..

    we are going to get bad day at the office against Utd, Chelsea and Liverfool


    Excuses…..give Welbeck and Ozil more time….

    1. …every time he plays..Rosicky, Campbell, Podolski can all finish pretty well…how many minutes have they played among them selves so far out of the 7games played, am seriously beginning to doubt wellbeck. And why can’t wenger for once ever get the tactics right? conceding similar goals almost every game counter attacks, mean while he fails to set up a similar side by leaving our pacey winger(Campbell) on the bench and even failing to make substitutes in time even when he’s 2goals down…We need Jurgen @Arsenal next season.

  2. im starting to believe that we wont win the champions league now πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

    1. Well, after wenger is gone we will win a treble, champions league included πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
      Problem is that will be after two more seasons πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ Anyone know of where we could get a time machine??

    2. Seriesly you thought we gona win champion league with that morron manager? God damm no wonder why we are the laughing stock of football., we fan become deluded as our morron manager. .

  3. Definitely. Man city and doutmond are a serious couple of games. He could of had 3 goals already, but we need to give him time.

    Hopefully he scores vs Villa. Should be able to run at them…

  4. We were well beaten by a superb ‘team’ yesterday –
    For me it was 2-0 to Klop vs Wenger rather than Dortmund vs Arsenal

    Welbeck had little or no support, but made a couple of great opportunities, love his pace, enthusiasm and confident goals will surely come-

    1. 2nd that.
      Welbeck was in a desert waiting for a ball as we passed back…side…back…side…
      When he did get the ball he was a full speed being chased down by a defender with zero support.
      I am beginning to think we need arrows on the fookin pitch so our players know the direction of attack.

      1. wouldve liked ramsey rested v manc so he could be fresh for dort.
        + ramsey/wilshire are copies so dont play them at same time.

        entire front 5 tired from manc:
        sanchez ozil ramsey wilshire.
        couldve had campbell for sanchez,
        roz for ozil,
        ox for b2b
        [arteta is too old, but flam is worse – wenger is culpable]

  5. I think Wenger will be forced to add more defensive players in January..
    We have to play Chelski away and manutd at home before January in EPL..
    Also have BVB match at home….

  6. Okay.
    Pathetic start to season.
    So many players are out of form at the same time.
    World Cup year is showing true colours.
    What do we do?
    Even before the season started i said we will finish thrid and have a decent run in the UCL.
    We already have a minor throphy this season.

    Now just wait for the new formations to click, players to return from their lackluster form and keep yout fingers crossed hoping for the best.

    Win the FA Cup and Capital One Cup and I will be happy.
    And just beat Chelsea and United home and away.

    1. Beat Chelsea?
      You are shitting me right?
      Cesc and Costa vs Mert and Arteta!?!
      Factor in Wenger’s inept tactics and Maureen’s command of tactics and expect another rape.

  7. I have always supported Wenger but now I can see that he is the problem. His methods are obsolete and his stubbornness is the main reason why Arsenal can never compete again at the highest level. Im gonna give you just few examples that show how stupid and pathetic he had become.
    – transfers
    Anyone who just watch Arsenal highlights, im not even saying full match, just highlights, can tell that we have a whole in our defense as there is no DM. But Wenger does not care he enjoys it when Arteta and mertsacker are humiliating us. We all know that we need a world class striker but what do we get? A Sanogo 2.0 ! Man u will never sell us a player with a true potential. Giroud is still better than Wellbeck. Early in the summer Wenger said he was not pursuing Diego Costa because he didnt fit Arsenal’s style of playing haha are you serious what a miss. 7 goals in 4 match played without even being fully fit. Then Wenger refuses to sign Fabregas saying We already have Ozil, this is where it gets funny. Season starts he plays ozil on the left with that shity 4-1-4-1 haha :o. Fabregas already had 5 or 6 assists so far. Watching arsenal right now is so frustrating as i dont see any progress and i feel like for the first time there will be no 4th place because Man U will definitely qualify because they pretty much have only EPL to play.
    Last year we played in 4-2-3-1… It was very successful, Ramsey was having fun, Ozil was enjoying his role and creating chances the only problem was finishing because we didnt have a good striker in Giroud. The game was beautiful and we stayed on top most of the season. Instead of building on that success the specialist of failure wants to copy bayern with the 4-1-4-1 when we dont even have the quality it requires. We have a squad that can challenge the title but the coach is lost he doeant know what he is doing.
    He is not getting the right players because there will be no more excuses if he fails. This is why lol i dont see any other explanation
    #Mierda ! #Wenger out! #Martinez in!

    1. I think you’ll be slightly disappointed to know that just bringing a supposed “world class” striker won’t win us the league or champions league.
      We need a lot more then that in terms of quality.
      We need to shift another 4-5 players and bring in more quality next summer we are still carrying deadwood for me.
      Our players and system at the moment is not working we haven’t had 1 good game since the start of the season.

      1. if wenger brings in worldclass ST, he’ll play him at LW or RW.
        wenger is the root of the problem.
        ditch the f*cking 4141
        [and he needs to rotate, and he needs to sub properly, and buy DM, … lots of problems for the old guy]

  8. bvb were brillian they showed that u don’t need midgets 2 play beautiful football wenger’s obsession of replicating barca is costing us all the Dortmund players are tall, fast & athletic arsenal could never cope with that

    + the lack of a proper w.c cdm is another factor

  9. last night also showed the difference between the way a proper football club & a corporate club they lost lewandowski they brought in immobile & ramos replaced gotze with mikathariyan + brought back kagawa while wenger still hasn’t replaced viera/rvp he was too arrogant to bring back cesc we have become a joke

    I no longer believe wenger will change he is too stubborn hasn’t change all this while 3 more years of this crap

  10. ramsey still may not have recoverd from that anknle injur he had during international game wilshere looks injured against aston villa drop ozil & give break to ramsey & bring in cazorla/rosciky+ ox/Campbell & in place of welbeck podolski

  11. Merson: “This is not a one off. This happens to Arsenal (being beaten in every area) at least four or five times a season.”
    Souness: “Arsenal played without a midfield. Concede 6 at Chelsea, 5 to City, 8 at Utd the year before.”
    we could have easily lost 6-0 in this game as well

    1. the match was lost in the midfield and defense. Even if we would’ve had messi upfront we’d lose because of our pathetic defense!

    1. A Madrid sold costa and bought mandzukic, BVB sold lewandoski and got highest goal scorer in italian league; but we are so stingy as a club that we travelled to germany without complete shin guards

      1. Arsenal have an unbalanced squad, can’t win big away games, are tactically poor & appear unmotivated. All points toward the manager

        yesterday game was like I had it seen it all before probably for the 100th time

  12. Arsenal have Giroud and Debuchy out. Dortmund without Kagawa, Reus, Gundogan, Sahin, Kirch, Blaszczykowski, Piszczek. Impressive…

    & oh yeah we were also without diaby

  13. We will get beat at villa as well they will press us all over the park stop us playing and hit us on counter attack and hurt us on set pieces going to be another miserable day to be a gooner!

  14. Come October 5th at approx 4pm after the away game at the Chavs when we have been humiliated again Wenger will use the same old excuses,why do the media not ask him about his poor transfer policy and his lack of tactical awareness.time for le fraud at 8m a year to be put into retirement.

  15. Seriously, after we were again destroyed in midfield all you can think about is Welbeck?
    This boy will score ffs. Scoring isnt our problem, its conceding poor amateurish goals.
    All the silk with no steel wont work. Not even Barca play without a DM.
    Arteta is past it…absolutely finished. He was a bystander once again.
    Fun fact: Arsenal didnt even win one tackle in Dortmunds half.
    I dont mind losing, but losing and not fighting against it is unacceptable.

  16. Before Xmas
    Arsenal had 5 significant fixtures.
    City. H. Dortmund A. Chelsea. A. Dortmund. H. Liverpool. A.
    Now just 3 tough games left before Xmas.
    The rest we are quite capable of winning.
    *(League cup 5th + quarters unknown )
    Arsenal is now one point off 4th.
    If we beat Villa and results go our way
    we could be a point off 3rd after Monday.
    By mid Oct we could be top.
    Wellbeck Sanogo Podolski Campbell Wallcott Chamberlain
    Sanchez Gnabry Ramsey Cazorla Wilshere Ozil + Rosicky
    on paper are an awesome strike force.
    Wenger has the means to win the EPL there is no excuse.
    Its in the Gaffers hands now to guide this team to the title.

    1. Yes it is in the Gaffer’s hands and therein lies the problem. Will he play our players in their correct positions or try to prove how ‘right’ he is by playing them anywhere but their right positions? After this match maybe a shake-up is called for. Why not give the Ox or Campbell a chance on the left wing, play Santi in the CAM position and let Mesut have a break on the bench as he is obviously not performing too well at the moment. That’s just 2 changes so I’m not going overboard or disrupting the team but maybe this could work and also shake up the players who are ‘dropped’. And not before time! I used to think AW knew what he was doing but not now I’m afraid. Very sad.

  17. Sanogo injured, Jack now injured and so it goes on.
    Apparently we have two striking options in players called Podolski and Campbell, maybe someone should remind Wenger that they are in fact Arsenal players!
    Shocking last night, no energy after the City game, (kind of expected) Wenger rotate and use other players!
    As for Per M I’d rather play any other squad player at the back than him, were playing with 10 men.

  18. I am sick and tired of wengers lies,mis management of players,lack of tactics,stubbornness with transfers and blindness to obvious shortfalls in the playing squad.with a new coach like Klopp things would be a whole lot better

  19. Sell Per M to Acrington Stanley, (try and convince them he’s good enough!).
    Let Arteta go.
    Kondogbia and a top class CB please, hopefully the rest of the guys will click and find their form soon.
    We also need to ditch 4-1-4-1 whilst we only have Arteta and Flamini to cover for the tall snail.

  20. It’s always good to read Gunners comment before every games!Yesterday majority of the fans here are jumping all over place claiming we gonna beat them ehn we are this we are that………I off my tv after first half…..Have said it and will say it again with Wenger in the club no EPL no CL….I already gave up on him the day he bought Kallstrom

  21. I wonder why the media doesn’t ask AW a direct question during press conferences like “why do you prefer playing ozil on the left,knowing how ineffective he is when he plays there?” Why was TV5 not replaced? Seeing that your team desperately needs some defensive covers, Some players like Rosicky,Campbell don’t make your bench anymore,are they match fit or are they preparing to head the exit door?” These types of questions and let’s hear what he has to the that his problem is.

  22. You don`t have to have a crystal ball or be a genius to know there is something very wrong at Arsenal and it`s been growing for some time.
    Players like Van Persie, Cesc Fabregas, Michy, Sagna even Song and Bendtner knew it and the fans have suspected it for some time.
    You just can`t have names like Ozil, Sanchez, Ramsey, Carzola and Wilshere on the paddock and perform week after week like a team with no confidence, no unity and little pride. This has to be Wenger`s last season but who would want to work with a board of directors like we have?

  23. As usual people with no footballing brain are already blaming Welbeck.I even wonder whether some guys here even watch matches!

  24. We simply have to play Diaby and hope he doesn’t break. Or play Chambers CDM. Arteta is a disgrace. Wenger is blind. I think Szczesny or Sanogo would make better CDMs than Arteta.

  25. How about having Balotelli almost beging for an Arsenal transfer and ignore him?For Liverpool he was a real CF,dominating the box and scoring.Fast,strong,great technique……and cheap….how stupid Wenger can be not to grab a player like this one?Wenger out!

    1. So Balotelli scoring against the equivalent of the Black Swan ladies darts team has you gushing about him and Liverpool!? And they only won by a penalty! Get real!

  26. Arsenal lost to Dortmund due to poor tactical display of Wenger. Given the way Dortmund were set up, the 4-2-3-1 would have been a better tactical approach to the game. Our midfield was completely none existent and each time we lost the ball high up the pitch, there was no defensive cover in midfield. It looked as if both Wilshere and Ramsey were playing in the number 10 hole and were competing against each other. Wenger ought to have adopted a double pivot of Arteta and Ramsey but he instead went for the 4-1-4-1 against a fast paced Dortmund side.
    Wenger’s greatest undoing in football management is that he is not tactically flexible. Once he decides on a tactical formation for a particular season, he blindly becomes addicted to it without due consideration of the opponent’s tactical formation. This was the reason for all the 6-3, 6-0 last season and it will be the reason our beloved Arsenal will be routed this season. How do you explain it when a coach will not change his tactical approach to a game in the course of 90 minutes even when it is obvious to all that it is not working.

  27. Really wish you could write a little English so I could give you a thumbs up. But: nw, hav, cud, Hw, nt, sum, thre, bhnd, 4me hs, beta, thn, wu, shud, b, nd, wit, tht, luks, wit makes your comment so difficult to read I just prefer to give you a thumbs down instead of having to go through it slowly to see what you mean (which I did this, and only this, time!). Do you think you come across as a sort of streetwise hardman by writing this way? For me you come across as a complete idiot . . . but I’m sure others of your mentality will disagree.

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