Arsenal avoid a potential banana skin against a depleted Leeds side

Arsenal blow Leeds away!

It was another tough away fixture, another test and yet Arsenal passed it with flying colours after losing at Everton!

There’s no denying we blew Leeds out of the water in that first half and thankfully that was enough for the job to be completed!

Although with just a few minutes on the clock it didn’t look like the game would be as comfortable for us as it was. But we rode the tide and turned it around and with three first half goals, there was only one way the result was going to go.

Well you can forgive some fans for thinking the worst given how games can turn from one half to the next. But they didn’t need to worry.

So it remained a clear win for us and it was two goals for Gabriel Martinelli, one for Bukayo Saka, and one for Emile Smith-Rowe, who came off the bench and scored just like he did against West Ham, who helped wrap up all three points.

There was one downside in the game, the inability for us to keep a clean sheet after a mere consolation goal for Leeds from the penalty spot, after Raphina pulled one back for them after Ben White fouled Leeds forward Joe Gelhardt.

But in the end it was a comfortable and solid performance from the whole team and this is just what we want to see. And as I have said before, if we concede we concede, as long as we come away with the win it doesn’t really matter, but a clean sheet is always a bonus!

People will argue that the Leeds team were depleted with injuries going into the game but as always, you can only play what is in front of you and we did just that, the boys did the job, they won and they got all three points on the road!

All we can do is take it game by game. One step at a time and then and only then will we begin to climb and climb.

Every win is another positive step closer and another step in the right direction and this is what we need, consistency, togetherness and marching on as one!

Shenel Osman


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  1. Harold. Gun. says:

    We were the best on that field. Now, how can, should MA tackle the discipline of our men. 2x yellow cards sbd a penalty when 3 goals up and completely in charge of the ball, game and field. Oops and a potential Red card. Lucky for us, var was soft. All those things were unnecessary as there was no panic stage. Time wasting, penalty for player going and about to do nothing with the ball, and foot stomping in the middle of the park. Poor passing at times. MA must work towards improving the side to take on City, liverfoo and Chelsea. We can’t be playing like that against them.

    1. Emperor Augustus says:

      Its the age, some times the immaturity always finds a way to come out in them.
      But I don’t know what to say about xhaka.

      1. PJ-SA says:

        Xhaka has a good game until he decided to be himself.

        He actual usually plays well against poor opposition….if he has time(which he doesn’t against good sides) then he can be great.

        Unfortunately he’s played regardless of the opposition.

  2. fairfan says:

    Very much so.
    After two home wins fans were nervous about this away fixture but the Arsenal certainly silenced the critics with a third away win and third win on the trot. Yes Leeds were injury ravaged but an away win is an away win.
    Another 3 pointer making it 9 points from nine.
    10wins 2 draws 6 losses. = 32 points. 4th place. last year we were struggling badly.
    7wins 3 draws 8 losses = 24 points. 12th place. So 8 points better and 8 places better.
    This should silence the doubters.
    The facts prove progress IS being made.
    Like me all season Trust the process.

    1. PJ-SA says:

      Short term progress yes, we’ll see at the end of the season if it’s long term progress.

      If you have $100 and I take it away from you then you have $0. If I then give you your own $100 back have I give you $100 or have I given you nothing?

      If MA gets us back to 5th by the end of the season then he’s broken even, if we get 4th then progress yes.

      1. Voyageur says:

        I get the general point but it would have been a brave supporter to put money down on Arsenal finishing 5th in Emery’s last season before being dismissed. Arteta took over a team halfway down the slide imo.

        1. SueP says:

          My view too

  3. gotanidea says:

    Hey Admin, the enforced autoplays of the advertising and the YouTube videos are very annoying. If I open this website on my mobile browser, the video will automatically play with very loud sound

    The videos also consume a lot of mobile data and battery power, so could you please replace them with non-video advertisements?

    1. PJ-SA says:

      Agreed GAI….they cober about a third of my screen as well.

  4. PJ-SA says:

    Let’s call it as it is and not exaggerate….full strength Leeds away definitely a potential banana skin.

    The Leeds we played last night, definitely not!

    1. Uzi Ozil says:

      Oh well. Good time to play Leeds then. Moreover, you play the team infront of you….
      At times some teams are happy to play arsenal when the team is depleted..

      1. PJ-SA says:

        100% was a good time to play Leeds, and yes you can obviously only play the team in front of you.

        Fact remains that if this was considered a potential banana skin then every single game we’ll play this season should be considered the same way.

  5. I says:

    If Injury depleted Everton can draw Chelsea there’s no need to play down the importance of our win against Leeds. We won. Three points in the bag.

    1. O.T.S says:

      You are right. But you know that Arsenal has, oftentimes, let us down and as well attracted a lot of underminers.

  6. Uzi Ozil says:

    Arsenal win….. the opponent were poor.

    Arsenal lose… the opponent were so good.

    Arsenal fans learn to give credit to your team. Its a league and every team plays each other. Injury is part of the game.

    Arsenal is test is next game. Arsenal wins and they say the main test is coming. Lol

  7. AndersS says:

    We had a great first half and a professional second. No need to work like hell to try and win 6-0 in this busy period.
    I am not convinced Arteta can take us back to the top, but credit must be given, when credit is due. The last 3 games have been impressive. We look very balanced, the way we line up, and our pressing has been much better.
    The real test is, if we can stand up to the top 3 teams, when we play them, but for now, don’t knock the clearly good performances.

    1. PJ-SA says:

      Yeah it’s almost like 4th spot is a mini 1st place as sad as it is to say.

      We could’ve been right behind Chelsea if Auba was dropped earlier without the need to drop him for disciplinary reasons.

      Norwich is next which is a massive game for us, we should win that no excuses then we’ll be sitting solidly in 4th spot even considering the other teams games in hand.

      Then the next 3 games are tough…Wolves, City and Spurs. If we can get through that with 2 wins we’ll be well on the way to Champions League


  8. Danny says:

    We will only see if there is significant improvement when we play man city dont expect to win the game but at least compete and make city work hard to get the win you can only judge if we are going in the right direction under Arteta when we come up against city,liverpool and Chelsea they have found it very easy to beat us previously so if we start giving them a proper game the signs would be positive but let’s see what happens!!

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